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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
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This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

posted by skipperfan5431
That evening, Skipper heads over to the reptile house. He had a 'secret meeting' with Marlene, and he didn't want to be late. " Marlene, im here." Skipper whispered, hoping not to awaken any of the charmilians. Skipper starts backing up and hits someone. " RING-TAIL!?What are आप doing here? I have a तारीख, दिनांक with Marlene right now!" Skipper yelled full of anger. " Uh. No आप don't. For I, King Julien, have a तारीख, दिनांक with the lovely Marlene tonite." कहा Julien smuggly. They get into a huge argument and race back to their habbitats, angry at both eachother, and Marlene.
--------THE अगला MORNING!---------...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The boys agreed to Kowalski's terms without asking questions. He injected her with the goop and within सेकंड्स she was back to her normal self. A साल LATER-SPRING.
Lilly had just injected herself with the hormone stablizer so she would not go love- crazed again. Just then, Mort arrives. " Hi pretty पेंगुइन lady!!" " Hi Mort." Lilly says in a friendly tone. "What'cha got there?" she asked. " A letter for you!" He gives her the letter and runs off." Wait... I can't read." She says to herself. So Lilly heads off to Mason's habbitat. " Mason!" Lilly calls. " Do आप think आप could read this to me? I have no idea who wrote this!" " Okay. Phill! This nice पेंगुइन would like a translation if आप may?" Phill comes and does his sighn language thing. " Ooh.." says Mason suprisingly. "Looks like you've got a secret admirer." Lilly blushes and tries to hide the nerveous expression on her face. " What does it say?"
posted by JediPenguin16
Seven Abominations

Here's the rundown:

One-Oldest, black feathers and white belly, beak, ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव ears, bird feet, paws, ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव tail, Male, blue-eyes. Injured badly.

Two-Female, black फर with white foot, beak, ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव ears, ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव tail, flippers, bird feet, Female, blue eyes. Closest to One.

Three- Brown fur, gray featehrd belly and face, brown eyes, no tail, paws, penguin

Two Fours. Four #1- Completely covered in white fur, brown eyes, ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव face adn tail, flippers, ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव ears, bird feet. Female.

Four #2-Missing. Male.

Five-black, with unique white markings close to otter, brown eyes,paws, पेंगुइन feet....
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posted by beastialmoon
Hans shook Mr. Smith’s flipper. “You wont’ regret this, sir.”

Mr. Smith finished signing and sealing the letter, and gave it to Hans.

“You’d better not, Feizi.” Hans walked out of the room. As soon as it was safe, he pulled out the paper and began पढ़ना his fate.

“Hans Feizi has achieved maximum level of dedication to the पेंगुइन Boroughs. Henceforth, Hans Feizi is listed as –

- The Colonel of the Brooklyn Borough, resting in Hoboken zoo.”

Skipper finished reading. This was grave news for them all. Hans, now colonel of the Brooklyn...
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posted by TeamPeeta649
Kowalski knew what he had to do. He had to get Tara somewhere safe. He could let her stay in the HQ. Skipper would treat like a prisoner. He pulls her to a secret tunnel that lead out from his lab. They walked down the long corridor in silence. He finally stop when a hole shown above. He हटाइए aside the lid and look around the city. Tara climbed up after him.

Tara:"So where are we going?"
Kowalski:"Somewhere that I know आप will be safe."
Tara:"Your not staying with me...?"
Kowalski:sighs "I can't. I have to go back to the HQ and keep them from finding you."

He leads her to an old, abandoned hotel....
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Chapter 2: In the Supermarket

Kowalski made a nervous वृत्त and glanced once again at the nearest shelf. His favourite “Malado” पॉपकॉर्न was nowhere to be seen. He cursed silently under his beak , grabbed his pen and crossed out two cans of tuna from the shopping list.
Private was wriggling uncomfortably in his baby seat, struggling to reach a megapack of मूंगफली, मूंगफली का मक्खन Winkies, while Rico was busy searching for some Dolly खाना nearby.
“Rico, stop messing around!” barked Kowalski, immensely irritated, as the सेकंड tallest पेंगुइन accidently knocked against a pile of green cans, standing...
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The last chapter, guys! Hope आप like it! I know the last chapter ending sounded almost creepy, but I promise it’s not! Happy endings for all! Enjoy!

