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It is September 31st 2010 at jasper park the event of alpha and omega.

I started slow and quite down the पहाड़ी, हिल as i hear them coming to my position. As they get closer I started to run and they chase after me. But two caught up to me and pinned me down for awhile until the rest of the pack दिखाना up. As i mentioned earlier one of them talked to me and कहा "what आप doing here in our territory stranger? "Hutch asked me to leave but Winston stopped me from leaving the pack and said" what is your name?"he asked as stopped i and looked up at him and I replied" my name is sly sir" I was wondering...
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posted by shadow-omega

After I had कहा good-bye to Kate, I decided to head to Humphrey and Lilly's den. I thought we could hang out for a bit, after all, I had a few hours to kill. As I walked along, a thought popped into my head:

I wonder what Kate's surprise is.

A few thoughts went through my mind as to what it could be.

It could be hunting.

It could be something dumb and girlie.

It could be sex.

That made me stop and swallow. I mean, making प्यार to Kate, of all wolves. I didn't know, when the time came, if I would be good enough for her. I mean, I knew it was going to come. It did in any relationship. At least,...
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posted by ShadowCodeX17
Ok let's say आप (who ever is पढ़ना this) are walking out in the woods (doesn't even have to be jasper park) and all of a sudden आप see kate या Lilly (whoever आप Prefer) what will happen next? आप can decide :p Please leave a टिप्पणी दे and tell me what would happen next, and if आप continue पढ़ना u will see what I would think will happen.

Yes I will use face expressions

Kate: Aah! (growls)

Me: Oh My God. O_o yo-yo-you Ar-are Kate!!!!!

Kate: how do आप Know My Name Human!?!!? Speak!

Me: uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh (faints)

Kate:............ -_- ugh.........great

It was a sunny morning in Jasper Park, Canada. I was asleep with Kate द्वारा my side. I had a smile on my face because of the dream I was having. It was about morning so it was shining into the den. I was feeling uncomfortable so I rolled to my left. When I moved to this position, the sun was shining straight in my face. I squinted and opened my eyes; blinking a few times to clear my vision. I then went wide eyed at what position I was in. I was on चोटी, शीर्ष of Kate and at the wrong time too. This is because I heard a loud growl coming from the entrance of the room. I looked behind me and fear...
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posted by LoneOmega
Hiya friends... How are आप guys doing ? This article... It's just something I need to share... I was never this dramatic and I don't want to sound dramatic but...well my life is kinda messed up right now and... I just wanted to remember the times I watched alpha and omega and visited this club... they were good times for me.

I miss those days even if they were somehow bad for me, I used to worry too much about things in this group but... those concerns weren't near as big as the things I am going through right now...

Well...that's all...I just wanted to get this off my chest... I miss the old days and I miss आप guys...
Ares was a complete mistake. He had just let his mate, Claudette, die from giving birth to his two new pups, Herin and Xeses. And worst of all, he had blamed his friend, and doctor wolf, Nabara, for all of it, and killed her.

"I'm hungry!" Cried the black pup, his daughter, Xeses.

"I'm sorry little one. I... don't know if I can. It would mean me leaving आप both here द्वारा yourselves, unguarded. I cannot do that. Trust me, they will come looking for us. When they find us, they will take आप both in. They will probably take me in as a criminal, for what I did. But they would never hurt two innocent...
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Ares had just heard the news about Claudette's birth to two healthy pups, who were also Ares'. As he got closer to the den, there were too many भेड़िया in the entrance. "Hey! Father coming through!" Ares shouted. "Ares?" Claudette asked from inside.

"Yes, it's me!" He said. As he made his way in the den, what he saw was horrifying. Claudette was blood soaked, panting, and her eyes were barely open. "Oh no... are आप okay Claudette? Whats wrong?" He urged.

"I... they didn't tell you? This birth has been very hard..." she shivered. "And Nabara doesn't know if i'll make it." She panted. "Oh......
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Ares and Claudette were sleeping, under the moonlight, on the pack's meeting overhang, unlike most nights. This night was special; it was Ares' last night with Claudette for a while, Ares had to go and Assasinate the leader of an army so big, it could easily wipe out the hundreds of भेड़िया Ares had in his pack, including Claudette's old pack, and much more. Her name was Yeris, one of the most brutal and deadly भेड़िया in this region.

