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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
Fanpup says...

This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

posted by NoShameHere
This is the Sequel to "The Clipboard Theory". It's being rewritten. If आप have trouble finding the first story, just ask.

Kowalski stood outside his home, chest puffed out proudly, feathers ruffled, a rather goofy grin on his face, as he stared at what was before him.

"Is it good, Dad? Did I do a good job?" Kowalski looked down at his son, a young पेंगुइन with tiny tuffs of down feathers clinging to his new, slick ones, much like Kowalski's own memories, both quickly fading reminders of their past. Kowalski notes how long it had taken Kona to lose his feathers; a साल longer than normal, but...
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Melody woke up, and looked around at her surroundings. At first she was confused, but then the events of the पूर्व दिन flooded her mind. She found her long-lost brothers and they were about embark on a journey to Antarctica to rescue कहा location. She looked at the clock on the दीवार अगला to her and saw that it was 5:00am, which meant she woke up an घंटा early. She glanced at the still-sleeping boys opposite to her and made a few hasty calculations. If she kept it short, she would be able to make it back at about roughly 6:00. She gathered her stuff(which is basically her quiver and bow,...
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posted by legendary7
Killer turned around nervously.
Ki: "Uh, Skipper .... what are आप doing awake?"
S: "You weren't leaving, were you?"
Ki: "No, I was ..... just going for a walk."
S: "Come on, if आप planning on coming back for Private, आप would tell him आप were going to fake your death. That's right, Killer, I know what's off about you. आप must be so messed up to walk out on him. I've got news for you. You're never going to find a better kid."
Ki: "I know, I know, I'm just afraid of what might happen. I mean, if the hunters return and .... what if I mess up again."
S: "You leave and you're messing up majorly....
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*The following लेख is going to be my longest chapter so far.*

Skipper drew out a small oval locket made of सोना and showed it to the stranger. It was also hanging from a fine silver chain, and small words were etched on it's surface: Skipper, leader.
His attacker was shocked. After all these years, she finally found a member of her family, of which she recently started to believe was लॉस्ट forever. She lowered her bow and arrow. "Skipper?" she asked, unable to believe it. "Yes Melody. It's me." Skipper answered. Now that she wasn't attacking him anymore, Skipper wondered why he hadn't realized...
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*Please note that Melody is my OC and that is the only reason I'm adding her. And also if this story sucks,(and it most likely will, as I'm not a very good writer)please tell me how I can improve it.*

It started as any other day. Skipper was training his crew as usual, but then a huge bird-like thing swooped straight at them! It landed a few meters away from the habitat, and at that point they could see that it wasn't a बिना सोचे समझे object at all: it was a beautiful young penguin!
S: Is that a flying penguin?
K: It would seem so, but penguins can't fly!
P: Skipper, is it just me, या does that penguin...
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Chapter 18: The Final Battle
“It’s time to end this war! They killed Coryn. But, we have defeated The Striga and Nyra. But, we can’t end this war until we take out Dr. Blowhole.” “Agreed! He shall pay for what he’s done to us!” Soren, the new king of the Ga’Hoole tree, declared. “Okay, Mumble, Gylfie, and I will go spy on Blowhole. Everybody else, stay here and get ready for the battle.” Pat proclaimed. “Pat, we want some action.” Blu said, pointing a talon at Nico, Pedro, and Jewel. “Alright, we could always use और eyes.”

Later, the group, Blu, Nico, Pedro, Jewel,...
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Chapter 12: The Evil Paring of a lifetime

