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posted by soniczone1
In the summer in planet mobius, Sonic was seating in his समुद्र तट chair and he was listening to his radio and it was sunny always in planet mobius n the daytime. Sonic likes the summer because he loves to relax and play volleyball. "Why he loves the summer?" आप ask? Well, Sonic he is the hedgehog and he loves the summer a whole lot and he always go to his adventures and he was been having fun with his friends.

Sonic: hey, आप guys आप want to play वालीबाल, वॉलीबॉल in the beach?

Tails: yeah, आप guys agree with Sonic to go to the beach?

Cream: yeah, we all प्यार to go. And cheese loves to go to the beach....
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posted by Sonicwriter23
Changing time can do anything except for three things. Destroy true love, Make a woman into a virgin again, and make a woman unpregnant (Not a word I know but आप get the idea)

1 महीना after the Festival of Sun.

"Princess Elise?" Lilly, Elise's loyal maid, asked tentatively as her monarch got changed behind a paper divider leaving a stripping shadow on it.

"What Lilly?" She asked.

"Well my lady… there have been… rumors floating around that say that you're… p-p" Lilly tried to say what she's been thinking but couldn't get the last word out almost choking on the thought of her doing something...
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warning opinions are in this and if आप don't like mine well.. don't hate okay आप can disagree just don't go crazy. Hi guys today I will talk about my चोटी, शीर्ष 5 प्रिय sonic ships. 5. Tails x Cosmo. okay so lets start of with this one.Ahhh Tailsmo I swear I used to hate आप for no reason. (srsly what was wrong with me?!)Well I will admit this one is a little cliche' with the whole alien girl is confused so guy helps her but well cosmo has a low self esteem which well... makes it different is she litteraly think she is just in the way put then tails has कहा multiple time "no you're not" and...
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Chip:roses are red,vilotes are blue,i have to go to the bathroom.
Chip:cause i forgot my line.(laughs)
Sonic:twinkle twinkle little तारा, स्टार i dont really absolutly care cause i forgot my line.(laughs)
Tails:(does a starring contest with knuckles)
Tails:i won!i lost!i forgot my line.
Amy:(stares at the bright beutiful sun)12 hours later!i quit!i forgot my line!
Hunter:hey knuckles.
Knuckles:yes hunter?
Hunter:I प्यार YOU!
Knuckles:i forgot my line!
Hedgehog runs, hedgehog runs. Why is he running? Nobody knows, all, except for the hedgehog who knows how to run. What do आप say? That doesn't rhyme? Screw आप all, I am the author, and I can make this hedgehog run. Look at him run, run, run. Isn't he cute? Isn't he adorable? Isn't those the same words? I don't care. As I said, I'm the लेखक and screw आप all. Hedgehog runs,hedgehog runs. He goes mad, and starts running off. Where is he running? Where is he going? Nobody knows, all, except for the hedgehog that's running. All over the streets of New York City. Running everywhere that he pleases,...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic and his फ्रेंड्स heard the message.-
Sonic: That's our cue! We gotta go! I'll come back to get the best chilidogs in the world!
-Sonic and his फ्रेंड्स left the restaurant and met Eggman in the middle of town Square.-
Eggman: Welcome my new citizens of Eggman Empire! Where I am always King and Sonic is my personal torturer.
Clone Sonic: Do what eggman says, या else.
Eggman: BWAHAHAH!! And the Real Sonic is nowhere in sight! I win! I win!
Sonic: Not so fast egg-head!
Eggman: Sonic?! आप pesky little rat!
Sonic: I'm a hedgehog!
-Sonic jumped at Eggman's hover egg, but was bounced back द्वारा Clone Sonic.-...
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This लेख is MY opinion and my सूची of Sonic Characters. If आप do not agree with the placement of some of the characters here on the list, please don't go off whining at me. This is my सूची and आप can make your own. I'll respect your opinion so please respect mines, even if we both don't agree.

