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Okay, I had a dream last night. I know, I know. Dreams do not come true but it has something to do with the new character. Okay, I think the new character's name is going to be Samatha.(random guess.) Now, I could say, most people DO NOT want the new character to be a daughter of Neptune. Before I woke up this is what Poseidon/Neptune said, "You are a daughter of Neptune."

Other than that, a pattern I figured out या sorta figured out.

Lets go through the PJO books:

Lighting Thief: Quest
Sea of Monsters: Quest
Titian's Curse: Quest
Last Olympian: Battle.

Lets go through the HoO (so...
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So for all those people who have been yearning for that Percabeth reunion. Rest assured that it will be coming in MoA.
And guess what? Rick says he usually doesn't write cliffhangers all the time. But this time MoA has a cliffhanger ending. Imagine how that would be! If some of his not so cliff hanger endings seem like worse cliffhangers to us - imagine how that would be!
And finally we know Nico has a key role in MoA! Yay!
And for those in this club who have been recently pondering about Calypso. Rick has an answer.

Here is the exact way he answered questions. कहा he usually doesn't but since...
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posted by abrown7297
I was पढ़ना Percy Jackson, like always, and a sudden inspiration hit me. I wondered...what if there are people in the U.S. right now that have these names in the story? I have started out with the Seven from the prophecy, and am going to add और later. Add this to your bucket list: try to meet one of these people before आप die! Enjoy!

There are 4 people in the U.S. with the name Perseus Jackson.

There are 113 people with the name Frank Zhang.

There is 1 person with the name Piper McLean.

There are 10 people with the name Hazel Levesque.

There are 103 people with the name Jason Grace.

There are 61 people with the name Leo Valdez.

There is 1 person with the name Annabeth Chase.
So if आप havent read the other chapters आप wont uderstand whats happening unless आप have someone explane it to you. And if आप do have some one to explane it to आप I will give them some time starting now!....................... Ok times up. Hope आप like this!

No! I cant be dead! What about Annabeth? What will she do when someone finds my dead body? Oh gods no. No! I promised I wouldnt let Athena kill me. This cant be right! I'm dead? No! I cant be! What am I going to do?

"No. Who killed me? It was Athena wasnt it?" I say

"Yes, sadly." Death says

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I'll try my best on making the story good!


Sitting at the back of the Argo II wasn't as fun as it sounds, especially if you've got तितलियों in your stomach. "What if he doesn't remember me, what if he's got another girlfriend?" annabeth asked worriedly. "calm down, he will remember आप don't worry." soothed Piper. Piper became one of Annabeth's best friends. She was the daughter of Aphrodite and had the Gift of a charmspeaker.

Leo, the builder of the great ship saw Annabeth's look of worry and कहा "Don't look...
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I ran, and chased after the beast with my "sister", या rather fellow hunter. I ran up to Lillian."Any idea of what we're facing'?"She asked me, not slowing down. I listened to the roar again."Sounds like a sphinx, “I informed her. She nodded."Come on, let's try catching up!"She yelled, already farther than she should be, या well normal people should be. See, she's a descendent of Arcus, or, as we like to say as Greeks, Iris. So it's only natural that she's speedy.

I panted, catching up."Don't do that!"Then a giant roar sounded."It's behind me, isn't it?"I asked, not turning around.
I guess...
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The Mark of Athena
Chapter I
Breathe, 60 feet, breathe, 50 feet, breathe! “Leo, can’t आप make this contraption go any faster!” I snapped. “Chill Annie you’ll get to see him soon!” Leo replied. I could see his beautiful dark hair, his sea green eyes. Hehu, hehu, hehu, hehu! Oh, crud. Blackness. I awoke with 10 worried faces looking down at me. “Are आप all right Annabeth?” Jason asked, worry contorting his regal features. “Yah, yah, I’m all right.” “It’s going to be fine so stop worrying and stop hyperventilating,” Jason said. It had been 8 months since she...
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Hello, so here we discuss the first chapter of MoA. I have a few theories on it. I will post them. Please respond with your theories too.And sorry if anysuch लेख has already been posted, I haven’t found one. Tell me if it is a repeat article.
So as most of आप know, the official first chapter for Mark of Athena has been read द्वारा Rick Riordan. This has confirmed that Annabeth will have a PoV. And many are convinced that she is the seventh demi-god. But there are many puzzling things about the chapter. Here we go:

•     Until...
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posted by fusshi123

I haven't पोस्टेड in my मंच for a long time. I admit it. And I'm not proud of it.