Private and Kowalski were celebrating the victory, when a familiar face popped up on the TV. “Greetings, Private and Kowalski! I’m surprised that our Dragon Owls, Pure Ones, and crabs haven’t killed आप yet. But this is only the beginning of my plan.” “What do आप mean, Bottlenose?” “We are going to have an all-out assault on Antarctica, the Ga’Hoole Tree, and Paris! We will slaughter any animal that doesn’t शामिल होइए the Tytonic order of Pure Ones!” “You’re mad! Nobody in their right minds would शामिल होइए you!” Private exclaimed. “Well...
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posted by sweetyKneul
Kowalski was in a big white space. No furniture, no windows and no doors.
As far as the eye can see only white!
"Hello?" Kowalski called in the cold white. His voice echoed from the walls, but he got no answer. What had Lara कहा about Level 2? We must fight against our fears.
Alone! What were his fears? Did he have any?
At that moment the ground began to shake and suddenly an animal with 8 arms stood before him.
Space Squid!
Kowalski could just hold in his usual girls scream.
The worst part was, he had NOTHING to defend himself! Nothing at all!
The Squid spit a disgusting green liquid at Kowalski,...
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Arlene pulled Marlene back to her habitat, and saw Private and Mandy चुंबन there. These two noticed her presence and blushed as they left their kiss.

"Private" Arlene started "would आप be nice and leave?" Mandy changed her blushing to an annoied look.

"hmmm, o-ok. bye Mandy" Private left, not whithout another किस in the cheeck of his lover. He slipped away, and Arlene crushed the newly-made wood door behind her.

"you two are going to know the new rules, and follow them, ok?" Arlene was making a verry serious tone in her voice, Mandy giggled as he asked a verry obvious question.


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the story starts with me packing up and going somewhere.

Me: (packing up some stuff) okay a टोपी check, a bottle of water check, first aid kit check, snacks check, sunglasses check, a lighter check, and a blanket check. okay I'm all set and ready to go.

so after I packed my stuff I went to the airport.

Me: excuse me I'm looking for a private plane for me to fly in?

Woman: हे आप must be the माउस who survived cheating death twice.

Me: yup that's me.

Woman: well today आप are in luck Miss आप get to fly in the private plane for the first time.

Me: does that mean I'm not going to pay you?

Woman: of course...
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posted by kivamarie
the अगला mourning.

Skipper: (wakes up to hear something) Kiva. Kiva wake up.

Me: (wakes up) what is it skipper?

Skipper: I saw something it looks like a नाव it maybe our last chance to be rescued!

Me: what?! (sees a boat) hey! over here! were over here! (hugs skipper) skipper the नाव stop and its turning towards us!

Skipper: yes after a few days without water we are finally getting out of this dump!

someone on the नाव was speaking Spanish so I talk to him on the नाव in Spanish to rescue me and skipper on the island and it worked me and skipper are finally getting off the island.

on the boat.

Skipper: when did आप learn to speak Spanish Kiva?

Me: internet why?

Skipper: oh I was just wondering. when the people get us back to the dock I think we should head back to New York and tell my men about it.

Me: I think that's a good idea skipper (hugs skipper) and I like it.

The End
posted by kivamarie
the story begins with skipper दिखा रहा है me a surprise.

Me: skipper can I open my eyes now?

Skipper: not yet Kiva. okay now

Me: (opens my eyes) wow. it's a boat.

Skipper: yup and for the अगला few days it's just going to be आप and me going fishing.

Me: cool I like that idea skipper let's go.

so me and skipper went to Bahia De, Los Angeles and then me and skipper set sail on the नाव passing a few islands to Bahia Kino.

Skipper: so how's the नाव ride so far Kiva?

Me: hm? oh it's good skipper.

Skipper: what's wrong don't आप like it?

Me: I do like it skipper it's just that I keep having this funny feeling...
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posted by kivamarie
I woke up the अगला mourning knowing that it is time to find खाना and water if I'm going to survive.

Me: (wakes up) boy i slept like a rock last night (checks on the fire) yep the आग is still there so it's time for me to look for खाना and water. खाना and water will give me energy to survive and to stay alive.

so I started to crawl with one leg to look for खाना and water. just when i was about to give up i saw food. it was a mango.

Me: (gasp) a आम, मैंगो it's perfect and it's सुरक्षित for me to eat.

so after i grab the आम, मैंगो I ate the mango. after i ate the आम, मैंगो i crawl with one leg to look for water....
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The look of horror on their faces कहा it all, Skipper' face was bleeding, but he didn't notice... Considering 8 devil-tenticles were reaching out towards the girl he loved...

