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It was a dark world..filled with kindling,fiery,flames rising around the surface. In the Crisis City,it was demolished द्वारा an enormous,powerful,horrible, creature,Iblis. This place is known as nocturnal,but it won't e for long. I will defeat the Iblis Trigger and bring the Sun to shine below my planet. My name is Silver the hedgehog,and I'm here to save the word,to fight for justice. my family is unknown. I wish I known anything about my family. I was raised द्वारा my master,Mammoth Mogul. he taught me how to use the skills of my brain and psychokinesis. Now,I am on my own adventure with my girlfriend,Blaze....
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posted by Dragonfruit44
Note: Sonic cant hear Eggman. Neither can Tails.
Eggman: Now I will launch my robo-bugs.
-Eggman pushes a button and a tiny, मच्छर like robot, shoots out. It flies inside and over to Sonic.

Sonic: What do आप think we should have for रात का खाना little buddy?
Tails: I was thinking mac and cheese.
Sonic: I was wanting some chilidogs!
Tails: Your always wanting chilidogs.
Sonic: Yeah I guess your right...Ow! Something bit me!
Tails: What?!
Sonic: Must of been a mosquito. Why did आप leave the window open anyway?
Tails: I must of forgotten to close it.
-The robo-bug escapes before Tails can close the window....
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posted by maroona00
At one morning.

Blaze:* starts looking * Tikal's sketchbook must be somewhere in this room. * checks Tikal's room and eventually ruins it *
Tikal: * comes in * Hi, Blaze. What are आप doing in here.
Blaze: I need to borrow your sketchbook for a minute.
Tikal: Oh, आप mean THIS sketchbook? * waves the sketchbook in front of Blaze *
Blaze: Okay, I admit, you're pretty agile. Wait, 'till I दिखाना your doodles to others.
Tikal: * gives Blaze the sketchbook * I wanted to give it to आप anyways.
Blaze: Oops... I think, nobody'll notice that I turned the room upside down.
Tikal: Except for Shadow. And, since...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Amy:this is my बार्बी doll that I got for क्रिस्मस this year!she comes with a hairbrush,a pocket book,and 2 different dresses!
Sonic:OMG who the hell cares?!?!?

Sonic:oh no she didn't!
Knuckles:oh yes she did!
Sonic:no she didn't!
Knuckles:yes she did!
Sonic:no she didn't!
Sonic:ok take it easy.

Shadow:she'll be coming down the mountain when she comes!she'll coming down the mountain when she comes!I'll kill आप Amy!she'll coming down the mountain!

