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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
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This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

posted by theWOLFPACK15
And here is verse two of the Hero.

Cadet sat in the shade of the पेड़ that was planted in the courtyard. She watched the other animals. She watched as some hugged and stayed in groups. As she looked around, no one was alone, no one but her. Each दिन she did this, looking out as all the kids laughed and played.

The guys playing around with the girls and the girls getting revenge on the guys.

Each दिन she wished that someone would at least come up and talk to her. Make small talk, something that at least lets her know that she was not forgotten.

Each day...
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Skipper and he's team were preparing for a big race, they just found a new, manlier car, this was a race between Skipper and Private, if Private won, he would be accended to a higher rank, if skipper won, he would make Private a Private again, they were in the line to begin, while in the sits where the जानवर espectated Mandy and Marlene had a discussion

"I bet 10 fishes that my lovely Private wil win!" Mandy told to Marlene

"I bet 10 fishes that skippy wins!" Marlene continued with the bet

"deal!" the both shouted

While in the road...

"ready gentlepengs!" kowalski shouted

"in your marks..."

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posted by 67Dodge
"Get onto his dorsal fin Private!! Rico!! Destroy the tub of water!!" yelled Skipper, getting onto Blowhole's head and punching him. Blowhole quickly responded द्वारा dropping the चाकू and trying to get Skipper off of his head. Kowalski dived in, grabbing the चाकू and Rico pushed the tub onto it's side, spilling all the water, Blowhole panicked, realizing that he will get beached onto the dry land, so he frantically headed for the pond at Marlene's habitat. "Dont let him get to the pond!!" yelled Private. Skipper then grabbed the चाकू from Kowalski and sliced Blowhole's left flipper. "AGH!!!...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Skipper and Lilly belly-slid throught the long hallway. There was a large, colorful stain-glass window ahead of them. That was the window where they were going to have to make their escape. Then, Skipper realized something that made him stop dead in his tracks. "Skipper, what is it?" Asked Lilly, turnining around. "My wedding ring. It's still in the other room." Skipper replied. He then looked down at the floor where the mines were placed. Then he CAREFULLY picked one up. "Okay Lilly. Im going back to get the ring, but if ANYONE sees आप here, throw this." Skipper instructed. Lilly took the...
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After another somber दिन at Central Park they had finally saw all the guests leave the zoo as usual. Skipper and his team haven't seen any sign of Pennywise all day, so they assumed the coast was clear. So they decided to go to Marlene's place to eat Chinese food. When the Penguins dialed the restaurant for an order, they got into their disguise and took their meal from the delivery man, and paid him as usual. As soon as the delivery man left, Skipper and his team got out the costume and headed to the zoo. "Alright now, we have to find a way to prove if Pennywise is responsible for the bloody...
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So Colonel,Kassie,Richie,Secret and James were heading back to the zoo.Kassie/Kowalski arranged for a टोकरा to be delivered to the penguins habitat.
------In The Crate-In Afternoon----
"You're stepping on my foot!" "Your Flipper is in my ribcage!" "Eg bleh ug bu!" "Get your head out of my stomach and that's an order!" "Can't...Breath... Lungs...blocked." It was a small crate.Big enough for two penguins,but waaaay too small for five penguins.

"Hey...I...think... we're...almost..there.",said James/Jazzy."He" was right.When the zookeeper put the टोकरा down and left,the guys came bursting out,gasping...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly was inside Kowalski's lab, fiddling with some of his inventions, when she saw Jeremy inside of a tiny plastic cup. "So, what did ya do THIS time Jeremy?" Lilly कहा sarcasticly, lifting the cup to hear Jeremy's response. Once the cup was lifted, Jeremy shot out from under the cup and jumped on Lilly's beak. "Lilly! I gotta tell ya something! I saw Sandra flirting it up with Skipper this morning! Then they threw me in the slammer!" Jeremy threw his tiny arm over his forehead dramatically. "Wao,woa,woa........she wouldn't do that. I told her about Crystal to prevent this!" (Remember Lilly's...
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Hello again! This is the 3rd Chapter of the story and Skipper is back! Thanks for visiting this story and thanks for those who keep पढ़ना my written story. I thought I am going to quit of writting this story and leave this uncontinued before, but I was concerned for the readers that are waiting. If आप want something to say, be honest please and leave a comment. Sorry about the shortness of this chapter. Thank आप for पढ़ना and hope आप enjoy this book!

The Penguins of Madagascar - Providing Pro-vider
Chapter III - The Plan of Greed
Author : Skipper the penguin

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posted by SJ_waddles
I wonder how he'll take it?
Finally. From travelling so far, I finally made it. But thinking, was it just a waste of time..?"You're fine here. This is how he wants it." My stepfather explained.
I shook my head in disbelief, "It's not how I want it!"

After my denounce from the thrown of Antartica, I decided to give it to my fake younger sibling. It suited him more.
My stepfather was the Emporer of Antartica. It was just him and me, and I wasn't very grateful. I didn't notice what happens if आप don't care about something. But, I did. Then how do आप explain that?
"Do आप think it would make you...
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posted by skipperfan5431
IN THE HQ!!!!!!!!!
Lilly woke up in the HQ about an घंटा later. She saw everyone crowded around her, worried. Then she felt something sting her on the back of her neck. "OUCH! What the--" Lilly realized that she no longer had a deep, male-like voice. She looked at Skipper and Marlene, who smiled at her in an odd way. She turned around to see Kowalski standing behind her, in his OWN body, holding the fixed laser in one flipper. "H-how did you?" Lilly cheered exstaticly as she hugged Kowalski. Skipper gave Kowalski a weird look and gently pulled her away. (Oh Skipper.............) "Remember those...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Okay. I was recently chatting with someone on this spot (I will not release his name) and he had told me something that I cannot ignore. He told me that some of आप guys feel discriminated against, and that आप believe we fangirls want आप permenantly removed from this spot. I just wanted to publicly state, that this is NOT true!! Just because we make a few harmless jokes here and there, that dosn't mean we want to get rid of you. I personally believe that not all guys are sexist pigs. Now, I hope we can put this little incident behind us. Thank आप all for your time.

