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posted by TheChriZ1995
According to a Lionsgate press release about A&O4, this is the फिल्में synopsis (plot).

The Alphas and Omegas share a thrilling adventure filled with surprises, humor and heartwarming moments after Runt – Kate and Humphrey’s Omega भेड़िया cub – sneaks off to explore the haunted Saw Tooth Cave. When Runt finds a भेड़िया who’s been driven from her pack for being different, he musters all his courage to help her – and learns the joys of lending a paw to a friend in need.

Anyone else think this "friend" is Princess?
"the creatures still is in a deep slumber still.. for now" a deep voice echoed slowly, fading away as another voice touch the end of my skull; I wasn't too sure where was I know nor did I ever wanted to. the motion around me slowly stopped as I figured I was trapped into a portable metal तालिका, टेबल and right अगला to me was a half life human corpses as i shrug to escape it from screaming, but the metal locks held my paws and legs from releasing myself.
the hallway I thought. I was in a dark place with lights barely Shining through the floor but
making it harder to see.
"Y-your.." the half human spoke...
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I'm sorry about the disppointment this may cause some people.
But this is the first time I have a GOOD review.

Witch means.

Less chances of one of my angry rants.
But that dosent meant I won't swear in this one, if I feel the need.


On to the story.

The idea for something like this is very much a great one.
And I am very much glad some one did it.

Lilly has always been. What can we say.
A 'noticable'.
Not only is she the only omega of her family.
But she is literary the only white भेड़िया of the whole pack (unless I missed some).

The thought that Winston and Eve aren't her real parents.
It actually...
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posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 27 people. Also anyone interested in my future X-over, look at the Author's Note down at the bottom. Enjoy.

Stinky's POV

I was looking for my तारीख, दिनांक Artemis right after my family विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up. My dad helped me with Runt's and my hair for our dates. He brushed mine towards the back of my head and told flattened my fur. Dad कहा that I should try to put water on it when it gets tussled. My mom told me I shouldn't be nervous about my date. She कहा that as long as I act nice, Artemis will at least enjoy our night together. I hope she was right because I didn't want to have a bad first impression...
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so now, we all know that A&O 5's been called "Family Vacation". so i got a few predictions on the plot of the movie and what's it gonna be about. here's my prediction:

"It's spring time again, and Humphrey has trouble dealing with the fact that the पिल्लें are slowly growing up and hanging out with other पिल्लें (especially Fleet and Claudette). to get his mind off of it, they all decide to go on a family vacation, but what was supposed to be a happy vacation turns upside down, when King's brother (and Princess's uncle) Ted decides to finish what his brother started: kill everyone and take...
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posted by sanman7
It was June, which meant summer, but it was cloudy and grey that day, that day, Chris and Rob were striding through the ruins of the world, या at least what was left of it.

"Hey, Rob, आप ever wonder if, well people other than the Enclave are watching us?"

"Nah, I feel it too, it's probably rogue's या raiders, criminals, i don't know man, so where did they see Humphrey last?"

"Intel says National archives, thats only about four blocks away, we can make it, unless you're right about the criminals, या rogues, we should be fine."

just than, there was movement, on the सेकंड story of a destroyed apartment...
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So I don't know why I would read something द्वारा the same troll who wrote Lilly's Opposite Side and Tattered and Torn.

But, I guess, it's good having me tell people about it, so others don't read it (though आप probably will anyway).

But anyway.
There are three parts to this story.
And it's something I can't stand.
"lost episode".

What the fuck is up, with "lost episodes".
I mean. Take Discords लॉस्ट episode and Flim and Flam लॉस्ट episode.
What are they trying to do.
Make us believe it really happened.
I'll believe लॉस्ट episodes after believing "Slenderman".
I mean, if nobody saw him. Why is there...
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 "Kill the Flaws!" - Garth
"Kill the Flaws!" - Garth

As I remember there's one for Kate, Lilly and Humphrey as well.