The little chick stepped into the light. It was a girl. There was nothing too terribly monstrous about her. In fact, she almost looked just like a normal penguin. The only thing different was that her cranium was a little swelled, and she had a scar running along her cheek. Other than that, she was normal.

“Oh, you’re no monster! Come here!” Kam declared. The chick hesitated, nervous. Then, in a flurry of bashful, ran up to Kam and hugged...
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posted by beastialmoon
Friday came.

It was time for their date. Kam was getting ready in Marlene's habitat, या at least that's what she kept reminding herself. Being constantly pricked and poked seemed like a lot to go through just to get ready. Then she got out the big guns.


"No! There is no way आप are putting that on me!" Kam jumped up

"Come on, Kam!"

"No! I let आप poke me, shine my feathers, silk my beak, and who knows what else! This draws the line!"

Suddenly a knock came at Marlene's habitat entrance. Kam let out a tiny yelp of fear. Marlene laughed.

"I'm scared." Kam whispered.

"It's perfectly normal....
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TDH: This one's slow, but the अगला one shall be interesting.

"And then she stuffed the device back under her pillow!" Skipper, Private, and Rico watched Kowalski in awe as he resites last night's experience. Nameless and Camille left for a stroll around the zoo about an घंटा ago.

Skipper, though satisfied with और proof supporting the case of Nameless being a spy, seemed a bit skeptical.
"You're sure of what आप saw, Kowalski?"

"104% positive!"

"Okay, lets see." Skipper waddled over to Nameless's bunk. He picked up the pillow. There was nothing there. Skipper turned back to Kowalski, his eyes narrowed....
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Hexter struggled violently against the net. If he didn't get the water out his lugs soon, he would die and he knew it. Hexter lashed one way to the next. The net got caught into his mouth, cutting into the roof of his mouth. I'm gonna die. he thought gloomily as he gasped for air. So far, he had only succeeded in tangling his right flipper tighter in the netting. Hexter struggled again for one last time and was still.

Dexter was happy. He thought he had killed Hexter, and now his troubles were over. No और prankster. The perfect paradise. As he swam home, he realized that his parents would...
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Private looked at his feet. "How long did Skippa say to stand out here?" He asked dully. Rico shrugged. "Dunno," Kowalski remembered. "Until he gave the call," Private looked up and stared and the entrance hatch and looked back down. "What do आप suppose they are doing down there?" Kowalski and Rico shrugged.

Pluma sat down and took a deep breath. Skipper looked at her. "Well, go on. It could NOT be that bad!" Pluma licked her beak nervously. "I'm REALLY bad at it," She explained. Skipper reached out and took her flipper. "It's okay," He said. Pluma smiled faintly. "Okay then,"

"I forgot the...
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posted by Metallica1147
लेखक note: I may have forgotten to mention that the songs used in this story are not owned द्वारा me, या made up. All the songs where made द्वारा Metallica.

         Chapter 4: Metal

    After a tour around the zoo Marlene and Brandon finally got back to their own habitat.

“Thanks for दिखा रहा है me around the zoo Marlene.”

“No problem at all,” कहा Marlene.

“And I tell आप there’s a lot strange जानवर around this zoo, especial those penguins, and lemurs.”

“Yeah I know...
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posted by Metallica1147
Author's note: हे this is my first प्रशंसक Fiction story that I made on FanFiction.net everyone over there seemed to like and I hope आप guys too. Also I use some मेटालिका songs in my story (Yes I combine POM with Metallica.) Songs I used: The Memory Remains, King Nothing, Nothing Else Matters, and the Unforgiven Part 1.Also sorry for any spelling errors, and please no don't say anything bad it's my first story.

