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Fan fiction by xscash23 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Kate sat at घर wondering what she was gonna do about John she needed to snap him back in shape and he walked in with his फ्रेंड्स and कहा 'Mom make me a...' Kate cut him off 'Listen young man if आप keep अभिनय this way im gonna...gonna hell i dont know but आप wont like it आप here me im gonna tell आप one last time stop hanging out with tose puck' she slaped him across the face so hard he snapped out of his punk ways and told his फ्रेंड्स to go घर and Hten he turned and his mother had gone in her room and she yelled out 'John Come here Now!' and he bolted down the hall to his mothers room like it was क्रिस्मस and he sad his mothers expression and कहा 'Your still mad arn't you?' and Kate कहा 'Of course and your gonna get it boy' and she pulled out his father's strap and he didn't mave a muscle and he कहा 'Ha that ain't gona touch me once and आप know it because your...' she hit him hared with it and it was cause he was geting to go back to his punk ways she then grabed him and a pair of handcuffs and tied him to the बिस्तर post and she hit him hard across his rear and he cried out in pain and she kept striking him untill he was in so much pain he couldn't stand या sit and...
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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After I left Jon, a friend of Humphrey's, decided he wanted to mate with Humphrey. But there was one problem... Kate. So Jon decided to get rid of Kate. So when Kate went on one of her long walks, Jon asked if he could go with her,
"Well... As long as आप don't get in my way, it's okay." Jon chuckled at this mishtieveosley. After a while of walking he decided to put his 'hit' on Kate. He walked up अगला to Kate. He knew that the path they took went right to the चोटी, शीर्ष of a cliff. He decided the quickest death would be to fall off it. So when Kate went up to the top, Jon followed and 'accidentally' tripped and made Kate fall of the cliff. All that he heard was a very large thud. He went up the cliff to make sure Kate was dead, there she lie. It was a horrible scene, बोन्स were snapped, and her body lay sprawled out. Jon went to Humphrey's मांद, डेन and told him a lie,
"Oh हे Jon! Where's Kate?"
"That's what I came to talk about..."
"No. No no no no! She can't be. She can't be dead."
Fan fiction by xscash23 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Humphrey sat on his बिस्तर in the rehab facilite he could not stand not taking the usual pills he took his withdrawl symtoms are: Vomiting,uncontrollable shaking,Migrains,Panic attacks He could not stand it he had to have his pills then he took out his staionary box and wrote a letter to kate that goes like this:

Dear Kate,
Its दिन 6 of no pills and im freaking the fuck out i can't stand being away from आप and at night i put my arm like i do when we lay together and then i realize that your not there and cry i can no longer deal with this cant wait to come home.

Your Mate,

And a दिन later he got this letter from kate:

Dear Humphrey,
baby i feel your pain and i miss आप and your arm around me and your hugs i miss everthing about आप your song लेखन your...your well your mating with me and ever sense आप left John our son has gotten out of hand he been hanging with Wolfiey's son Riley and he doesn't come घर till midnight and i tried to put a strap of leather to his bottom but he just to dam strong I need you...
Opinion by nalalover posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Kate and Humphrey,
Lily and Garth,
Will always have there true love,
And never be apart.
Reba and Janice,
Are down to earth not square,
While Shakey has it good,
For he has found,
His double dose of love,
That is rare.
Salty and Mooch,
Will find their true love,
They are just different,
All they need is a hug.
Winston and Eve,
Are ment to be,
But if आप get in a fight,
They got your back without worry.
Candu and Hutch,
Are soldiers आप see,
In the front lines,
Fighting for glory.
Tony needs help,
As आप can plainly see,
Because Garth is in प्यार with Lily,
To bad Tony HEHE.
Now just wait आप will see,
They are going to make,
A सेकंड Alpha and Omega story...