No.10) Black Doom and Mephiles the Dark

Yep, Number Ten is a draw between two of the most villianous Sonic characters ever. I प्यार these two, so I'm really upset that I've decided to place them so low on my list. I प्यार their designs because of all the detail and I also प्यार their personalities.
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Got this idea from a friend, and this isn't something I'd normally do, so enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy! :)

Story #1: Silver's Strip Night Adventure

Silver was walkin' down in the hood, texting his psychologist on what to do with his life. Then, all of a sudden some बिना सोचे समझे assholes who I will NOT give personalities to started attacking him!


Hood Dudes: Only if आप can find the Da Vinci Code, bitch! >:D

And so the खोजिए was on. And after countless months of searching, guess where he found it?

In a bad country song?

In some...
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So I was bored the other दिन and I went onto Urban Dictionary with my friends. We looked up the definitions of Some Main Sonic characters and chose the most epic ones to put in here, so have fun पढ़ना them. We sure did. :P

Sonic the Hedgehog

The video game character that many gameophile/furry people have कहा they would have sex with.

With the help of Sonic Passion, he went from a kid's game to a porn star.

In 2005 he was cyber-married to Alix Henriol
Sonic the Hedgehog is hot!

Shadow the Hedgehog-

An ईमो hedgehog that appears in the Sonic games, who's debut was in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. He...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Rouge the bat finally got her car to the bodyshop. Just as soon as she got her car inside, the engine broke.

Mechanic: Seems like आप got here just in time. What can I help आप with?
Rouge: I need a new radiator to prevent my car from overheating.
Mechanic: Okay, and I'll even repair the engine for you. Both services will cost आप $220 each.
Rouge: *Gives mechanic $440*
Mechanic: Excellent. I'll get your car repaired right away.
Rouge: *Goes on her smartphone, and goes on the internet*
Mechanic: How's your dealership going?
Rouge: Fine. I'm just making a new advertisement for the internet.
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic started walking toward Tails, Amy and Knuckles.-
Sonic: आप three are going to be in jail for, I don't know, forever!
Tails: Sonic can't be dead! He can't be!
-Sonic stopped and walked back to Eggman's hover egg. He jumped on it and sat on the side.-
Sonic: हे Egg-head. Why don't आप be fair and let my फ्रेंड्स go?
Eggman: W-W-WHAAAT?? Your friends? What did आप just call me?
Sonic: Egg-head. Just like I call आप all the time, and no matter how close आप get, You'll never create your Eggman Empire!
-Sonic jumped on the Hover Egg, causing it to malfunction.-
Eggman: What happened to my Clone?!...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The following is from 2012. It's the very first Sonic प्रशंसक fiction I wrote.

 Robotnik says, "Snoopi-" He forgot what he was going to say, but he instantly remembered. "Snooping as usual I see!"
Robotnik says, "Snoopi-" He forgot what he was going to say, but he instantly remembered. "Snooping as usual I see!"

It seems like a regular day, but then someone runs द्वारा at 500 miles an hour.

Sonic: Tails, आप read me?
Tails: Loud and clear, whats up?
Sonic: We should be getting towards Robotnik's army base.
Sean: I'm already there.
Tails: I see you.
Sean: Any word on Knuckles?
Sonic: No.
Sean: What about the others?

Inside the base

Knuckles: I can't believe they destroyed our intercom...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Previously, in a fanfic पोस्टेड 10 months ago

Robotnik: We were so close to taking St. Louis!
Snively: What shall we do now sir?
Robotnik: Get Decoe & Bocoe over here. I have a plan to go to Germany. They have really good mechanics, which I could use for my machines.

The following takes place between....

Why the hell am I saying that?

