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posted by sanman7
So this is going o be a sort of draw my life thing for my Birthday

So I was born in Texas I'm currently 16 years old the age on my प्रोफ़ाइल is my fursona I have always loved जानवर and always will I have had multible accounts and am known द्वारा many names I had a dark past on here I don't want to remember but only one is the bad past the rest are pretty neutral

I have talked to Jon before about matters of this club and he would congratulate me if he knew how much I changed me and him agreed on things and made changes

I have a rebellion against thatdarnhippo because he/she is a piece of half lifed...
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It is the very अगला दिन after breakfast Sophie and I were playing tag in the park Sophie was it and She chase me around then she pinned me down.
Sophie: Your it.
Me: Oh Come on*whined*
I chase her and try to pinned her down then she pinned me back and lick my left ear
Me: What is that for?
Sophie: For a friendly Lick.
Shade: Are आप having fun?
Rose: Do आप Like Sophie?
Me: Yes I do.
Rose: Really?
Me: As A Friend.
Rose: Okay.
Shade: This morning Jason told me your parents died I'm sorry.
Sophie: it's OK Jason here makes me happy I like him if that's your अगला question
posted by TheChriZ1995
Chapter 5: Fun and Games

One महीना later

"Alright Humphrey this should be good enough, now दिखाना me what you've learned" A pleased Kate कहा looking over at her love

"Yes mam" Humphrey replied before creeping around some bushes, she just giggled to herself from how he responded before watching him leave.

The two भेड़िया had been stalking a lone deer through the woods for the past several मिनटों until Kate saw a good opportunity for Humphrey to go in for an attack. This was a big moment Humphrey, if he pulled this off then he will have successfully brought down his first kill. Kate was excited because...
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That night when me and my parent are sleeping in Sophie मांद, डेन I hear moaning. I turn to see Sophie turning in her sleep moaning and talking.
Me: Sophie wake up You're having a nightmare.
Sophie: Huh Jason I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you.
Me: It's okay आप are the one I'm worried about.What's your nightmare?
Sophie: It's about my parents' death.
it's a summer afternoon I was hunting with my parents then a stampede come across and killed my parents.
Sophie: MOM DAD WHERE ARE YOU? As I turned
around I saw my parents were Injured and unconscious. I went to checked on them and saw them theyre dying i i don't know what to do
*flasback ends*
Sophie: They're dead jason they're dead.
Me: I'm sorry
posted by jason74633
Wolf: Wait!
Me: What?
Wolf: Look they're भेड़िया that are dangerous Trust me it's not safe
Me: Who are you?
Wolf: It's Sophie.
Me: Beautiful name.
Sophie: Thanks.
Me: mine is Jason.
Then Shade and Rose which are my mom and dad come in while Sophie is sleeping
Shade: हे son How the den.
Me: It's Alright A female is sleeping.
Rose: is she your age what's her name
Me: could be a साल younger but she's pup like me mom. Her name is Sophie.
Shade: Does she mind ?
Me: She's kind and doesn't mind
Rose: Okay
posted by TheChriZ1995
Chapter 4: Suspicions

The sound of laughter and talking could be heard as Kate walked into a clearing the omegas used as their hangout spot, surprised to find that most of the packs omegas were there at the moment. They never paid attention to her as she walked past a few of them, most were busy either playing games या talking to one another. She jumped onto a rock so that she would have a better view of all of them.

"Hey, can I have your attention please!" She called out over the chatter

Some who heard her call out stopped what they were doing and looked up at her, soon everything stopped and...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Chapter 3: How It Began

"Right here's fine" an exhausted Jake कहा letting go of the deer.

Humphrey did the same before looking around at the मांद, डेन that stood before him, it was और of a mound of dirt that had been dug into on the side, but still was a den. He waited as he noticed Jake start to take one of the deer's legs off, holding true to what he कहा only a short while पूर्व he gave him the leg as a way of saying thanks. Humphrey was feeling kind of hungry and was glad to be दिया free खाना but at the same time he didn't feel like he deserved it.

