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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails located Cubot walking along a dirt road outside of town. He then went off road to a secret spring. He walked in the water and a tunnel opened up. He walked inside and Tails लॉस्ट signal on his watch.-
Tails: They must have a signal blocker in there.
Sonic: We have to get in there.
Tails: There must be something to do, like a button या a password. Let's look around.
-Tails flew down and walked into the water. Although it was no higher than Tails' foot, Sonic was still scared, being small and all. Tails walked carefully around. Nothing happened.-
Sonic: Maybe he कहा something before he came...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Nat was behind the counter of The Speed Demon, cleaning. There was a ding and someone walked in.-
Nat: Welcome to The Speed Demon, How may I help you?
Cubot: Do आप have anymore coffee? I might need some tomorrow, Eggman is working us really hard.
Nat: Let me go ask my mom.
-Nat runs into the kitchen. Her mom was getting a batch of कुकीज़ out of the oven.-
Nat: हे mom do we have any coffee yet?
Crystal: Yeah, the delivery man came early today. Here is a bag. Is it Cubot?
Nat: Yeah, I think so. He's talking about Eggman, so I'll put the tracking device on it.
-Nat applies the tracking device on...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic looked around for something to make his voice louder. He found a leaf and rolled it up into a funnel.-
Sonic: This should work. Now if I get somewhere high...
-He noticed a small पेड़ with a thick branch at the top. Sonic ran up the side and stood on the branch.-
Sonic: Now to wait for one of them to come back.
-Sonic waited and waited, but still no sign of Tails या Knuckles. Then he felt a trimmer, like a earthquake. Tails and Knuckles both came back.-
Tails: Did आप find him?
Knuckles: No. Did you?
Tails: If I found him do आप think I would be asking you?
Knuckles: I was just asking sheesh....
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-The three हीरोस get back to the beach, where they can see the sun go over the horizon. and see Eggman's base.-
Sonic: Let's stop Eggman.
Tails: We're coming with you. We're not letting आप go alone, not what happened last time.
Sonic: Then go start up the X Tornado.
Knuckles: आप think we should rest? We'll need all the energy we can get.
Sonic: I'm not tired and the Chaos Emeralds give me energy. If आप want to stay आप can.
Knuckles: I'm going to help my best friend.
Tails: Come one Knuckles. Hop on!
-Sonic takes out the Chaos Emeralds. There was a flash of light and Sonic turns into Super Sonic.-...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails ran to एंजल Island to see if anyting was happening there.-
Sonic: आप see anything?
Tails: No... Nothing here...
Sonic: Are आप ok?
Tails: Just a little...tired from tunning all the...way here...how do आप not get tired?
Sonic: I get tired, I just don't दिखाना it.
Tails: We should find Knuckles. Maybe he's seen something helpful.
Sonic: Hopefully he heard आप when आप told everyone to keep their eyes open before they left their house earlier.
Tails: Maybe. I think I see him. Knuckles!
-Tails walked through the bushes. A small branch swept across his head and hit Sonic, knocking him off.-
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails got to the restaurant. He walked in and saw Crystal at the counter.-
Crystal: Hi Tails, is Sonic big again?
Sonic: unfortunately no...
Crystal: Oh...Well the good news about the being small is the खाना gets bigger. Why don't don't I get आप a chili dog?
Sonic: That would be great!
Tails: Crystal, I came to ask where Natalie is at?
Crystal: Oh I had her do some errands in town. Why?
Tails: We have a chance to figure out where Eggman might be. Nat कहा there was a small, yellow, square robot came in here asking for coffee this morning.
Crystal: आप mean Cubot? He's one of are best custmers. He...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Everyone is on blankets eating lunch.-
Nikki: that was good! Let's get back to swimming!
Oliver: Yeah!
-The kids run back to the water, when Crystal called to them.-
Crystal: Hold on आप four, आप have to wait an घंटा before swimming again. You'll get stomach aches.
Nat: Awwww...ok.
Cream: Why don't we make sand गढ़, महल instead?
Nikki: That sounds like fun!
-The kids run a little distance and start playing in the sand. Meanwhile, Sonic is kicking back and relaxing.-
Crystal: आप want another chili dog Sonic? We still have plenty extra.
Sonic: No, I'm good. I think I'll just kick back and relax.
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Everyone is on the beach, having a fun time. Nat, Nikki, Amy, Oliver and Cream and Cheese were playing in the water. Knuckles and Tails were playing volley bal and Crystal, Vanilla, and Sonic were watching them all under समुद्र तट umbrellas. Some संगीत was paying too. Tails ran over to Sonic.-
Tails: Sonic! Why don't आप play volly ball with us?
Sonic: It'll only be You, me, and Knuckles. It wouldn't be fair.
-Amy came out of the water.-
Amy: I'll play with आप guys.
Tails: There, now it's even. Let's play!
-They run to their volley ball court.-
Knuckles: I'm serving!
-Knuckles hits the ball and the...
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-There's a ding like a घंटी, बेल and Nat comes running in from behind the restaurants counter.-
Nat: Mom! Mom! Nikki and Oliver are here!
Crystal: Are आप sure? Last time it was a costumer.
Nat: This time I know it's them.
-Nat ran to the door and saw Nikki and Oliver standing with their parents.-
Nat: Nikki! Oliver!
Nikki and Oliver: Nat!
-They ran and gave each other hugs.-
Nat: I'm so happy you're here for are play date!
Oliver: I brought some toys to play with. I'll दिखाना आप at the table.
Nat: My mom कहा we can't play at the tables anymore. We're getting to much costumers and she कहा she needs all...
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posted by awesomesonic
And every night, I lay awake
I find a confliction.
And every night, it just stays the same
In my dream, of absolution

