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posted by OmegaLeader
This will be a weekly series of two भेड़िया who found love

Hey ,Luna how are आप today . She turned and let her ears down. "Oh हे Jet, I'm doing good how about you?", "Oh I'm doing good, so what's up" We start walking down a little path in the forest. The birds chirping and there was a slight wind. "Oh आप know bored, thanks for being with me Jet आप know it's been awhile since we spoke to each other." Ah slight breeze gave me the chills and then Jet had an idea. "Hey we are still pups let's have some fun, how about a race like old times." A little smile came across Luna's face. The path ahead...
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posted by lux2
The assassin's voice 2

Part II

  Jason stops half way into Idaho and gets out of the police car. He walks the car down a पहाड़ी, हिल and into a deep pond.

  "at least no one will find it there," he laughed. He pulled out the voice box and examined it. He slowly puts it back in his pocket. " don't want to break it."

  He ran up the पहाड़ी, हिल and began to walk down the road. Within a few hours he reached his hangout. Jason waved to Liz to come here. She ran up to him and gave him a hug. 

  "I'm so glad your still alive," she कहा with joy. "come on every ones waighting," she yelled as she pulled him...
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posted by 63712
ok i know everyone here has had an ear infection या an ear ache या swimmers ear i have all 3 of these and i recently had got my ear checked and i have all 3 and it hurts the shit out of me and i have a feeling i might have this for quite awhile until my doctor gave me an antibiotic and i cant remember my ear is throbbing so i have got to pu it in my ear if आप have any other suggestions please tell me because im gonna die! and like i कहा please please pleae tell me im at my nanas and shes driving me f*** ing me crazy so pleae tell like this and like i aid pleae tell me या something
ok i hope आप read ok this is gonna be a story and news first we have the news. so for those of आप who had veterans in a war here in america i want आप to know this those ब्रेव sons of bitches could have known my grand father my grand grand father या even my father but never forget they could have known those people या they couldve known your grand father या mother या who ever but thats all i have to say eccept the story is a sneak peak at my upcoming series the way the world ends reevelations so here it is! *wind blows* amber how are the patients doing? fine eccept one who is it that assasin भेड़िया that we found a couple years पूर्व hes losing his mind they walked back into the room he was on an opperating तालिका, टेबल and his eyes changed from brown to blue as they injected a syrige into him he burst out of the straps holding him down and threw 3 kuni a jappenese weapon he ran out of the room and was never found. thats it the लेख and first लेख of the sreies comes in 3 days!
Chapter 3
As daylight runs out

  As soon as Lux hits the water he begins to swim. He reaches किनारा, शोर shakes off and smiles to Lenney. Lenney stares with his mouth open.
  "what?" lux asked. 

  "your an ideot." he कहा angerily

  "but, I grabbed the हार when I went under water. Look it's around my neck," Lux happily smiles and looks at it.

  "your still an ideot, all that work for that necklace," Lenney yells in his face. "you relley scared me!" 

  "come on let's go it's geting dark…" lux कहा as they turn around and fallowed a deer trail back to the camp. Lenney smacks Lux in the...
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posted by lux2
The assassin's voice

Part I

  "finally I found it, the last piece," Jason laughs. He lifted the last piece out of the pedistle and places a tiny chip into a small voice box.

   "my dreams of finally being able to talk and form alliances with जानवर is nearly here."

  "freeze!" a police oficer razed a gun at Jason. 

  "crap," Jason wispered as he slowly walks backwords.

  "hand the chip over या I'll shoot!," he says while he grabs his radio. Jason reached into his pocket and with blinding speed hurld a blade into the officers head. 

  "come in frank, come in, frank?" the radio buzzed....
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posted by sxyomega
Alright guys, before I start I think I should point out a few things. One: I will not continue The Humphrey in Me because I can't seem to get the flow of ideas back in my head I guess is the simplest was to put it. Two: This is going to be a decently long thing and I would like to post और then just one on a daily basis, so that I can get back to doing The Humphrey in Me. Thanks. And please enjoy Goodbye Pack part 2! :D
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posted by lux2
Chapter 2
The river

  "what do I want to do?... I know how bout we play somthing that we never did before," Lux कहा looking towards a river.