"Are आप sure आप want to give me this?" He asked...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
In the tower, Hunter's getting ready to face Humphrey and kill him.

Hunter: An Omega destined to stop me! Pfft, bloody nonsense! "Greetings, Omega! After all these years we finally meet..." No, no that's not right... "We meet at last"! Yes, yes! "Greetings, Omega! After all these years, we meet at..."
Rose: (pops out behind him) What's up, Hunter? Cat's your tongue? (giggles a bit)
Hunter: Grrr! When will आप learn to keep your damn mouth shut?!
Rose: Now, now Hunter. Take a deep breath, calm down and just admit you're freaking out right now.
Hunter: What?! I'm not freaking out! He's coming to me...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Chapter 2: Duties and New Faces

Morning came rather slowly for Kate as dreams plagued her mind throughout most of the night hindering any chance of a good sleep, but eventually sunlight began to appear outside. It looked to be the start of a good clear दिन to relax and just hang around however she had duties to attend to first, and whatever else was thrown her way. Getting up and stretching she noticed that Garth was not present which puzzled her since he only had duties to perform during the evening.

'Perhaps he went to see his dad या something' she thought to herself before exiting the den...
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‘he seems in place, the बेल्ट and the G-force is ready to start… should we give him a run?’ one of the professors questioned as I look down on through the tablets and buttons surrounding us. I held my paws and played with my thumbs around ‘n around til I finally thought of an answer.
‘or are आप worried sir..’ he added.
I stare across him and at the young लोमड़ी, फॉक्स in training; a rookie who entered the अंतरिक्ष force for और recruits.
‘What’s his special skill.’ I asked a dark male human अगला to me. He held his hand besides my shoulders as I looked right at him without hesitation.
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posted by LexiMcCoia
I watched Wynter crawl back through the hole from which she came. My paw mindlessly sought for the stinging in my face. She hit me. My best friend. My only friend.....hit me. She had every right to be mad. I betrayed her. She believed I was dead. What kind of friend does that? I guess I do. I was disgusted with myself and I started to cry. "Here let me help आप up." I turned excitedly. "Wynter I'm so sorry I-" it wasn't my best friend that was offering to help me, no, it was Kate. My ears flattened against my skull as I was assisted up. Ashamed of myself, I looked at the ground. Kate stood...
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Stupid Cleverbot.

User:im a insane wanker.

Cleverbot: आप कहा आप were a vampire. Liar.

User: I'm a भेड़िया rawr!

Cleverbot: Where do आप live?

User: In a den.

Cleverbot: What is the name of it?

User: घर sweet home.

Cleverbot: Where is the house?

User: Behind you.

Cleverbot: There is nothing behind me.

User: Behind me.

Cleverbot: There is god behind me.

User: *cuts your chest with my claws*.

Cleverbot: Haha. Sorry, no. I am married.

User: Im a wolf.

Cleverbot: You're a furry?

User: Yeah furry wolf.

Cleverbot: I thought आप weren't sure.

User: *grrrr...*.

Cleverbot: What...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
"Kids, we have breakfast!" Humphrey called from outside the cave before walking in. Kate came after him with the fresh rabbit carcass in her mouth. Scarlett blood dripped from the rabbit's neck wound as she set it down before the pups. She told me as they gorged into the lagomorph, "Eat up, kids. We have a long way to go."
"What about आप and Dad?" Asked Claudette and she added, "You two need to eat as well."
Humphrey responded to his daughter, "We're fine, Claudette. Your mom and I will handle ourselves later. It's आप guys who need your strength."
Claudette looked away from her father and turned...
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posted by Slenderwolf

