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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
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This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

posted by queenpalm
Skipper's point of view:

Johnson ran in from the metal door. He was carrying a device that looked much like the Stopwatch Kowalski had once made.
"Hey, look what I found!" he said.
"My Stopwatch!" Kowalski cried. "Where did आप find that?!"
"It is not your Stopwatch thingy-ma-jiggy," Johnson said. "I found it in my box of things I got from Blowhole."
"Blowhole, Shmohole. It is my Stopwatch!" Kowalski cried. "You don't even have a Blowhole box, do you?"
"He does too!" Ivy said. "He showed me it!"
"Hey, everyone!" I cried. "Stop arguing unless आप want a मछली slap!"
Everybody stopped. Then, Kowalski...
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posted by peacebaby7
The अगला Day...

It was now time to get the plane down. Rico hacked up some knives & the penguins were carefully slicing the vines that were holding the plane in the tree. "OK! This bird's about to fall! Everyone stand back & prepare yourselves!" Skipper announced to the crowd of lemurs down below. Julien, on the ground, कहा to Maurice, "What bird? I see no bird..." Suddenly, with a lurch, the plane fell.

It wasn't as bad as was predicted. Once it hit the platform, it bounced once, & landed with a thud. The lemurs then began cheering. The penguins leaped down from out of the trees...
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posted by Skiparah
I clenched my eyes shut as the sting nipped my back. I tried to stop a cry of pain from escaping my beak but it broke free, echoing in the large room. I heard the slicing whack again and the sensation of lightning shooting through me made me yowl in agony, sweat poured down my face. I looked over my shoulder at Blowhole, a pleading expression on my face, "Blowhole, this is unnecessary! If आप want revenge kill me!" Blowhole chuckled. The lashings stopped. The purr of his segway neared me, "Alexander, this IS revenge. What better way to enjoy it, than to watch आप suffer?" He lifted the whip...
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posted by Skiparah
I don't recall much of what happened after that. There's a breif memory of waking up in a corridor. I could see blurred तस्वीरें of someone carrying me on a stretcher. Then I passed out again. When I woke up the सेकंड time, I didn't drift back into unconciousness. Someone jabbed me in the shoulder shouting, "Get up you! Get up!" I sat up in what I realized was a cot in a cell. With a jolt I realized where I was. The enemy prison, and I was their captive. "Get up now!" The creature beside me snapped. He was a manatee, and he wore a white coat. "Who are you?" I asked. Suddenly the manatee's wide...
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When they finally reached the yard, four penguins stood with their backs to them. Just that instant, all the penguins turned facing them. Their Expression were like female clones of their own. Skipper was stunned as the majestic leader glared at him. "Ramona, ..... um it's nice to see you, again." Skipper gulped hard. "I wish I could say the same. Well, I see you're late, as always." She rolled her eyes. "You know, I wasn't usually late." Skipper corrected. "For us, आप are." She shot back. "If it's an apology आप want, ... I have nothing to say." He concluded stalking off. "We're not done...
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posted by annieptc
The leopard सील, मुहर roared angrily, and knock all the penguins off their feet with its strong tail. The सील, मुहर gazed around its prey, and its eyes landed on young Private. It picked up Private with its teeth, and smashed him against the दीवार of ice.

With Private stunned, the सील, मुहर pinned him to the wall. Private gave Skipper a look, a certain look that was full of all sorts of indescribable emotions. Skipper looked back at him, as the सील, मुहर opened its deadly jaws, and went in for the kill.

“NOT MY SON, आप B****!” Skipper yelled as he jumped on the head of the seal. The सील, मुहर stopped trying to kill...
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posted by peacebaby7

"It's coming! Dan! Come quick! He's hatching!"

"Coming Teressa!"

*Teressa & Dan watch as their first egg hatches*

Teressa: *picks up hatchling & cradles it* "Oh, Dan! It's a boy! What should we name it?"

Dan: "Um, how about Skipper? It means leader."

Teressa: "Yes! That's it! Baby Skipper."

Skipper: "Mama!"

Teressa: "Yes, darling! Mama. And Dada." *gestures toward Dan*

5 Years Later...

Skipper: *runs up to Teressa & Dan* "Hi mom! Hi dad!"

