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posted by peacebaby7
Alex & Maurice...

Alex & Maurice raced through the jungle, following the sound of the weeping. The sound grew slightly louder the closer they got. They finally stopped when they realized that they heard the weeping coming from behind them. "Alex! How could we have missed him? Mort! Where are you?!" Maurice कहा as they turned around & began walking in the other direction. "I am here!" They heard Mort cry, but they still did not see him. "Mort! Where are you!? We still can't see you!" Maurice yelled. "I am in this hole & I can't get out!"

Alex & Maurice found where Mort was....
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posted by peacebaby7
Alex & Maurice...

Alex & Maurice had been walking for about an घंटा now. So far there was no trace of Mort. They called his name several times without an answer. "Oh man. Where is he? This is bad....he's probably out there all alone. Cold. Scared. This is all my fault..." Maurice कहा worriedly. Alex put his paw on his shoulder & turned him around to face him. "Look Maurice. I'm sure Mort's fine. And it's not your fault. आप couldn't of known." Maurice considered for a moment. "I suppose you're right..." Alex put on a sad smile. "Yeah. C'mon. He's gotta be around here somewhere."...
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posted by peacebaby7
The अगला Day...

It was now time to get the plane down. Rico hacked up some knives & the penguins were carefully slicing the vines that were holding the plane in the tree. "OK! This bird's about to fall! Everyone stand back & prepare yourselves!" Skipper announced to the crowd of lemurs down below. Julien, on the ground, कहा to Maurice, "What bird? I see no bird..." Suddenly, with a lurch, the plane fell.

It wasn't as bad as was predicted. Once it hit the platform, it bounced once, & landed with a thud. The lemurs then began cheering. The penguins leaped down from out of the trees...
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posted by peacebaby7
Note to reader: I decided to start doing my लेखाए in और of a story form instead of a script-like form...It's much easier to work in details. Those who have read my पूर्व लेखाए know me to do my लेखाए that way. Anyway, please enjoy the अगला chapter of Madagascar Epilogue.


Three Months Into Construction...

The past 3 months of construction has been very progressing for the animals. The platform is now nearly completed, & the penguins were now getting ready to bring down the plane after careful analysis of the plane's engine state.

The four mischievous penguins were now...
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posted by peacebaby7

One महीना Into Construction...

Skipper: "Lookin' good! Hey! I told आप that आप can't go there!
There's fine.
Lift that higher!
Tighten those vines!
Rico! If आप use that dynamite!"

Alex: "OK, things are lookin' good! I think we may actually have a shot at this!"

Skipper: "I told आप so! Ya see? With us in charge...what could go wrong."



Rico: "Uh-uh..."


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posted by peacebaby7

Marty, Alex, & The Penguins...

Marty: "We're comin' Alex!"

Alex: "Great but, I can't see Melman from here...Oh no आप didn't get the pengu--"

Skipper: "Hold on Hippi! We're here to help!"

Alex: "Marty! Why did आप bring them!?"

Marty: "Melman was busy."

Skipper: "With that attitude maybe we'll just leave आप in that tree!"

Alex: "Good! I'd be safer!"

Skipper: "Fine! C'mon men!"

Marty: "Oh, uh-uh! आप four have to go help him!"

Skipper: "Look, Stripes! He obviously does not need या want our help! He can just wait up there until later on. It'll probably be very late at night when Tall Guy...
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posted by peacebaby7

Gloria & Melman...

Gloria: "How ya doin' weavin' those vines there, Melman?"

Melman: "It's kinda hard to do with my hooves..."

Gloria: "Here, let me help you..." *grabs Melman's hooves & helps him weave the vines* "There, like that."

Melman: "Oh...thanks..." *sigh*

Gloria: "You're welcome."

Skipper: "There आप are higher mammal...& I mean that literally. I need your help."

Melman: "Uh, sure. What do आप need me for?"

Skipper: "Just follow me."

*walks over to the platform area*

Melman: "OK, so we're at the platform site, but what do आप need me here for?"

