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I’ve been a Sonic प्रशंसक for about half of my life. I was first introduced to the series in October 2007 with Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R (frankly I liked R quite a bit, but definitely not 3D Blast) but it was only during the क्रिस्मस of 2007 that I fully became engulfed in the fandom, being दिया my प्रिय Sonic game, Sonic Heroes.

From then to now I’ve played as many of the games as I could, and those I could not, I would find walkthroughs for. I also became an extreme प्रशंसक of the Archie Sonic Comics, with my first issue begin दिया to me in October of 2008, #177, which introduced me to...
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- It's been a week and Sonic is still out cold. Up at the Egg अंतरिक्ष Base...-
Eggman: Because of the battle between Sonic and Egg-Giant, we're a week behind world Domination!
Oh well, Atleast that hedgehog is out of the way.
Orbot: Didn't आप say that last time, When आप made a Sonic Clone?
Eggman: Don't remind me. I still don't know what went wrong.
Cubot: Well, I was making your कुकीज़ at the time, and I could've gotten the ingredients mixed up.
Cubot: Awww... Now I don't...
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hi guyes florajames here here the epilogue script i made i hope आप like it
Episode 1 freedom fighters
Narrator: it was 3094 and robotroplis was baddder then eve now that robotnick nephew “SNIVELY” was ruler he has been nothing but mean to the freedom fighters that lead द्वारा non other then “ sonic and sally” this story repercence how evil can be to much for the freedom fighters and and how everone struggerling to suvive And this all started with one blue headgechog find out on “EPILOGUE”
(sonic satam theam song plays then scean gose to sonic sally rover bunny and Artoo wating for tails...
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9:55 am sonic is talking to ash on the phone.
sonic-ash,i had this wierd dream last nigth.i was trapped in the realm of mystery and darkness.i didnt see anything and i could only hear.
ash-wat were some of thr thinks u heard?
sonic-you & shadows voices.you sounded like u were in trouble & shadow said''she`s gonna die sonic!''
ash-(shocked द्वारा wat he said)u dont think it meant anything do u?
sonic-i dont know,maybe & i couldent find u because i didnt know were u were.
ash-wierd,but i also had a dream last nigth to.
sonic-no way!really?
ash-yeah,i dreamt about some horrible stuff shadow migth...
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posted by LGYCE
Almost everybody is disgusted द्वारा Sonic and Elise's relationship in 06. What I want to know is why. Before आप start flipping out and hating on me for even considering this relationship to be okay, hear me out.

I know, it's wrong because it's bestiality. And real world bestiality is definitely wrong. But before we go further, ask yourself why it's wrong. I believe it is wrong because since we cannot communicate with जानवर on the same level we can with each other, it cannot be consensual. There's also the issue of offspring, but if that was a valid reason to prevent relationships, homosexuals...
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Everyone who knows Shadow knows he's immortal, meaning he can't die of age. And most know he's immune to all disease and sickness. But what some people believe is that it is, in fact, possible to kill Shadow द्वारा force such as tearing him apart या other violent methods. I respectfully and logically disagree.