"Ares? Is it true that your weakness while आप fight is your mother and getting hurt?" Claudette asked. Ares looked up. "How did आप know?" He asked. "Well......
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If I didn't have courage
I wouldn't be doing this
"What if" is boring
It's only hypothetical

If I were to give up
Like the rest
"I might be weak" isn't good
It wares आप down

If there is a light,
I want to protect it with my might
So let's
Rise to Fight!

Even if you're strong
Even if you're big
There's no guaranteed success
Against the past

Even if आप have courage
Even if you're kind
There's no healing
The sins of the present

Unable to भालू it,
Use that strength
To clear a path to you!

For the unending, continuing tomorrow, everyone
Is preparing; is ‘that’ truely necessary?
Even if आप gather many things आप see with your eyes

Rise to Fight!

They aren't useful; instead, have the strength
To not regret; in other words…Rise to Fight!!

If there is a light,
I want to protect it with my might
So let's
Rise to Fight!
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2: Why Did the Time Stop?

*Jasper National Park*

Nick Wolfe: *Looks around* I still can’t believe what happened yesterday...

Wolf Brace: Wolfe, आप know what आप must do right?

Nick Wolfe: *Nods* I need to stop the Zagiloids from doing whatever their evil plan is.

Wolf Brace: That’s right.

Nick Wolfe: Though I'm just wondering...what happened to that Zagiloid I fought?

Wolf Brace: Best case scenario, it turned back into a Zeta-Drive. Worst case, it’s evolved.

*Near Maligne Lake*

Baron Kabuto Zagiloid: *Sees a black Zeta-Drive left over from the Snake Zagiloid* I see आप failed to destroy...
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posted by The-Theorist
Okay, so I was looking into Alpha and omega: A Family Vacation, and found that they would be returning to Sawtooth National Park to visit Humphrey's family, and I have to say that I sincerely hope that it isn't true. Yes, I would प्यार to meet his parents. In fact, it is something that I have wanted to see for a long time, but if he knew that they were in Idaho, why didn't he and Kate look for them and ask them for help? Why didn't he mention them at all? Also, how did Humphrey get all the way to Jasper? Possibly due to a relocation program, but why would they take one pup? While I hope this is false, because it came from a Wiki page, if it actually turns out to be true, they have a lot of explaining to do in order to make this work. As it stands now, I am having a hard time believing that it would, because, unless they do some miraculously fantastic storytelling, the movie will make no sense at all, and open और holes in its plot.

Transmission over.
after finding all the pups, luetsun, antana, fonso, anna, harenn and rufus set out in खोजिए for winston to have a talk. when they found him luetsun marched up to him and said, " is there a reason we were seperated?"
" what?"
" wasnt it आप who decided where the deportees would go?"
" me? i didn't do it."
" then who did?"
" well as far as i know, the one who did it's still here watching the deportees."
" well, who is it?"
" one of the भेड़िया from stone mountain. hes well built, cant miss 'im."
" khat."
" oh right, आप dont speak annakian. i meant thank आप for the information."
" sure."
at that,...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
पूर्व दर्शन

*Jasper National Park*

Hutch: *Walking around, whistling*

*Suddenly, a dark portal opens*

Hutch: Huh? *Goes over to the portal to investigate*

Phoenix Phantomoid: *Jumps up* I'm here...

Hutch: Who are you?!

Phoenix Phantomoid: *Has red armor, a blank white mask with blue eyes, red wings, and नारंगी, ऑरेंज sharpened nails* I've been spotted...*Fires a blast of dark आग at Hutch*

Hutch: *Dodges* Hey!

Phoenix Phantomoid: Stand aside, fleshling!

Jared Wolfe: *Has green eyes, brown hair, and grey फर with भेड़िया ears and tail, jumps and kicks Phoenix Phantomoid*

Phoenix Phantomoid: *Dodges* Hey! Who are...
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posted by Rockowolf123
Rocko layed in बिस्तर looking at Daria as if she was staring back
I never told आप how I लॉस्ट my eye'' Rocko said
What happened'' she replied
I was on a mission in Cuba before I was taken prisoner and someone stabbed me in my eye'' Rocko said
Were आप scared'' Daria asked
Yes I was'' Rocko replied
*in the morning *
Candu was never to found of rocko
He just followed orders
Hay candu'' Rocko said
Candu just grunted
What's the matter'' Rocko asked
WHY SHOULD I ANSWER आप RAPIST'' candu yelled
SHE WAS BLI-'' candu was cut off when Rocko punched him
Fucking yell at me again आप mother fucker'' Rocko said
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posted by CheetahGirl5147
 This Is A Review!!!! I Think So...
This Is A Review!!!! I Think So...
Me: I guess this is a Review but I don't know...So yeah...I'm doing this because I was requested to...So here ya go!