I know. There has been many abandoning of forums. Mine, and a few others. Like the famous Kgirl?

Many of आप feel hurt because of Kgirl abandoning her story. It left आप in dire suspense and you're afraid you'll never be able to find out what happens in the end. आप think to yourself: Why do they do this to us? What's so hard about finishing up a story?

Sorry, but i'm not sure if any of आप know this. It isn't easy लेखन a story. आप have to come up with endings द्वारा yourself now.

There are reasons why writers...
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posted by darange
hay so your probable new in camp i will give आप a tour but first let me introduce my self i am summer westly and i have been at camp half bood for 6 years i was 10 when i first came here so can आप guess my age? i got to camp द्वारा a satire named मेपल dence आप will probably see her around. have आप figuered out who your parent is yet? my parent is aphroditie, also a wierd thing abought me is every 24 hours my hair will change color and style so ya आप can say it i'm wiered. i have my dads green eyes thogh, ok there is a problem at camp one of our main campers has dissapeared his name...
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posted by Jasonfan44
HOLA! Jasonfan44 here! आप know how Twilight has Team Edward, well this is kind of like that. There is this picture and it says "Team Edward??? Hades No, I'm on Team Percy." या something like that. Well, this लेख is about that. Whose team are आप on??? आप can do two people if they are your absolute प्रिय

Team Percy?

Team Annabeth?

Team Grover?

Team Nico?

Team Thalia?

Team Piper?

Team Jason?

Team Leo?

Team Hazel?

Team Frank?

Team Connor?

Team Travis?

I am on Team Nico.
Also if आप want to say what "team" आप are on say this I (Your username) am on (team name)

I, Jasonfan44 am on Team Nico.

Okay, since their has been alot spam, I made a club for that spam. It is called Super Awesome Anything Club. शामिल होइए and आप can do anythying आप want as long as it is appropriate. XD.
posted by abrown7297
Piper wakes up one morning at Camp Half-Blood, ready for a normal दिन at her प्रिय place on earth. But that दिन wasn't what she expected. Her world is flipped upside-down when she notices differences in the world around her. For one thing, her फ्रेंड्स don't seem the same as they were, and since when was her mother the goddess of hatred? Piper doesn't know if this is all a prank, या it's really happening. Can she find out how to get things back to normal? 

I hope आप like this:) It's not going to be a full-out story, maybe 20 या so chapters. I haven't decided yet. 
posted by Alex13126
Rating: YA? Yeah, let's go with that...

Disclaimer: RR owns most of the characters besides Anna and Alex. Sorry, we're two teenage girls not RR.

A/N: Me and Leah both co-writed this. Thank आप have Leah for agreeing to this ^_^

(SilverMoon56 logging on)

(Rockfanatic13 logging on)

Rockfanatic13: Am I late? Again?

SilverMoon56: Maybe… द्वारा like 10 मिनटों this time. New record!

Rockfanatic13: Conner set my iPod on आग this time! I BLAME HIM.

SilverMoon56: (eyeroll) Sure. Blame it on the ex.

(COUGH longstory COUGH)

Rockfanatic13: He did! I swear!

(JustineBiebsL0ver Logging on)

Rockfanatic13: WHO THE HADES...
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the story is placed while percy, frank and hazel still are in mission, they are now returning, at the time jason make little groups to find percy and the roman camp. COMMENT, PLEASE!!!

