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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
Fanpup says...

This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

Skipper and the others were getting weaker and weaker द्वारा the minute, they knew if they even stopped for one minute, they wouldn't हटाइए on, it felt like they've been in there for weeks, they were all starving, and thirsty, skipper wanted to ask private why he smelled like pee, but he felt as if private was trying to hide the smell, he didn't want to talk about it.

Rico: ugh! Well never find her body!

Marlene: don't give up! We're so close! She's got to be around here somewhere...

Julien: maybe we should just give up....well never get out of here...

Skipper turned around and grabbed julien

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posted by Metallica1147
Chapter 5: Tranquility Lane

Private made it to a small abandon car repair shop. Private looked at his Pip-Boy to see if he went to the right place, and it कहा मेहराब, तिजोरी, कोष्ठ 112. Private went inside anyways to see what he could find. The place was old and dusty, cobwebs everywhere. Private noticed a huge door on the floor on the far-left side of the room, and walked to it. He opened the door and it showed stairs that lead to the basement. He went down, but saw that this wasn’t the basement at all. Instead it was the entrance to मेहराब, तिजोरी, कोष्ठ 112. Private looked at the control panel, and just simply just pressed...
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"I have not any new information. At the moment they are simply doing training. The club is doing well. I think one of the members is almost on our side," I said.
"Okay then. Good work. Keep a close eye on them. Especially that Annabella and Ivy. I don't trust any of them neither should you," Dr. Blowhole said.
"Okay, this is agent Scar, signing out."
I shut down my Spycon and headed to my elevator. Great, my daily reports were done, and it was only noon. I still had time to hand out the remaining invitations! 
The doors opened and I stepped up and out. I took a short climb up the volcano. I scanned...
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posted by queenpalm
The penguins stepped into the moonlight. The भेड़िया howled. Ru screamed, but Urka covered her beak.
"Where is it?" Urka asked.
"Follow us," Rica said. 
The penguins got across the brook and scaled a tree. They made their way over the treetops. Kowalski fell 3 times, and Ru had to pull him back up.
"Here it is," Rica said. They looked down on the ground, and there was the blue light, it seemed to be coming out of nowhere.
"Is it safe?" Urka asked.
"Um, yah, du!" Kowalski said, very unsurely.
Just then, a series of howling startled them. A large pack of भेड़िया walked through the trees. Their growling...
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posted by queenpalm
Skipper grabbed Ru's flipper. "Until further notice, आप are officially our prisoner."
"What!" Ru exclaimed. "What did I do! It was Rica's fault!"
"Blame game, it just doesn't work on the Skipper."
Ru struggled, but Skipper's grasp was firm. She gave up.
"I'll go get Rica, I'm sure we can straighten things out," Ru said.
"We can't trust anyone right now."
"Of course we can, Skipper," Ivy said. "As I say, फ्रेंड्स are enemies, but family आप can trust forever."
"You say that?" Kowalski asked.
"Whatever, आप take this way too logical."
"We trust no one," Skipper exclaimed.
They burst into argument. Ru again...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
हे this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :) This fanfic is about a girl पेंगुइन coming to the zoo and falls for Skipper.

Hi Kat welcome to the zoo! I'm Private this is Kowalski, that's Rico and that's-oww! Skippa what was that for? Private stop that nonsense आप know she could be a spy! Oh Skipper don't start that please! She's no spy! कहा Kowalski.

While my new roommates were arguing I was feeling weird, I've never felt this feeling, it's just... weird. I couldn't stop staring at them, या maybe just that short one, Skipper I think.

So are आप a spy for Blowhole??? Skipper asked sounding...
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"Psst! Skipper! Get up," whispered Sky into his ear-hole whilst shaking him. After a few seconds, Skipper opened his eyes groggily and sat up to look at her. "Why the duce did आप wake me up SO early?" he asked, slipping out of bed. Sky grinned sheepishly, pulled out the back up calendar and pointed to the date. 'March 31st - April 7th, Prank Week' thought Skipper flatly. "Alright, I'm up. So what's the pranking agenda of the day?" quieried Skipper as he raised a nonexistent eyebrow.
"Ohhhhhh Skippy, THINK FAST!" shouted Emily, appearing in front of them with a rope wrapped around her webbed...
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posted by mostar1219
Warning:some material might be better for older fanguins.