But I don't know if these stories are still able to be found.
Keep in mind. I read these a long time ago.
Way before being a Brony, and discovering फैन्पॉप shortly after (though the reasons for each, are not at all connected).

I would be willing to review the messed up one that was for Humphrey.
He loses his sight, and than his SANITY.
As he kills Winston, and then, fully snaps.

But if I were to disguess a story about Humphrey snapping.
I would do that delated one, I think was called "cold wind blows"
it ties with ROCKET TO INSANITY,...
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posted by BronyWolf
This is a dedication to my long लॉस्ट friends: Jon, Simba, and Garth. I'll miss आप all!!

(And in case आप didn't know. In the official RP of this प्रशंसक page. Jon had Kate. Kate had left Humphrey for Jon.

How long has it been, 3 या 5 years? Honestly I can't really remember, it is like if time has stopped since that night...

It's funny; people say that the pain goes with the time. That eventually you'll end accepting it and get up over it. Well, that's not my case, because, it still hurts just as much as that night...That ...Night...Some years ago....
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*All credit goes to DarthGoldstar710 (from DeviantART)

Chapter 5: Golfing Tournament
- - - - -
The अगला morning, Hutch and Wildflower wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

"Good morning, my love." Hutch says,

"Good morning." Wildflower says, then she looks to see Hutch's foreleg is wrapped around her.

"Uh, Hutch," Wildflower says, "Why is your foreleg on me?"

"You looked like आप were shivering last night and I wanted to keep आप warm." Hutch says, nuzzling Wildflower.

"Thanks." Wildflower says, blushing a bit.

"So, what do आप want to do today?" Hutch asks Wildflower,

"Anything आप want." Wildflower...
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posted by Kitsune32
I am REALLY sorry for the wait आप guys. Okay so this chapter will focus on Mooch, Candy, Cando and Reba. Sort of a filler chapter. Enjoy.

Mooch's POV

"Ooph," I found myself on the ground and saw the caribou I was trying to hunt run away. "*sigh* Dammit," I cursed under my breath. "Hey it's alright. It took me a while to succeed at hunting," Cando कहा trying to cheer me up. "Thanks," I कहा forcing a smile. The training was difficult, but I am an omega so it'll take me a while to get the hang of it. Cando कहा pinning caribou might be easier for me because of my... extra body mass. Ok no matter...
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posted by simmy240
I am taking a break from लेखन the Dayz series and starting to write this, sooooo, Enjoy :D

Me (Joey O'Sullivan) and my फ्रेंड्स (Blake, Amy and Josh) were in a terrible car crash. We were brought to a nearby A&E ward. I am confirmed to be in a coma :( . I keep having weird visions in my coma but one that I get stuck in is me being a भेड़िया in Jasper park running through the forest...

"Woohoo!! This is sooo fun, isn't it?". This echoed through the forest. I stopped running and slowly crept forward.
"Yeah Dad, this is really fun". Parents? "I should go an see what kind of parents...
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Note : Humphrey is an Omega but he knew how to hunt and fight.

It was a beautiful दिन in Jasper Park. Humphrey as the grey Omega woke up in his den. He was still brokenhearted since he knew Kate will marry Garth. And finally he made up his decision to run away as the lonely wolf. He walk to his friend, Shaky, Salty, and Mooch to tell this.

Humphrey's POV

I think this is it. I went to the पहाड़ी, हिल as I saw all my Omega फ्रेंड्स was there. "Hey guys" i कहा to them. "hey Humphrey" salty said. "why do आप look so sad ?" कहा Mooch. "well guys I have to tell आप thet I will leave this pack. I can't see...
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posted by Kitsune32
Happy Belated Mother's Day. Sorry guys for not updating last week. I was busy on my new story. Ok so here's Chapter 23. Also story hit 4000 देखा गया so yeah and kind of short chapter today sorry. Enjoy

