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"Do you, Amanda Claythorne, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Asked the preacher. "I do." Amanda कहा happily. The preacher smiled. "And do you, Hans Gruber, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Hans looked at his wife to be. "I do." He कहा in his Danish accent. "Then द्वारा the powers invested in me...I now pronounce आप man and wife. आप may किस your bride." The preacher announced. Amanda and Hans shared a kiss, and their फ्रेंड्स stood and clapped lightly.

3 Years Later...

Hans came running into the apartment, he was still wearing his military uniform, but it...
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posted by peacebaby7
*penguins are doing routine exercises in their habitat on an early Wednesday...*

Skipper: "Punch, kick, molch, bob & weave, weave & bob, pleeay, & punch. Well, that concludes our exercises for the day, men! So Kowalski, आप wanted to tell me something this morning?"

Kowalski: "Oh, yes. A fax was sent to the zoo yesterday at about 8:30 am. It कहा a new resident was coming to the zoo."

Skipper: "New resident? When?"

Kowalski: "Tomorrow at about 5:30 pm."

Skipper: "Species?"

Kowalski: "Asian otter. Female."

Skipper: "Otter? They already have the habitat set up?"

Kowalski: "Yep. She's got...
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A mail truck gets parked in front of the Central Park Zoo. The mail person brings an envelope to Alice.
Mailman: Special notice for someone named Kowalski. If आप see him, give the envelope to him.
Alice: Alright, then. (the mailman leaves and Alice goes to the पेंगुइन habitat. Skipper sees Alice and goes topside)
S: What's going on, Alice?
Alice: Skipper, there was some mail that came for Kowalski. (gives envelope to Skipper) Can आप make sure he gets it?
S: Can do.
In the HQ
S: Kowalski, आप have some mail. (gives Kowalski the envelope)
K: Wierd, I wasn't expecting anything. (opens envelope and sees...
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posted by Bluekait
 Dr. Blowhole
Dr. Blowhole
"Sorry, Kowalski. But I just don`t प्यार आप anymore. Can we still be फ्रेंड्स instead?" कहा a beautiful female voice

"No. It is for the best and the best says we should हटाइए on." says a sadden male voice


Kowalski sits in his lab, crying and weeping. The door opens while Kowalski tries to hide.

Private: Kowalski? Are आप here?

Rico: FISH!!!

Private: There is no मछली in there, Rico.

As the door shuts tight, Kowalski comes out. What do they want? Where is Skipper? Why does Rico wants fi...wait no...Why me???

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Staring blankly at the phone, Skipper slapped me back into reality, "Private, Private, snap out of it, are आप alright?" he asked, concerned for his youngest soldier. "Oh sorry Skipper, I just fell into a trance, it's because there's a file here that I don't remember seeing before" I replied. But before Skipper told me to play the ring tone, he called for Kowalski and Rico who were eager to hear it too. "Hey Kowalski, Rico come over here for a second, I want आप guys to listen to this. Alright Private, cue the ring tone" कहा Skipper, pointing his flipper to my phone.

I pressed the play button...
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posted by beastialmoon
Skipper vs Smith

In a sudden turn of events, Skipper has been Court Marshaled! Will he and his फ्रेंड्स be able to defend his शीर्षक in their most inexperienced area – the Court Room? Not without a little help! Part Two to Battle of the Boroughs.

Skipper looked to his family. Kowalski, Private, Rico. He folded the letter and put it away. He couldn’t bring himself to tell them, not just yet. He put on a smile, hoping they would get it and the tension in the air would dissipate.

“What’s the letter say, skippah?” Private asked cheerfully “Uh, nothing. It’s nothing Private. Go on, keep...
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Private knew what he had to do. He crept forward. Infront of Skipper on the enormous बेल्ट were knives. Private ran as fast as he could and jumped to push Skipper off in time to save him, but it was too late to save himself. He was cut and flew into Skipper's direction infront of the leader.
S: "Private! Private, come on, say something!"
The little soldier was motionless. Skipper held him in his flippers tightly. He felt warm liquid running down his chest. It was blood! Nigel raced up.
N: "Oh no, Private boy, please wake up!"
Skipper didn't budge, just cried holding his son tightly. The convare...
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posted by Mother-of-PoM
Private opened the door, "This must be Ami's room..."