Setting: 124 शंख St.
Time: 10:40pm

Spongebob: another साल another blimp.
Sandy: Yea, we have so many you'd think we were in possession of an air hanger full of blimps.
Spongebob: how about we go up to my room and discuss ways to celebrate?
Squidward: I never thought I'd say this, but sure, why not?
(They all go up to spongebob's room and 3 ninjas come in through the windows, vandalizing the living room and spray painting "Penguins rule" on the walls)
(Sandy comes down and sees what's going on)
Sandy: gosh darn it! Guys, it's them पेंगुइन lovers...
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posted by Kowalskyman1
it was a peacefull दिन at the zoo, या at least it was unless आप were inside the penguins base.
"skipper i apreciate the thought but it is'nt...." kowalski was muttering, "NO SOLDIER" yelled skipper, "my scientist deserves one तारीख, दिनांक where nothing goes wrong", kowalski and marlene had been dating for a week now, and a mixture of attacks orderd द्वारा a jeleous julien and nasty rumors had ruined all of their dates, "well i suppose letting आप plan one तारीख, दिनांक wont hurt.." the words were barley out of kowalskis mouth when his team hit him with a barrage of सवालों "where do आप want the date?.." "how...
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posted by _Lexii23_
User: Eh, hello computer-y thing!

Cleverbot: Sure.

User: I am the king so आप may worship me now.

Cleverbot: Not at the moment.

User: What?! How dare आप defy me!

Cleverbot: आप have no power here.

User: King Julien, which is me, always is having the power!

Cleverbot: If आप say so Damian.

User: Damian? Who is this Damian?

Cleverbot: If आप don't know, I'm not going to be the one that tells you.

User: Eh... Ok.

Cleverbot: Do आप see were आप कहा आप watched soul eater.

User: Ew who would be eating souls? They have no flavor!

Cleverbot: I don't know what I am... You're the only person I have...

User: Um...
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posted by peacebaby7
Pitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatter... कहा the raindrops as they made contact with the roof of the HQ. That, and the tick-tocking of the clock, were the only sounds that filled the air. Kowalski and Rico sat at the तालिका, टेबल in silence, occasionally exchanging glances. Skipper leaned against a nearby दीवार staring out the window, even though there was nothing to see but the blueness of the water in their pond. He had made some coffee and was holding a mugfull, but he hadn't drinken any of it and had allowed it to get cold. None of them had कहा a single word since they'd returned.

Kowalski and...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
The Dr Blowhole Countdown is on! The 3rd special is just moments away from us. Here is what आप पेंगुइन and Blowhole loving प्रशंसकों can do while waiting!

WATCH the पूर्व specials on the Operation Blowhole DVD. या download them from iTunes and watch them on your computer, tablet, या smartphone.

LIVE the action in the Penguins of Madagascar video game Dr Blowhole Returns AGAIN! Available for KINECT for Xbox360, PS3, निनटेंडो DS, and uDraw for Wii.

PLAY The Deep theme of the Pinball HD Collection app. Complete awesome missions, slay the shark, and discover hidden treasure. Available on the App Store.

DANCE to Dr Blowhole's theme song, आप Make Me Feel द्वारा कोबरा Starship, the hit single from their latest album, Night Shades. Dance to it your own way या dance to it on Just Dance 4 (Wii, Kinect) and Dance Central 3 (Only for Kinect).

And on the दिन the special airs, grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready for The पेंगुइन who Loved Me starring Dr Blowhole!
posted by peacebaby7


This isn't happening.

It's all a dream.

It's all a horrible nightmare that will soon be awaken from and everything will be back to normal.

