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posted by Dragonfruit44
-They got to Cream's and Vanilla's house and knocked on the door.-
Cream: Yes who is it?
-Cream opened the door and her went wide when she saw Sonic.-
Cream: Oh it's आप Mister Sonic! I'm so glad your ok!
-Cream hugs Sonic.-
Sonic: Woah! ok umm little girl I don't know you.
Cream: What?
-Sonic looked over his shoulder and saw Tails and Knuckles to stop and no signals.-
Cream: आप sure are funny Mister Sonic! I'll tell momma you're here and she'll get us some tea!
-Cream runs inside and Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles follow.-
Vanilla: I'm so happy your alright Sonic. We were scared for a moment.
Cream: But...
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Sonic: "Shadow! Just what do आप think your doing with those Emeralds!"

Shadow: "Chaos... Control!"

Shadow then quickly warped to in front of Sonic, and Shadow pushed his glove'd hedgehog hand against Sonic's chest lightly, pushing him onto his bed, as Shadow landed on चोटी, शीर्ष of Sonic with his hands pushing down on Sonic's blue hedgehog shoulders deep into the mattress.

Sonic: "Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed!?"

Shadow: "I'm the coolest~ so I'm going to take control of आप and your body from now on!"

Sonic: "No, I won't let आप get away with that!"

Shadow then held up one of his two Chaos Emeralds...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Narrator: It is a cold and windy day, and the city is covered with goosebumps.
Tails: Oh, it's freezing in here.
Sonic: Not if आप get up and exercise! Hut, two. Hut, two. Yes, sir. my buns are nice and toasty. [he turns around to दिखाना two burgers on his butt]
Tails: Oh, Sonic... [Sonic, Tails, and the burgers shiver as a gusty wind blows through again] Oh, how cold does Knuckles keep this place, anyway? [looks at the thermostat to दिखाना 62°] 62°? Oh, that stubborn enchina! I'm going to start it to a toasty 63. [turns it to 63° but an alarm goes off] Huh?
Knuckles: [hears alarm, bursts down his...
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posted by pinkarray
Good news, I have a new fanfic on the site, it's called Be Aware of the Technology, to shock आप with the explosions Sonic and his फ्रेंड्स create.

There will be fickle times, flighty times, sad times, and even cheery times.

The story of a carefree Sponge named SpongeBob, about to get his luck crushed when he sees a cocky मछली come into his resturant. Unfortunately, he takes it personally... tries too hard to act naive and suddendly angers the fish. He has a dream about the मछली eating Krabby Patties and we're about to see something super superior, about Sonic joining SpongeBob in his sad adventure to extinguish the luck of the fish.

Luckily, we have Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit and other फ्रेंड्स waiting for us in an action-packed story.

posted by silvaria_fan23
 invader shadow
invader shadow
knuckle tallest:hi ladies and getelmans irkens were gana present u the invader irkens irkens:woo hoo yeah we luv u espio tallest:invader irkens come here right now invader irkens:ok *mean while* shadow:im gana be late gahh हटाइए stupid ships irken:hey watch in अंतरिक्ष idiot shadow:my name is shadow!!! shadow:finally im here irkens:huh shadow हे dont push me knuckles tallest:ur gana be with the ugly rats bokkun bokkun:*tears of fear burst out* ....... ghhh espio tallest:do i hear oh no its knuckles tallest:shadow shadow:yeahh yeah give me my evil plan knuckles tallest:u get a tuna सैंडविच shadow:wht...
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posted by lightning1984
time 20;51 at night n तारीख, दिनांक 12/04/2018
sigh 6 long years alone again since
he last seen sonic n the others
right now CHRIS add runaway from home
flashback a few days since sonic n the others add
retune to their घर planet Mobius
CHRIS is grandpa द्वारा accident come a पार करना, क्रॉस
plans from gun somehow they add found out
that CHRIS add merge some of the
7 chaos emeralds power into his human body n now they are after CHRIS for testing
CHUCK add crated a inhibitor ring like
shadow as but to hide the energy from gun
but it will not take them long to find him
a few weeks add past no sign of gun oh they were very WORNG gun add attack the
THORNDYKE mansion both CHRIS
mother n father was shoot dead a long with his grandpa ELLA the family cook at the time was with CHRIS in a save house a underground
bunker under the mansion end of flashback
end of 😎page 0 😎
So many people won’t let it pass that Sonamy doesn’t exist… AT ALL. So many people will try to reference an episode of Sonic X where NO WORDS OF CONFESSION WERE MADE, या pictures where NO CONSENTUAL किस WAS GIVEN, या a gesture of goodness where NO- आप get it.

