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Winston awoke to the sound of a telephone ringing. He picked up the phone and answered it. “Hello?” “Hey” कहा a man’s voice over the telephone. “Can आप do a favor for me?” “Yeah, shit yeah.” कहा Winston. “You sleepin’?” कहा the man. “No, no, no, I’m up.” कहा Winston. “Anyway, can आप come द्वारा the territory?” कहा the man. “Yeah I’ll be right over.” कहा Winston. “Alright, bye.” Winston then walked to the bathroom where he washed his face and took his regular daily medication. As Winston walked to his car he noticed a blanket of snow had covered...
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posted by WinstonTheAlpha
Raid On Alpha Territory

Tony and Winston must lead an all-alpha pack through an exhausting, grueling, and strenuous struggle. Run down alpha territory is about to closed off forever, but everything changes when some of the Eastern Pack’s most lethal भेड़िया arrive. Soon the only thing और dangerous than the भेड़िया in the territory is the rogue pack on the perimeter. To survive the night two alphas of opposite sides must शामिल होइए forces to combat an enemy that doesn’t follow the code of an alpha या an omega. What does he want? Can he be stopped? Let the games begin…

Chapter 1:Alpha Down...
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posted by sxyomega
"Come on guys wake up," I heard Gavan yell at us.

"No Gavan I want to stay asleep for a few और मिनटों please."

"No get your नितंब, गधा up, it might be a break from alpha school but that doesn't mean आप have to sleep all day." Gavan said, "Come on we got things to do."

"Like what?"

"Checking the borders, Tracking the Caribou, Watching the pups, and all the other Alpha duties."

"Gavan last time I checked only a graduated Alphas have Alpha duties."

"Yes, but you're going to help me and Dane with ours," He snapped back.

"Wait what," Dane कहा as he sat up really quickly, "Why do we have to work with him...
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posted by lukehaener
It felt like days have flown द्वारा just waiting for Humphrey, i kept thinking to myself why did I किस Garth I प्यार Humphrey not Garth then I heard someone coming in my cave. Oohh Humphrey I need to t... Oh it's आप Garth whats wrong, Kate can आप explain to me what that किस was about, Garth I'm sorry I couldn't help myself it's just that I might have a little bit of feelings for आप still, Oohh Kate I have feelings for आप to. Right at that moment he came at me and started to किस me I was shocked but I kissed back.

So lily how long did आप like me, oh Humphrey I don't like आप I प्यार you, that's...
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man i fuckin waited,
i waited,
i thought i met आप in my time.
but im guessing not आप made my दिल feel faded,
im faded,
ive been workin hard to keep up with my dream i can see it:
its amazin,
but now i लॉस्ट you,
yes it true-
in my दिल i fuckin loved you,
so आप decided to blow me away;
ive been waitin to be turned on.
metalfan's da suspect,
i guess he wins;
guessing my victory is to loose,
a साल without ya,
it drived me crazy,
but now im confused,
we agreed as a family
now i can see our different views,
we were mates in the same path but now your in metalfan's shoes,
girl ill fuckin say it...
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posted by sxyomega
I headed घर because it was getting to be night time. The sun has set, and I had no one to escort me या to walk with which proved to be a great worry for me.

I started to head past the omega dens when I heard a howl. It was full of sadness and depression, but also had some happiness in the howl which for some reason sent the hairs on my back to stand straight up. I headed in it's direction.

There at Moonlight Howl rock, I saw a black figure standing and looking out at the moon. "Uh.....hello?" I asked hoping that it was just my eyes playing with me. It turned around and looked at me for a second...
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posted by sxyomega
After we finished in Alpha school I took Anna घर because Gavan and Dane had Alpha duties and I had to go get some practice so I could try and go and impress that pretty भेड़िया that I met today. Slowly I began to realize, "I don't even know her name and I am talking about impressing her!" I thought.

Right now I didn't want to think about that stuff so I just finished taking Anna home.

"Thanks for walking me घर Jason." She said.

"No problem, hey, uh....I'm going out somewhere and I wont be back until dark, so don't wait up for me for super alright?"

