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posted by Joak-24
the story is placed while percy, frank and hazel still are in mission, they are now returning, at the time jason make little groups to find percy and the roman camp
P.D: sorry is in spanish, its my natural? language, if anyone wants to translate it, just tell me.
Please comment!

1- Annabeth
-Seguramente esta es la entrada al campamento.
-Vamos: no सूखी घास, घास tiempo que perder- le contesté a Jay
नीलकंठ, जय, जे lideraba la 5° expedición, uno de los 8 grupos de semidioses que buscábamos a Percy. En el grupo estábamos Jay, Nico y yo. Todavía no terminaba de entender porque Jason lo eligió a él como líder de...
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Take this oath!

I promise to remember Percy,
whenever I'm at sea
I promise to remember Annabeth,
whenever a मकड़ी comes at me
I promise to protect nature,
for Grover's sake of course
I promise to remember Luke,
when my दिल fills with remorse
I promise to remember Chiron,
whenever I see a sign that says ''free टट्टू ride''
I promise to remember Tyson,
whenever a friend says they'll stick द्वारा my side
I promise to remember Thalia,
whenever a friend is scared of heights
I promise to remember Clarisse,
whenever I see someone that gives me a fright
I promise to remember Bianca,
whenever I see a sister scold her younger...
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posted by talhah96
Well I guess Im a little late when it came to पढ़ना mark of athena, but trust me, Im like the biggest Percy Jackson fan, ad the ending for MoA literally killed me.


Percy will meet everyone who died in the first season such as Luke and theyll all help him and Annabeth storm the gates.

Annabeth will die I reckon in the 4th book, and Percy will get pretty angry and destroy everyone in the final book.
Zhang will make the decision to pull percy back from tatarus as one person needs to shut the door on each end (which may be annabeth on the tartarus end.)

Reyna and Leo get together
posted by tracytracy2000
हे Guys,

This club has really grown and with the और people coming in spam and reposts are hard to control. The creator is Rohehera and came up with strict rules against spam, she already predicted that the club will get messy. We would like to clean this place up and we would need A LOT of help. Green-art-ac-pj and I will organize like a contest kinda thing to clean up spam and the millions of repeats out there.

We thought of a contest kinda thing. We will start a मंच and everyone will go post spam and repeats that they found and whoever finds the most in that महीना will win प्रॉप्स या whatever....
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posted by RoHeHa_6264995
 Kleo, the म्यूज़् of History
Kleo, the Muse of History
Yes it is! It doesn't only kill kiddies at school, it is messing with The लॉस्ट Hero, the book we are all dying to have. Obviously Kleo, the म्यूज़् of History, is planning something, because the history is obviously repeating itself!

(Random fact: Kleo is one of 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, goddess of memory and time and inventress of languages and words. Yeah, I can see the connection. Can you?)

OK, so after rereading the sample chapters, I found a bunch of similarities between The लॉस्ट Hero and a PJO book. Do आप know which book it is? The Lightning Thief, आप say? No, I don't think so,...
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posted by Phoenix_Stone
We know nothing about her!
I want to know if people have any theories.
So, I shall ask some बिना उत्तर questions..
..unless they have been answered already, and I've just forgotten.. xD
These सवालों could possibly be answered in the अगला 3 books. ;)

So here are the questions:

1. Who was Reyna's father, and why was she at Circe's Island and not with him?

Bellona had two children from the same man, so maybe it's normal for Roman demigods...
I think he could've died when they were children, so Bellona sent them to Circe's Island.
...Or maybe their father had arrived at Circe's Island when Hylla and...
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posted by halfblood963
Hello its me Halfblood963 i'm here to talk to आप why i think this.
First i think Percy and Annabeth are not the seven cause i mean i think its supposed to be new demigods,jason might not be new to the roman camp but he is new to the greek camp and also He's the leader to the roman camp and Percy and Jason are the bridges to the two camps but Percy was already in another prophecy and didnt Rick say Percy is a supporting character and so is all the old characters.And Seven halfbloods answer the call,Leo and piper did.Jason answered the call i guess to getting his memory.But i think its gonna be different demigods new ones with extradinary powers like a child of neptune with earthquake powers and freezing powers and stuff.
Sorry if i offended anyone and stuff but also i think that since theres one roman and two greeks (jason leo and piper)then the book after focuses on the argo and the two other पुस्तकें for the four demigods.
Well bye im again sorry for offending anyone bye bye.
आप think it would taste horrible wouldn't you? They have two completely different tastes. But आप never know till आप try!
For those of आप who haven't caught on, मूंगफली का मक्खन जेली And Cheese = PJ AC = Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase.
Now don't start rolling your eyes! Those of आप who think this is another Percabeth tribute - hold that thought.
Don't get me wrong, I प्यार Percabeth. I always will. They are so cute together though आप wouldn't think two people so different could be so perfect for each other! Just like Ron and Hermione.
But that's just the problem. They are so damn cute, we're way...
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Title: The लॉस्ट Tales of the Wilderness School

