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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
Fanpup says...

This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

*Hey guys! Starlite is my only OC (penguin) And i thought i want 2 do something different! i प्यार my music, so i decided that whenever there is a phrase in between --> * (stars) then its a phrase from a song! So in other words i will write the lyrics from a song in between the story! Some of the phrases will sound strange, but if आप listen 2 the song awhile आप read the story it might be pretty cool! Enjoy! *

It was a freezing cold winter दिन in the central park zoo. All the जानवर were trying to keep warm, the chimps were wearing mittens and scarfs, so were all the rest of the animals....
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posted by PrivatPaparazzi
Have आप ever heard of a multi? That's when और than one person writes a story. Well, today I'm going to continue Skipper12a's story. Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Attack stack Agony (wow, this really is going underway!)
SK: Alright, team! We’ve detected a snowcone गाड़ी outside the zoo. Anybody wants snowcones?
(All penguins including Skipper raise a flipper, Rico raises two)
SK: No, Rico, one per penguin.
RC: Aww! (puts one flipper down)
SK: So it’s decided. Everyone’s going to get a snowcone each! Who’s going for rainbow?
(everyone raises a flipper again)
KW(Private): -Uh oh, doesn’t that mean we’ll...
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posted by skipper12a
Ans for those who hadn't read my latest story, "The Reverse World" yet, here's the अगला part of my current story!

Chapter 5: Penguins always have a plan!
(back in the पेंगुइन HQ)
SK: Lunchtime, everyone! You're free to do whatever आप want, as long as it doesn't involve permanent injuries, deaths, mutations, et cetera. That means you, Kowalski and Rico.
SH: Great, now's our chance! Into the lab!
(Kowalski, Private and स्पेनिश सफेद मदिरा, शेरी all go into Kowalski’s lab)
PR(Kowalski): Wow, I didn't even need an excuse!
KW(Private): He wasn't even looking, Kowalski.
SH: Let's take a look at the machine... Wow, it looks...
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posted by Saracuda
"Skipper!" Liberty gasped. She picked up the limp पेंगुइन द्वारा his scruff and carried him into the cave. She lay him down on her बिस्तर of leaves and trotted to the other end of the cave to start a warm आग in the fireplace. Skipper didn't stir.
"Don't worry Libby. He's just exhausted."
she told herself.
A bright blaze roared to life and warmed the now bright cave. Suddenly Skipper's foot twitched and he rolled over, mumbling something inaudible.
Liberty stepped closer to try to hear it.
She realized he was talking in his sleep.
"Libby..Libby, where are you? What were आप doing there? Where's the key.."...
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posted by skipper12a
Chapter 4: Perfect Performance
Note: words in between dashes are कहा through the headsets.
(inside the पेंगुइन habitat)
SK: Opening time. Time to दिखाना off our playful पेंगुइन antics!
(a crowd of tourists gather outside the पेंगुइन habitat)
KW(Private): -Oh no, how are we going to carry out our routine without messing up our moves?-
PR(Kowalski): -I don’t know, Private, but we’ll have to figure out something soon. How about we try those we do in pairs first? Then we can just exchange roles.-
SH: -Good idea, Kowalski! Private, would आप mind so much as to make that little suggestion to Skipper?-...
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"WAAAIT!! So you'r telling me that a CHICK is coming to शामिल होइए our possie? Our brotherhood? Our LIVES!!" Skipper had completely been infuriated द्वारा the news that a girl पेंगुइन was on her way to the zoo."Actually Skipper, she is a fully-grown female, not a baby." Masen added, looking at Skipper, who was pacing up and down. But the penguins and chimps were mostly staring at the fact that his eye had started twitching. "Thats now what i ment, Oh NO! Dont tell me we are getting old mother hubbid?" SKipper looked at the chimps. Phil showed some sighns, then Masen spoke. "Actually Skipper, she is very...
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posted by skipper12a
So one दिन Kowalski decided to clear out his lab. He threw out lots of scrap metal. Then he came across a familiar-looking broken machine...
K: Hey, isn't this my old mind-switching machine? (remember Roger Dodger?)
He decided to fix it up.
K: Done! The mind switching device is fixed!
Afterwards, Skipper came into the lab to check on what he was doing.
S: Oh, Kowalski. Don't tell me you're inventing again!
K: I'm not inventing, I'm improving my invention! There's a difference!
S: (points at machie) Then, what's that?
K: The Cerebral-Switcher 2000!
S: So, what does it do?
K: Well, it switches two person’s...
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posted by SkippX101
All the penguins went to their stations. Private with Mort, Kowalski with Maurice, Rico guarding the HQ and (on private's orders) Skipper with Marlene."Ehhh, why don't i get a bodily guard to? I am the King, i should have the biggest and most strongest Bodily-guard of all time!" King Julian orderd while sitting on his throne. "As i just explained.And i do fear आप have memory loss, आप have alresdy been captured द्वारा Blowhole before, so आप are the least of our worries." Kowalski कहा with his arms at the back of his back. "*sigh* FINE!! But afterwards i want a body guard. No, a booty-guard!Yess,...
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posted by doctorboffin
Okay I am posting the first chapter of my fanfiction on Fanpop, but if आप want to read the later chapters check them out on fanfiction under the name catastrophe. this is the link link

