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posted by UnoriginalName
After having arguments over why demigods don't use बंदूकों with my friends, I decided to do this. So I figured that there wouldn't have been bullets for the बंदूकों untill the end of book 3, so this is how the पुस्तकें might have turned out had demigods used common sence (and guns).

If Demigods Used Guns…

*Announcer's voice* Book 4.

*Cheery little tune*

Chapter 14

The crowd screamed insults at me, but Antaeus raised his hand for silence.
“Weapons,” he insisted. “And then we will see how आप die. Will आप have axes? Shields? Nets? Flamethrowers?”
"Just my gun" I relplied.
The gates opened again, and...
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posted by Spottedtail139
Hi I'm Sabrina Mila and I'm starting my Frist दिन of Middle

Shcool and I must admit I'm one smart girl for having ADHD I've

alway been on the चोटी, शीर्ष of me class and one of the best

Swimmers on my swim team my best friend is Erin a fun lovin

crazy girl we live in Texas and its Summer hot and miserable.

We were workin on our Shcool projects when my History

teacher knocked on my door " Miss, White! Hello why are आप

here?" I asked.

" We are going to have a field trip tomorrow. We are going to the

Greek Mythology Museum tomorrow" she said.

" Yes! I loved Greek Mythology!" I twirled around in my room....
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posted by cubsfanjoe13
Prane was good at disguises. Walking down Fifth Avenue, he was wearing mortal clothes and walking like a mortal. Quickly. To the Empire State Building. Olympus. He zoned out, looking at peoples auras that tell what they are. He saw two people with a little bit of one of the gods blood in them. Maybe their ancestors were demigods. Then he saw the demigod, who was maybe in his early twenties. He realized that they were brothers at that moment. They were both children of Ares, although Prane was a full god. He turned to him and whispered the Ares केबिन at Camp Half-Blood’s secret password...
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posted by HecateA
Hola, Hecate here!

Okay I'm very-super excited right now, so forgive the grammar and typoes and all that.


The link was दिया on the सेकंड Camp Half-Blood series thread in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians club. Puffinbooks.com, but I'll copy paste everything for आप and add my personal ideas.

This book

ExtractBlurbInterviewReviewsProduct details About Rick Riordan

The लॉस्ट Hero

» Rick Riordan

» प्रस्तुत करे
An incredible, brand-new spin-off series from the best-selling creator of Percy Jackson

This is what thye're going about द्वारा the way:
When Jason, Piper and Leo crash land at Camp...
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Try saying my शीर्षक five times fast. I DARE YOU.
I did, and failed.
The Shakespearean Perspective of Percabeth
The Shakespearean Persphefctive of Pershabetsh.

See? Epic fail.

Moving on...

Like my exceptionally intriguing title? What stinks is that I failed spelling almost every single word in that sentence except “Percabeth” but that is why we have spellcheck- for those poor demigods out there that are hopeless on spelling.

I had an exceptionally strange thought today while पढ़ना Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’- how different is that from the idea of Percabeth? And for Percabeth fans,...
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posted by Perseus54321
comments for Nico's Blog, part one of three
: Nico, solving your antisocial problems द्वारा hanging up और kids that आप don't like and dangling them द्वारा their feet are not the answer

dumbblonds,worstjokeever[b/]: NICO DI ANGELO! WHEN आप GET BACK TO CAMP I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR (censored)'in (censored) little (censored) RIGHT IN THE (censored)!

: Ooh, angry Annabeth, this is better than ईमो Annabeth, drunk Annabeth and blind Annabeth all together. I don't even need to attack आप now.

PrankingKGisdabomb![b]: Nico, my arm is broken, so are both my legs and I currently cannot...
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Found it and copy pasted it!!!! Enjoy!!! :D

APHRODITE - gives some background.