I am very much so a Sonally fan. Why? Well I’ve done a rant about that already. I know, as do others, that Sonamy simply hasn’t happened, and is not the “real” pairing.

However we have Sonic Boom now. It is a new continuity (for all that’s worth considering it’s WASTING all its potential). Could this be the start of the...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Back at Tails House, Tails is still fast asleep. When Clone Sonic walks in.-

Clone Sonic: हे wake up. I want breakfast.
Tails: Uggh...Sonic let me sleep some more. Make your own breakfast! I'm tired, I stayed up late working on the X Tornado.
Clone Sonic: Well that's your fault, आप nerd. Now get up!
-Clone Sonic grabbed Tails द्वारा his tails and pulled him out of bed. Tails went flying and hit the wall.
Tails: OW! Sonic what's wrong with you?
Clone Sonic: I'm hungry. Now make me breakfast.
-Tails grumbled to himself. He stomped into the रसोई, रसोईघर and started making some eggs. After he is done he gives...
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Chip:sonic wheres a bathroom?
Sonic:you have to go pee again?
Chip:yea...i forgot my line.
werehog sonic:what is it chip?
chip:im gonna shoot myself cause i forgot my line.(laughs)
sonic:oh no!
amy:(trips and falls)
knuckles:(walks and see's a दीवार says "knuckles is gay" signed sonic)DARN IT SONIC!
tails:(walks and see's a sign says "tails is a faggot"signed rouge)ROUGE!
sonic:hey shadow!
sonic:i प्यार you.(laughs)
tails:i forgot my line!(laughs)
posted by Rad_Dudesman
Blaze the Cat sat atop the Sonic statue on Southern Island, watching the sun set. She was thinking about a friend of hers. Her best friend, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic wasn't Blaze's only friend. She had Cream, Marine, and she was acquainted with the rest of Sonic's friends, including a hedgehog from the future of his world named Silver. Silver was a nice guy, if a little naive, like a dorky younger brother.

But she felt that Sonic was the only person who truly understood her. It had been him who helped her understand that she didn't need to do everything herself, that she could rely on friends...
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posted by kammy40
yo listen up here's a story
about a little guy that lives in a blue world
and all दिन and all night and everything he sees
is just blue like Sonic inside and outside
blue Sonics house with a blue little window
and a blue corvette
and everything is blue for him and hisself
and everybody around
cos he ain't got nobody to listen to

hese blue da ba dee da ba die...

He has a blue house with a blue window.
blue is the colour of all that he would wear.
blue as the streets and all the trees turn blue.
He have a girlfriend and she is so blue.
blue are the people here that walk around,
blue like his corvette, it's...
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posted by Tailsfan71347
EXCERPT: For the sake of honesty, this is my first fanfic. Ever. And yes, it is a Taismo story. So if आप do not like this couple, I am not one to disrespect other peoples opinions, I will simply ask that आप do not flame me and that आप keep your टिप्पणियाँ to yourself. Please and thank you. :) Anyway, I do have some experience in लेखन and even और in spelling. I have had my inspiration, TheBlox, on DeviantArt, and TailsIsReal, on Fanfiction.net. Most of the credit goes to TheBlox, and I have to say 'thanks so much for your (most likely unknown) help! Back to the fanfic. I try my very best...
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posted by ShadowxSonicd45
 Ohshima's Concept
Ohshima's Concept
Yuji Naka from the original 1991 game, still expresses his uncertainty in the movie's design. Thankfully, to a lesser extent.

Naka's Tweet: “The डिज़ाइन is much और Sonic-like now that he’s wearing gloves. However, his eyes still aren’t joined together, as expected. I can’t help but feel weird about that one point. But I’m looking आगे to the movie’s release.”


However, what was peculiarly interesting, was the fact that Naka expressed his want to see the original film on DVD!?~ It seems there is something a father finds in any version of their child, even an ugly one.