Dan: "Hi son! How was school?"

Skipper: "Oh, it was a lot of fun. Is it okay if I go to Jake's to play?"

Dan: "It's alright with me. Teressa?"

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posted by peacebaby7
The अगला Morning...

*penguins are riding around in their car trying to beat the track record*

Kowalski: "C'mon, Rico! Almost there!"

*Rico passes the finish line*

Kowalski: "YES! We shaved 4 सेकंड्स off our best time!"

*Rico/Private/Kowalski high five & Rico accidentally hits Skipper in the head*

Rico: "OH! Sorryboutthat."

Kowalski: "Skipper? आप okay?"

Skipper: "Oh, I'm okay. Just a little tired. Guess I shouldn't have taken that shift last night."

Skipper: C'mon! Shape up Skipper! They're gonna catch on! ...

Marlene: *jumps out of her habitat* "Hey guys! Whatch...Um, why are आप driving a car?"...
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Chase Scene: Take 1

Julien: "...Ah! A thief!
Keep dancing!"

Maurice: "But there's no music!"

Julien: "I'll pretend I did not hear that!"

Julien: "Come back आप संगीत hater!"

Skipper: "I don't hate music! I hate--"


Chase Scene: Take 2

Julien: "Come back आप संगीत hater!"

Skipper: "I don't hate music! I hate noise!"

Julien: *causes Skipper to slip on bananas, causing him to drop a battery which he intercepts*

*Jumps to get another, misses, swings on a pole back around, and retrieves a सेकंड battery*

2 मिनटों later...

Skipper: "Ha, लॉस्ट him."

Julien: *swings in on snake...SMACK..."Oops. Sorry Skipper. Are आप okay?"

Skipper: "I think I coughed up my spleen..."
posted by ricoiswsome
Chapter 1: Betrayed द्वारा a friend.
It was just an normal दिन in New York that'll turn for the worst.
Skipper: What?. . . Bounty hunter help, no I will not go on this mission. . . I have to. . . With Marlene?. . . Yes sir right away.
Private: What is it Skipper?
Skipper: Sorry Private, that's classified.

In Marlene's habitat. . .
Skipper: Marlene, I need आप to ome with me on a mission.
Marlene: Ok, I'll do it.

Later in the air port. . .
Skipper: Where is that bounty hunter?
Bounty hunter: Are आप Skipper?
Skipper: Yes.
Bounty hunter: Come with me.
Later. . .
Bounty hunter: So I see आप accepted the mission,...
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posted by BrightLight92
Dear Doris,
You know I like आप already. And I know आप कहा आप didn't like me all that much. We both know this already. So this letter is so आप know how I felt in the aftermath.
When आप gave me your answer, I felt relieved that I got it over and done with. But slowly, the realization started to sink in and I grew sad and mad and confused. I realized that I spent a good 5 years completely head over heels for आप and now, nothing. I don't have आप in the way I hoped. I've been having weird surges of sadness and anger ever since because I just can't contain myself anymore.
I tried getting over...
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posted by legendary7
All the penguins stepped into the car गेराज and loaded up. Rico sat in the front with Kowalski and the others were in the back, seperated द्वारा luggage. A few मिनटों later, and they were on their way. None of them knew,that for some, that would be the last they ever saw of their beloved home.
The road was long and dim. Not only that, but it was treacherous and slick, as well. Up ahead a sign wrote: TURN LEFT but "left" was crossed out and under it spelled "right". Rico made the turn, but Kowalski disagreed with his desicion. "Rico, I am pretty sure आप were supposed to make a left." Kowalski...
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posted by NoShameHere
This is the Sequel to "The Clipboard Theory". It's being rewritten. If आप have trouble finding the first story, just ask.

Kowalski stood outside his home, chest puffed out proudly, feathers ruffled, a rather goofy grin on his face, as he stared at what was before him.