Parts: Chapter I - Chapter X

Genre: Humor, Adventure, FANNFIICCTTIOIONNN (says in high opera voice and breaks windows)

Characters: Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, and various other faces...

Disclaimer: Me no own. Uncle Rick does! Wooo! We प्यार you!

A/N- This takes place right as The Last Olympian is going on, but those months before The लॉस्ट Hero. Okeey dokey? :D Also I didn't put this in the मंच is because there simply was too few chapters to waste and entire posting. So I'm doing it in articles. :D

CHP I: आप are here! :D
Next: To be uploaded sooner rather...
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posted by ELIZABUG7
Percy had just gone to sleep after a long दिन at camp.Youd think hed just doze until mornin' right?WRONG!!!(remember hes still sleepn'!!)Percy got out of बिस्तर and walked out the front door at his usual time 11:15,early riser right?So he was in still in his boxers,when suddenly,"YANKEE DOODLE DANDY!FIND THE MUSES,AND THE NICO!AND WITH THE FUNYUNS BE SAAAAANDY!!!!!!"(to the tune of yankee doodle)and he sung that all the entire way to the Hades cabin.When he got there he went inside and yelled right into Nicos ear,"BARNYS GONNA FIND YOU!!!AND ELMOS HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET!!!!"after that he ran to...
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posted by HecateA
Guess what? (yes I know the sky is blue, guess again)… I already knew Leo was epic, keep guessing! Kay, stop guessing, I’ll tell you! There are… Synopsises available for ‘The Son of Neptune’! So I am here, today, because this is BIG and I have IDEAS about this BIG thing.
First off, it’d be nice if आप had a standing chance to keep up with me, now wouldn’t it? Well here’s your standing chance;

This crazy messed up world of gods and monsters is Percy Jackson’s reality, which pretty much sucks for him.
Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, God of the Sea, has woken from a very deep...
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Q1. Do आप prefer the लॉस्ट hero या son of Neptune? the लॉस्ट hero means your greek. And the son of Neptune means your roman
Q2. Pick a holiday, what महीना does it take place?
January- Zues/Jupiter
February - Posiden/ Neptune
March- Hades/Pluto
April- Athena/ Minerva
May- Ares/Mars
June- Apollo/Apollon/Phoebus
July- Aphrodite/Venus
August - Hepheastus/ Vulcan
September - Hecate/ trivia
October -Demeter/Ceres
December -hermes/ mercury
Q3. What color are your pants and that's the age आप arrived at camp.
Red -12
Q4. First Monster...
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Okay, so I have some theories on what is going to happen in the अगला book. There may be spoilers. So do not टिप्पणी दे like, "No spoilers please!" because I clearly wrote on the चोटी, शीर्ष there might be some. Thanks
[now i'm going to अंतरिक्ष down so आप can't see in the विवरण in case आप don't want spoilers]

thanks for waiting. ^^ if आप are here, I assume आप have read the book.

SO here I go.

1. Annabeth's trouble?
2. What will happen when they meet?
3. Percy's quest?
4. Octavians part in this?
5. Frank? What use is he?
6. Hazel. What will happen to her?
7. Reyna

According to Hera/Juno, Annabeth...
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posted by Athenabeth
Spoiler rules

I know I’ve only been here since March and am probably still considered a newbie and therefore don’t have a right to make any rules. Which is why I’m not, I’m just putting the suggested ones and the generally accepted ones into an article.

