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posted by Sonicfan67
Shadow:alright guys.the only way we're gona make out of this alive is that if we stick together.so...
Vector:my फ्रेंड्स call me coach!
Shadow:God damn it!
In a elevator...
Shadow:ok.the saferoom is a couple room's away.when the doors open just run like hell and we should be fine.
Me:alright just let me get out my little desert eagle.
(The elevator doors open and shows fire)
Shadow:ok everyone get in!
(A spitter comes in)
Shadow:that is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
(A baby comes out of the spitter's...
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posted by Pitrocks14
O.K., this is a kind of review and opinion at the same time. This time, I'm complaining about these haters who are accusing Sonic and some of its old games. Look, I'm not a huge Sonic प्रशंसक and particularly because of the new games (which aren't that bad) and I've been playing with Sonic ever since I was little. I have no idea how old I was but probably among the ages of either three and 5. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog two so I was a little ahead, but Sonic has been out before I was born.

Shadow the Hedgehog: O.K., so people have been complaining about Sonic ever since Shadow came out....
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posted by gain7_gun
sonic and ash`s house
silver-since u and ash have been together for about a month,i have somthing to दिखाना u.
sonic-what is it?
silver-(pulls out a triangle)its a hologram.as ash`s protector i`m going to दिखाना u what would have happened if ash chose shadow over u.
sonic-ok.lets see it.
silver turns on the triangle,it glows and opens up and the story unfolds.
6 months later
shadow is hosting a tailgating party ash is cooking for
sonic-why is ash doing everything?
shadow-cause`i wanted her to.
sonic-but all this just for the 2 of us?!
shadow-fine,u can help her if आप want.just make sure she dosent do anything...
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at macdonalds
ash looking at the letter lovingly with at smile
female voice-& wat migth we b looking at?
ash-(looks up)hey rouge.sonic has a scavenger hunt planned for me.
rouge-i see.a valintine`s दिन thing is`nt it?
ash-yeah.do u have someone special your`re thinking about?
rouge-no but shadow just sent me some roses
ash-really?have u two fiannally srated dating?
rouge-hey!i did`nt say that!
ash-wat about knuckles?
casheir-order #12!
ash-that`s my order.see ya later rouge.(leaves)
ash-the first place is eternity fountain,which is in th दिल of the city.just turn to the left then keep...
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ash & sonic`s house 8:30 am
ah awakes to a beuatiful sunnny morning.she turns over to say good morning to sonic but realizes he`s not there.instead she finds a note & a rose she picks up the letter & begins to read it.it`s in sonics handwriting.
sonic-good morning sweetheart!i have somthing planned for the 2 of us.as you`ve already noticed
i`m not on the other side.but i have a scavenger hunt planned for u.below you`ll see a सूची of 7 destinations.at the end ouf each destination you`ll find another rose & letter.when आप get to your last destination i`ll be there waiting for you.so get ready,eat breakfast & valintine`s day
ash-awww,that`s so romantic,& elaborate.(so she got up did her morning duties & headed out to macdonald`s for breakfast.
E-123 Omega has not made an appearance in a Sonic game for too long. Not counting cameos and spin-offs, he hasn't been seen since the DS version of Sonic Colors! And if आप don't have a hand-held, than आप haven't seen him since Sonic 06! He has been gone since 2010 in the Sonicverse, and Shadow disappeared too. आप see, Kirk Thornton is NOT Shadow, and that isn't just because of his voice. Kirk has a whole different personality. Let me explain; Remember how Shadow was a G.U.N. agent and everything? Fuck that, Kirk doesn't care, या even seem to remember. Pretty much as soon as he came onstage,...
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We've all tried to make an OC (Or I assume we have) Anywho, there are many people who just can't do it. First thing to do is NOT the appearance. I know, it's tempting as all get-out, but trust me. It's better to get the character's personality and such down first.
First, आप should have a general idea of a character's past. If आप get an idea like 'flying छिपकली monkey' (Not advised) Then jot it down. I hate when आप have a great idea, and end up losing it while thinking too hard on how the character should say stuff या whatnot. If आप jot down one sentence about them, then आप can refer to...
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posted by mobiansrawesome
Sonic the Hedgehog’s age: a close analysis

