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(this sing is dedicated to shakey_omega but is written only द्वारा metal wolf, created द्वारा metal wolf, credit to metal wolf, except for the song name which is shakey's idea)

flying up high as we shoot through the air ways
here, there and everywhere, straight to the sun
shooting and bombing and killing the fray
crazy and killing and joining the fun

gathering speed as we destroyed the whole town
Crazy and speedy and exploding, no fear
killing the emperor, dethroning the king crowns
you will not live long if आप want to stay here

drop the
load as
we fire
our bullets
to the
ground as
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posted by metalwolf116
(these events take place a couple of ours after chapter 3)

The talk with Crystal about the nightmare had put my mind mind partly at rest bit there was still a nagging doubt. द्वारा this point the confidence that had been दिया to me द्वारा my manifestation had withered and now was replaced with anxiety and fear.

to calm myself i took to the i-mac and to fanpop. the only person on meebo was shakey-omega so i took to speaking with him.

Me: "hey pal, hows it going?"

shakey-omega: " i'm good u?"

Me: "oh not bad, weird dreams though"

shakey-omega: oh? care to spill?"

Me: " into crystal everyday XD, when it comes...
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the अगला morning

my pov

i woke up the अगला morning and walked outside seeing charlie walking up "hey charlie whats up" i asked "um what rank are you' charlie asked "well i guess i'm an omega but आप andswered my सवाल wrong the sky is up" i said" oh i get ha ha ha" charlie कहा "wow आप have a beautiful laugh" i कहा awe your sweet any way did आप want to come" charlie asked "sure" i कहा


we finished swiming

"hey do आप think there is a cave behind that water fall" i कहा "yes there is i'm the only one who knows about it" charlie कहा "cool i want to see it" i कहा we went into the cave...
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posted by ScarAlpha
(July 4, 2011)
(11:31 P.M.)

The Sikorsky landed with a touch as sweet as a kiss, the landing gear settling on the turf and bearing the heavy chopper's weight.
Inside the two person cockpit, I sat there for a moment, unwilling to move. But I knew I had to some time, so after a minute, I started flipping switches. The only things I left alone were the climate controls and lights for the passenger cabin.
Crammed into the passenger खाड़ी, बे of the Sikorsky S-76C light helicopter were as many of the Jasper भेड़िया as I could get; Candu, Hutch, Winston, Eve, Tony, Ela, Candy, Salty, Shakey, Mooch, Garth,...
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(this song is dedicated to buddydevos so he has something different to sing to his GF. this song is written द्वारा metalwolf and metalwolf only, i want full credit cause it is MY song created on the spot)

Verse 1:
i am the shield
i am the sword
i am the fix
i am the torn
i am the string
yet i am chord
i am the dead
yet i am the born

I am the saviour of this life
through the good, bad and the strife
you are the black and i am the pure
you are the sickness and i am the cure

Chorus:(your GF sings the non bracketed parts) (brackets for आप to sing.)
guard me (when they come to kill)
take me (i wanna feel the...
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posted by hank666
On a clear, sunny दिन in Red Deer, Canada as the sun rose over the horizon. It was a normal spring day, but that would soon all change in the अगला couple hours. In a research facility in Red Deer, experiments were gong on inside lab A. Scientist working on जानवर left and right, so scientist taking फर samples, some taking DNA samples, some dissecting animals. All of the scientist where working on one goal: trying to the dead back to life. They wanted to see if आप could reanimate the body of a deceased animal and have it self-aware. The project had been going on for 3 years and they had made...
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~Monday~ *Regular/my POV* as i lay with kate my प्रिय person in the world i think what could i do on this beautiful monday. Then Kate says as if she were पढ़ना my thoughts "We could go see the clone me या Jon या Katealphawolf" and i replie "Great idea do आप know where he lives?" And she says "Sadly No but आप could find out on fanpop" and i went on फैन्पॉप finding that Katealphawolf was online and i IMed him "where do आप live?" and he replied "@ 252 eastwood drive Montana" and i say out loud "Thats close we could drive there and it would take like an hour".