It seems like there is a two week rule right now. For those who haven’t noticed The Son of Neptune hasn’t been out for two weeks yet. I think we should make a set of rules for every book that comes out in this series so we won’t have to go through this again. Here are two things आप should do:
•    No spoilers...
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posted by ConnerandTravis
Yes I know it's a little too early but I got to thinking some possibilities.

1: Apparently, Rick कहा that some of the 7 won't be returning the US. It could either mean
A) They didn't get on the ship in time
B) They died.

2: The book title: House of Hades.
Let's take a look at the titles so far and see who they revolve around.

लॉस्ट Hero=Jason
Son of Neptune=Percy
Mark of Athena= Annabeth

I am suspecting that it will revolve around either Hazel या Nico.

3: Relationships:
I'm hoping there is some break-ups because I think it will make the book और interesting I think. Like if Gaea happened to have someone to posses Jason and break up with Piper. या Frank to break-up with Hazel.

This right here is a what-if and probably will NEVER happen. Reyna and Octavian. Let THAT sink in.

Adios for now. Hope to write some और लेखाए and hopefully soon a cover analysis.
Buh Bye
posted by NicoDiAngelo4
So this is my first try at a songfiction! Its Perfect, द्वारा P!nk, and this is for all those Lalia/Thuke प्रशंसकों out there! Constructive critism is appreciated:D


I walked into the Artemis cabin, tired from a long game of capture the flag. I was going to go to बिस्तर when I noticed a packgage sitting on my bed. In neatly written cursive, it had the name थलाया on it. Curious, I opened it and found an आइपॉड in it. I put in the earphones and started listening,

Dear Thalia, I know that द्वारा the time आप will be पढ़ना this, I will be long gone, but, the feelings are still there, so please....just...
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Rating: C

Disclaimer:Rick Riordan owns Annabeth Chase and the world of Percy Jackson. I wish I was a genius like him! The song Mine is copyright the original publisher!

A/N:Here goes! Should I make this a मंच with different songs and different point of views? Review, constructive criticism appreciated!


I lay down on a soft बिस्तर in the Minerva cabin- a बिस्तर I now call mine. We’d just arrived at the Roman Camp, and I hated it. Every single inch. But…was I just so खट्टा because Percy didn’t remember? Jason remembered some things! But Percy was clueless....
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posted by universalpowa
Title: Running Out of Time
Type: Fanfiction/Songfic -- Oneshot.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns all characters. "Running Out of Time" is a song द्वारा Barlowgirl. Es Muy bien!

Link to song: link

We are not blind
We know the truth

The demigods knew the truth, the seven knew they had to save the world. The fate of all other nations depended on their shoulders. The oblivious mortals below them wouldn’t realize doomsday was upon them until too late...

Still we don't stand
Still we don't choose

“We have to stick to the plan.” Jason commanded...
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posted by Aphroditeskid21
Hello this is my first fanfic so go easy on me लोल okay well here it goes टिप्पणी दे please for feedback

Chapter 1
The Eternal City

I felt cold, it was dark, and i was underwater i
thought wait how can i be underwater for so long then i saw something above the water it look like some kinda dog thing i didn't know what to expect so i went up to the water and saw a भेड़िया then the भेड़िया spoke to me but didn't open her mouth she कहा "Who are you" i was about to respond normally but i couldn't honestly remember i कहा to the भेड़िया "i don't know where and i" "your in the eternal city but i don't see how आप got in here this city has great defensive दीवार around it and guards all around" then out of know where an ऐरो shot straight for my face and i dodged it at the last सेकंड and कहा to the भेड़िया "tell the guards to stop" "No आप prove your worth here" then out of nowhere i hear a loud growling sound
Percy's P.O.V
I walked down the streets of New York and thought sadly about my past. In the war with gods and demi-gods verses Gaea and her "team", all I could remember was cruelity, and blood. Many lives were लॉस्ट and thousands were either maimed या fately injured. I, luckly had only a fatal injury, and many other smaller injuries. I thought bitterly, " Why was I saved, not Annabeth!" Annabeth saved me from Gaea's deathly blow. I remember the moment so vividly, it's almost it's happening now. I was gripping my sword in front of Mother Earth,(aka Gaea) I was about to lunge an atack when she...
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