He could tell because everything was basically made of ice! Except for that small book- Private swiped it. "Yes!"

He opened it greedily. "Blue, it has been a साल since I've come to this house. I'll never forget that day..."


Ami curled up, putting her paws over her nose. "Food..Please..."

Blue started to walk past but then he noticed the thin mage. He knelt अगला to her.

"A mage?" 'She looks cute, a little cleaning up and she would be a perfect subject.'

"Its sad to see someone so down and hungry. Plus you're thin...I'll take आप to my...
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> Everyone involved in the mystery is never be the ordinary man... as long as the mystery isn't the ordinary one, and this is it. So about the suicidal otter, he was not just a doctor या amputee cause द्वारा some accident. Major Skjern, the veterans from German plains were about to explain everything about everyone who involved here. Since we met the one-armed otter, Our mission will not be un-official या un-cleared anymore. It's all ...for Sergeant... and for truth... Waiting to see the red light as he talked before...

"Confirmed Rumour…"

Berlin, German

02:22 AM: Light Rain: December 12, 2002...
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बिना सोचे समझे things in PoM comedy

(these happen when I'm spying on them)

* Marlene and Skipper are in a room together*

Marlene: So, Skipper I was wondering if you, um-

Skipper: *burp*

Marlene: *not amused face*

Me: *to myself* Now that's true love. :)

* Kowalski and Private are in the HQ* * Kowalski is trying to explain something to Private*

Kowalski: And that's Murphy's law.

Private: Who's Murphy? 

Me: Hehe

* switch to dumb Kowalski* * Private is talking to dumb Kowalski*

Private: Come on Kowalski, आप must still have some smart still in you!

Kowalski: Because I hate, drumroll please,

Private: *sigh*

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द्वारा request of link


Thievery Control: Take 1

Brick: *moves crates around with forklift*

Cecil: *directs him*

Cop: *pulls up and sees Cecil* T_T

Cecil: O.O.....*pretends he's stretching* *falls over* OW! I pulled my muscle!

Brick: What muscle?

Cecil: Brick! Shut up and help me up!

Brick: *gets out of फोर्कलिफ्ट, forklift and helps Cecil up* ...Dude are आप crying?

Cecil: NO! I most certainly am not!

Brick: Then why are your eyes so wet?

Cecil: Shut up Brick! *kicks him* OW!!! My leg again!

Director: Will someone please help him so we can हटाइए on!

Thievery Control: Take 2

Brick: *moves...
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Gio and Private were out in the park getting some snowcones and spending some time together. They felt like there would be no separating them.
When they got back to the HQ, though, they found that Skipper had a postcard in his flippers for Gio. Apparently, Gio was the only one in the group that knew how to read, so they didn't jump to any conclusions until she read it.
"Let me see that," Gio कहा to Skipper, who gave the postcard to her.
It had a picture of the Brookfield Zoo, her old home. When she was पढ़ना it, her smile slowly turned into a frown.
"What does it say?" Private asked.
"It says,...
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Chapter 19: Epilogue
It was time for a celebration. Pat would start off the party. (We are the Champions द्वारा Queen)
I've paid my dues
Time after time
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I've come through

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions - of the world

I've taken my bows
And my curtain calls
आप brought me fame and fortune
and everything that goes with it
I thank आप all

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"Don't do it Private! Please spare him!" Kowalski cried, tears pouring down his cheeks. The flames reflected off the sweat on his face. "i'm sorry Kowalski. This has to end." Private held up a knife, Skipper was flat on the ground...On the other end of the Knife's point...

