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posted by MitchKristelle
I've been pondering on these terrible कोट्स from The Son of Neptune ... then I wrote a fic about my theories.

“You’ll feel pain, misery, and loss beyond anything you’ve ever known.” –June/Juno

“You will be my pawn. आप will be the key to the gods’ defeat.” –Gaea p.153

“Such a valuable pawn. Do not fear, Percy Jackson. Come North! Your फ्रेंड्स will die, yes. But I will preserve आप for now. I have great plans for you.” –Gaea p.265

“If आप survive today, you’re not going to like your future. A big sacrifice is coming, and आप won’t have the courage to make it. That...
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 Jason, Piper, Leo
Jason, Piper, Leo

My दिल raced and felt like it was trying to eat itself. The barking and screaming from the dogs, Jason, and Leo faded behind me as sweat rippled down my face. Jeez, hope they're not dead. But Jason promised to keep them from danger, then started performing something that really could've scarred me.

This is the story of our trip to Mexico.

(Three days ago)

I was excited. This opportunity never really happens to a demigod! Three sweet days for a free vacation? Fine द्वारा me!

Long story short: I asked Chiron if Jason, Leo, and I could take a break. We'd been everyone's go-to for the last month...
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posted by percyjackson234
Jason and Piper were द्वारा the fire. Piper looked deep into Jason's eyes. How did he look so good after going through soooo much? She doubted she looked as good. While she was thinking, she didnt even notice Jason inching आगे until his lips were on hers. Her दिल was thumping so loudly she could barely contain it. She leaned in further but Jason pulled away. "I remembered last night." he said. Giddily, Piper asked, "Remembered what?" He sighed and replied, "That Reyna's my girlfriend." She had planned the talk in jer head where Jason told her he had a girlfriend, but now she had no words. She looked away. "But Pipes I'm not the same man. I'm changed. And now I don't प्यार Reyna, I प्यार you. I प्यार the way आप look after a fight and I प्यार your braids. I प्यार the way आप always lean towards me and inch closer to me. I प्यार you." Piper smiled and whispered, "Reyna who?"
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Title: पुस्तकें and Half-Bloods
Rating: C (the characters snap at each other and have goes, but not much)
Type: Adventure, hopefully humour, a bit of romance…
Characters: Piper McLean, Jason and थलाया Grace, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Connor and Travis Stoll, Chiron, Grover Underwood, Tyson and Clovis
Synopsis: What happens when the PJO characters get only a brief synopsis of the Son of Neptune and during the scramble for more, find out how much they can actually find a bizzare way of keeping connected?
Disclaimer: If I was RR these guys would be पढ़ना the whole thing, not chapter 1.
A/N: To...
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This is द्वारा far my प्रिय प्रशंसक made video in the univercy. it is amazing
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son of neptune
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