  "let's go swimming," Lenney said. "come on the waters fine once आप get yused to it," lenney said.
  "I'll get in the water in a bit right now I need a brake," lux said.
"come on lux please," lenney asked.
  "fine I'll come in," lux yells as he jumps  in. 

Lux rose up and stared at lenney. 
  "what?" Lenny laughed
  "you lied the waters cold," lux hesitated to say.
  "I कहा once आप आप get yoused to it. I didn't lie," lenney...
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New Beginnings with Lilly 3 "big moves, big changes"

It was packing दिन for me, in a week I'd be going to college. My friend Alyssa would be going with me to US C where me and Lilly will be sharing a bedroom and Alyssa would be the बिस्तर अगला to us. If things get to crazy between me and Lilly, Alyssa won't mind which was great for me and her.  I put my surround sound speakers on and put on pandora, we listened to मेटालिका then some Ellie Goulderg and Skillet. We danced for a bit but I had to get back to packing. I had Lilly's clothing and supplies and mine, we were pretty much ready to go.

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posted by 63712
request from herhold douglas -fortunate son *fortunate son plays* alright mr. c w. humphrey? humphrey? humphrey! * rocking out in other tent* uh colonel winston nice to see you! well uh why is the radio playing? uh just uh well just uh listening to field reports. humphrey dont lie to me and plus im fine with this absolutley प्यार this song sorry about this but they need आप at bunker 6 he rode with a marine to bunker 6 humphrey कहा why do आप need me i was having fun back at the communications center ,li..stening to rock mu...sic eh but still! i want to know! theres been vietmese activity in...
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हे hey, it's me again ;) since so many people liked the first article, I thought I'd continue with the series, as always let me know what आप think. Enjoy!

*^*^*Lilly's POV*^*^*

I watched him and studied him, stalked him almost. I was लॉस्ट in my thoughts. He looked strong and sexy, almost like Garth. No, not like Garth, he had his own way of....enchanting me. It seemed like he was an angel, and I haven't even talked to him. Just as I was about to walk over to him, Kate nudged my shoulder. "Lilly c'mon let's hurry". "Oh, alright, sorry". As we began to walk again I looked back to get one last...
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Chapter one        
It's just practice

   "wake up, Lux. आप over slepped," Lenney screamed in Lux's ear.
  Lux struggled to get up, then yauned,"what for." he sat up right and had a half smile on his face, with one eye shut and the other one half open.

  "hunting practice, it starts in a half hour," Lenney कहा exidedly while pulling lux out of his den. Lux looked around confused and then he remmembered too.

  He opened both his eyes and was almost blinded द्वारा the sun. 

  "owww," Lux complained as he rubbes his eyes with his paw, then he acsidentally stabed himself in the snout...
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posted by Lexiomega
This is my first, leave some टिप्पणियाँ :)

It was a महीना after Kate and Humprey's marriage. Garth died in a horrible accident during a hunting trip. Lilly is still devistated...

^*^*^ Lilly's POV^*^*^

It was a early morning and I was just laying in the back o my den, depressed. I looked at the rotting खाना that my parents dropped off for me to eat. Just as I began to falls asleep, I saw my sister, Kate, walk in. "Lilly, c'mon we have to get आप out of here." I really didn't want to get up, so I acted like I didn't hear her. I heard her sigh and watched her walk out. Soon after she left, she came...
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My 2nd chapter of new beginnings with Lilly please enjoy