*Earlier that week*

"YAWN, ah... Another blissful day...UP AND ADAM BOYS!!!!!" Skipper yelled. They all sprang up, except for Starlite, she fell out of her hammock and flat on her face. "Do आप always have to start off my दिन with a heart-attack? My alarm was less annoying, and it was a person shouting "WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!"...
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*Guys, i am sorry the picture may be sideways, but my computer does'nt want 2 work with me today! :P* please note that i don't write these लेखाए on "Fan's of Pom" cz Starlite is my only OC and cz she...Isn't gonna stay या be in all my stories.* *ENJOY!"

Excuse me? Since when on this Earth can आप tell me what to do?" Skipper had started to get extremely irritated and violent towards Starlite. "Because! i am a come from JOBURG! In joburg we do things our way! So back off table-head!...i wanted to start fresh here! i thought that New York would be my new home!i could finally make new friends!"...
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Moving in the Danger Zone

When Kowalski entered the zoo again, he made himself clear that he had to be even और careful then before. If Skipper caught him now, Private was lost…

But he knew what to do. Something told him that Rico was still here… somewhere. And he was alive. Kowalski thought about that gut feeling. Surely, it was just a hope his mind was clinging to, not to give up. Skipper had always told him to listen to his gut. Skipper… Kowalski's stomach cramped. The old Skipper. Nothing was left of their leader, their protector. He was now the greatest danger of all.

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-------------The Morning-------------
Jazzy was the first to wake up,and first thing she saw was the destroyed Star-O-Tron 2000. Near her she saw her reflection in a broken piece of glass,but instead of seeing a girl पेंगुइन with a गुलाबी bow and गुलाबी glasses,she,uh "he" saw a boy पेंगुइन with a light blue baseball hat and dark blue glasses.Seeing so,"he" screamed (and had a boy's voice)on the चोटी, शीर्ष of "his" lungs.Startled, Skipper and Kowalski woke up,to see Jazzy as a boy screaming.
"Who are you!?!?",questioned Skipper,but to his surprise "her" voice was lady like.(bad description,i know :P) "She"...
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posted by skipperfan5431
"LILLY!" Crystal squealed as she भालू huged her little sister. Lilly was in so much shock, she couldn't move. "Skipper.....why is she here? In the HQ. HUGGING ME!?" Lilly asked in a testy voice. "Well....while I was conversing with your sister earlier, she told me she was already on her way, and had nowhere else to go. So I told her she could stay here until we could contact your mother." Skipper replied, trying to make it sound like 'no big deal'. " I--don't--want her here!" Lilly protested, trying to wiggle herself free from Crystal's grasp. Crystal let Lilly go, and she fell to the floor....
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Skipper:kowalski anything
Private:WHAT IS IT!
The city
Lina:but there's has to be a way out Doon
Doon:should we check at the pipeworks
The crew
Me:whoa it's dark here and they don't have a sun या a moon
Kowalski:well this is a underground city
Me:true true but does it have to be in a pipeworks
Lina and Doon
Me:kowalski um guys we should-
The crew:help them sure
Me:hi I am Alex
Lina:I Lina and this is Doon
Me:hi this is skipper,kowalski,private and rico
Lina:are आप guys from up there *points up*
Doon:is it light up there
Me: दिन and night and there's पेड़ and grass-
Lina:what's a पेड़ and grass
Me and the penguins:?
Me:you don't know what's anything that's up there
Me:you know your city is underground right?
Lina and Doon: WHAT!
End of part 1
posted by alex463
Alex and skipper been dating for 5 months and this time skipper is taking Alex to see fireflies and Alex is really exceid
Kolwaski, Private and Rico are going to spy on skipper and Alex. Alex: skipper tons is pretty skipper: i प्यार आप Alex. Alex : i प्यार आप too द्वारा the end of the तारीख, दिनांक Alex and skipper किस on the lips and kolwaski , private and Rico watch alex fell asleep on skipper द्वारा actticd.skipper nuzzled Alex with his break and the rest is history And then skipper left Alex sleep on his बिस्तर and whent on training when Alex woke up-she wint to the Russo house hold and skipper waved at Alex and she wave back and when she came back Alex किस skipper Alex: well looks like I sleep on your बिस्तर *giggles* then the rest was history