(By= Nalalover)
Fan fiction by VengeanceWolf posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I swirled my finger over the hilt of my sword and stared at the five wolves, leaning my cheek and the other hand.
As the were new they were still unclothed and obviously did not know what modesty meant.
The one with golden फर stepped forward, "Is there no other way to get home, Kierrn?"
I flicked my ear in annoyance, "There is, any of the three kings could make आप a portal home, that includes me, but I have decided to keep आप here. As my pets."
The red muscled भेड़िया stepped forward, "I am no ones pet," he growled.
I smiled and attacked his consciousness with the full weight of my mind until he lay quivering and whining on the floor.
"You will all learn obedience to me, this is not your world. This is a world far और terrifying than आप will ever know. Alec, yes I see आप remember him. This was his घर for almost a साल before our master gave him leave to return to your pathetic world."
"This is where Alec, Cassandra, Mephistopheles trained?" asked the one named Lilly, her voice in awe.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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After a 6 weeks of the same type of days. We got on a plane and headed घर to my moms. A few weeks later school was starting. Kate was heart-broken when I told her she couldn't come to school with me. I gave her the only reason I knew,
"I'm sorry but the student at the Clifford H Wise middle school are... Well ... assholes... Best word I can think of right now."
"I can handle them."
"I know आप can handle them, but it's not आप i'm worried about... It's me."
"Because, I bottle up all the stress they give me...
Ooo. If आप were there when I exploded. Just promise me आप won't go to my school."
"I promise, Elijah."
"And uhm... I might not be appreciated when I get घर so yah just stay in my room."
Fan fiction by UriahA posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Cando and Scar have been married for a while now and they still haven’t gone on a honeymoon. They planned out theirs. Cando had to get leave from work to go on this trip. They were leaving that night. They चुरा लिया and figured out so much technology from humans that howling wasn’t necessary. Instead they called.
“Yo, Winston. I need leave. Scar and I are going on a honeymoon.”
“Sure, Cando. We don’t have much going on anyway.”
“Thanks Winston,” Cando hung up, “He कहा yes. Where should we go?”
“Anywhere. We could just take a road trip.”
“True. Yeah, the truck gets great mileage! 9 whole miles per gallon!”
“Quit Joshing.”
“Sorry! I’m sorry It’s just funny.”
“It holds 35 gallons. That’s still 305 miles with out fuel.”
“I still प्यार that thing.”
“You प्यार a truck और than me?”
Cando jumped onto Scar, “I don’t प्यार anything और than I प्यार you!”
Scar rolled onto her back and let Cando crawl on her and mount her. They’ve done this technique every time they mated. Cando remembered something.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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One day, when I was two years old my whole pack was whipped out, द्वारा the 'offset' pack. The offsets must have thought I would die soon after my pack was gone. But my dad taught me better than anyone else. Soon after eating a big meal I was off. द्वारा myself,
"Lone-Wolf, No limits, No-one to rely on, And no-one to wait for." I thought to myself. I liked my new motto, little did I know... That was the आदर्श वाक्य I was, from then on, to follow for the rest of my life.

Later I found another pack. It was a long walk from my pack to their's... 50 clicks to be precise... Well I didn't find them, they found me. I had passed out from hunger. The the people who found me brought me to their den. I woke up an घंटा after they had laid me in their bed.
"Uhgh. Where am I?" I asked myself half asleep,
"Your in our den."
"Wha, what the hell! Who the hell are you?" another भेड़िया walked in,
"Oh good he's awake! I was beginning to worry about him!"
"I'm Humphry... this is Kate."
Article by Alphaman posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Alright I have special pics of A&O2 now it's up to आप guys on what I should do.
First should I make a slideshow about Kate and what she looks like
सेकंड should I make one about Lily. Now about Lily,shes pregnant in this movie.
Third should I make a slide दिखाना about everything I have so far.
It's up to everybody out there so start to decide.
प्रिय pics described.
Pic 1: Lily with garths paw on her stomach
Pic 2: Kate and humprey at moonlight howl
Pic 3: Lily laying unconscious
Pic 4: Kate fighting a Delta
Pic 5: Lily and her pups
Pic 6: Kate talking to Lily
Pic 7: Garth and Lily at moonlight howl
Pic 8: Kate helping Lily up
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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After I put the monopoly game away, We watched TV.
And then my dad came home. Me and my dad played playstation. A few hours later,
"Ok buddy it's 2100 hours...let's go to bed."
"But dad..."
"No buts I have to wake up early in the morning for school."
"Goodnight kiddo."
"Goodnight dad."
"Goodnight Kate."My dad pated her back
"Goodnight Mr. Boyd!" Me and Kate went to our room and I closed my door so we could watch TV and fall asleep. And Kate slept beside me. She fell asleep after a minute... And I stayed up for a while and watched TV. After an घंटा या so I fell asleep.
Fan fiction by EightySix posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Eight and Deogee trekked on, their paws treading up the ground behind their steps. They paced along the treeline, where the growth of tall घास and wheat was stopped द्वारा regular daytime shade making way for the forest to begin. This was the edge of the once golden field that lay in front of the मांद, डेन rock. The दिन cooled some, but the sun came out now to hang dimly in the sky. It was after mid-day, but not quite late afternoon. Most of the jobs around the clan had been done, leaving the feel of a lazy दिन all around.
Eight moved on with the old wolf, away from the den, away from the pack. They just walked on, Eight, all the while struggling with how to voice the feelings that he had just begun to sort through. Deogee understood. He was once young too, he gave Eight all the time he needed. They had all day.