Skipper: "This operation...
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Flashback: Take 1

Skipper: "I guess Dr. Blowhole isn't as smart as he thinks he iAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" *small warehouse goes underground*

*penguins wrapped around the spikes*

Private: "I don't think the मूंगफली, मूंगफली का butte--
Wait! Where's the मूंगफली, मूंगफली का मक्खन winkie?"

Rico: "Wasn't me..."

Private: "Rico! आप have मूंगफली, मूंगफली का मक्खन on your chin!"

Rico: "Uuuum...would आप believe coincidence?"

Private: T_T

Flashback: Take 2

Skipper: "I guess Dr. Blowhole isn't as smart as he thinks he iAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" *small warehouse goes underground*

*penguins wrapped around the spikes*

Private: "I don't think the मूंगफली, मूंगफली का मक्खन winkie...
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Chrrosdefishinatizer: Take 1

Skipper: "...Yep! Won't be long till he comes bursting out of that room with a screwball device, with an unpronounceable name."

Private: "Then blows up."

Skipper: "That's a given."

Kowalski: *bursts out of lab* "I've done it! I have invented the Churrosdefishoeaofdl...UUGGH! आप know this really is unpronounceable right!?"

Director: "Kowalski...We talked about this."

Kowalski: "Yeah, yeah. I know. Just suck it up & do the line."

Churrosdefishinatizer: Take 2

Skipper: "...Yep! Won't be long till he comes bursting out of that room with a screwball device, with an unpronounceable...
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Skipper Is The King: Take 1

Julien: "I bet Skipper isn't doing nearly a bang up job at being me, as I am at being him!"

Director: *talking into walkie talkie to the camera men* "Cut to बंदर, लेमूर habitat..."

Skipper: ...

Director: "Wait a minute?! Where's Skipper?!

Maurice: *points down the side of the main rock of the habitat* "Uh...I think I found him."

*cameramen cut to where Maurice is pointing*

Marlene: "Ya know Skipper, that crown makes आप look manly." <3

Skipper: "Maybe we can go somewhere a little more...comfortable..." *starts kissing*

Director: "Stop!!! You! Stop the cameras!! Maurice! Stop...
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New Leonard: Take 1

Rat King: "...Awwww! C'mon! There's no fun in beating up a sleeping guy!
Not that I won't या anything..."

Private: "Skipper! Look!"

Leonard: *snores*

RK: *shakes Leonard*

Director: "He really went to sleep this time didn't he..."

New Leonard: Take 2

Private: "Skipper! Look!"

Leonard: *jumps out of RK's arms*

Leonard's Dream: Gosh, Princess SelfRespectra! You'll be my best friend forever & ever!!

*RK struggles to keep Leonard from hugging him*

Leonard: "It's better to be फ्रेंड्स than to own friends..."

RK: "What are आप doing?!"

Leonard: "Hugs are happiness circles! We mate with...
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Joey's Pen: Take 1

Julien: "...Ha! Into your face penguin!"

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in James's pen!
Blast! That's not right!"

Joey's Pen: Take 2

Skipper: "Sh-sh-ssssh! Don't make a sound, we're in Joey's pen!"

Julien: "Who's Joey?"

*Joey awakens & approaches them*

Skipper: "That's Joey."

Julien: "A kangaroo! Oooh! How cute!"

*Joey kicks Julien*

Joey: "Joey don't rightly appreciate trespassers mates, makes me mad!"

Skipper: "Now look, marsupal, we don't--"

Director: "Cut!"

Skipper: "What?! What did I say?"

Director: "MarsuPIAL, not marsupal."

Skipper: "Blast!"...
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Chase Scene: Take 1

Julien: "...Ah! A thief!
Keep dancing!"

Maurice: "But there's no music!"

Julien: "I'll pretend I did not hear that!"

Julien: "Come back आप संगीत hater!"

Skipper: "I don't hate music! I hate--"


Chase Scene: Take 2

Julien: "Come back आप संगीत hater!"

Skipper: "I don't hate music! I hate noise!"

Julien: *causes Skipper to slip on bananas, causing him to drop a battery which he intercepts*

*Jumps to get another, misses, swings on a pole back around, and retrieves a सेकंड battery*

2 मिनटों later...

Skipper: "Ha, लॉस्ट him."