"Is it good, Dad? Did I do a good job?" Kowalski looked down at his son, a young पेंगुइन with tiny tuffs of down feathers clinging to his new, slick ones, much like Kowalski's own memories, both quickly fading reminders of their past. Kowalski notes how long it had taken Kona to lose his feathers; a साल longer than normal, but...
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Melody woke up, and looked around at her surroundings. At first she was confused, but then the events of the पूर्व दिन flooded her mind. She found her long-lost brothers and they were about embark on a journey to Antarctica to rescue कहा location. She looked at the clock on the दीवार अगला to her and saw that it was 5:00am, which meant she woke up an घंटा early. She glanced at the still-sleeping boys opposite to her and made a few hasty calculations. If she kept it short, she would be able to make it back at about roughly 6:00. She gathered her stuff(which is basically her quiver and bow,...
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posted by legendary7
Killer turned around nervously.
Ki: "Uh, Skipper .... what are आप doing awake?"
S: "You weren't leaving, were you?"
Ki: "No, I was ..... just going for a walk."
S: "Come on, if आप planning on coming back for Private, आप would tell him आप were going to fake your death. That's right, Killer, I know what's off about you. आप must be so messed up to walk out on him. I've got news for you. You're never going to find a better kid."
Ki: "I know, I know, I'm just afraid of what might happen. I mean, if the hunters return and .... what if I mess up again."
S: "You leave and you're messing up majorly....
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*The following लेख is going to be my longest chapter so far.*

Skipper drew out a small oval locket made of सोना and showed it to the stranger. It was also hanging from a fine silver chain, and small words were etched on it's surface: Skipper, leader.
His attacker was shocked. After all these years, she finally found a member of her family, of which she recently started to believe was लॉस्ट forever. She lowered her bow and arrow. "Skipper?" she asked, unable to believe it. "Yes Melody. It's me." Skipper answered. Now that she wasn't attacking him anymore, Skipper wondered why he hadn't realized...
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*Please note that Melody is my OC and that is the only reason I'm adding her. And also if this story sucks,(and it most likely will, as I'm not a very good writer)please tell me how I can improve it.*

It started as any other day. Skipper was training his crew as usual, but then a huge bird-like thing swooped straight at them! It landed a few meters away from the habitat, and at that point they could see that it wasn't a बिना सोचे समझे object at all: it was a beautiful young penguin!
S: Is that a flying penguin?
K: It would seem so, but penguins can't fly!
P: Skipper, is it just me, या does that penguin...
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Chapter 18: The Final Battle
“It’s time to end this war! They killed Coryn. But, we have defeated The Striga and Nyra. But, we can’t end this war until we take out Dr. Blowhole.” “Agreed! He shall pay for what he’s done to us!” Soren, the new king of the Ga’Hoole tree, declared. “Okay, Mumble, Gylfie, and I will go spy on Blowhole. Everybody else, stay here and get ready for the battle.” Pat proclaimed. “Pat, we want some action.” Blu said, pointing a talon at Nico, Pedro, and Jewel. “Alright, we could always use और eyes.”

Later, the group, Blu, Nico, Pedro, Jewel,...
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Chapter 12: The Evil Paring of a lifetime

Private and Kowalski were celebrating the victory, when a familiar face popped up on the TV. “Greetings, Private and Kowalski! I’m surprised that our Dragon Owls, Pure Ones, and crabs haven’t killed आप yet. But this is only the beginning of my plan.” “What do आप mean, Bottlenose?” “We are going to have an all-out assault on Antarctica, the Ga’Hoole Tree, and Paris! We will slaughter any animal that doesn’t शामिल होइए the Tytonic order of Pure Ones!” “You’re mad! Nobody in their right minds would शामिल होइए you!” Private exclaimed. “Well...
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posted by sweetyKneul
Kowalski was in a big white space. No furniture, no windows and no doors.
As far as the eye can see only white!
"Hello?" Kowalski called in the cold white. His voice echoed from the walls, but he got no answer. What had Lara कहा about Level 2? We must fight against our fears.
Alone! What were his fears? Did he have any?
At that moment the ground began to shake and suddenly an animal with 8 arms stood before him.
Space Squid!
Kowalski could just hold in his usual girls scream.
The worst part was, he had NOTHING to defend himself! Nothing at all!
The Squid spit a disgusting green liquid at Kowalski,...
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