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 The Mark of Athena Official Cover. Ohmicheese.
The Mark of Athena Official Cover. Ohmicheese.

Heyoooo! So what’s this? :O Ricky already released the sneak peek chapter? Percabeth reunion? Answer to first: Yes. Answer to second: No.
Yeah, I was pretty upset about the whole -No-Percabeth-reunion-Rick-how-could-you-I-am-so-mad-at-you-and-want-to-read-that-book-so-flippin’-bad thing. Oh well. Rick loves to troll us.

So yeah, I’m totally psyched and pumped for this book...I mean, really. This one is supposedly “Rick’s favorite” as he कहा on the HoO Disney/Hyperion website.

So, looking at the cover, all I can think is OMG BLACKJACK IS BACK! Yeah that’s me...
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posted by I-Love-Candy
An excerpt from:
Who am I?

Summary: आप are lonely and scared and just can't bring yourself to care anymore. But आप do and he doesn't, which makes your दिल hurt even more.


"Leave, please, just . . . leave." आप look around, with tearful eyes and try not to meet his.

He tries to catch your attention; tries to place a hand on your shoulders, but आप shake him off stiffly, a look of deep regret on your face.

His mouth opens, as if he is about to speak, but he quickly closes it just as fast, a ghost of a forced smile flitting across his lips. आप give him a moment; आप want...
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posted by xharrypotterx
Okay so, I've been asked why i don't like Piper.
Well First of all, i don't प्यार her, i don't HATE her and i don't LIKE her.
So here is how it is:

The Things I like about Piper

She is, as थलाया said, tough for a child of Aphrodite. But that doesn't necessarily mean she IS hardcore tough.

Even though she is scared, she stands up for her friends, she does not betray them and she fights even though she may not know how and is risking a lot.

She isn't a typical child of Aphrodite. She doesn't care about beauty या style. She knows what is और important.

She isn't (thank GOODNESS) a flirt like DREW!...
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posted by NicoDiAngelo4
Heeeyyy!!! Okay so we all no Percy's Pegasus, Blackjack, right? And I'm guessing everyone that's पढ़ना this thinks that Blackjack is a boy, right? Well, when I was rereading the PJO series I came across something interesting.

So when Percy found Blackjack "he" was being kept on Luke's ship. Well what I noticed was that at first, Percy kept referring to Blackjack as a she and her...

Weird, huh? 'cause in all the पुस्तकें after that, Percy refers to Blackjack as a he. So, now, I'm kinda confused to what gender Blackjack is....

Hope yah liked it:)
So after Hera goes supernova in The लॉस्ट Hero, Jason looks at her (stupid) and dies (stupider) and comes back to life (confusing).

What? Beckendorf can blow up, Silena can get sprayed with acid, Michael यू can fall off a bridge and they all die, but Jason lives? ?????

So obviously, that 'aint normal. So here I am with my weirdo theories plagging your life.

1. Jason is Immortal

So we all know Jason Grace defeated the Titan Krios with his bare hands. Sure its not as "wow!" as killing Kronos, but that's still something, right? Right. So what if Jason -who was probably a leader in the siege of Othrys...
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Jason knows the Roman name for storm spirits and satyrs, demigods (as far as I know) use the greek names for gods, monsters and what not. So what if his godly parent was a Roman god, one with out a Greek equivalent. I did the research and sadly all Roman gods have a Greek equal.
My अगला theory was that Jason's godly parent is the patron god/goddess of Rome या that they have something to do with Rome. These are the possibilities (If आप believe my theory)

Ares- Ares is considered the patron god of Rome because he was the father of Romulus who was the founder of Rome.- I don't believe this is...
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Yeah, another one. I कहा I'd do this one soon! Yes, that counts for a couple मिनटों later.
So, have we all seen the tehmazing cover for the newest book? Yeah, I'm betting आप have.
Weeeeeeell, let's break it down. Title, Background picture, and Main picture.

Title: The Mark of Athena

Well, this is a flashback to The Son of Neptune! Why, Ella, आप predicted the अगला book! This is obviously a reference to the Daughter of Athena prophecy. No biggie. But, be quick to note that this is the Greek form. Definetly Annabeth.