"Well... I mean..." Eight fumbled around to get out what he had to say, "She's great."
"Great is a good start." The old भेड़िया chuckled and grinned.
Fan fiction by UriahA posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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The अगला दिन I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and got ready. I had to be at my bus stop द्वारा 8:00 a.m. 7:50 rolled द्वारा and I put my shoes on, and lifted my heavy नितंब, गधा backpack onto my shoulders.
“I’m leaving Humphrey!”
Humphrey rushed down. He jumped into my arms and gave my a nice long kiss. His tongue was soft and sweet. I put him down and opened the door.
“Uriah wait!”
“I want to say something.”
“Go ahead.”
“I प्यार you.”
I smiled, “Oh I प्यार आप too!”
I hugged him and headed out. It was probably about 7:56 द्वारा the time I headed out. I was about half was down my सड़क, स्ट्रीट when I saw my bus stop at the end of the road.
“Shit I gotta run!” I yelled.
I ran to my bus. Janet, my bus driver is very lenient when it comes to the kids being late to the bus stop.
“Thanks for waiting,” I said.
“You’re welcome.”
She drove off and soon arrived at my school. I ride bus number 1, but at one time it was 7. 31 and 4 were actually already at the scholl with 19 trailing behind us. I came to my friend Nick and sat down.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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The अगला morning dad was off at school.
"Hey Elijah?"Kate started
"Yah Kate?"
"Where's your dad?"
"I imagine he's at school, Kate."
"Why's your dad at school?"
"Well, he going to school to learn how to be a Police Officer."
"Oh. That's cool!"
"Yes very cool!"
"What your hat say, I can't read?"
"It says 'Minnesota West Law Enforcement'"
"Oh did आप get that hat from your dad?"
"Why yes I did."I कहा smiling."Wanna watch me play a video game?"
"Okay i'll play... world war one" an घंटा later both me and Kate got very bored,"Wanna watch a movie?" I suggested,
"Hmmmmmmmm... uhm ... uhhhhh... lets watch... "The Chronicles Of Riddick"
"Is it scary?"
"A little but that's what आप have me for!"I put the disc in and hi play and snuggled on the couch. Kate decide to cuddle in my lap. In a few moments this guy popped up on the tv and Kate screemed.
"Ahh!!!" when she jumped she hit me in the nose.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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My dad started up the car and started for his apartment.
"So dad,"
"can Kate sleep in my room tonight?"
"Hmmmmm... Well I don't see why not."
"Thank आप daddy!"(yes i call him that)
"No problem buddy... But there's one exception..."
"Yah dad?"
"You need to play some games with me while i'm home!"
"Well... I can do that!" We both laughed,
"Can I play some games too?" Kate asked,
"If आप know how to play 'Monopoly' then yah!"
"What's Monopoly?" we pulled in our driveway,
"C'mon. I'll दिखाना you," we got to the apartment and I got out the 'Monopoly' game.
"Monopoly is a long game my mom hates this game!"we played until it was time to go to bed.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"Hello Kat, this is Kelly and my mate."
"And my mate's name is Red." Kelly blurted out.
"Oh. Well would आप like to stay with our pack?"
"It's tempting but we have to go, we might get a drink on our way through though!" Kat led us to where the pond was,
"Well take care आप two!"
"You too!" Kat left.
"Alright... Lets go."I कहा looking at Kelly.
"Okay." She said, and we where off again. We traveled and traveled and never looked back.