Quite frankly, Shadow couldn't die if he wanted. Sure, आप can jump off a cliff in the games, but that's as canon as the pure dark ending to Shadow's game. Going द्वारा the official game stories, Shadow logically can't be killed at all, in any way. First of all, his skeleton. Shadow's बोन्स are...
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-Sonic is laying in Tails bed. After the battle, Sonic turned back to normal causing him to fain from exhaustion and the Chaos Emeralds to scatter again.-
Sonic: ughh...Where am I?
Tails: You're at my house. आप collapsed after the battle, so Knuckles and I brought आप here to rest.
Knuckles: It was a huge battle. We weren't that surprised when आप fainted.
Sonic: I'm glad आप helped me, but one question. Who are you?
Tails: Oh no...
Knuckles: Not again!
Sonic: Gotcha! I'm just kidding I remember who my best फ्रेंड्स Tails and Knuckles are! Haha! So what's for breakfast?
Tails: Sonic, we got back to...
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 Sonic's Pokemon: Golduck Jolteon Sandslash Typhlosion Scyther Salamence
Sonic's Pokemon: Golduck Jolteon Sandslash Typhlosion Scyther Salamence
On YouTube, I've been starting a series of video of the Sonic characters with their Pokemon. So now, I feel it's time I showed them to आप guys in a place where they can truly be appreciated: here on Fanpop. Anyways, now that I'm done doing them for the moment, I thought I'd दिखाना आप what I have completed so far.
 Amy's Pokemon: Nidorino Flareon Exeggutor Slowking Moltres Gyarados
Amy's Pokemon: Nidorino Flareon Exeggutor Slowking Moltres Gyarados
hi gues im not posting over the weekend as im very buisy with schoolwork weekdays only and yes that dose mean im not posting on Friday too sorry
let me just say it to do with me going to court because of my da but I don't want to tell
------------------------------------------------------------------PREVIOUSLY ON प्यार AND PAIN
"blaze your ok ," soins repiled but he spoke too soon blaze stop breathing
"no please blaze," कहा इंजन से साइकिल, मोपेड
"sonic आप have to giver the किस of life," tails कहा now getting so worried
and wive that sonic just did what he was told
"blaze come back to me please," sonic...
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posted by silveranime122
Back at home,Sonic and Shadow finally woke up from there knock out."Ugh,what happend?Where am I?" they both कहा when they woke up."Your home.Shadow,did आप set the tracking device before आप guys got knocked out?" Tails asked."Ya,why?"Shadow replied."What happend out there?When we came we saw rocks all over the place."Knuckles asked. "Uh...we can't explain it...Um...Silver got mad because of Shadow and--"Shadow cut Sonic off "He didn't get mad at me!He was already mad." "Dude,you called him useless,that would get anybody mad." Sonic said."Well he WAS." Shadow said. "Enough!You to woke up 5...
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(after intro)
hello I'm rouge the bat and walcome to ask the sonic heros now here my co-host and my handsome soon to be husbend knuckles.
rouge:and here are three who will answer what आप people ask:balze,bolt and mittens.
rouge:now as we all saw not only are me and knuckles engaged but so are bolt and mittens and silver and blaze so let's get to the wedding qustions.blaze pick a number between 1 and 50.
blaze:22 plz.
rouge ok from sonicfan74 to blaze who will be the fallowing:bestman,ringboy,flowergirl and who will be the priest?
blaze:ok I'll put sonic as...
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posted by soniczone1
I got some news for all फैन्पॉप users Sonic was racing against sega stars again. But, it just not racing. IT'S RACING TRANSFORMED just like on the commercial on TV and on the निनटेंडो Channel on the निनटेंडो Wii and it was fun if आप like it rate your शीर्षक on निनटेंडो eShop. See my प्रोफ़ाइल page and send me a message and i'll reply to आप and i'll be your fan.
I like when आप have everything like sonic and everybody else. Check out my चित्रो on my profile. Sonic always there for you
So, enjoy your दिन प्रशंसकों and I प्यार आप all.
- soniczone1
P.S Go and टिप्पणी दे anytime if आप like
 sonic the hedgehog sart
sonic the hedgehog sart
posted by alphawhitewolf
don't worry its ok आप will find another one someday
even though she left she is still in your दिल always
आप will see the sun rise all दिन and everyday
but sometimes आप will see darkness
आप will have somebody she hasn't left आप yet
she still is in your दिल she hasn't left आप
Myia your प्यार she will always see
आप have been a good friend too her indeed
Its not the end of the world unless your friendship is destroyed.
आप can dodge this but आप can't avoid it
when आप प्यार it आप let it go
but she's always in your heart
she might left but it doesn't mean its the end
Don't worry your wounds will heal
as the waves of the ocean pound
so will your दिल
and that's the end of my poem.
posted by KnucklesKnuckie
"hello t-t-there wanna play a game called CanDy AppLe?,i swear it well be fun *laughs softly*
you finally wake up panting and looking around the room and sigh
you realize it's only a dream but आप heard that little girl say CanDy AppLe? it makes आप शटर but आप get out of बिस्तर and realize that no one was here and your not at घर scared आप decide to look around on the तालिका, टेबल आप find a flashlight, when आप turn it on the little girl from आप dream stood there then disappeared आप back up looking where the little girl was standing आप say to yourself आप just passed out during the sleepover...
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-Tails is still flying above to seen anything. He lands to rest.-
Sonic: See anything?
Tails: Nothing. I'll check again once I catch my breath.
-Tails flew back up and noticed something shiny in someone's hands. They were flying too. They had bat wings. Tails knew who this was. He flew down to Sonic.-
Tails: Rouge has the Chaos Emerald! She must've Stolen it at the shrine! We have to catch her!
Knuckles: Your right! And once I get my hands on that jewel thief, She'll be sorry!
-Tails flew up to Rouge to try get the Chaos Emerald.-
Tails: Rouge! We need that emerald!
Rouge: No way! I've come this far...
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posted by silvershady
Sonic: Ha ha! Tomorrow’s gonna be a whole new year… 2011! Woo! I’d better throw a party!