well here आप go

Hi, this is my first Fanfiction I hope आप like it! But before आप read it, just know the beginning is in multiple languages and there is no need to translate it, but if आप do please know that the translation might not make too much sense because of a few issues with formatting. Well enjoy!
Contacts with Tokyo have been cut. Military movement has -- पनिक इस स्प्रेअडिंग...
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"OMG MARLENE! WHAT WERE आप DOING! आप CAME BACK AT 1:00 AM!" Arlene shouted, shaking her brom towards marlene, she wore a close to clean

"come one mom!" marlene excused tired to her cousin, who now became her mother through a serie of events relly weird, that even made her fall in प्यार with skipper, all for kowalski's new invention: the family-roots-inator!

it all started a दिन ago, Saturday, 10:00 am, Skipper pulled marlene and arlene as private ran with mandy towards the base, they needed to try kowalski's new invention the family-bot-sti, no no, the familly- broots-sator, no, no, well, you...
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posted by EppofangirlXD
Skilight, chapter 2, द्वारा mutated-ducks-rule and EppogirlXD.


A light green meadow, covered द्वारा thousands of pure white daises. Fluffy, cotton कैन्डी clouds whisked across the sky. This place was beautiful. The only problem was that I had no idea where I could possibly be.

"Hello?" I called out. The only response I heard was a sigh. A long and aggravated one too.

I slowly turned around. There, a lone figure was standing ten feet away from me. "Can I help you?" I asked, not quite sure how to handle this situation.

The figure shook his head and started to slowly retreat. Before completely vanishing...
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posted by Bluekait
 Dr. Blowhole
Dr. Blowhole
"Sorry, Kowalski. But I just don`t प्यार आप anymore. Can we still be फ्रेंड्स instead?" कहा a beautiful female voice

"No. It is for the best and the best says we should हटाइए on." says a sadden male voice


Kowalski sits in his lab, crying and weeping. The door opens while Kowalski tries to hide.

Private: Kowalski? Are आप here?

Rico: FISH!!!

Private: There is no मछली in there, Rico.

As the door shuts tight, Kowalski comes out. What do they want? Where is Skipper? Why does Rico wants fi...wait no...Why me???

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posted by EppofangirlXD
I sighed in the darkness of the small, wooden crate. A sudden jerk from the truck made me bang my head on the side of the crate. I groaned in annoyance, but remembered my promise and sighed again. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea, but I knew I had to, and I wasn't backing out now.

It had been 'The Day'. My goodbye party had looked और like a funeral in my old home, the ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव habitat in the California Aquarium. My wooden टोकरा had been waiting for me at the side of the habitat, and I had been staring into it.