Written द्वारा yours truly,
Fan fiction by UriahA posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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The pack formed a 56 car convoy. That is the whole pack going after Debbie! Debbie didn’t know what was coming but she was fully prepared for the most part. They arrived at the house she was at. Hutch was the leader and switch his PA radio speakers to external.
“Debbie, we all know you’re in there! Come out now and surrender!”
“Screw आप wolves!” Debbie yelled.
Hutch radioed Cando and Claw, “Yo, Cando, Claw, get in your turrets! We’ll have to threaten her!”
Cando and Claw loaded their turrets, “We got 80 Caliber mounted turrets in 2 of घंटा trucks! Don’t make us fire!”
Debbie sent out two henchmen. Both of them were Annihilated द्वारा those turrets.
“Mooch, Johnny, prepare to आग your missiles!”
Debbie came out with thousands of henchmen.
“This is going to be one hell of a war!” Hutch said.
Cando and Claw were firing their turrets in unison. This was a massive war. Johnny was throwing knives at all the henchmen almost like how Debbie was throwing knives at Humphrey.
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"Yah my dad's a real scientist just like me." We pulled in our driveway and Kate saw my dog barking furiously as we came to the door, "Will your dog hurt me?" she asked fearfully, "No. Shes just trying to scare आप off but when we walk through that door, she'll come and sniff आप that's all."
"Oh. Okay." We opened the door and as promised Jersey seized barking(Jersey=my dog) and came over and sniffed Kate. Then we went up to my room and watched tv for the remainder of the night.

We woke up early in the morning and went to the air port and we had a one way ticket to Minneapolis. After a few long hours we were at Minneapolis.I met my dad at the luggage rack and gave him a big hug,
"Hey dad I got something special to दिखाना you!"
"Oh yah what's that?" My dad asked very excitedly, "You'll see..." and just as I कहा that I picked up Kate carrier.
"What's that?" My dad asked,
"It's my new pet, a wolf!"
"Really?" He looked at Kate,we were now at the car,
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Warning sexual content!