Tails: *goes to Sonic* I just got some important news आप might wanna hear.
Sonic: Go for it.
Tails: Robotnik is planning on going to Germany to get new mechanics.
Sean: *arrives* This can't be good.
Knuckles: What should we do?
Tails: Stop him obviously.
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"natalie,natalie were are you" कहा andrea yelling
"oh i dont like the look of this hun," she replyed holding zach hand
"she will be fine babe" कहा zach
they were walking for ovr an घंटा till they heard crying from upon a पेड़ house
"maybe she in there" कहा andrea climbing the पेड़ and entering it
"there nothin, ahhhhhhhhh" she screamed as the पेड़ opened up and sucked her under ground
"andrea!!!!!!" zach screamed bursting in to tears
"calm down zach" कहा maria
"calm down the ground just ate my girlfriend" zach yelled trying to dig the ground
"dont worry zach we will get her back but for...
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Part three :
Sonic :Where the heck is Mario ?
[b]*thoughts *
i don't wanna be surrounded द्वारा koopas
Sh** Amy borrowed the chaos emeralds and she's some-
where i don't wanna be like shopping या something
she's probably some shopping for her regular 60 DAYS sh** ![b]
Where is god Dang Mario ?
well the chain chomps are here but no Mario .
and I have 7 days to find Mario .
I'm so screwed up .
OW! F**K!!!
* Sonic and unknown person एक प्रकार का जहाज़ into each other *

Part three :
Mario and Sonic at the winter olympic games :

AND OUR संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर WINNER FOR SOLO WINNER
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Mario, Sonic and फ्रेंड्स go to Liberty City

Chapter 1

This is an old fanfiction I did quite some time ago. It is a Mario, Sonic and GTA crossover Fanfic. It's not that good, but please enjoy

Sonic and Tails were watching the TV. "Check what's on Tails" कहा Sonic. "Okay" कहा Tails. They turned it over to a channel and तारा, स्टार Trek was on. "Oh Cool" कहा Sonic "Star Trek is on" Then, Mario came in. "Hi guys, Guess what?" कहा Mario "I've got tickets to Liberty City!" "Nice one Mario!" कहा Sonic and Tails. "We should invite our फ्रेंड्स too, C'mon Tails!" yelled Sonic. Sonic and Tails sped off into...
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posted by EmeraldBlasts
 Not mine, copyright issued to its respectful owner
Not mine, copyright issued to its respectful owner
A young, yellow-orange लोमड़ी, फॉक्स stood outside patiently waiting for his hedgehog friend. Occassionally, his two tails would brush the ground, stirring crumpled, dead leaves. It was autumn, which shook the growth of prosperity and perhaps the Mobians themselves. That didn't stop the gatherings of friends, enemies, या even the neutrals. The लोमड़ी, फॉक्स looked from the sky to his watch. It is getting late... How much longer should I wait?, thought the two-tailed fox. Nasty, gray clouds covered the sky, waiting for the perfect time to release huge drops of rain. Frustrated, the लोमड़ी, फॉक्स plopped down onto the sandy...
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"so hows the food," sonic ask taking a sip of his नींबु पानी, नींबू पानी
but before blaze could reply she started coughting
then chokeing
"blaze! oh no help please she choking" कहा sonic pating blaze on the back but no one came
blaze started going blue in the face but then amy entered
"oh sonic what happened here,"amy smirked
"you, आप posend her,"sonic yelled in shock
"yes i di blut leave her here your mine," siad amy smileing और then ever now
"never she my girl friend" कहा sonic holding her tigtly
"but not for long"
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posted by SuPeRsEgAFaN
Mario And Sonic At The WINTER Olympic games
Part One :

Sonic : "HAHA I PWN AT TRACK" !!!
Mario : "So ???? I Beat आप Winter Ones" ?!?!
Tails : "I Beat आप All In Individual Large Hill"!
Sonic : "Yea But WE Pwn At Team Large पहाड़ी, हिल " !
Dry बोन्स : "HEYY We Got आप All In Curling" !
Blaze And Amy " हे DON'T LEAVE OUT THE GIRLS " !

To Be Continued ...

Story द्वारा : PUREDraco...
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The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is full of fun and colorful characters. This सूची is about the 5 characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise that I consider to be the 5 best characters.

5. Sticks

Sticks is a character from Sonic Boom. She is a female character who is फ्रेंड्स with Amy Rose. She is a somewhat loopy character who is quick to blame things on the government. Her wild antics and eccentric voice make her 1 of the Sonic franchise's most entertaining characters.

4. Rouge

Rouge is a female bat. She is a mysterious character who can be both a ally and a antagonist. She's a playful...
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