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posted by Private1sCut3
My story begins here: inside a crate, in the back of a van, on the very busy roads of Manhattan. Uncle Nigel told me it was time I moved on, and I could only presume the scribbles on this letter he had दिया me कहा I was going to community college. But alas, no matter how overwhelming this change felt, it was too late now to turn back; the Central Park Zoo was expecting me. It was time to say goodbye to Texas.


The zookeeper left me alone, atop an icy platform surround द्वारा water: the पेंगुइन habitat.

My tummy growls in hunger very loudly, and I'm sure glad nobody is around to hear...
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Kowalski and the others rushed out of the H.Q. When they reached the zoo's exit. They stopped immediately. "Marlene, आप can't go any farther." Kowalski sighed. "Okay, but tell Skipper…" Marlene stopped.
"Wha?" Rico asked.
"Nevermind, good luck!" Marlene said.
Kowalski nodded and led the others on. "Are we there yet?" Julien groaned. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE"RE THERE!" Kowalski shouted frustratedly.
Mort scurried behind King Julien's feet in hiding. "Wow," Rico कहा stunned.
Kowalski realized that snapping at Julien won't solve anything. Lowering his head into his flippers, he signed. Rico patted...
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posted by queenpalm
And आप thought I gave up on this story.

Once Rico had found his way onto the boat, he knew he had to hide from the human. He remembered his mother's advice, "When hiding from predators do something they can't do."
Since humans can seem to do anything, this seemed impossible. But, Rico had come this far, he wasn't turning back. He thought really hard, then he remembered, humans can't fly! 
Penguins couldn't fly, either. Was there even a chance? Rico thought of और of his mothers advice, "Humans see the world less detailed, so hide in complicated...
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Note: Sorry for not posting in awhile this took me a little while. This chapter will be sad at first, but it will get better. Also There will be another chapter after this. Enjoy! :)

Tears ran down Skipper's eyes at the thought it would take a miracle for Private to survive. Kowalski Rico and him hugged.
K: "Believe me, Skipper, I'm doing the best I can, here."
S: "I know,"
Kowalski went into his lab. Nigel had the same reaction as Skipper. Skipper slowly slouched down into the same hole Private had slept in before he had ran away. He noticed Private's Lunacorn, and hugged it as if he could feel...
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posted by skipperfan5431
"Let's हटाइए out gentlemen, were burni'n day-light." Skipper orders. The penguins and Marlene then head out for the zoo gates. Just as the boys walk out of the gates, Marlene stops and starts freaking out. " Im sorry guys." cries Marlene. " I can't go outside and risk going crazy on आप again!" Lilly looks at her dear friend and smiles with relief. She didn't want to risk Marlene connecting with Skipper again, like they did in the sewer. " Oops. Im sorry Marlene. Looks like आप just have to stay here. We'll bring आप a nice, big snowcone, okay?" Skipper turns around. "Hello? Are आप ladies coming...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: So, this is kind of a spin-off of the movie, A Thousand Words (starring Eddie Murphy). It’s not going to be like the movie with the पेड़ losing its leaves, though. It will be a little different. Hope आप enjoy! Please review!

— § —

    “Maurice! Where is my smoothie?!” Julien impatiently called from his throne. Maurice rolled his eyes and picked up his pace.

    “It’ll be done in a minute, your highness. I’m trying to get it to blend evenly,” he explained as he watched the fruits in the blender mix into one color.

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posted by Kowalskyman1
 kowalski and marline were in प्यार
kowalski and marline were in love
in the पेंगुइन habitat, Skipper is trying to enjoy` his moring cuppa मछली joe, but every time he trys for a sip, a horrible wail makes him jump, followed द्वारा a series of bangs "agh, rico, private, take care of kowalski, im trying to drink my joe here!!" he moans, and as they open the door to kowalskis lab, they see kowalski द्वारा his mixing तालिका, टेबल sobbing, trying to perfect a chemical, but his tears keep dripping into his chemicals and causing an explosions, and he has to try again, rico, thinking its an explosives party, vomits out a stick of dynamite, but before he can throw it, private shakes...
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posted by SuperRico
 Can I have some cake?
Can I have some cake?
A look into their world

Skipper: *looks up from his bunk and sees the other penguins up* Wha? *falls out of his bunk where he is greeted द्वारा Julien* Ringtail!