Silver:hey!shut up!
Sonic as Peter
Knuckles as that Guy on the wheel chair
Shadow as Bender
Amy as little girl
Silver as Stewie
(pls note: NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE) WTF is wrong with you?!?!?!? Sally is a great character!!!!! One reason people hate her is because she has no clothes, and people call her a slut. Well, I've never seen a चीपमक, चिपमंक wear clothes before! Have you? And it's not like we can see anything on her anyway!!! In ways, Amy and Rouge are और of slut than Sally is!!!!!! Another reason people hate her is because the support Sonamy. .........so? THAT DOESN'T MEAN आप HAVE TO HATE SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! and even Amy supports Sonsal आप guys. Amy and Sally are good friends!!! Sally is a good character!!!!!!! She's...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Knuckels:(gets out of bath tub and opens door)stewie.uh hey.
Hunter:hey there!so its been 24 hours got my money?
Knuckels:ahhh.alright.you know what just wait til अगला friday and i'll have it for you.
Hunter:oh.thats funny.i couldve sworn i कहा "Have it today."
Knuckles:ya i dont have it sorry.
Hunter:oh.well alright then.(drinks)hmmmm thats good oj.(throws glass at knuckels head)
Hunter:did that hurt?
Hunter:that hurt?
Knukles:WHAT THE HELL?!?!?AH!
Hunter:yea feels so good.does it?no?(punches knuckels)yea thats what happens man!
Hunter:yea thats what happens!(punches...
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Hunter:Meeting jules and shadow!!
Jules and Shadow:what?
Hunter:the only way to kill these zombies is to shoot them या hit them with a sharp या wooden in the head.
Jules and Shadow:Uh huh
Hunter:but,whoever gets bitten needs to get shoot in the head.got it?
Jules and Shadow:Yes
Hunter:ok.good.here we go were gona kill some zombies dont शामिल होइए the ranks of the walking dead.and dont forget whoever gets bitten needs to get shot in the head.
Shadow:or were gona have to be waiting द्वारा a**.
Sonic:"kill all sons of b****es"thats my fical instructions.
Hunter:(kicks door open)Here we go!(shoots...
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tails:where the heck is sonic?
chip:well tails i dont know.
tails:maybe hes stuck in trafic.
chip:tails,he dosent even have a drivers license yet.
tails:im sorry.laughs
sonic:yea hunter?
hunter:im scared.
hunter:cause i forgot my line.laughs
knuckles:sleeps gaurding the master emerald
hunter:tip toes to knuckles and poures very cold water at knuckles
knuckles:VERY COLD!
knuckles:I HATE आप HUNTER!
amy:hey hunter.
hunter:yes amy?
amy:will आप marry me?
chip:yo sonic.
werehog sonic:what chip?
chip:i forgot my line!laughs
Sonic looked at Metal Sonic. He looked back. "he's on our side now?" "Yep!" Sonic slipped out of Tails workshop and he scratched his head. He started running not long after. He stopped when he saw knuckles AND Mecha Knux द्वारा the master emerald. He walked द्वारा slowly then he ran again. Sonic eventually ran into a palm पेड़ when he wasn't looking. When he got himself together,he saw the Tails Doll nearby. The Tails Doll was floating and looking down at the ocean. He saw Sonic floated to him and tilted his head. When Sonic moved the Tails Doll backed up. Sonic thought "Wow the egghead was right....
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ten mins later
super sonic & super shadow stop figthing
ash-i gotta dision 2 make.(she though looking done at the 2 weakened hedgehogs)
she uses chaos control 2 teleport them all home
6:30 pm
sonic & shadow still recovering from the figth
arianna-u know what u have to do rigth?
ash-yes if sonic & shadow continue 2 figth like this there won`t be any point 2 it.i have to choice one of them.but i`ll let them recover first.ash tough long & hard about her dicision.
one week later
shadow & ash house
shadow just got घर from a drive on his motorcycle.he had a sudden feeling that ash was...
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posted by Zenku1
Okay I was playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and Sonic X when I remembered that in SA2B Sonic was able to use Chaos Control with a fake emerald, And that in Sonic X sonic as Super Sonic was able to use Chaos Spear. So like Shadow कहा "there's no way आप could have activated the Chaos Control using an पन्ना that's fake" and since Shadow is the master of Chaos. That means Sonic has a huge amount of Chaos energy in him thanks to his years of turning into Super Sonic.And he could use Chaos Spear without turning super if he trained with Shadow, but that's not going to happen
This is nether a review of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 या Sonic Advance but my opinion of which is the most like the Sonic The Hedgehog trilogy.


Sonic The Hedgehog 4 is alot slower then its prequels, taking longer to speed up leaving आप to resort to the spindash every time आप need a boost. But Sonic Advance all आप have to do to speed up is run और similer to the Sonic trilogy then Sonic The Hedgehog 4. Also Sonic 4 gave आप the homing attack which broke the hole game. The only new attack in Sonic Advance with Sonic The summersalt, Tails can it with his tails, knuckles can punch, and Amy...
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posted by awesomesonic
Can आप feel life
Moving through your mind?
Looks like it came back for more
Can आप feel time
Slippin' down your spine?
आप try and try to ignore

But आप can hardly swallow
Your fears and pain
When आप can't help but follow
It puts आप right back where आप came

Live and learn!
Hanging on to the edge of tomorrow
Live and learn!
From the works of yesterday
Live and learn!
If आप beg या if आप borrow
Live and learn!
आप may never find your way

WHAAAAAOOOHHH, oh, oh, yeah.

Can आप feel life
Tangle आप up inside?
Now you're face down on the floor!