“How old is sonic the hedgehog? What about the rest of the characters?” is an ongoing debate. To find the जवाब for these questions, we must look at the past, as many have. When I first started to wonder about this myself, I knew I couldn’t just take somebody’s word for it. I had to look for the जवाब myself. Before stressing myself with the task of finding the ages of every single character, I knew I had to find the first and most main character’s age: Sonic the hedgehog. He was and is the key to finding the ages of all the characters....
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1: Captured
In a distant laboratory, all was silent. Not even the slightest whisper of sound dared penetrate the thick, peaceful yet intimidating silence. Suddenly, a green Pokemon stepped foreword. Its body was battered and bleeding, and its breathing was ragged and came in quick, raspy pants. The Pokemon gave all appearances of being a Pikachu, but its tail had a black tip and the black part on its ears poked out into triangles. “Haven’t आप had enough?” Giovanni asked, smirking from his बसेरा, पर्च in his leather chair as he watched in cold amusement the Pikachus’ flanks heave in effort...
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posted by silveranime122
i was in school and it was a regular friday it was lunch and i was with my फ्रेंड्स one of them said"Ugh!Middle school sucks!I'd rather live in sonic's world."(we all like sonic)"i know right?"i said.Then i saw somthing glowing द्वारा our gym.I said"I'll be right back.I need to go to the bathroom."So i went to go check it out.I saw it again and followed it until i was at an ally.i looked around but didn't see anything.When i looked back silver was 5ft away from me.i was freaked out! Then he said"Don't be scared.I'm the good guy.You need to come with me.I have somthing to दिखाना you...."Then he took...
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I guess I've really been अभिनय like a jerk lately.... It's only because Every दिन when I get घर my bro teases me and I really hate it! So I'm srry to everybody I've been mean to. I never act like this outside the world!!! Maybe this thing has just takin over... So I'm srry and I'm srry for the pple I've been stealing ideas from. Nobody at my skool likes me while everyone else has a guy who crushes them!!! I also think I'm a loser to because I hate pple who r mean and I was so I really need to apologize to everyone. And srry segarainbow if I have been mean to u. Ur a friend and I shldnt treat u tht way. Man I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally hate myself. So I'll be nicer and I'll not be mean to the sonamy fans. I'm SOOOOO ashamed of myself. It looks like I'm over acsagurating. And if some pple dnt exept my apology, tell me something I can do to pay u back.
posted by sonicxx
"you will never be able to have MY sonic!!!!!!!"
"In ur dreams!!!!!"
Amy attacked first because she thought Sonic was gnna be hers no matter wht. Amy hit her with her hammer and Sally flew and hit her back on a पेड़ near by. Sonic was just wtchng them fight for him. Sally got up and crld her fsts. "He'll be MINE!!" She pnchd Amy in the face but wasn't done. When she landed on the grnd,Sally pnchd her again and again." Sally and Amy stop! U gys r doing this for me??? Cmon gys ur bettr then this! How bout this. Amy ur my x-girlfriend. And Sally ur my girlfriend. K???". They looked at each other...
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posted by silvershady
This is my first fan-fiction about my प्रशंसक character, so please dont leave any mean टिप्पणियाँ but be sure to let me know if आप are anticipating the अगला chapter! Enjoy!

Name: Rocha the Bat
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Colour: Silvery-black फर with a white streak down her back. She has tan coloured skin and black wings.
Her wings are an unusual shape and she has grey eyes. She wears a white tube-top with a grey strap around the bottom and a pair of short white shorts with a grey बेल्ट and grey straps around the legs. She doesn't wear any gloves but there are long grey straps wrapped around her wrists....
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posted by sonic-hisworld
A/N: This is based on the fanfiction Making Amends on Fanfiction.net.I found it very interesting and thought I could write one with my own character.Enjoy!