Julien: Oh, hi Skipper. I just came द्वारा here to borrow some cake.

Skipper: Get out of our habitat!

Julien: After I get the cake?

Skipper: *pushes Julien out*

Julien: Can I still get the cake?

Skipper: *closes door in Julien's face*

Julien: Alright, fine.

Skipper: What are आप all doing up?

Private: आप slept really late. It's already eleven thirty.

Skipper: Eleven what?!

Private: Eleven thirty.

Skipper: Where's Kowalski? 

Private: Inventing something....
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"Uncle Skipper?" I कहा in a hush tone as I peeked my head inside the door. I could hear my sister Athena getting all flattered द्वारा the टिप्पणियाँ they had made about her.
"Uncle Skipper? Your arch nemesis is the TV..."
Skipper tossed to the other side "ughh he got in prison..That's nice Kowalski.. Go and finish that invention of yours..."
"No! Uncle Skipper it's Widget! Dr. Blowhole is on the TV!" I started to tap him.
Skipper smacked my flipper away like I was a fly.
"Only one thing to do..." I pushed him out of the bed. That got him up.
His eyes had आग in them "Widget! Didn't I tell आप NOT TO...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
Okay, I decided to take a break from my other fanfiction to write this. It's a Kico story, so if आप don't like Kico, please don't waste your time commenting on it.

I was in my lab, fiddling absentmindedly with a piece of wire while staring at the wall.
I had been trying to figure out the greatest mystery of all: love.
Why do we feel love? What is it exactly? And why can't I understand it?
I picked up the smoking device at my side. It was supposed to make me know the जवाब to all these puzzling questions, but it hadn't worked.
"'Walski?" a hoarse voice asked.
I looked up. Rico, my friend and practically...
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posted by KowalSkip9
I Wanna Control आप - Neil Patrick Harris, A.K.A Dr Blowhole

Only I, Dr. Blowhole know
How to tame this beast, and so
Won't आप listen to my power ballad solo, my SOLO

In a world with mediocre minds
Where geniuses dissed द्वारा ignoramus mankind
Prepare to be pleasantly astounded, ASTOUNDED

Oh, I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
I wanna make आप mine

I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
An offer that I hope आप shan't decline
I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me

A mutant disaster
But I'll be your master
And together we'll be
In a full wicked harmony

Like a beautiful evil destiny
Livin' large, in absolute charge
A metropolitan NYC

I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me
You're the one for me


If anyone spots any wrong lyrics, PLEASE let me know. I guessed some of the words, so I'd be glad if आप spot anything आप know is a mistake.
posted by knocktimerico
Unknown Confession

Skipper stood in the doorway, shocked at what he had just seen.

Was…was that a painting of…of ME?! He thought to himself, still not believing his own two eyes.

“Nah that wasn’t me, it was probably just a पेंगुइन from her old aquarium.” He कहा to himself as he waddled out of Marlene’s habitat.

“Yea that’s what it was, just an old friend of hers that just happens to look like me.” Skipper continued, smiling as he tried desperately to convince himself that he had not just seen a painting of himself in Marlene’s habitat.

He कबूतर to the ground and slid on his belly...
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posted by Mother-of-PoM

He opened his eyes to see that male पेंगुइन who he remembered correctly...HAD NO FLIPPING EYE.

"So you're awake?"

Private sat up, he was in his bed? Thankfully, the male had a bandage on.

"Don't worry, I am your ally."


"Sorry I scared आप earlier.. I guess I'm not used to दिखा रहा है up to normal people."

"Your missing eye...Did my brothah do that to you?"

"That's in the past."

Private sighed, "Evahyone seems to have it for him. But, आप hate him too, right?"

"Because of our hate, we can't rest in peace. But I can save you. We need to get आप out of here." He grabbed Private's flipper...
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Joey's Pen: Take 1

Julien: "...Ha! Into your face penguin!"

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in James's pen!
Blast! That's not right!"