Shadow: Don’t even think about it.. I want to spend my New Years Eve alone. (crosses arms)

Sonic: Jeez buddy… put on a smile for once will you? You’re still not spending New Year’s eve alone cuz I’m here.

Shadow: I’m planning on throwing आप out into the snow and locking आप out of the house.

Sonic: (no comment)

Shadow: Thought so. (lays down on the सोफ़ा, सोफे with an AK47)

Sonic: Where do आप keep getting all these guns?

Shadow: *sarcastically* I pull them out of my ass.

Sonic: Oh.

Shadow: (hugs...
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-They get to the Temple in the middle of a jungle, but the sun was starting to set.-
Tails: we should rest here, Before we go into this big temple.
Sonic: Good idea. We'll need all the rest we can get. We need to be prepared for what might come from the temple.
-Knuckles gathered some आग would and Sonic and Tails found some giant leaves to use as beds. They fell asleep soon and woke up early अगला morning.-
Sonic: Let's get to it.
Tails: Yeah
-Knuckles yawns and then they walked inside. They walked for a bit and then came to a big hallway.-
Knuckles: This might be a trap. We need to check.
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"amy im not your boyfriend I told आप that so many times why wont आप just give up on me " sonic yelled
"please don't argue , listen amy sonic wants to be फ्रेंड्स with आप but he dosent want to तारीख, दिनांक आप carnt आप except that" blaze कहा in a soft tone
" don't आप dare talk to me like that" amy screamed and she bashed blaze in the head with her hammer
"BLAZE" sonic कहा rushing towards blaze who had now had a bleeding head
"amy how could आप do that, she did nothing to you, आप know what just go I don't want to know you," sonic yelled
"fine but...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Nat and Nikki were at the counter of The Speed Demon, talking.-
Nat: It was a fun weekend, My प्रिय ride was the log ride. With all the water splashing you, it was fun!
Nikki: आप were lucky your mom one those tickets. I'm glad आप invited me. Wasn't there four tickets though? Why didn't आप invite Oliver?
Nat: He कहा there was a family emergency and he couldn't come over. I hope he is ok.
-there was a ding and Oliver ran in. He looked panic stricken.-
Nat: Oliver, what's wrong?!
Oliver: It's my brother, Chrome. He got sick. My mom कहा it's just the flu, but I'm really worried about him. I...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Two days later. Tails and Sonic arrive early so they can get ahold of Cubot.-
Tails: We all know the plan right?
Crystal: I put Sonic in the bag and give the bag to Cubot.
Sonic: Then I use the tiny headset आप gave me to listen on how to open the door.
Tails: Ok, and then after that, we bust Eggman, make Sonic bigger, and save the world once again.
-There was a ding at the door. Cubot walked in. Tails ran to a booth and pretended not to notice.-
Cubot: Hi Crystal. My usual please.
Crystal: One bag of our finest coffee, coming right up. You're one of our best customers Cubot.
Cubot: And आप also...
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