We went out side and i got...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
No one could move. They were to afraid at the demon that had appeared before them. Pyramid Head immediately grabbed Kate and threw her against the wall, about to do the worst. I had to do something. I have never seen her so scared in my life.

"Chris! Do something!" Humphrey begged.

"Yeah! Don't just stand there!" Lilly cried.

"Chris! Help!" Kate cried.

Pyramid Head then dragged his heavy blade toward Kate. She began to cower and whimper as he drew nearer. She was a goner if I didn't do something. Suddenly, I knew what to do.

"Chris!" Salty shouted.

I jumped on चोटी, शीर्ष of Kate and held her to the...
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*This take place a bit of awhile after the last part*

*Kates POV* All i saw as we drove was a beautiful country side and i loved it it was so peaceful but i still wondered where we were going. So i asked "Where are we going baby" and he replied "Trust me its somewhere special and you'll प्यार it.

*Regular या my POV*
It was a beautiful दिन very sunny and perfect and i loved drive like this it was fun and i knew exactly where i was going i was going to my प्रिय place to realax i used to go there before but stoped but now im going back. ~An घंटा later~ I say "We're here kate I parked the truck...
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(this song is dedicated to katealphawolf but is written द्वारा metalwolf and metalwolf only. Do not attempt to defile the song या I will slowly rip off your limbs and eat them with my beloved Crystal)

HOWL WITH ME!!!! (when it's time to die)
GO TO HEAVEN WITH ME!!!! (when it's time to die)
FUCK WITH ME!!!!! (when it's time to die)
We fly and we drive and we किस and we howl
I dont deny, I don't strive,
stick to आप like glue!
Howling in heaven with you!

Verse 1:
The judge has decided that I am not worth
The life I've been दिया that bloats in this girth
The grim reaper takes me away from this earth...
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my pov


we reached her pack territory and the leaders मांद, डेन an entered "hey mom and dad could shannan शामिल होइए the pack" asked charlie "sure but you'll have to दिखाना him his मांद, डेन and i want to speak with him for a minute" charlies dad कहा "sure" me and charlie कहा i step out side with the leader "so it looks like my daughter has taken a liken to आप but if आप become our stratagous for this pack i will let आप continue to flirt with my daughter okay" charlies dad कहा " really thankyou i will be the statagous for the pack" i कहा we went back inside and charlie showed my to my मांद, डेन and on the...
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this series starts with me as a human and turn into a wolf

my pov

i was riding घर from school minding my own bees-wax when i was almost run over द्वारा a speeding car but i managed to dodged it but then a cop car comes out chasing it and crushes my head under its tire

later i wake up saw and i fell shorter and when i stand up i fall down so i decided to crawl and it felt और natural so i walk over to a puddle and look at myself "holy chezzus i'm a wolf" i कहा so i admire how good i look when a redish भेड़िया walks up behind me "who are आप what are आप doing here and what are आप doing" she asked...
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posted by VengeanceWolf
How do we define right from wrong? What is it that makes us who we are? What drives a person to fight so hard for their beliefs? A dying भेड़िया thought this as his killer stood over him.
The dark shadow of the भेड़िया covered his face from the glare of the moon.
"You should not have taken up the challenge, young one, now आप will die for your arrogance."
The dying भेड़िया coughed and a searing pain shot up from the wound in his chest, "I didn't fight आप because I thought I could win. I took up the challenge bec-" Another fit of coughing gripped him.
After a moment the dying भेड़िया was able to catch his...
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humphreys pov

it was the ultiment showndown which was part of the ultiment destiny भेड़िया भेड़िया and और भेड़िया as far the eye can see and it could go on for a century necks begin bitten and legs torn off it was the bloodiest battle that the world ever saw but was won easily "its over we won" humphrey कहा "yes its over (panting)" kate said

kates pov

the battle is over and the pups are at the parents मांद, डेन "hey huphrey i'm bored can we have fun (giggles)" kate कहा "sure" humphrey कहा he began to mount me slow and soft and graudaly sped and made me climax 5 time and we finished when he climaxed and we cleanded up picked the kids up and headed घर but the sky began to rip apart and everything was sucked in