So one दिन i was thinking in buy a copy of BattleWolves 4™. So i headed to my door opened and found my great friend L. "Hey एल Wazz up!!!" I कहा in a happy tone. "Hey S!" He said. "How are आप friend?" I said. "I'm going good, You?" He say. "Great! आप know why?" I said. "Why?" He say in a curious tone. "Because im gonna buy BattleWolves 4!!!" I कहा in a happy tone. "Cool! Can i Go with you?" He said. "Sure!" I said. So i got on my Sedan and we go shopping. So we go to a Game खरीडिए and inside it was:Winter Cristal, Caesar213, Timberhumphrey, Humphrey21, and Karinabrony. Then i thought...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
After a long walk, the भेड़िया family finally reach the gas station and the souvenir खरीडिए from the first movie. Humphrey starts to freak out a little.

Humphrey: Oh my god! Tell me this crap isn't happening again. Kate, bite my paw.
Kate: What?
Humphrey: Bite it!
Kate: Okay... (she bites his paw)
Humphrey: Owww! Damn, Kate!
Kate: आप कहा "bite it".
Humphrey: I wanted to see if i was asleep, and in a bad dream.

Kate rolls her eyes and giggles a little. The भेड़िया family get close to the window of the souvenir खरीडिए and they're about to leave the gas station, but Runt notices the lights on the क्रिस्मस tree....
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Its that time of the साल again and Kate and Humphrey have to explain to their newborn pups just what is Christmas. *Short Story*

A/N: Yes it's kind of early but this is a special क्रिस्मस story I decided to write for fun, might not make a lot of sense but हे it's still a story. The pups are the same two from my 'Life Goes On' story so आप can say this is somewhat of a sequel I guess, not really. So grab a cup of एग्नॉग, eggnog या whatever it is आप like to drink and enjoy.

What's Christmas? - TheChriZ1995

Kate's POV

I hummed to myself lightly as I walked through the...
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Leader wolf:"If we let आप and your pregnant friend in and give birth to the pups then we have to feed them too and it we will run out" Hutch:" Looks like आप are doing fine on खाना as I see a good a hundred wolfs happy as they can be." Garth:" yeah it won't matter if nine और joins" Leader Wolf:".....*sigh* fine but for now on when those pups come they don't come out of there dens at dark unless they are getting a drink of water which is in front of the dens" कहा the नारंगी, ऑरेंज फर leader Winston:" sounds good" as the group went inside of the huge walled off city, the leader भेड़िया gives them...
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posted by westernunit-211
The battle for the Western territory is over now it's time for Humphrey and his men to take it to the Eastern territory and take them all out, once in for all.

Day 3 08:05 hrs
Frost's सुरक्षित house
Dare कुत्ता 212
Jasper National park, Canada

Frost woke up and was still tired from yesterdays battle, but he knew that he still had to continue on fighting the enemy to end the war for good. Kate was still asleep, so he got up and stretched out and left his den. He went out and saw some caribou 150 meters NE of his सुरक्षित house. David and Sandman came out and saw Frost looking at the caribou not far...
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(The Bio of Sightless… an old companion)
Sightless was an ordinary Dog and half भेड़िया due to his tail being long and bushy when he was alive with Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the owner of Sightless since he was helpless, alone, and starving in the forest.
Elizabeth saved sightless द्वारा feeding him her lunch she had stored, Sightless was about to attack but he was too weak til he smell the खाना she carried with her so Elizabeth was safe.. sightless saw और than just safety.
Days पूर्व Sightless body strength recovered, his फर was growing back from a light brown mix with black; Elizabeth wasn’t too...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
तितलियों were now in my stomach was we headed up the raise to her parents den, she looked back at me and could probably tell how I was feeling. A reassuring smiled appeared and I returned it before she turned and headed into the मांद, डेन with me right behind.

"Ah Kate there आप are, I was beginning to worry" I heard Eve say

Only her parents were in the मांद, डेन who look all ready and eager to head down to the valley, I just silently stood there until Winston noticed me.

"Humphrey? What are आप doing here, आप should be down in the valley with the others." He said

"Well I..." I began but Kate cut me off,...
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