Julien: *swings in on snake...SMACK..."Oops. Sorry Skipper. Are आप okay?"

Skipper: "I think I coughed up my spleen..."
Last scene of It's About Time: Take 1

Kowalski: "...Eventually it will निगलना, निगल, निगल संकलन the whole universe!"

Rico: *gets angry & throws chronotron into black hole*

*black hole closes*

Kowalski: "But...but that shouldn't have worked, it breaks all...it breaks all...uh, LINE PLEASE!"

Last scene of It's About Time: Take 2

*black hole closes*

Kowalski: "But...but that shouldn't have worked, it breaks all known rules of the universe!"

Skipper: "That's why we call Rico a maverick. He makes his own rules."

Rico: "K-k...Yea!"

Kowalski: "But...But...The uni...uni...ACHOO! Aw, crud."

Last scene of It's About...
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Skipper woke up; he gasped and sat up straight. Unfortunately he forgot about the roof of his bed. “Ow!” He moaned, he shook his head and looked around. Determined not to fall asleep again, after 5 मिनटों his eyelids became heavy and he rested his head on his तकिया once more….The nightmare of a memory carried on…
The baby पेंगुइन gasped as he saw the bottom of the ocean floor crack in 2, the man swam a little further backwards. A huge steel door appeared, it looked brand new. It sat flat on the ocean bed; there was some sort if a scanner which was meant for a hand on the side....
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skipper and his palls sat at their beds, they just had arough दिन they fught with each other, but Skipper was alert, like always, thenb, he could hear someone knocking the door, या the fishbowl, he runned towards the enter, he hoped to see a बंदर, लेमूर and ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव या even Mandy, but what he saw was something that ruined his happiness: Hans the Denmark puffin.


"hey Skipper, I need your help, could आप come out here?"

"why should I?"

"because last time we met I didn't try to kill you?"

"maybe because आप were fighting androids?"

"look, I changed, and I have a deal!"

"a deal was what made me public...
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So, in this chapter I will revert a little to the story before this one. It's also a help for myself to pull a little back to where this all started... :P


Two weeks passed quickly.

Rico and Private used the time to return to their old strengths. Rico spent nearly all time sleeping.

Private was mostly sitting on the entrance of the oak hole and watched the branches of the birch trees waving above Kowalski's grave. But the others weren't sure if he really saw them…

Private changed और and more. His happy, life loving nature vanished. Therefore, he became earnest and silent. आप hardly...
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"What do आप suppose 'go through the zombie's eye' mean Skippah?" asked Private. "I think it's some actual formation that just LOOKS like a zombie's eye I guess," कहा Skipper. "Well all we know it's southwest and we must find it in order to get to Lord Murdoch's castle," कहा Kowalski. "Lets keep going, it might be bound to be there.....somewhere..." कहा Marlene. Rico then put his flipper in his beak and looked around with his flipper pointed out, sniffing the air, then pointed to a large, drawn-out, वृत्त that looked like an eye on the dirt ground. "I think that's it!! It must be the zombie's...
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The forest seemed to go on for hours on end, all the sounds of birds and insects were replaced द्वारा the sounds of demonic laughter, growls, roars, and yelping. "Skippah, it's so scary here, who knows what'll pop out next?" asked Private. "At least we got some idea of what we're up against. Dr. Murdoch must be a sadistic man," कहा Kowalski. "Or he could be a demonic monster himself, sitting in a cell waiting to eat and devour us," कहा Skipper. "Wait, what did that Digger guy say again? Find the woman with the mirrors?" asked Marlene. "Yes, but there is no women in this forest except for you...
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After packing up several snacks and packing Rico's gut with weapons and amunition, the penguins were set to go, now all they had to do was convince Marlene and one of the lemurs to tag along with them. "Marlene, how do I tell आप this? We need आप to go on a mission with us, a mission to save humanity," कहा Skipper. "What kind of mission? Is it about comando situations again?" asked Marlene. "No, it's a mission to enter an era known as the Blood Night, where according to Future Kowalski and Private, demons and wretched monsters come out from their evil realm and destroy the living," कहा Skipper,...
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