THE END!!!!!
humphreys pov

later we began the hunt and we were alreaady half though it and me and kate had our share but i still think we are unprepared for something so i diceded to take a walk "see आप later kids im going on a walk' कहा humphrey "okay buy" कहा everyone i was walking around the cave when i saw someone go into the main storage मेहराब, तिजोरी, कोष्ठ i waited until they came back out to see that my parents were stealing the खाना "wait what are आप donig mum and dad" humphrey asked "ohh son yeah were just stealing and running off to our homr okay okay' humphreys dad कहा "what your what wait why" humphrey...
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~Sunday~ Thunder cracked over head and i exclaimed "why Fuckin me always when ever i doing hiking या anything else i get caught up i a storm" I continued to walk and as i did i tripped over something and fell over and what ever it was let out a painful and sorrowful yelp.

I stopped and looked at it it was a beautiful female भेड़िया she was very familiar from a movie i saw but i couldn't put a name on it at that moment so i picked her up in my arms and ran for my Ford F-150 and i got in and layed the passenger सीट back andd layed her down on it and started the truck and drove घर to where i...
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humphreys pov

cloase to winter

life is perfect i have my parents a gorgeous mate great फ्रेंड्स beautiful children and a marvelous place to live nothing could get beter but winters coming and soon the herds will leave and i fear we are not prepared "humphrey" kate called "coming" humphrey कहा i walked over to kate "hey humphrey we have to go to a meeting okay" kate कहा "okay" humphrey कहा we got to th meeting "winter is apon us we need to start the great hunt okay we are going to do the samething we did lastt साल with the rounds okay हटाइए out" garth कहा we began the great hunt which occurs once a साल so that the pack my survive but i still tink we are unprepared "kate i have a feeling that we are unprepared for the winter this year" humphrey कहा "why would आप say that "kate asked "i dont know its just a feeling" humphrey कहा
अगला week

mouchs pov

i just woke up after yet another night of fun with charlie and i still cant belive i have a mate and i've actualy लॉस्ट a lot of weight and i think charlies और interested in me now and i think she may be pregnant because she been throwning up lately and been अभिनय strangely and i think i should ask my mom if she is


i got to my mums मांद, डेन and woke her up "hey mum mum wake up" mouch कहा "what what whats going on" mouchs mum कहा "oh mouch hi honey whats up" mouchs mum कहा " um could आप come to my मांद, डेन charlies been अभिनय strange and i think shes pregnant" mouch said...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
 Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head
After a bit of walking we finally arrived at her parent's den. I was a little nervous due to the fact that A. I am not a wolf. B. I am a god. C. I have zero clue on how to be an alpha. But Kate promised she would walk me through and told me not to be scared. I swear she is the kindest wolf. She took me in, not knowing who I was.

"Chris!" Kate called.

I got up and trotted into the den. There I saw a female who had Kate's color, and a male who was grey with white underbelly.

"So, आप are Chris?" he said.

"Yes sir. Nice to meet you." I said.

"Such nice manners too." the female said, giving me a...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
 Symbol on my Shoulder
Symbol on my Shoulder
Hi, my name is Chris. I am 17 years old and live in the town of Silent Hill. My mother is Alessa Gillespie, a young, innocent girl who was burned alive for "witchcraft". She was also raped at an early age. While in the hospital, she gave birth to me and my sister Cheryl, who became known as Heather Mason. After our birth, my mother died. So it turns out that I have a "gift", I am the "messiah", as they call it, to their religion. This is known as "The Order". When my mother died, I was enraged. I had dark powers within me. I could control, manipulate sick twisted demons. They did everything...
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