posted by Lt_Kowalski
The दिन I wrote this was the दिन I wrote in on paper first while on the Brooklyn Bridge here in New York City.(photo to the right =)) Heh..the came back to the HQ and decided to प्रकाशित करे it.. Please enjoy..=)

....Smack dab sitting between two cities of fame and fortune..
Look up, a sky fulfilled with a cool, crisp breeze whistling through my feathers...
The feeling of lifeless water drops lightly upon my beak,
With clear trails left behind as they seem to disappear within my chest feathers.
Sitting upon a steel bench watching the souls full of life walking past me..
Receiving stares and glares as...
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We barely noticed the hypnotizing ray. The war will be moved to अगला month. For now, we will identify the ray.

A delivery came in in our habitat.
"Kowalski, tell me this is another delivery of our spiced tuna," Skipper asked.
"No, Skipper. It must be a condiment for our spiced tuna," Kowalski replied.

"Send it to our habitat, pronto".
"Yes, sir".

There were lots of it. Maybe, maybe. I was just wondering if some of it was from Blowhole. Maybe, maybe, just maybe.

The first one who tried it was Kowalski. Of course, he was the tester of everything. He's not afraid of any chemicals. If other than chemicals,...
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posted by LtKowalski
The working शीर्षक of this story was Untitled प्यार Story. Sorry the सेकंड part took so long, I wanted a better शीर्षक before proceeding. However, I only came up with "Love's conspirator" *sigh*. Never mind. Just take note of the underlined words.



Later, I found Lilly on her afternoon stroll. I had taken scraps from my पूर्व failed invantions and took them with me. Then I stacked them one on चोटी, शीर्ष of the other, making a towering heap three feet taller than me. I carried it all at the same time, pretended...
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They continued staring at the city for another मिनट before Lily started talking. 'Alright guys, let's get going, we gotta get to that गढ़, महल in the horizon to get our रात का खाना party okay?' suggested Lily. Right now, Marlene finally came from waiting above the ground. 'Hey guys!! That city looks awesome doesn't it?' asked Marlene. 'Of course it does, to make the artificial rivers down here, thousands and thousands of gallons of water were melted down from the surface to make rivers that promote industry, so all the penguins could catch मछली from the rivers, than from above the surface. And these...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly stood up and lept out of the habitat. Skipper tried to go after her, but Marlene,Julien and Maurice wouldn't let him through. "You don't understand! I didn't किस Crystal, SHE kissed ME!" Skipper protested, hoping that his फ्रेंड्स will believe him, but instead they just scowled even more. Suddenly, something in Skipper's brain clicked! He finaly realized that he could PROVE his innocence! They were in Kowalski's lab when the किस occoured, and Kowalski had just finished installing video cameras in there! Skipper smiled and turned to run to the HQ but Maurice jumped on him, and crushed...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly and Crystal sat in the HQ for atleast a good hour, talking. Mabey Crystal has changed for the better after all, and Lilly knew it. She was now closer to her sister than she ever was, and it's all thanks to Skipper! "Do आप wanna hang out with me and my friend Marlene tonight? Im gonna bring some snowcones to her place." Lilly कहा happily. "Sure. Sounds fun!" Crystal replied. Then, Lilly hugged her. She hadn't actually 'hugged' her sister in years. "Im gonna get them now. Be back soon!" Lilly कहा as she waved goodbye to her sis.
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posted by beastialmoon
Ok, this is a one-shot I’ve been working on for a bit now. Metallica1147 helped me with some of the plot and character structure, seeing as I used his characters. If आप haven’t read his stories with Brandon DeOtter, go read them before this one. They’re really good! That said, enjoy!
I do not own Penguins of Madagascar and its affiliates. James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, Robert Trujillo, and Lars Ulrich belong to Metallica. Brandon DeOtter and Ariana belong to Metallica1147. I only own a part of the plot.

Brandon stood on the umbrella table. His पेंगुइन friends, the chimps, Marlene, and his...
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posted by SkipperXLisa
"Wow! I can see me!"

"Your point?"

Hitori was staring at her reflection in a lake in awe. Her eyes wide, she

gently touched the water. Her muscles tensed as a ring rippled her body and

made it disappear for a moment. She let out a sigh of relief when she was back.

Blowhole chuckled slightly. "It'd not actually you, ya' know."

Hitori shrugged. "It must be something living though, right? I assume

everything has something to it."

"Well, आप assume incorrectly," Blowhole muttered. Then, और clearly, he

said, "Come on. We need to get going. Find a place to set up camp."

Hitori nodded and followed...
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posted by alex356
Private: um skipper you'll be dating Alex now won't आप
Skipper:private I just met the girl
Kolwaski:but आप just किस her
Juline comes in
Juline.hello silly penguins-*looks at Alex *
well helloooo I am king juilne and-
Skipper:ringtail quit flring with Alex
Alex leveas the hq when ringtail and skippy are fighting
At Alex's room
Skipper:Alex ?
Alex:oh हे skipper
Skipper:you left so fast that I didn't notice why don't we finshen
*skipper pulls me close*
Then we किस for 20 सेकंड्स
Part6 up next