The lights were turned back on and Leonard looked around at the faces of the other zoo animals. He was expecting shock, या anger, या maybe a combination of both. But instead he saw frightened expressions. All of them were afraid of him now? He thought about the amount of residue that showed up on his paws. How did that get there? It was impossible! How was that dog doing this? Once again the bunny hopped through his memory. He was small, so sneaking...
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The Ending of this story.
Petting Zoo
Rico starting looking at the pictures (they can't read remember? XD) and gasped at some blood stained pictures, oh wait no it's just juice. Rico leaned against the दीवार and remembered what he was doing here. Helping Skipper.

Skipper was still screaming and panicking. Rico stood up, but fell again because something या someone , fell on him .

"Rico! I'm so glad I found you!" Private said, as he started to hug Rico...a little to much.

"Do ou hav willes? (Do आप have willies?)" Rico asked as he looked at Skipper's...
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posted by misscrazel
Sorry if it's not chapter five.
"Kowalski," कहा Skipper "were going to Dads house."
"Is that bad?" asked Kowalski anxiously.
Skipper nodded.

They arrived at a large house. It had a sign on the door that कहा TO BE CONTINUED

Sorry I'm sick of लेखन right now. I need to make this longer.
~~~,~~~~••••••••••• shaps. आप don't have to read this
Private's point of view:

"I can't  believe Alice threw us out of our own home!" I exclaimed.
"Well, believe it," Kowalski said. "It's happening."
"I feel so sad, yet again mad!" I said.
"Well your human now," Kowalski said. "Your stronger and taller, आप have fingers, and आप can kick a lot better."
"Kowalski, if आप told that to Skipper, he'd be begging आप to make him human!"
Just then, Alice threw two और people out of the zoo. I could tell right away that they were Rico and Johnson. Johnson yelled at Alice.
"Don't आप have any respect for your own kind!" he cried.
"I कहा stay out!" she yelled...
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“I came back for my sweater, and I noticed Manor go into his room. I followed him and he attacked me. He was about to inject some kind of solution into Skipper, then into me. In the end, he ended up injecting himself.” Eve was reporting to the guard.

It was about an घंटा after it’d happened now, and guards had come to सवाल Eve, who were now outside of Skipper’s room. A team of paramedics were brought in to check out Skipper and Eve. At the moment, a nurse was cleaning and sewing up Eve’s wound, who was lying on her side on a gurney. Manor’s body had been taken out of the room,...
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Ivy's point of view:

"Hey, Lame-o," Alice said. "Get out of there. The zoo isn't even open yet."
Kowalski turned around and saw her. She laid a plank of wood down and told Kowalski to पार करना, क्रॉस it. He obeyed, then Alice led him to the entrance/exit. The device (that's what I call it) was laying on the ground.
"No, Kowalski!" Skipper cried. 
He got out of our वृत्त and almost stepped on the device. 
"Wait!" Private cried, at the same time Skipper almost stepped on it.
Skipper just looked at Private, and continued. Private tackled him, to prevent him from becoming human.
"What are आप doing?" Skipper...
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posted by King_Clemson
Here some fanfictions who I have in planning:

1. Dorski Fanfiction
Already finished. But my Sister will translated it in english.
It contains even my theory for ,,Kowalski must never know'

2. Hoboken Oneshots
Contains sometimes Hanson. And also SavioxClemson. But और Hanson.
Beginning at when Clemson arrived Hoboken.

3. Another Dorski Fanfiction
At the moment, no ideas

4. Skippers death
Feelings of Kowalski, Rico and Private.
For the three a hard time.

5. Kowalskis, Ricos and Privates death
For Skipper a hard time and at the end he get new members from the HQ.
(I mean... it was also with Manfredi and...
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posted by kivamarie
it all started when i was with Skipper and his team doing stuff when somehow i got a letter.

Skipper: हे Kiva, आप got a letter.

Me: thanks Skipper.

Skipper gave me the letter and so i open the letter.

Private: what does the letter say Kiva?

Rico: yeah yeah.

Me: hmm it says: Dear Kiva, I the Empress want आप to be the bodyguard for me and my daughter Emily at Dunwall Tower signed Empress Jessomine. oh my gosh did आप hear that guys I'm going to be the bodyguard for the Empress and her daughter at the Dunwall Tower.

Private: that's great.

Rico: Wow.

Kowalski: that's good.

Skipper: I'm quite pleased that...
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