In the night light
Do आप see what आप dream
All your troubles
Are they all what they seem
Look around you
Then आप may realize
All the preachers
All with their lies

And I might know of our future
But then आप still control the past
Only आप know if you'll be together
Only आप know if we shall last

In the night light
Do आप still feel your pain
For the valor
आप wait; it never came
If आप were able
Would आप go change the past
To mend a faux pas
With one last chance

And I might...
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posted by silvaria_fan23
 Tails And Shadow फ्रेंड्स
Tails And Shadow Friends
Shadow:*Smells Food*Gehh!! Kid:*Walks द्वारा Acciedent He Hits Shadows Face* Shadow:Ahhh!! My Face FUll Of खाना Gahh!! Kids:*Stares And Look Away* Melinda:U See Tht Freak Over There,He Is Shadow The Freak I Wonder Why He Doesent Have Any Friends,Even The Crazy Silver The One Whos With His Sister Amy And The Freaks At The Loser तालिका, टेबल Melinda:Like Omg Shadow Like InHuman Shadow:*Flashback* Lady:Sir How Did U Find The Alien Women:How Did आप FInd Out He Was An Alien Scientest:Well I Noticed He Had No Friends.....Shadow:*Flash Back Stops* Uhh!! Im GAna Find A Friend *Goes Over There At The LoserTable*Shadow:Hello...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-At the restaurant.-
Nat: Mom! Mom! Are they ready?
Nat's Mom: Their ready.
-Nat's mom took out the first batch of chilidogs.-
Nikki: They smell delicious!
Nat: Too bad I can't smell.
Oliver: Can I try one?
Nat's Mom: Not right now. their still hot. I'll set up a प्रशंसक to help cool them off a little.
Nikki: That reminds me! My mom made us cool capes! They have Sonic curled up in a ball on the back!
Oliver: Cool!
Nat: Sweet! lets put them on now!
Oliver: Good idea!
-In the streets.-
Clone Sonic(Thinking): What kind of trouble could I cause here?
-Clone Sonic walks द्वारा the restaurant. He sees Natalie.-
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posted by Lancelot8
My guess is my two neighbors told आप what happened to them with their games. One going insane and the other changed forever.

Anyway, just like them, I'm a प्रशंसक of Sonic. Played every game in existence of him so far. I'm also a प्रशंसक of CreepyPasta.

I wanted a new Sonic game because I got bored with the ones I have. GameStop was close द्वारा so I went looking for a game.

There were many games. All the ones you'd expect. Call of Duty, Mario, Halo, Sims ect. ect. But almost all the Sonic games had been bought out. I already had them all anyway.