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posted by IzuNaki07
One fine day, Sonic got to Chemical Plant Zone and a sudden flashing light shone from in the middle of nowhere.

Sonic got shocked and looked to gis back to see a human-looking eight-tailed भेड़िया lying on the ground.

"Ugh..where am I?" the cyan-snow blue haired boy asked. "Owww....my head..."

"Welcome to Chemical Plant Zone," Sonic welcomigly said. "I am Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Hi," the other boy greeted with a sad expression. His feet tucked in covering his mouth and arms wrapped around them. "I am Zero Kanāki. Pleasure to meet you."

Sonic looked at Zero with a blank look, then a concerend...
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Sonic: What happened?
Tails: आप fell from the sky and was unconscious! Are आप alright?
Sonic: I'm fine but...Who are you?
Tails: I'm your best buddy, Tails.
Sonic: I haven't seen आप before in my life.
-Tails felt kind of heartbroken, hearing that from his best friend and brother, but he knew Sonic लॉस्ट his memory. He could probably regain it sooner या later.-
Knuckles: आप seriously don't remember, do you?
Sonic: No...Should I?
-Knuckles and Tails looked at each other and then explained how they met and about Eggman and about Sonic is always stopping him.-
Sonic: Sounds tough. And I can really run...
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-Sonic was rushing through space, heading for Mobius. As he entered the Atmosphere he caught आग and was heading towards the water. Luckily, He was द्वारा the समुद्र तट where Tails lived. Sonic hits the water with great force causing a huge splash.-
Tails: What was that? Hopefully it wasn't Sonic. He told us he was going to fight Eggman, and he didn't want us coming. I'll go see.
-Tails gets a नाव and heads out द्वारा where Sonic must've landed. He looks around and see's something floating.-
Tails: What is that?
-He goes to it and finds Sonic, Badly hurt and burnt. Tails gasped at the sight and grabs him...
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posted by gfdcf
Okay so who is tougher than leather and don't chuckle like sonic? well if आप guessed knuckles!! =D well you're correct... here have a lollipop या somfin...g-go home!Alrighty okay as the शीर्षक कहा we are gonna talk about knuckles also I feel like I have to say something so I kinda suck at sending messages and talking to people so first of all I may not send letters but आप guys are still my फ्रेंड्स so don't worry also like I कहा I suck at talking in real life and online.Wait When आप send letters to people online do आप feel like you're sending letters to your villagers in animal crossing?...
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Amy Rose was walking around and bored, but she suddenly saw Amy Rose कहा "Oh hi Sonic. It's nice to see you."

Sonic कहा "Will आप go out with me tonight?"

Amy कहा "I'd प्यार to."

Sonic कहा "Meet me here at 5 p. m." Sonic walked away. A mysterious person did a villainous laugh, but Amy didn't notice.

Amy was pleasantly surprised that Sonic asked her out. She कहा "Oh my. I better get ready. What makeup should I use? What should I wear? I'll ask my fashion advisor."

Amy had her "fashion adviser" Cream come to her house. Amy was wearing her लबादा, बागे and looking at her closet to find the best outfit...
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-Sonic is running down the hull of one of Eggman's ships. He jumps to destroy the robots blocking his path and heads for the cockpit. (Imagine Sonic unleashed. Kind of like that. He doesn't turn Super though. He's Also in space, again.)-
Sonic: Well Eggman? What do आप think of me foiling your plan again?
Eggman: I have to say, आप have had many lucky streaks.
Sonic: Lucky Streaks? HAH! Don't make me laugh!
Eggman: But this is your final one!
-Eggman pushes a button and the biggest robot आप could imagine appears. (Imagine Sonic the size of an ant. It's a BIG room.)-
Sonic: When are आप gonna learn...
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posted by ameliarose2002
Hello everyone. If आप are a Shadow fan(most of आप are anyway), please do not yell in my face because I am calling Shadow a Marty-Stu.
If आप do not know what a Marty-Stu is, it is just a male Mary-Sue; Perfect in every way, can not die, या is dating 10 to 30 females या males at the same time.
And Shadow goes into those categories.
LGYCE had proven me right about this. He had कहा within his लेख called 'Why Shadow is completely indestructible', that Shadow can not die thanks to indestructible skin, bones, and organs. In this case, he can not die.
Now let's look into the other categories....
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