She moved off my pants and we got closer together,
"Do me." She कहा quietly
"I will." I कहा sticking me into her. She started moving and i हटाइए with her we did this for a while then I cummed in her and she wanted और we did this until I fell asleep in her. In the morning we ate breakfast and then called my mom,
"Hey mom,"
"I'm bringing घर some nature to conserve!"
"Oh. Really? What's that?" I hesitated but managed to say the words,
"It's a... a rare type of dog!"
"Really? What breed?" 'AH shit!' I was thinking,
"Uhm. She's Um 99% भेड़िया and 1%... Human?"
"Huh ok then, but what do आप mean द्वारा human?"
"She can talk,"
"Oh well now आप have someone else other than yourself and आप reach action figures,"
"I know right!"
"Ok well Me and Brian( my step-dad. and my real dad's first name is Brian too lol)
will be at work late so feel free to दिखाना your new pet around!"
Article by Alphaman posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Well I was going through a movie theater and a found a book that had realease days of movies. While going through it I found alpha and omega 2. It कहा realease तारीख, दिनांक April/1/2013.
In this book it also had summaries of the movies. The summary कहा and I qoute "alphaes and omegas live happily In till one becomes enraged and tries to start a war. It's up to Kate and Lilly to save their घर from another war.
So that was it the summary. So if this is true Kate and lily will be the main charaters, yay Kate! But now I'm left to wonder about Humprey and Garth and who the bad guy is.
Well all good सवाल and the answer will proably come soon. So that's it for now.
Fan fiction by UriahA posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Humphrey was gone. This however, he wasn’t kidnapped like Kate, he was killed. No way to get him back.
“It’s hard to believe he’s gone! There’s no way for him to be alive this time,” Kate कहा crying.
They were at Jasper भेड़िया Cemetery and were about to burry Humphrey. Hutch lead the funeral and had the responsibility to burry his Omega brother.
“Kate, do आप want to burry him?”
Kate was in massive tears, “No! I can’t!”
Hutch laid Humphrey into his burial place. He managed to hold back the tears about to fall.
“He’s now in his final resting place. No one shall disturb this grave, for they shall be cursed if they do.”
Kate got to her knees, “I don’t know what to do!”
Johnny got to Kate, “Mom, chill out. Dad’s gone, just don’t commit suicide.”
Everyone returned home, but Kate started to rage.
“I need revenge on that… that… I’m going to say it! Bitch!”
“Mom, can I help you?”
“No, I don’t want आप to get hurt.”
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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One दिन when I was on one of my numerous quests to conserve nature, I was brought to attention of some amazing structures in jasper.(no Kate wasn't mentioned) So as I was on my way to jasper(keep in mind my parents are busy ALOT so I have to go on my own and fund them द्वारा myself and this is in the near future) I started getting my camera ready for taking picture's of the structures. I got off the bus and headed to where the structures were. And amazingly it was in the valley that the भेड़िया of A&O lived,and had no intention of interacting with any of them although i did carry a tranquilizer with me every where i went just in case. As I walked closer and closer to the valley. I had sensed something watching me and new it was probably one of the भेड़िया so i decided to stop to unload my tranquilizer,and as soon as i pulled it out a भेड़िया came bounding toward me. I quickly dropped it and braced for the wolf, but nothing I relaxed my arms from covering my face and saw what looked like Kate, just और beautiful and real. I new that the भेड़िया probably couldn't talk but started talking anyways mostly to myself.
Article by UriahA posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I woke up that morning with adrenaline in me body. I got to go घर with Humphrey! However, I was concerned. Would my parents like him? I got in Humphrey’s face to wake him up.
“Arr, oh, I don’t like this! It’s uncomfortable arr…” Humphrey woke up, “Ahh! Jeez, आप startled me!”
I hugged him and got up, “Today is the दिन we go home!”
“Cool! I’ve never flown on a plane before!”
“I’m also concerned that my parents won’t like you.”
“What!” Humphrey was panicked. I should have कहा anything.
“They won’t kick आप out of the house, but they may not give आप much attention.”
“Oh, jeez आप worried me!”
“Sorry. Anyway, Our first flight is at 7:00 on Delta, and our connection is at 9:30. We should arrive into Sacramento at about 11:30.”
“A.m. या p.m.?”
“It’s 10:45 a.m. right now, what do आप think?”
“Oh! Haha! Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”
“It’s alright.”
A few hours passed and it was time to head to the airport. We left at 1:00 because the airport wasn’t walking distance. We also put the new suitcase I...
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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As we woke the अगला morning and ate,I finally got to ask her the only सवाल I had been thinking since we met.
"I've been meaning to ask you-"I started and was cut of द्वारा Kelly's very exited voice,
"Would आप like to go... Lone-Wolf with me?" I कहा as I prepared myself for the अगला words out of her mouth,
"Well... Yes I'll go Lone-Wolf with you."
"You will?"
"Thank you, I will never leave you, thats why I asked आप to come."She blushed at me saying this and began,
"And I will never lea-" She was cut of द्वारा Joey which just walked in our den.
"What's happening guys?"
"Well... Me and Kelly are... Leaving." Joey jumped surprised we were leaving.
"Your leaving? But आप just got here two days पूर्व an-"
"Joey... Two days is a long time for me. I need to see और places, And thank god that I won't be alone," I gesture towards Kelly,"Don't worry man we'll be fine. We'll come back and visit when were in town, trust me we'll see each other again. I promise."I smiled and put my paw on his shoulder.
Fan fiction by xscash23 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Humphrey spent the अगला 12 weeks in the hospital and he was full of tubes and stuff like that but some how he was geting better he still wanted vengance against Wolfiey but he couldnt sleep this night cause he thought What if i had not made it through? I would have never got to make it right and got a chance to say to kate about my depression but then sunddenly out of no where humphrey flatlined kate yelled into the hall 'Code Red Humphrey Is Flatlining' the doctor and nurses came in and they Did three charges from the defibulator but nothing it was only 5 days later that he jolted to life panicking and then he got out of the hospital and went to Kate and his मांद, डेन and this is the song he raped:

'Lately I really, feel like I'm rolling for delph like Philly,
I feel like I'm losing control of myself, I sincerely,
Apologize if all that I sound like is I'm complaining,
But life keeps on complicating, an' I'm debating,
On leaving this world, this evening, even my Boy,
Fan fiction by REDWolfleader posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!! Extreme Sexual Content Is Described In This Chapter!!!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

"And आप want me to be your mate?" I asked surprised,
"Yes. Is that okay?"
"Yes,yah, that's okay with me." I कहा happily.
"Well lets go then don't want to be late!" I followed at her side, "Here it is!I'm exited how about you?"she exclaimed,
"I'm so exited I can't wait." I कहा nervously, I've howled before but I wasn't at company.
"Ready?" She asked,
"I-I guess so," I smiled, Kelley hasn't heard me howl before, and she was nervous too. I closed my eyes and pretended I was alone, and howled like I usually would. I had opened my eyes,still howling, to see Kelly completely shocked at how amazing I howled, then she joined in. It was both a huge release of all the प्यार I had to give. I had just let it all out, all of my प्यार for the people I lost, and for Kelley came with my howl. On the way back she कहा a few things to me,