"Ok. That's alright, see आप when आप get back,"...
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i walked to winston and eves मांद, डेन sat and started grooming myself. winston stepped out and कहा "hello hutch why are आप here?" I कहा "I came to warn of a danger." scream! i woke up and saw garth he was carrying kate she tried countlessly to get away but didnt succeed. garth set her down kate screamed garth continued to hold her and said"listen i know this is weird but this needs to happen!" kate stressed and stressed some more. candu was अगला to me i कहा "whats happened to you!?" he कहा "the eastern भेड़िया tortured me and आप im gonna die हटाइए on man good bye." he was silenced forever after...
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After about 2 months of Kate's and Humphrey's marriage and Lily's and Garth's marriage its been quite slow, they decided it be best if they live in the same den, Humphrey is learning of being alpha and become pretty good, he and Garth are becoming close फ्रेंड्स and allies but the moose have become less and less around Jasper and its up to Garth and Kate या will they mess up........

Humphrey: Goodmorning kate

Kate: Goodmorning humphrey so did आप get me breakfest?

Humphrey: no recently the moose has not been a good supply lately

Kate: well may be आप should take Garth आप guys can look for some...
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posted by OmegaLeader
One दिन Jasper Park Garth and Humphrey went hunting and meet other far packs since moose have been gone for about a week. After meeting the new packs they decide to make a gathering where भेड़िया all over Canada and UsA come to howl and meet.
On the night of the event Humphrey and Garth get in party type of mode not expecting themselves ( trained betas ). Yellowstone भेड़िया take Humphrey and Garth to help rebuild there pack. During the time of there absence everyone thinks they are iout hunting but Kate and lily wasn't told द्वारा them and hutch didn't know about it so the three go on to learn what has happened and during the time Lily learns her inner Alpha. ( ending will be दिया with the story please give me ideas )
posted by ShadowTheWolf14
Chapter 2 Part 3
Passing the time

It has been a महीना sinces Shadow first met Serra,and he has grown impatient,and doesn't want to wait any longer to see her again.Shadow has been dreaming about her sinces he first बुआई करना, बोना her,and doesn't know why. But he has been having these odd fillings about her and can't explain them.
हे Shadow wan't to play?Asked Sherry. No. आप sure? Yea.Ok?With that स्पेनिश सफेद मदिरा, शेरी left. Men what are these fillings i have?Asked Shadow confused. What filling? Asked Mace.Oh um i don't know how to describe it ant Mace. Its this girl that i know and i every time i think of her i get this filling.Awwww. Shadow,your in love. exclaimed Mace.
In love?!?!?!?!?!? कहा Shadow confused and shocked.Yes. Ew i'm not in प्यार with her!with hearing that Mace giggled.Your understand और about being in प्यार when your older sweetie.Mace walked over and Kissed him on the head.
posted by ShadowTheWolf14
Chapter 2 part 2
Meeting a Beautiful Girl

It has been 4 years sinces Mace adopted Shadow and he has made lots of new friends. But he still doesn't know about somethings dark from the past,things that he will be hunted for Later in his life.
आप can't catch me! yeld Sherry. I'll catch you.Said Shadow. Come on LJ!Help me get her! I'm coming. कहा LJ. I'm going to get her i'm close to getting her, ha!Ah!Get Off me.Grrr. Hahahaha. Got you!Ok ok y'all win.
हे here comes the pack leaders daughter Serra. Wow! कहा Shadow stunted.What? Asked LJ and Sherry.I don't know. Its a new filling. ok?...
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posted by ShadowTheWolf14
Chapter 2 part 1
New life,new फ्रेंड्स

Its now the अगला दिन and Shadow Is looking out the मांद, डेन when he heard he's ant Mace कहा to him, Whats wrong Shadow? I miss Mother.Shadow कहा starting to tear up gain. Oh sweet shes in a better places now,and shes still with you. Shadow calms down and looks at her puzzled.She is? Shadow asked with a little hop in his eyes.Yes. She is in your heart. Oh. Shadow कहा now losing his hop.
हे cheer up. Now come with me. I need to Get some one. Ok who is it?Shadow Asked. My daughter. Shadow was shocked when he heard this and asked. आप have a daughter? Yes...
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posted by ShadowTheWolf14
Chapter 1 part 1