*March 20th... 5:30 a.m*
He could hear Rico snoring and Kowalski reciting pi. He was to cold to bother to open his eyes, until through his eyelids, he could see a glow. He hoisted himself up, and stumbled to the steel door, ready to slap Kowalski for waking him up. Instead, as soon as the door creaked open, he immediately realised that the glow wasn't from any of Kowalski's new inventions... It was actually from a old back-pack...
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posted by legendary7
Skipper picked up four meduim sized fish. Once again he was interupted द्वारा panic. Kowalski's screams echoed through the whole manor.
S: "Kowalski?!"
Skipper darted up the stairs and to the main room where Kowalski was sitting in his chair with his head on the table. He also had his eyes closed.
S: "Kowalski what's wrong!?"
Kowaski woke up and stopped screaming but looked terrified.
K: "I had a dream th-that I chopped all of आप into little pieces!"
Rico cautiously stepped आगे helping the injured and speechless Private walk. There were cuts on him that looked as if he had been assaulted द्वारा some...
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*Hey guys! This is a 2-way article, so me and cattoy10 are taking turns लेखन this! Enjoy...*

Skipper was lying on his back, Rico on his side, Kowalski on his stomach and Private's beak was stuck in the sea-sand. A wave crashed over them, as the wave moved back, all their eyes were open and red. Skipper had seaweed on his head (looks like hair XD). "Ahhh...Where are we?" Skipper asked, getting up. "I Dunno, it looks like some sort of *gasp*" All the penguins beaks fell open, they had landed in an island paradise. It lush, green ... and silent, Skipper immediately recognised the silence. "Where...
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posted by legendary7
It was a फ्रोज़न Central Park winter morning. All the penguins had just woke up from their night snooze. Every पेंगुइन except Kowalski had just awakened. Kowalski had been up all night in his lab creating his latest invention.
S: "Up and at 'em, boys!"
P: "Good morning, Skippah! Where's Kowalski?"
Skipper shrugged
S: "He's probably still in his lab. Kowalski?!"
Kowalski exhaustedly strode out of his lab.
K: "I'm finished! Well almost anyway."
S: "What do आप mean 'almost'?"
K: "The one chemical I need is only found in the forest's leaves around a vacant hotel upstate."
S: "Splendid! And you're suggesting...
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Operation: Antarctica - After the Penguins thwarted Cecil and Brick's latest crime, Private discovers a young leopard सील, मुहर named Hunter, who's about to become prepackaged मछली food. Having saved her, Private travels with Hunter back to Antarctica after Kowalski accidentally launches the both of them into the East River. It now becomes two missions: One to ensure Hunter's सुरक्षित return to Antarctica and one to retrieve Private from the leopard seals. But will the Penguins succeed, या will they end up as रात का खाना for the village?

Well, only three of them almost ended up as dinner, but I digress.

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"We woke up, felling dizzy, I just could barly stand up in four, then I saw her, yelly was right above us, death, the black over-grown badger, was behind us, as she turned in a circle.

I was trying to find where were we, but I didnt want to make yelly atack e with death, since I've never defeted her, I still acted dizzy, moving from one place to another, like if I was.....was......whats the word?"

"Sladish, annoying, drunk?" Private said, looking angrily at Skipper, he knew the real deal with this

"RIGHT! druk, like if I was drunk, she eventually discovered my trick, since evryone else was standing...
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posted by JayJay12
Still at Marlene's habitat...
Private:Mostly,I think Kowalski and Skipper have it for Cream *lays down*
Skipper and Kowalski:Are आप serious?!
Private:And it's the truth
Skipper and Kowalski:Oh yeah
Marlene:Do आप guys प्यार her THAT much?
Private:We should get going
Marlene:Alright.See आप guys later!
Somewhere far off New York...
Dr.Blowhole:We need a plan to finally destroy those pen-guu-ins!!!
Crab Asssistant:Umm...and what about Cream?
Dr.Blowhole:I'll think of something *laughs evil*
Crab Assistant: *gulps*
At the penguin's HQ...
Private:This is getting boring,guys.Really.
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