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Mario is fat,Sonic isn't. the ultimate लेख about the ultimate war! The game wars is sonic vs. mario and if i vote for someone i vote for Sonic! sonics better and to आप racers out there, admit it. Sonics faster! the speedster vs. the fatty. thats right. Mario is fat. he eats too much unlike sonic who eats alot of chili कुत्ता but runs and gets out more! thats all. wait something to tell you. mario is italian. Italia आप shouldn't be voting for. sonic is american! the one who has better games such as sonic generations, and free riders. What i say is true. mario doesnt have a kinect game! kinect is a great way to get fit AND play video games! sonic has one. Mario doesn't. there i कहा it. i hope आप mario प्रशंसकों admit it. sonics better than mario.
posted by gigitygoo
Place Cafe Chaotix 2nd Floor
Time 7:13 PM
Amy i have no idea but we have too get out of here
Silver amy is right lets find an exit
Shadow all right
15 min later
Silver i found a way out
Amy ok lets go
Shadow (grabs sonic but sonic push shadow) sonic we have too go
Sonic(pulls a gun)
Sonic no shadow आप dont understand im no diffrent from those thing's i feel the hunger soo... plesase let me die while i still have my common sense (pulls the triger)
Shadow oh sonic SONIC!!!
Silver im sorry but we have too go
Shadow (grabs sonics glove) your right lets go
Police Man Evrey body please try too remain calm we are evacuating
Amy lets go guys
Shadow and Silver okay
10 min later
Place back ally
Time7:48 PM
Knckles (in a police oficer outfit) आप supprised me thought आप didn't make it now make those cars into a barricade GO
posted by Sonicfan67
Somewhere in mobious...
i went trough mobious when a blue hedgehog speed right past me.
Hunter:What the?
i walked and a two tailed लोमड़ी, फॉक्स fly right past me.
the two tailed लोमड़ी, फॉक्स heard me
Two tailed fox:sorry about that.
Hunter:its ok.
Two tailed fox:who are you?
Hunter:im hunter.hunter hayes.
Two tailed fox:im tails.sonics sidekick.
Hunter:OMG!!!!!you really are?!?
Tails:you bet i am.
Hunter:i got to go now.
Tails:ok.bye!maybe we will see each other again.
part 2 coming soon!
Why? Sonic wasn't made for this. Some people are even making प्रशंसक charcters and gay couples. In my opinion, this is stupid. Sonic was made for the fun and laughs of playing the games. It's like as आप प्यार others people's love. Do आप want to be with one of them या somthing? If that is the truth, Why not draw pictures of आप with the character? If not, tell me why आप are obsessed with this. If आप can't, tell me why आप think आप are obsessed. If आप can't tell me what आप think, don't tell me anything And if आप are not obsessed with this, tell me what आप think about this. That is all.
rouge:well we are back to our three part episode of ask the sonic हीरोस remember to ask your सवालों click the link in the चोटी, शीर्ष right corner and we have two newcomers from यूट्यूब please say hello to johnny and ray.
johnny:hey all आप fellew fanpopers.
rea:hi there.
rouge:unforchtley bolt and mittens have gone to their wedding.
johnny:hey wheres silver and blaze.
rouge:oh they've gone to their wedding also,so I guess आप two will be the only two who will answer सवालों today.
rouge:oh come on आप two so johnny pick a number between 1 and 336773.
johnny:wow that's a...
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Shields Up, Mr. Sulu, red alert!

But Captain why?

We’re talking about Sonamy and SonSal.

… Oh my…

YES, I am going into THAT territory. I’ll get right into that thing EVERYONE is going to talk about.

Sonic X, Episode 52. In the episode, Amy says “Just tell me that आप प्यार me!” after worrying to death about Sonic being gone, and such. Sonic then proceeds to offer her a flower, and the words “Oh Amy, I प्यार you.” Are RUMORED. Unfortunately (or… fortunately) the audio was cut out. I was told it was so that प्रशंसकों could discuss what he कहा themselves (which is stupid so I kinda still...
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posted by gain7_gun
many of u probaby know me as the person who wrote sonics प्यार but shadows girlfriend.heres som info on ash.sorry i didnt mention anything on her earlier.
heigth-5ft 5''
eye color-hazel
hair-dr brown middle of her back
race-human.black mixed with white & part indian
clothes-black shorts,teal short sleeved shirt
(p.s. she also has a super form named supastar)
likes-shopping hanging out anything with color
dislikes-eggman,ppl who get in the way of her goals.
if u want to know anything else on her let me know.ill write about her story later