Okay आप will want to know that Frank is a demi-god from the new book along with Hazel and of course Percy Jackson. Percy as many of आप know is a demi-god from the Greek Camp Half-Blood meets the Roman Demi-gods at their equivalent CAMP JUPITER. Together the Greek and Roman demi-gods will go to war against Gaia, the earth mother and the monsters she is unleashing to destroy the world, including a fearsome giant names Altheates. In order to learn where Altheates resides, Percy, Frank, and Hazel must consult Phineas....
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posted by RoHeHa_6264995
1. This is a spot for all Percy Jackson lovers. All gods, goddesses, demigods, titans, monsters and mortals are welcome.
2. This spot is dedicated to The हीरोस of Olympus series. Only discuss the series here, and spam as little as आप can.
3. Please no fights या rude टिप्पणियाँ if आप don't agree with somebody. Try to be polite, since all gods, titans, monsters and demigods are related and we are all a big happy family.
4. Please no movie videos/posters/reviews/information/criticism on this spot. First, it is totally off topic. Second, we all have different opinions about the movie, and I don't...
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Alright, I know we were way excited about the new site and we all noticed that none of the character information was available. So, I tinkered with the यू. आर्. एल a little and the following resulted. (There are लिंक्स to each character's page in this for reference.)


Jason's Coin:

Stamped on one side with the picture of a battle axe, with a man's face wreathed in laurels on the other, this piece of metal may come in handy for young demigod Jason.

What does it do?

This clever chunk of change has the power to turn into a weapon, with a simple toss in the air.


Sometimes this coin turns into a...
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Ok so last आप read was Percy trying to convince Annabeth to stay with him. Will Annabeth stay with Percy? I know the answer but आप have to read to find out. Hope आप enjoy! And if something makes आप mad don't stop पढ़ना ok. Trust me you'll प्यार this!!!!!

Annabeth was about to give me an answer, about if she'll stay with me, but my dad showed up. He still had a mad look on his face. Really, आप just had to दिखाना up now? I was mad to but I got a feeling it was for my own safety so I didn't complain. Annabeth jumped in my arms...
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I got this idea from the wonderful link, and thought I'd give it a try of my own. I generally don't bother try sort any characters into a favourites सूची because they tend to fluctuate on an hourly basis. I think I've a fairly solid सूची for Percy Jackson though.

I don't like Piper at all. I find her very self-pitying and पढ़ना her POVs is a trial for me. Under normal circumstances she may have a reason to complain once या twice, but in her own chapters it seems all her problems come back to the fact that she's too beautiful, her father's too rich and famous and successful, and it's...
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posted by o_oadmin
for those of आप who are very desperate to read it.

Your destiny awaits. Now that आप have discovered your true parentage, आप must prepare yourself for a difficult future-fighting monsters, adventuring across the world, and dealing with temperamental Greek and Roman gods. I don't envy you.

I hope this volume will help आप on your journeys. I had to think long and hard before publishing these stories as they were दिया to me in the strictest confidence. However, your survival comes first, and this book will give आप an inside look at the world of demigods-information that...
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* My sources:
-My take on the New Information (article द्वारा Amph)
-Book Information (article द्वारा me)
-Character Info from the new हीरोस of Olympus site (article द्वारा the one and only Amph)
-Myth and हीरोस (by Amph)

**Special note: Credit for the theories who are between *'s goes to Amph

So we don't know her last name, we don't know who her Olympian parent is, but we still know some things about Piper.

1. Her father is Cherokee
2. Her eyes change color "like a kalaidescope"
3. She is 15
4. She is, या is under the impression that she is, Jason's girlfriend
5. The three runner-ups for her mom (because her...
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Who likes articles? I do, I do!!! There is nothing I find और satisfying here than पढ़ना a good लेख that gives rise to a great discussion. Below I have everything आप need to know about लेखाए to get आप लेखन and get the discussions started.

Rules for लेखाए and लेख Comments

1. First and foremost, as with the rest of the spot, NO SPAM! If I see any spam लेखाए या टिप्पणियाँ I will रिपोर्ट them on sight....yeah...I'm mean about spam.