Chapter 1:Then and Now


"Why do आप have to be such a jerk??"
"The same as why आप have to be so stupid."
"I'm not stupid!"
"Then I'm not a jerk!"
Little Katarina Valentine could not believe the blue hedgehog standing in front of her.He seemed to have a combat for everything!She could never beat him.Kindergarten was supposed to be fun,but Sonic the Jerkhog had to ruin it for her.
"'You'll be fine'they said,"She muttered to herself,"'It'll...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic get to the main room. Eggman is no where to be seen. In the middle of the room was the ray.-
Tails: There it is.
Sonic: This has to be a trap. Stay on guard.
-They slowly walk into the middle of the room. Tails grabbed the रे and changed it to grow.-
Sonic: I hope this works...
-Tails shot Sonic. Nothing happened.-
Sonic: I knew this was a trap! The रे was a fake.
Knuckles: Wait look at Sonic's feet!
-Sonic's feet started to get bigger. Then the rest of him. Sonic was finally back to normal.-
Sonic: It feels great to normal again. Now where's that Egg-head?
Eggman: That...
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(This is actually a bit old but I felt I might as well post it here.)

I was not excited about this दिखाना since I first heard about it, but at the same time it wasn’t technically hurting anything… at first. After the issue of the Penders Retcon for the Archie Comics, instead of using their resources to either take care of that द्वारा putting the comics back how they should be या giving Ian Flynn the green-light to make his mini-series to finish the actual Archie Sonic Comics, या to work on improving new Sonic games in the normal continuity, we got Sonic Boom, which can be seen as either two things....
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It was a dark world..filled with kindling,fiery,flames rising around the surface. In the Crisis City,it was demolished द्वारा an enormous,powerful,horrible, creature,Iblis. This place is known as nocturnal,but it won't e for long. I will defeat the Iblis Trigger and bring the Sun to shine below my planet. My name is Silver the hedgehog,and I'm here to save the word,to fight for justice. my family is unknown. I wish I known anything about my family. I was raised द्वारा my master,Mammoth Mogul. he taught me how to use the skills of my brain and psychokinesis. Now,I am on my own adventure with my girlfriend,Blaze....
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posted by Dragonfruit44
Note: Sonic cant hear Eggman. Neither can Tails.
Eggman: Now I will launch my robo-bugs.
-Eggman pushes a button and a tiny, मच्छर like robot, shoots out. It flies inside and over to Sonic.

Sonic: What do आप think we should have for रात का खाना little buddy?
Tails: I was thinking mac and cheese.
Sonic: I was wanting some chilidogs!
Tails: Your always wanting chilidogs.
Sonic: Yeah I guess your right...Ow! Something bit me!
Tails: What?!
Sonic: Must of been a mosquito. Why did आप leave the window open anyway?
Tails: I must of forgotten to close it.
-The robo-bug escapes before Tails can close the window....
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posted by maroona00
At one morning.

Blaze:* starts looking * Tikal's sketchbook must be somewhere in this room. * checks Tikal's room and eventually ruins it *
Tikal: * comes in * Hi, Blaze. What are आप doing in here.
Blaze: I need to borrow your sketchbook for a minute.
Tikal: Oh, आप mean THIS sketchbook? * waves the sketchbook in front of Blaze *
Blaze: Okay, I admit, you're pretty agile. Wait, 'till I दिखाना your doodles to others.
Tikal: * gives Blaze the sketchbook * I wanted to give it to आप anyways.
Blaze: Oops... I think, nobody'll notice that I turned the room upside down.
Tikal: Except for Shadow. And, since...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Amy:this is my बार्बी doll that I got for क्रिस्मस this year!she comes with a hairbrush,a pocket book,and 2 different dresses!
Sonic:OMG who the hell cares?!?!?

Sonic:oh no she didn't!
Knuckles:oh yes she did!
Sonic:no she didn't!
Knuckles:yes she did!
Sonic:no she didn't!
Sonic:ok take it easy.

Shadow:she'll be coming down the mountain when she comes!she'll coming down the mountain when she comes!I'll kill आप Amy!she'll coming down the mountain!

Silver:hey!shut up!
Sonic as Peter
Knuckles as that Guy on the wheel chair
Shadow as Bender
Amy as little girl
Silver as Stewie