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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
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This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

posted by Penguinator
This is chapter 2 of The Vampire Epidemic. Enjoy!
Chapter 2
“The night is still early!” Pat proclaimed. “Let’s go find our newest vampire brethren!” Private कहा as the two vampire penguins left the HQ and विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up, looking for their अगला victims.
Private stayed in the पेंगुइन HQ, searching for his first victim, Kowalski. “Hello Kowalski.” Private कहा in a deep, demented voice. “Hello Private. It sounds like आप have a cold.” Kowalski said. “No, I don’t Kowalski. Look closer!” Private said. He noticed the feathers on Private’s chest were a dull grey, and Privates...
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posted by Penguinator
This is my Holloween fanfic for this साल called "Vampire Epidemic".
Vampire Epidemic
Chapter 1

It was a crystal clear and cold late October night and Pat was up late, doing some stargazing. ‘Man, it is cold! I’m glad that I grabbed my sweater.’ Pat thought. Someone was spying on him. “Pat, you’re going to become a vampire if my name isn’t Clemson! आप foiled my last plan to take out Julien and become king of the Central Park Zoo! So, I will turn आप into a vampire so आप can start my vampire army!” Clemson कहा with an evil grin on his face. “Wow, what a beautiful night!”...
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"I found a piece of paper" कहा Private.
"Let me see... no we don't need it now, it's instruction for something look like laser, this will be probably required later"
"I don't think so, Rico"
"Here's something" कहा Skipper. On the दीवार was hollows of some symbols "Here's lizard, spider, frog and... I think it's a silver"
"And over it is kettle, this is our instruction to make potion"
"Hey, Rico has got jar with छिपकली and spider"
"So, we must caught frog and find silver"
Kowalski winced at the sight of dried मकड़ी and lizard.
"Blech... I see jar with a frog" कहा Kowalski.
"Rico, have...
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posted by RockOnPenguin
Skipper stood silently at the edge of the overhang that eventually lead to the pool. The wind was strong, like rocks being thrown at you. Wind being so strong, Skipper still stood there, staring into space.

Kowalski rose from the HQ, giving Skipper a curious look.

"Skipper, what are आप doing?"

No answer.

"Skipper? Hello? आप there?" Kowalski asked again.

Still no answer.

"I wonder what's up with him." Kowalski thought.
Kowalski presented Skipper to the others.

"Is Skippah OK?" Private asked with a worried look.

"Not sure what it is, but he's been standing there all morning, just staring into the atmosphere."...
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Wow, I just got the टोपी for the fact I’ve been on here for two whole years…and since the penguins are the reason I found this spot, I’ll say this here. आप don’t have to read this if आप don’t want to, and if आप try to रिपोर्ट this and it gets deleted, I understand, but I really wanted to write this and found it too long for the wall.

Thank आप all for, well, being you. Sounds so sappy, but I write what I feel, ‘kay? Ha. Whether आप are a और हाल का प्रशंसक या a प्रशंसक from a while ago, no matter the fans/friends that have come and gone, आप all are awesome, the best. This spot is different...
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Chapter 4: A new friend

The अगला day, Kowalski and Rico dropped Private and surprisingly Phoebe at the wicked private school. The two team members left before Madame La Croche came. "Come here!"she ordered angrily as she pinned their flippers hard. Then, she grabbed them in. Inside was like an old castle. There must be like forty orphans in. "Get to work!"La Croche demanded. She pinned and grabbed Private. "Private!"Phoebe exclaimed in terror. "Honey Bunch!"Private exclaimed. "Wait, give me a state headcount. Did he just say Honey Bunch just now?"she asked to the other girls. "Yes. And I'm guessin'...
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The three of them were forced to walk with burlap sacks over their heads. They were constantly tripping over their feet. They were led into some sort of building, at their guess, abandoned. They were sat down and a rope was wrapped around them, tying them together.

"Where's the fourth? And Eve?"

"I don't know sir. Skipper was on the other side of the park. We sent Eve over to deal with him since she's are best fighter. We haven't seen her since." The Boss sighed and looked over to his colleague. "Didn't आप say that he was the one we needed?" His colleague nodded. "Yes, he's the only one that's...
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Chapter 1: Deadly Message
Adventure Time's side

Fionna and Cake was just sleeping when someone was knocking at there door. Fionna opened the door and saw Prince Gumball. "Hi Prince Gumball. What's that?"Fionna asked. "Oh, this my latest invention. I call it the Parallel Zapper."Prince Gumball कहा as he ran to the living room. He plugged it and a portal appears. "Are आप sure this is safe?" Cake asked. "Of course it is. I just hope that आप did not eat eggs for dinner. That's what makes the machine falling apart."Prince Gumball said....
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Skipper kept a close eye on them. after about seven laps, he had begun to cool off. After he had some time to think about it, he started to feel like he was a little harsh on his men. He decided that once they passed him, he'd stop them to apologize. He never would have guessed he wouldn't get the chance.


She woke slowly, she realized she was somewhere inside, she couldn't feel the cold winter crisp on her cheeks. It was warmer here. At least she was warm until ice cold water landed in her face. She shook her head ans spat out water, then realized...
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posted by legendary7
As soon as the reached their humble habitat, they entered the lab. Kowalski and Rico were still transporting the creature. She was only about Private's size and age and as thin as paper, but as heavy as Skipper.
"Private, if आप could roll this examing तालिका, टेबल to us I'd greatly appreciate it. Rico, we're going to lift her up on three." Kowalski strained as they struggled under the weight of the little penguin.
The chubby पेंगुइन pushed the तालिका, टेबल in front of his friends.
"Three ... two ........ one!" Kowalski ordered.
The two strong penguins managed to put her soundly on the तालिका, टेबल without awakening...
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posted by SuperRico
Me: Hello, Skipper. I’m Livi and I will be interviewing आप today.