Joey's Pen: Take 2

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in Joey's pen!"

Julien: "Who's Joey?"

*Joey awakens & approaches them*

Skipper: "That's Joey."

Julien: "A kangaroo! Oooh! How cute!"

*Joey kicks Julien*

Joey: "Joey don't rightly appreciate trespassers mates, makes me mad!"

Skipper: "Now look, marsupal, we don't--"

Director: "Cut!"

Skipper: "What?! What did I say?"

Director: "MarsuPIAL, not marsupal."

Skipper: "Blast!"...
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Guys. Wake. Up. Now!
Skipper and the team fell out of their bunks.
S: What the deuce?
Me: It's about time आप woke up.
K: What time is it?
Me: 0530.
P: Isn't that a bit too early to wake up?
Me: Not unless we want the element of surprise on Ikala, of which we're going to need if we want to defeat him. No way he's going to expect a attack this early.
S: Fine.
They then leave the camp, but they have no idea what awaits them...
*Rustling noise*
Me: What was that?
P: What?
Me: That!
S: You're right, there's something - या someone - out there. Stay alert.
Everyone else: Aye aye Skipper.
Suddenly hundreds...
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posted by JayJay12
 The penguins investigate.
The penguins investigate.
Night,at the zoo...
Private:Skipper,nothing seems to be bad
*Rico becomes scared*
Skipper:Well,all right.I can just sleep with-
*Kowalski turns angry*
Kowalski:Cream!Cream!Cream!WE ALL GET IT!!!
Skipper:Kowalski,what's with you?!
Skipper:Well,who are आप in प्यार with?!
*Skipper turns red*
Skipper:Forget this!Let's sleep!
The अगला day...
Cream:Hey,hon!*kisses Skipper*
*Skipper kisses Cream as soon as Kowalski comes*
Skipper:Cream,I प्यार you!
Cream:I प्यार you,too!
*Cream leaves the HQ*
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posted by Saracuda
It was dark when the team returned from a mission. They were exhausted though Skipper tried to hide it. In spite of himself he realized he was swaying on his feet. Private let loose a wide yawn and Kowalski kept falling alseep standing up AND walking at the same time. Rico snored every so often, his head hanging on his shoulder like a pillow.
The penguins half climbed, half fell down the ladder and collapsed onto their bunks. But their sweet imediate dreams were short-lived. Suddenly the alarm blared and four groggy penguins hobbled into a weak defensive position.
A cloaked figure of a four-legged...
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after hearing this, the man got a gun out and pointed it at him

"who in world are you?!" the gangster shouted at the man

"my name is skipper, the सेकंड best gangster in the whole U.S.A." skipper said

"really? where're your 'omies?" the gangster shouted terrified, he had heard the legend, but he never had thought it was true

"they're relaxing, and please put that gun down, आप dont wanna' get hurt, hum?" skipper कहा crossing his arms

the पेंगुइन putted his gun down, and skipper sat right अगला to him

"I think I shoud ask for a beer?" skipper कहा sarcasticly at the barman

"right off!" he कहा running....
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"Smile and wave, boys, Smile and wave."

Remember that? The magical moment when आप first met Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico? What about when आप discovered the new spin off दिखाना on Nick? How आप laughed at the jokes and Skippers paranoia? या watching Kowalski and Rico's developing characters, King Julien's crazy antics, Mort's obsession with DA FEET, Maurice eating those bad leechee nuts, Marlene and Skipper interacting alone for the first time, creating one the most लोकप्रिय pairings? Remember the joy आप felt when आप found a whole site on फैन्पॉप dedicated to your beloved PoM characters?...
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This movie was good, but not great. It met my expectations, but did not exceed them much. It was a fun, दिल warming movie, but it didn't carry it out well enough to make me leave the theater and think "Whoa, that was just amazing". I think the negative reviews of this movie made it sound a lot worse than it was. Also it's good to consider that this a movie about Penguins, the side characters from Madagascar, not Penguins, the well-developed characters of the TV show. I think if they made a movie based off of the दिखाना या if this movie was longer, it would've turned out much better, but nonetheless,...
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