आप wan't to hear a story,a story about a human and a wolf? Well I got one for you. We all know the storys where a human and a भेड़िया fall in love.And some thing या some one trys to keep them a part.Well this one starts a bit different, this time a human shapeshifter Is adoptide द्वारा a pack of wolfs,but the shapeshifter is bit different he can only change to two different animal,a wolf,and a ape.Strange right? yea.He was adoptide द्वारा a भेड़िया couple,the adoptide mother's name was Mace,and the adoptide farther's name is Jason. And the pack was located in the western part of Jasper Park Canada.The shapeshifter's story Starts in the South West part of Jasper.But how does he get in the western part of jasper आप ask? Well wait and see.
posted by katelover14
It was the middle of the night and I heard something outside of my मांद, डेन i walked over there and i seen a beautiful लोमड़ी, फॉक्स walking past my मांद, डेन i shook my head and went back to sleep "thinking why did that लोमड़ी, फॉक्स walk past my den"? i started to wake up when i felt the warmth of the sun.oh yeah i forgot that i had to go hunting today eves going to be pissed with me but i didnt care at all.i walked over to see hadashi sitting there with her bitchy look. hadashi:what the hell took आप Adrien? the whole pack was waiting for you.I'm surprised curt even made आप a beta.i rolled my eyes at her and कहा I'm not scared of आप eve is much worse.
posted by trueshadowwolf
It was summer. My name is Trueshadowwolf. What the story your about to read will have violents and strong language. Warning don't do this at home.

It was a Nice day. Boreing actually. I was just sitting on the ground. Doing nothing. "Hey Trueshadowwolf!" Bran65 said. Bran65 is a good friend of mine. Turns out we have a lot in common. "You want to go to the lake?" Bran65 said. Then a few भेड़िया showed up. Which is our friends. James, Nicker11500 and mattwolf199. "Where आप guys going?" Nicker11500 said. "To the lake." I said. Then They decided to शामिल होइए us. "Hey guys I bet i can catch that cat...
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Chapter 4:The “Escape”
The two hurriedly went back to the shuttle. “Let’s get out of here.” कहा Winston. The shuttle began to liftoff when suddenly the shuttle sank back down to the ground. “Why the hell aren’t we leaving.” कहा Hutch. “It appears something is causing interference with our equipment. “Damn it!” कहा Hutch. “Well the best we could do is wait it out, try again tomorrow…” And with that they went to bed. They woke the अगला morning with hope in their hearts and doubt in their minds. As Winston passed द्वारा the door he thought he saw something outside. “I...
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posted by mattwolf199
"it takes guts to stay with this pack lone भेड़िया have ben seen taken pups and wipeing out whole packs in wone go भेड़िया have seen the out claners and their leeder fang and his lutenint frost paw the word is that they take the puppys and train the wons that survive in to a miitary forse so stay in your caves and keep close to your mate." "if I wrer आप sone go back to your momma and stay close to her" " yes dad"

their is a fight brewing and the leeder of this pack better know what hes doing
Chapter 3: Bodies
Winston suddenly noticed Hutch walking towards a cave-like crater. “What the hell are आप doing?!” कहा Winston. “The सूट्स are not ready to sustain that much cold.” “I think I see something in there.” कहा Hutch. Hutch then pulled out a device that emitted blue flashes to allow him to see in the dark cave-like crater. As Hutch descended into the crater his anxiety grew, he started breath heavily as he feared something terrible was going to happen. Suddenly a flash revealed the dead body of an Eastern Pack wolf, Hutch was terrified at the sight of the body. “Holy...
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Apollo 18: An Alpha and Omega Horror Story

On June 7th 1983, Candou, Hutch, and Winston had the opportunity to travel to the moon on the spacecraft Apollo 18. But nothing could prepare them for the indescribable horrors that await them on the dreadful hellhole known as the moon. From Extraterrestrial occurrences to brutal deaths, this story is a pulse pounding, spine tingling, bloodcurdling story that will keep आप guessing to the very end. Who will live and who will die? Let the horror begin…

Chapter 1 coming soon!