A Rocking roommate
Chapter 1: The News

    It’s a normal Sunday morning, and the penguins are outside doing their usual training routine.

“… And kick, punch,...
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posted by thespikedturtle
    "Nice shot Rico!" Private was skating around, watching Rico's target practice on the ninja pins. Rico beamed, and fired another shot, knocking the head clean off the pin. When Private applauded again, Rico smiled, but then frowned and held a flipper to his lips.
    "What is it, Rico? Do आप hear something?" Private whispered. Rico started nodding, and looked around, as to see where the noise was coming from. They started following it, but their खोजिए was immediately interrupted द्वारा a shout. CRASH!!
    "Rico, what do आप think that...
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posted by thespikedturtle
Okay, this is my first ever attempt at a fanfic, so don't hate me if it's horrible!

"What's the hold up Kowalski?" whined Skipper
"Calm down Skipper, I'm just about done," Kowalski explained, "Once I turn this knob and twist this bolt... There, all finished!"
"Aces! Now I can finally get that knot out of my back..." Skipper sighed. "These constant battles with Blowhole aren't good on the nerves."
Blowhole had attempted to capture them the दिन before, like he had every दिन for a week, and the continual stress was really getting to Skipper. Kowalski sensed how uptight he was, and decided...
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The newly created पेंगुइन stared blankly at his fish. Having tears forming at his eyes, soaking his feathers on contact with the salty liquid. He couldn't stop thinking about his past life as a human. He missed his family, his friends. Everything is going to hell. And no matter how much he wished, he was stuck like like this, a flightless bird.

The short पेंगुइन in fount of him had a concerned expression stuck on his face. He felt like he needed to say something, something to comfort him.

"A-are आप alright?" He कहा in a British voice.

He didn't respond. Before the British bird could speak up,...
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posted by Annacrombie
A new start chapter 2

Skipper took charge and became "The Leader" even thought me and Kowalski were older then him (even though kowalski and i are older than him). Most of the time he got carried away but i had a way to anoy him if he got to bossy: I would sit on Skipper ~ that shutted him up ~.

One दिन when we were outside we herd the zookeepers talking saying somthing about a new पेंगुइन ariving, we all got excited having a new friend and we even fitted in a new bunk for them.

We were all suprised when a huge box arrived in our habitat that morning. When a zookeeper opened it four figures...
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Ugh. This is me, Nori if आप dumbasses don't know who the hell is talking right now. Anyway, I thought to myself in the aqua-theatre. (because we were meant to put on a skill दिखाना at that time) that I shouldn't be in the fucking position I was then. I was bored to death, and Blowhole kept biting the trainers and sometimes the trainers thought that relations in the same tanks were a bad influence on each other. But I managed. Until 'That Day.' Oh, was it pity. Blowhole was jumping through the ring of आग for a retarded trick that the humans had suggested for him to do. As though I jumped through...
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posted by rico911910
The team were just in the middle of there planing of how to get off the island. Manly just trying to avoid the annoying lemurs.
Skipper:"Kowalski watch आप got for me?!"
Kowalski pulls out a blue paper and unwraps it on a smooth rock. Skipper looks down to see the blue prints better.
Skipper:"So, a jaunt गोफन shot Kowalski?"
He looks up at Kowalski, eye brows cocked still leaning foreword.
Kowalski:"Yes sir, its 73% full proof."
Looking at Skipper as if he has created the most brilliant plan ever.
He say's confused looking at the plans once more.
Skipper:"what would we even do with...
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posted by PenguinCrazy14
Hello, RavenFeathers here. I've finally gotten started on Chapter 3!! *does victory dance* All right, like I promised, the explanations for Chapter 2.

Warning: The following explanations might make this chapter seem longer than it actually is.

….Okay, to start, for those who are interested in Ravena's personal story, there's a possibility that it might not be revealed until Operation: Matchmaker. [If anyone's giving the screen a 'what the hell is that?' look, one, it's offending your computer screen, and two, just read my प्रोफ़ाइल for the summary of that story.] The reason is that I wanted...
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