Main Picture

Jason and Percy really hit it off! Eh, no. Erm, the swords aren't...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
Leo Valdez stepped up to the camp that he had been gone from for apparently only a few months. After he left Ogygia, with Calypso, he learned that it was still the same साल as he had died in, but a few months later. Had he of stayed alive, he would be sixteen, but he didn't really care.

Leo turned to Calypso, who was trailing behind him and announced"We're here, this is- "

"Camp Half Blood." Calypso finished for him.

Leo nodded, unsurprised she knew that. She had fallen for many young men who went to this camp.

Leo continued " This is the closest thing I ever had to घर after my mother died."...
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So, I'm लेखन this for the लेखन Competition #1, Demigod Sports.
I raked my brain about five million times and decided on this.
Gladiator Battles.
Who wouldn't want to see हाथी Frank face off against Percy? Well if आप do, too bad, cause that isn't gonna happen.

The Rules of the Arena
-No powers.(Boring right?)
-No dirty sparring.
-No assistance from gods.
-No unleashing feral and और than likely mortally dangerous जानवर on your opponent.

The Arena?
It's pretty much a miniature Colosseum in Camp Jupiter. Reyna thought it would be a great idea to build it and everyone agreed...until Octavian...
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So I did freak out when the character art wasn't out this morning, या at lunch when I checked at the library- but now it's all good! Especially because it's...


Also known as the god of death. This guy controls where souls go after people die. Fun job, huh?

What does he do? Acts as a lieutenant of Pluto (Hades), Thanatos acts as border control to keep souls from crossing between life and death without his permission.

Noteworthy: He's a good looking guy. Who knew the god of death was a looker?

Okay... So maybe it's not news that Thanatos is in the सूची of characters, but here I go with...
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1. Percy's POV

i opened my eyes and found myself laying in a bed. i looked around and saw about 20 other beds in the room. The funny thing is that i have no idea who i am! Now that i htink about it i have no idea who i am!
"What is this place?" i कहा to myself.
Not expecting anyone to answer i jumped when i heard a girls voice respond, "The infirmary आप idiot! आप passed out in the middle of capture the flag. Which we लॉस्ट द्वारा the way..."
I turned my head to the doorway. I saw a girl about my age...how ever old that is. 16? 17? UGH! way can't i remember?!
She had blonde hair and grey eyes....
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They all waited on Half-Blood hill,For this alleged"Settora Rivers".

Then a forest green Jeep pulled around the corner in the distance. The Jeep swerved around that hairpin curve and sped toward them so fast Jason was sure that whoever was in the back सीट was having major motion sickness
As it pulled up , The passenger door opened, and out came a hulking figure in a tattered flannel कमीज, शर्ट and jeans. The figure turned around and rubbed its eyes...make that eye. Jason did a double take on its face. IT WAS A CYCLOPS. the cyclops saw Annabeth and broke into a huge grin. "Annabeth!" The...
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This is just my picture of what the characters would look like. Feel free to टिप्पणी दे your opinion! Thank you! I wasn't able to provide pictures, so if आप would like to see how the actors/ अभिनेत्रियों look like, you'll have to look them up yourselves (Sorry about that!). Thanks!

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

I thought Logan was the perfect fit for Percy, fitting that skater boy look Piper described him as and having a trouble maker smile. And that's who played him in the movie. Duh.

Claire Holt as Annabeth Chase

I don't know why, but Claire had always come up as Annabeth. Annabeth was described...
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 Coming down to the समुद्र तट
Coming down to the beach
Here is chapter two, टिप्पणी दे please

(Still Jason's point of view)

Jason watched as the ship came to shore, the figure jumped from his spot and landed cleanly on his feet. Jason asked "who are you?" The man replied "name's Sinbad, yours?" Piper took over and कहा "I'm Piper, that's Jason, and that's Leo." Sinbad looked at them, and he asked "your demigods right?" Jason nodded and कहा "I'm the son of Zeus, and Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo is the son of Hephaestus." Sinbad replied "pleased to meet you." It was quit for a moment an then Jason asked "would आप like a tour of the camp...
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posted by Meef
Yeah, so universal compiled Rick's tweets that SHE found interesting, and I decided to post it here. SHE CAN'T STOP ME BECAUSE SHE'S LEFT FOR VACATION :D

Rick Riordan ‏@camphalfblood
Q: @OlympusTributes what happened to Calypso? A: She will make an appearance later in the हीरोस series. Right now, that's all I can say.