2. Please keep your लेखाए relevant to the series...this goes hand-in-hand with the spam. No, Harry Potter doesn't make an appearance at Camp Halfblood...
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posted by luvseaweedbrain
Okay. So in class the other दिन we learned about this structure that a lot of the old myths and classics that involved "heroes" would use, and as we were learning about it, IT FIT PJO PERFECTLY. So I was thinking I'd copy it onto here so if any of आप are thinking about लेखन a fanfic and needed somee guidance.. I put examples from PJO in parentheses, but this model can be seen in LOTS of other stories as well (HP, the Matrix...) well, here it is!:D

PHASE ONE: Separation
-The Call: An opportunity to face the unknown, the hero chooses it या is dragged into it unwillingly. (e.g. When Percy is...
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posted by NicoDiAngelo4
Hiya! Kay, well I had this total percabeth-freaking-out-moment earlier, and had thought, well, if Percy was a loser, then this wouldn't be happening. So, I decided to write an लेख (not a very good one, sorry) so yep, hope it's not too horrible:)

If Percy was a loser

(Annabeth's PoV)

I sat on my bed, In the Athena cabin, looking out the window. I had a perfect view of the ocean, which was calm today. It reminded me so much of Percy. It had been six months since his disappearance to the roman camp, and I missed him terribly. I remembered our last night together so clearly...

We were sitting on...
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posted by abrown7297
Yes! I'm pretty sure I'm the first person to give an analysis of The House of Hades! *accomplished

So, to give आप some sustenance for another year's wait, I've decided to analyze the book.

First of all, what the Hades was that ending? Literally. I'm pretty sure we all silently cried as we read it. Especially since the whole thing could've been prevented.

The most disturbing thing to me is a passage earlier in the book, on page 382. Percy is having a dream, and at the very end Gaea tells him "Enjoy Tartarus, my little pawn." Did she KNOW he was going to Tartarus? या was it just an empty statement...
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posted by luvseaweedbrain
हे guys! Another songifc, to ADELE's Don't आप Remember, because honestly, the song fits so freaking perfectly.
Heres da link, lets begin!

When will I see आप again?
आप left with no goodbye,
Not a single word was said,
No final किस to सील, मुहर any seams,
I had no idea of the state we were in,

Reyna stood alone on temple hill. Jason was gone, her partner, her best—only—true friend. And if that last week had meant anything, something more. But then he was just…gone. She had never minded being alone, had always preferred solitude to crowds, but with Jason gone something was missing. Something...
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posted by fangirl-dianne
What do आप guys think of my dream cast?

(I may have missed some characters...)

Percy Jackson- Logan Lerman (of course)
Annabeth Chase- Freya Mavor / Alexandria Daddario
Grover Underwood- Brandon T. Jackson
Jason Grace- Alexander Ludwig / Alex Pettyfer
Leo Valdez- Jake T. Austin
Piper McLean- Lucy Hale
Hazel Levesque- Zendaya Coleman / Vanessa Hudgens
Frank Zhang- Zac Efron / Josh Hutcherson
Reyna- Laura Marano / Selena Gomez
Nico Di Angelo- Bradley Steven/ Moises Arias
Drew- Shay Mitchell / Brenda Song
Rachel Dare - Bella Thorne
थलाया Grace- Lily Collins
Hylla- Emma Watson

Tell me what आप think. ANYONE can comment.
-More Information About the Characters (article here written द्वारा Amphitrite)
-Character Info From the New हीरोस of Olympus Site (once again, found here, द्वारा Amph)
-Myth and hero (same as the previous)

The last of my trio of articles. Jason. The hardest to write for sure because what we do know about Jason, as minimal, unprecise and complicated as it is, well it could all be false!

What we do know about Jason...
1. He has knowledge of the Roman myths
2. Annabeth (who knows about evrybody) and the new kids Butch don't seem to know him.
3. He speaks Latin
4. He flies
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