Skipper: How do आप know my name? It is चोटी, शीर्ष secret and classified! Are आप spying on me?

Me: Yes, I’m spying on you. In fact everyone is.

Skipper: Chimey changa! Do I have my own T.V. दिखाना या something?

Me: Yes, आप do. Why don’t we start the interview questions.

Skipper: Okay…

Me: First question, how old are you?

Skipper: Young enough to do this! *kicks me in the face*

Me: Ow! That hurt!

Skipper: It’s suppose to.

Me: Is my nose bleeding or-

Skipper: अगला question.

Me: Okay, um, everybody wants to know, who are Manfridi and Johnson?...
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posted by Skiparah
Me and Hans raced out of the prison like a blur. I don't think the gaurds even knew what was going on until maybe several scoches later. Then the alarm started blaring. I looked over my shoulder to see gaurds numbered द्वारा the dozen running after us. Hans was flying level with the ground beside me as I slid down the hallway. Suddenly he made a sharp right turn. I skidded to a halt and looked down the corridor after Hans. It was a dead end all but a small window at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the stone wall. "What are आप DOING?!?" I shouted. "Come ON Alex!" Hans snapped. I was stunned for a momment. No insult?...
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Finally the lights flashed on, and without having any contact with the door, Skipper and Private witnessed it slam open before their own eyes. "Come on," Skipper said. "No, no, I can't go in there! No!" Private whined like he was in a trance. Skipper grasped his flipper, and dragged him inside. Skipper kept his grip tight until he found Kowalski and Rico द्वारा the stairs. "Are आप both all right?!" Skipper asked startled. "Yes, but something happened in the basement." Kowalski कहा out of breath. "All right, Rico, take Private upstairs and keep an eye on him. Kowalski, you're coming with me."...
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posted by Skiparah
I remember that still moment when near father and son gazed into each other's eyes. Leeland's gray eyes were filled with so many emotions I could hardly understand; yet I had quite a few feelings milling around inside of me as well. Leeland seemed as though he could almost say, 'What the heck..' Then he really DID say it. His voice trailed off and his beak कहा something inaudible. I looked down at my blood-stained feathers. Then it hit me. This looked perfectly clear that I'd killed the general. I knew full well that I hadn't, but Leeland and his armed companions didn't know so. I didn't have...
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My mother looks down on me with concern. I reach my flipper up to my forehead, and examine it. As I scan my flipper, I realize it's covered in blood. Every breath filters me with pain. My torso aches, and my mid-back cramps. I'm the least of my worries now. My mother tolerated the storm with no shelter. "You poor thing! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" She whispers and coughs. "I'm fine, momma, but आप look sick. We should find a place to stay, so आप can rest." I say. "Thank you, Skipper. There's a vacant igloo over there we can stay in." She says pointing to the snowy shelter.
We start waddling...
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Still Skipper's View

"Yes!" the man cried. "I knew it! Time is frozen!"
I tell द्वारा tone on voice that the man was Kowalski.
"Hey, how did I get all the way up here?" the man (Kowalski) asked himself. 
He pulled up his new hand and looked at it. 
"Ahhh!! Fingers!" he screamed.
"Told ya it wasn't the Stopwatch," Johnson said, who had got out of a bunk.
"And that is why आप shouldn't disobey my orders," I joked. 
By now, we were all out of our hiding spaces. 
"Stop making all those weird noises, Skipper and Johnson," Kowalski said. "I can't understand a word आप two are saying!"
"Of course!" Ivy said....
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posted by peacebaby7
Tuesday, May 28, 2012 @ 3:42pm
Baxter’s Incorporated: Manhattan, New York

    Kowalski was working in his office. It was a quaint room with high ceilings that caused your voice to echo when आप so much as whispered. 2 windows that looked out onto the busy streets of Manhattan. There was his work डेस्क that was in the middle of his room, facing the door. A small refrigerator on the दीवार behind that. His own private restroom at the far corner.

    Other than the small tapping that Kowalski was doing at his keyboard, the room was silent. That silence was...
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a tribute to पेंगुइन of Madagascar

please टिप्पणी दे it my first artical

What us प्रशंसकों have joined together let no writer rip asunder

पेंगुइन of Madagascar प्रशंसकों of all age, gender, race, beliefs ect…

शामिल होइए together to celebrate a great show

They made us laugh

They made us cry

They even made us smile

Thought-out the years of villains summit

The prize of know them all

Even the annoying king

I hope that my voice has been heard

Cause I प्यार them all with all my heart

And distressed that it ending

With all us depending

Penguins will last forever

In our hearts

Long live पेंगुइन of Madagascar

आप will never be forgotten
Note: I really hope आप guys enjoy this chapter. This is where it gets और dramatic. Spoiler: (Private has a nightmare, that is pretty violent, so if आप don't wanna read that part I understand.) While I was लेखन that part my electricity went out, which freaked me out and caused a delay on posting it. Sorry about that. ;)
Kowalski got his options notebook ready. "My चोटी, शीर्ष two suspects are: Ms. Williams and the maid. I think everyone agrees with me." Kowalski assumed. "Actually, Kowalski, I thought Timothy was अभिनय guilty." Skipper said. "Here, all in favor of my idea raise your flipper."...
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Chapter 8

Skipper made his way into the Clock Tower, and just like the last time he was there in the normal castle, a quick flash of light came and went and the fingers on the clock both started to move. They both landed on the six, which was on the चोटी, शीर्ष instead of the bottom due to everything in the गढ़, महल being in reverse. And just like the last time, it rang thirteen times. Dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong…dong… dong…dong…dong. The floor opened and Skipper made his way up. When he arrived he found an elevator just like the last time, but instead of going...
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