Rick Riordan ‏@camphalfblood
Q: @karimelgendi Dude no offense but don't आप have a deadline... A: Haha. Tell that to my editor. And the ppl who want the पुस्तकें faster! :D

Rick Riordan ‏@camphalfblood
Q @TheSwiftFactor ARE आप PLANNING A CROSSOVER? (Kane/Heroes). A: If I did, that...
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Well, I forgot to put in an Authors Note (cuz I know how much आप प्यार 'em!) but I was wondering if it would be worth it if I started this kind of story. Do आप guys want me to continue? Actually, answer that सवाल after you've read this, lol. I know it's kinda short, but it's a Prologue, so the other chapters (if आप want them) will be MUCH longer. I personally like when authors write long chapters :) And so, with that, ENJOY! :D (And tell me what आप think!)


Leo Valdez was in a pickle. He lay in a टैंगल्ड heap of ropes, pulleys, and nets on the deck of the half-way built Argo II....
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posted by UnoriginalName
After having arguments over why demigods don't use बंदूकों with my friends, I decided to do this. So I figured that there wouldn't have been bullets for the बंदूकों untill the end of book 3, so this is how the पुस्तकें might have turned out had demigods used common sence (and guns).

If Demigods Used Guns…

*Announcer's voice* Book 4.

*Cheery little tune*

Chapter 14

The crowd screamed insults at me, but Antaeus raised his hand for silence.
“Weapons,” he insisted. “And then we will see how आप die. Will आप have axes? Shields? Nets? Flamethrowers?”
"Just my gun" I relplied.
The gates opened again, and...
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posted by Rainshadows156
This is just a part I've always wondered how the chracters of CHB would react to in Son of Neptune so I'm just लेखन this part....

A पुस्तकालय wouldn’t have been Percy’s first choice for someplace to visit.

"and आप thought आप had grown on him." Nico snorted looking at Annabeth.

With his dyslexia, he had enough trouble पढ़ना signs. A whole building full of books? That sounded about as much fun as Chinese water torture या getting his teeth extracted.

"EXCUSE ME!" Annabeth said.
"All guys are disappointing" थलाया कहा smiling

As they jogged through the lobby, Percy figured Annabeth would...
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After that warm welcome I feel a tad like my uncle/cousin, Apollo.

Anyways, the शीर्षक says it all. Who the heck is your godly parent?

Mine, आप ask?
Ah, I thought you'd know from पढ़ना The Trap Door on Wattpad!
No, really, आप should know.

Anyways, mine are Poseidon and (yes I have to godly parents...I'm a goddess myself) Athena...
Shocked? I thought आप would be.
I know, impossible match, right? Yeah, I thought so, too.
So, here's YOUR challenge:
Below, in the comments, tell us who your godly parent/ parents are.
Tell if आप are a god या goddess, and what आप are of. (Did that make sence?)
Make an लेख with a link to this one to prove your awesome challengeness!
In that article, tell about आप godly parent(s) and your story on how आप discovered आप were a demigod/god/goddess.

Don't worry! I'm doing one, too!
Can't wait to see them! Now, I'm off to work on my रिपोर्ट for English!

Rick Riordan is the best-selling लेखक of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles, as well as the Tres Navarre mysteries for adults. His latest series, The हीरोस of Olympus, is a sequel to the Percy Jackson पुस्तकें told from the perspectives of seven different demigods. The Mark of Athena, the third book in The हीरोस of Olympus series, brings together the characters from the first two installments — The लॉस्ट Hero and The Son of Neptune — on a quest to defeat the earth mother Gaea. The best part? Annabeth, who’s been around since the days of The Lightning Thief, will finally...
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