I had heard about two new Sonic games coming out, Sonic...
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Knuckles:what?what are आप laughing about?(takes off hat and reads knuckles is a dork signed rouge)
Knuckles:(chuckles)very funny rouge.
Knuckles:what?whats so funny?(looks at his gloves and reads knuckles is gay signed rouge)ROUGE!
Knuckles:(wears a jacket)
Director and Rouge:(laughing)
Knuckles:(looks at जैकेट and reads knuckles is a faggot signed rouge)DARN IT ROUGE!
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"of course I would प्यार to be your girl friend," and wive that they kissed passionantly
eggman base
"what do आप want carnt आप see im buisy," eggman snarled as amy enterd
"well आप see I was wondering if आप would do me a favour," कहा amy wickedly
"depends what is it and what do I get in return," eggman wonderd but in know time amy holded up a chose emerald
"you see if आप help me get rid of blaze I will give आप this chose emrald." amy snarled
"well I guess we have a deal then ," eggman grinned
"ha watch out pussy im coming to get आप hahaha,"
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posted by Manul119
(At part 1)
Shadow-I am the ultimate life-form.Come and face your doom!
(Part 2)
Knuckles-Hey Shadow!
Shadow-Enough TALK!!!Let's fight!!!!
(Suddenly,Rouge appears)
Rouge-Behave yourself Shadow!We have a visitor!
Shadow-Ok..I was trying to have some fun..
(Sonic appears with his extreme gear)
Sonic-Ok..I have लॉस्ट amy on my way back..hey shad!What were आप doing?
Shadow-Terrifying your friends.
Sonic-What!You dare!!!
Sonic and Shadow together-Wow..She is like she was going to explode!
Manul119-Ok.Where's Jet?
Sonic-Still pactricing to do a backflip with his extreme gear..Let's go and meet him.
(Dr.Eggman appears)
(Eggman laughs)
Eggman-Hello Sonic.I see आप have a visitor.Now he will know who i really am.
(He kidnaps tails and dissapears)

To Be Countinued.
For my birthday last year, I received a copy of the infamous, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, in strangely good condtion. I found this to be curious so I asked my dad where he got the game from. He कहा to me that he bought it off of a new seller on Ebay. I wolfed down my birthday cake and bolted in the lounge room to play the game I had always wanted. My brother also came in to watch. As I inserted the disk and closed the drive on my Xbox 360, the screen slowly faded to black. My brother went behind the TV to see what the problem was. I was left staring at a black screen until I let out a yell of...
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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic was thinking for a while yes I use my new
form put first I put a note to tails with a copy of
the note I got with the pod I take a pic pf
future me once I am in my new form I take the
pod with me and I go train I don't no how
long I be gone all I ask vanilla to look after
tails for me oh for I forget I tail shadow tell me
what faker कहा shadow as he chaos control
into sonic room shock looking sonic blush pink
looking at a future shadow
shadow raven dark doom the hedgehog king
alpha ultimate life form god
age 16/in HIGHT 6.0/hermaphrodite
black hot red quills like he add a bit...
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this is a sonic story i have been लेखन for about a month.my chracter is myself because i put myself in my sonic stories.my chracters name is ashley but is refered to ash for short.hope आप enjoy it.
one claim,cool दिन at shadow & ash`s house
(shadow grabs the keys and is about to head of for work)
ash-shadow,can`t आप just take a दिन off work so we can spend some time together?
shadow-you already know how deticated i am to my work.maybe the commander will let me off but im not sure.(he just leaves)
ash was feeling kinda pissed off she coulde`nt spend time with shadow.
2 hours later
ash was...
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posted by silveranime122
Soon,Silver was all alone in the woods.He decited to stop द्वारा a bunch of rocks in the woods.He thought*Why is this happing to ME?*."Oh,and how is my dark friend?"said a voice."Mephiles,what is happing to me..."Silver asked.Mephiles replied,"I turned आप dark,so आप can get back at your so-called friends"."Ya,but I don't want to KILL them...And how long will I be like this?"Silver asked."For the rest of your life."Mephiles replied."Why do i get so mad easy?And when I'm around people why do I have an eurge to either kill या hurt them?"Silver asked."Oh,your filled with so many qustions arn't you?What...
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