Runt's POV

I woke up as I lifted my head and opened my eyes. I saw that my parents were already awake, but Stinky and Claudette were still sleeping. "Good morning son," Dad said. "Good morning आप guys," I yawned as I walked towards them rubbing my eyes. "You excited for the Moonlight Howl tonight," Mom asked. My eyes shot wide open as I just remembered that tonight was a special night. "I almost...
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Ok so here's my thoughts on The Great भेड़िया Games. Just to get things clear I didn't hate the movie, but I thought it could have been way better.
One thing that pissed me off was the exclusion of the characters. Lilly, Garth, Winston, Eve and Tony weren't in it at all and Kate was only in it for about 1/4 of the movie even including the flashback. Now I can sort of forgive them for not including Winston, Eve, या Tony, but why not have Lilly या Garth. They were an important couple too. And Kate, for goodness sake she's just as important as Humphrey. They could have easily have it that she didn't...
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Alpha & Omega: Darkness of Dreams

Humphrey and Kate are a very loving couple. They loved each other so much. But the pack does not want them together. Humphrey was upset about it though. But he and Kate had a amazing childhood.


Humphrey and Kate were about 3 months old. Their quite young. They were just having fun playing but they came across something that haunted their lives. There was always this abandoned मांद, डेन that looks very old. It looked like it was around for a thousands of years. Winston and Eve and Humphreys parents (unknown parents) kept telling them not to go around...
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posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 21 people. This chapter will focus on Nars. I might put a Part 4 as well.

Nars' POV (When Magril and Fleet left that morning.)

I watched as my pups left to hang out with their friends. It was nice to see Magril become as social as Fleet was. It was lonely sometimes when the pups went out to play with their friends. Normally I would relax with Trixie and talk a bit. But after her... passing, I just slumped in our मांद, डेन until Magril and Fleet would come back. Fortunately, ever since this year's Games, I would occasionally head to the Western Pack to talk to Kate and Humphrey.

Man, every...
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My Pov ( Jason)
I hear everything about me आप like me?
Sophie: Yeah I kinda do
Oh Soph, I like आप too
Rose: So Jason do आप want to do?
I'll have a walk with Sophie.
Shade: Okay take care आप two.
Sophie: We will

As we walk at the park a voice come up
Well Well looks here the little bitch
हे watch who आप call bitch
??: Do आप think we like care what we call her.
Then the भेड़िया attack Sophie injuring her.
I got angry and attack him .I care.
??:The name's Mike I'll be back.
Are आप okay?
Sophie: Okay आप save me.
I have to defend आप Soph.
Sophie: Why are आप fond of me?
आप like me like I like आप of course I'll to defend you.
Sophie: Jason we meet two days and I can't stop thinking about you.
Me too.
posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 18 guys. Also I think for now Tuesdays and Thursdays will my days off from writing. Enjoy.

No One's POV

It was early afternoon as Runt and his siblings were playing with Agnes, Brent, and the Northern Pups. While the others were playing tag, Magril and Runt were talking about how Stinky's blind तारीख, दिनांक with Artemis would go.

"Well it'll most likely depend on what they want to do," Magril said.

"You have a point there," Runt replied. "Oh did आप tell Artemis about the blind date?"

"Yeah, she doesn't have a तारीख, दिनांक yet so she agreed on it," Magril said. "Did आप tell Stinky yet?"

"No, I'm...
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posted by Kitsune32
Ok here's Chapter 16. Hope आप guys enjoy

Runt's POV

Magril and I were talking Stinky and Claudette when our parents called for us. We left Stinky and Claudette as they talked to each other. The two of us went to my parents. "Did आप guys want to talk about," I asked them. "Yes, it's about the snuggling and kissing," Mom said. "Could आप two try to decrease the चुंबन and nuzzling?" "We're sorry, but we think that आप two are too young for it," Dad said. "We don't mean to try to suppress your guys feelings for each other," he added with a bit of guilt in his voice. I actually understood why...
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