"Are आप sure?" My mother, Helen, who was standing right beside me, had sniffed....
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Skipper: Wake up!
Kowalski: Huh??
Marlene: Skipper, it's like 3 in the morning!
Skipper: Exactly! That way we can beat the other teams before they can even wake up!
Private: Aww.... I couldn't get any sleep last night..... Rico was Sleep-regergitating again....
*Rico barfs out weapons and what-not*
Rico: BWAGH!
*Rico spits out a radio and a heavy metal song comes on*
Private: Oh come on!
*flashback ends*
The penguins, Marlene and Julien are seen at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the mountain.
Rico: Look!
Private: It's the केला, केले tree! But... who's that?
Skipper: Po?? What are आप doing...
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posted by JamesRedEngine5
Chapter 2: To The Night

"Skipper's Log: last night I went on a तारीख, दिनांक with Marlene the otter. We had a great time, plus she surprised me with a kiss. I found that really great, though not for Kowalski. When I got back, I was shocked that Kowalski has लॉस्ट some blood on his chest and flippers! Good for Rico that he had a first aid kit..."


It was nearly 0805 hours as Private was the first to get up, normally only Skipper will get up first just to have a fishy mug या something. But this morning was different, Skipper and Rico had to stay up a little late for Kowalski.

Private felt a chill on his...
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the तारीख, दिनांक is august 25,2009 the दिन started out as usual for the penguins private on the other hand has been अभिनय very odd so the vet decided to put private on happy pills....

skipper:you know kowalski private hasn't been अभिनय the same ever since he went on those pills.

kowalski: i agree with आप skipper he's been अभिनय very very odd आप know i've caught him talking to a दीवार when his alone.


kowalski:yeah and he's been saying some odd words too.
(private comes into H.Q. all bloody)

skipper:private are आप okay?

private:sure i am skippa i just went to see alice that's all but she...
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posted by ally11
Private:LET ME GO
Private:because I am missing the LUNACORNS!!!
blowhole:u प्यार the lunacorns? I प्यार the LUNACORNS
Private:NO WAY!
(they'd watched the lunacorns)
(back at the HQ)
Kowalski:guys I have something to say
Kowalski:I-I-I- प्यार PRIVATE
skipper:what about doris?
Kowalski:I कहा that to make private jeouls
Skipper:whoa did not see that caming
(at blowhole's lair)
Private:Aww commical
Blowhole:awww Harry potter u suck hope u die in the last movie YEAH VOLDY!
private:Harry potter is amazing
(back at the HQ)
(skipper slaps Kowalski)
Skipper:Kowalski! Stop watching this Harry potter movies-oh which one are u watching?
Kowalski:deathly hallows part 1
Skipper:oh did u hear that part 2 comes out अगला साल
Kowalski:OH YEAH GO HARRY!!!
"Hey, Skipper", Private said. "We just wanna help you!"
"Please", Marlene pounded on the door harder. "Open this door, just tell us why you're अभिनय like that!"
"This is classified", Skipper said. "But... I can tell आप something about this map." He removed the lock, opened the door and they entered the room.
"Okay", Kowalski said. "Now tell us."
"Not here, friend", Skipper कहा as he pressed a button on the remote. Something opened up the floor, like a ladder. They entered everything about their lifes.
Skipper rolled up his map and began to speak, his फ्रेंड्स in a horizontal row.
"Gentlemen, I--"...
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posted by have64
Kowalski: This will be the perfect gift for Have.

Private: Oh, a present what is it?

Kowalski: It's a Conscience Separator रे and I need Have to test it.

Have: Sup peeps.

Kowalski: I see extending your vocabulary failed. Anyway Say hello to the Conscience Separator Ray.

Have: Alright!
(Kowalski zap Have and a puff of black smoke appeared)

Skipper: What's all the noise! Where's Have?
Kowalski: No worries Skipper, Have can आप here me?!
Have: Yeah!
Skipper: Who कहा that?
Have:*Gasp* Sixty
Sixty: Yes, it is me Sixty Four Have's Conscience.
Have: Oh yeah Kowalski, why did आप invented your Conscience...
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posted by alexpotter333
Alex:sooooo what should we do now?
Ron:we go throw पीनट्स a the हाथी
(Alex and Ron went a threw पीनट्स at Burt but Burt kept on catching them and eating them)
Alex:ah came on he keeps on catching them let's go Ron
(they left and got a पॉपकॉर्न and at the HQ)
Skipper:alright men today were are doing special cute and cuddly today
Private:how came skippah?
Skipper:um....well.....because......that's classified
(they went up on there island and did extra cute and cuddly,skipper noticed a girl with jet-black hair ,blue eyes and a scar on her forehead he hear what she was talking about)...
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