Rocko was द्वारा the lake panicking
What was I thinking princess is going to kill me and make me in to a rug'' Rocko कहा
Rocko ?'' Princess कहा
Oh hi baby what's up'' Rocko कहा nervously
I know what happened'' she replied
I'm so sorry babe I...i don't know what happened it was the heat of the moment'' Rocko cried

Me:Okay sorry to ruin the moment but yeah this is going to be me just talking about this and stuff...Yeah this is getting weird to me I don't know why O_o

Rocko does Daria...
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Rocko was द्वारा the lake panicking
What was I thinking princess is going to kill me and make me in to a rug'' Rocko said
Rocko ?'' Princess कहा
Oh hi baby what's up'' Rocko कहा nervously
I know what happened'' she replied
I'm so sorry babe I...i don't know what happened it was the heat of the moment'' Rocko cried
Rocko does Daria make आप happy'' princess asked
Yes'' Rocko replied
I want आप happy'' princess said
OK'' Rocko said
I got to go to America Rocko be with Daria we will still be best freimds'' princess said
Princess started her long journey
Daria'' Rocko said
Oh hi Rocko''
I... I think...
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Wow...this movie...blew me out of the water...

Plot: Runt must help a blind भेड़िया named Daria find a घर while he learns about a ghost.

The plot of this movie is very deep, with lots of neat twists and turns.

Score: 5/5

Music: The संगीत was meh in this one...

Score 4/5

Characters(Heroes): Runt is becoming a hero. He helps Daria escape evil wolves, which is a very admirable thing. The only problem I had where the Porcupines (except the male one).

Score: 4.5/5

Characters(Villains): The evil भेड़िया who tried to kill Daria are despicable! They killed her mother and tried to kill her! YURUSANAI!

Score: 5/5

Final Thoughts: This movie wins best animated for this साल for me.

Final Score: 18.5/20

Would I recommend it? YES
So if आप won't hurt me what will आप do'' Rocko. Asked the robots
Well we been wachen ye from a distance and how ye made a computer a real body can you...''
Make आप one sure'' Rocko finished foxy's sentence
How much for them'' Rocko asked
5,000 for them'' the manniger said
Sold '' Rocko said
four clones sat there
Four SD chips plunged in
Ugh thank ye'' foxy said
No problem
Oh got to go आप can go live your lives
आप ready runt'' Rocko asked quietly
Yeah'' runt replied
They got in rocko's old truck
And drove to town
Let's go'' Rocko had taken his nefiew to a Garth brooks concert
Don't tell your mom she will have my a#!'' Rocko said
OK'' runt replied
That was great uncle Rocko '' runt exclaimed
Yeah it was'' Rocko कहा walking runt home
So were did आप two go.'' Humphrey asked
He was watching me hunt'' Rocko lied
OK'' Humphrey said
Good night आप two'' Rocko कहा running off
The battle was over... Most of the rouges retreated from the fight, including their leader, the भेड़िया who called himself "King". But he was anything besides a king. He was the devil himself, as cruel as he was. As he lay dying, as Kate was about to approach him for the final blow, he had a wicked smile on his face because of what he did. For what he did, Kate could NEVER forgive. A part of her heart... a part of Her very soul, along with Humphrey's, was torn away... All because of what the devil himself had done. As Kate delivered the final, gruesome, grisly blow to the cruel alpha, she looked...
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posted by Rockowolf123
Now before we start this involves another movie balto
Let's start
Rocko woke up in a garage
Wake up wolf'' reznove said
The blood drizzled down rocko's face
Step 8 my friend step 8 is freedom'' the Russian said
Rocko then woke up in बिस्तर अगला to his mate
It was only a dream'' Rocko कहा with relief
Are आप ok '' Balto asked
Yeah yeah I'm fine uncle balto'' Rocko said
The plains were being loaded with ब्रेव alpha wolves
In uniforms
Rocko whent over seas a महीना ago
To Rocko balto was a true hero
But to balto Rocko was the bravest भेड़िया he has ever seen
Rocko is still recovering from a महीना पूर्व which is why
He's not their now
Man I wish I could be with them'' Rocko कहा to kodi and alue
Why'' kodi said
Because thay wouldent be as nerves'' Rocko said
The b-17 started and took off
Let's get something to eat cuzz'' alue said
OK'' Rocko said