1 – Annabeth POV

-Surely this is the entrance to the camp.
-Come on: there is no time to lose- I कहा to Jay
नीलकंठ, जय, जे was ledding the 5 th expedition of the 8 groups of demigods who were looking for Percy. In the group we were Jay, Nico and me. Not finished yet understanding why Jason chose him as leader of the expedition. नीलकंठ, जय, जे was a skilled in combat, but he took things in a too happy way and, perhaps, lightness. I...
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The information I got was that...

earlier one person पोस्टेड a लेख of what was said..

Chapter 28

This information was dragged from me, but was also mentioned one दिन पूर्व in New York. Though I have collected thus and spread it to you, from Los Angeles....


A man Phineas is part of this...that is why I saw the guy Phineas from Phineas and Ferb. Vincent.


~Percy will not die
~Frank and Hazel are definitely the main three...
~six people of the prophecy are revealed
~Annabeth is may be part of the seven
~the seventh character will be shone in this book...
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posted by hisblueeyes
So guys.
I have these brilliant ideas on how to get seaweed brain to remember everything. Rick probably isn't going to do this in his book, but whatevs. A girl can dream, right?

Sing to him

Put this image in your head. Everyone finding Percy, and gathering in a chorus line to serenade him to remember. What do they sing? Well, sing these lyrics to the tune of Your Are My Sunshine:
You're name is Percy,
Your dads Poseidon
You have a girlfriend,
Named Annabeth...
Oh आप don't know dear,
How much she loves you,
So please try to remember again..

Then Percy remembers, kisses Annabeth and they get married...
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posted by PJBRS14
As I said, just guesses. Also, this is my first लेख so go easy on me.
My guesses for Hazels godly parent are as follows:
1. Pluto
2. Ceres
3. Neptune
Pluto because she can manipulate dirt, so she can probably learn to manipulate rock ( LIke Nico) Also, she would be related to Nico. Lastly, Arion, her horse, eats precious materials, something Hades/Pluto is also a god of. Con: She likes the sun.

Ceres because Arion is an off spring of Demeter and Poseidon. Also, Dirt=soil=plants. See the connection? Lastly, Hazel tree... I hope आप catch my drift. Con: only relation would be Katie Gardner,...
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posted by halfblood963
hi guys lets get to it

go to my link for frank and you'll see silhouettes of characters if आप right click on each of the shadows in order its (thank आप sabina18)

Reyna ( girl on throne
Octavian ( blondie)
ella (idk)
Thantos (ill explain)
Hazel (curly haired girl on horse)

ok so आप see no we know who they are let me say my opinions
1. i knew octavian was blondie since i saw the chapter 2

2.Reyna is freakng important and important ppl ( in my opinion) wear purple

3.Octavian might be like a Clovis and also help Percy's memories and him and the Augiaries are kool with Percy

4.ella is a creature...
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posted by halfblood963
frank is asian and his bow can hit a target perfecto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and he has super flexibility and its his power and his weapons bow and spear here ill put down wat it says

Frank, a new ally of Percy, has the last name of Zhang - as in "Master of Bows". With this trusty weapon at his side, this chubby-cheeked boy is primed to become one powerful demigod.

What does it do? This handy piece of weaponry is Frank's go-to tool of choice in battle, with पिच परफेक्ट aim and easy mobility. He can carry it around, just like a backpack.

Noteworthy: A master of weaponry, Frank has a few other tools at his disposal, including a spear and certain flexibility in form that might come in very handy down the line
This is my first review, so go easy one me.

So, most of आप have read the first chapter, and have a few सवालों about it.And some things in there I don't quit get.

First off. Why was Percy alone? I find that a bit unfair. Look at Jason! He had friends(who he never knew)and was escorted safelly to camp(minus the falling in the lake). And what does Percy have? NOTHING! He woke up, and I repeat,in the courtyard of a burned out mansion in the middle of the woods. He was barefoot, freezing and confused, when Lupa decided to दिखाना up. Yes, she told him where to go and what to do, but besides that?...
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