It had been 3 days of school, I was out of school finally. On the last दिन of school on the final hours all I could think of was Lilly. The air conditioning was out and there wasn't much for her to do in 8 hours other than watch some TV. I knew she couldn't wait for me, only if time can go faster. At school I'd hang out with my friends, Brian, David, and Jose. Today was also the दिन all of us would be going our seperate ways to different colleges and taking different paths. Me and Lilly will be moving to the US where we'll be sharing...
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as the अगला few days went द्वारा I went out to role in the घास and wate fore humphrey butt one दिन he never came so I went to see if the orane या white pups wanted to play so I went down the पहाड़ी, हिल and कहा " do any of आप want to play" they just looked at me " lilly this pup lookes like u " yea kate he does" what is your name " lilly कहा " my nameis frost pwa" "thats a nice name " "re आप and alpha या an omega " a what या what" i replied to kate " hes is an omega lilly nowyou have an omega friend to play with " कहा kate "ok come on frost pwa " lets leave my alpha sister alone " as we walked...
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One summer morning in jasper park canada,two young भेड़िया named Kate and Lilly were going to Alpha School.In school they notice that there was a new student,lilly bumped kate on the shoulder and pointed".Hey,Kate look theres a new student here".Kate looked were lilly was pointing and saw a new wolf,she said"your right lilly i wonder who she is".Arista was sitting in the back of everyone in the tall grass.The Alpha teacher was row calling everyone to make sure they were there.Kate and lilly sat द्वारा Hutch and right द्वारा Arista,Mrs furla called up Arista to the front to introduce her,Mrs.furla said...
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just saying Lilly is not the real Lilly owned द्वारा someone (i dont know) in the story, explicit will be involved but not every time I'll put EXPLICiT CONTENT thank आप and enjoy

It was July when me and Lilly first meet, her tail was wagging and her फर was slowly moving with the cool Canadian breeze. Her beautiful brown eyes meet mine and I got nervous, I didn't know how I should react so I came out and greeted her, "your very beautiful what's is your name", was what I said. She replied with the nicest and sweetest voice *giggles* " your pretty cute to, I'm Lilly" I was in much shock thinking...
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posted by mattwolf199
"NO" was the last thing i herd when i died but lets start at the begining my name is frost pwa thats what my mother named me when i was born her name was cala my father was farcron after i was able to stand I went advenchering out of the cave i was roling in in the घास when i saw an littiel नारंगी, ऑरेंज colored भेड़िया playing with a wight one simler to me i crouched down and watched them play "wat are आप doing" "dwaa" once my दिल slowed down "
I looked at the भेड़िया he was gray " my name is humphrey what is urs" I just stared " आप have a name rite?" " frost pwa" i stumbled 'do आप want to play with me" "um ok" not when we were ten feet from my मांद, डेन "HUMPHREY" " thats my mom I got to go bye" bye " "maby we can play tomorrow"
"ok" i answord as he was over the पहाड़ी, हिल a feew minits later I was in my warm मांद, डेन curreld up in a ball and fast a sleep
posted by OmegaLeader
( we left off with kate giving birth to her pups, a week has past the pups are growing up and learned how to talk, not great tho, but it is time for the gathering and kate feels un easy)

"garth!!" humphrey yells. " its time to tell everyone to get ready for the gathering".

"Humphrey quiet down are trying to wake up the whole pack" lilly says angrily. " well anyways good morning humphrey how are you"

"good good आप know Kate had her pups last week." Humphrey giving tthe impression he is nervous. " im not sure should i go to the gathering Lilly what if i coyote या भालू या anything comes to harm...
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posted by sxyomega
Kate's POV
"Jason?" I called as I exited the den, "What are आप doing?" I sat down beside him and stared blankly at him for a few moments. He took a deep breath and said, "Mother?"

"Yes sweetie?" I asked.

"Would आप and dad never have gotten stranded if I hadn't ever been born?" He asked with his head down.

"Son why would आप ask that?" I कहा in disbelief, "You know that's not true."

"I do?" He replied, "Mom, if I hadn't been born आप and dad would've just stayed at घर with Dane, Gavan, and Anna, and आप would've never had to leave, because you...
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