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posted by Aquade
"All right, Kowalski." Skipper banged on the door. "Let's see that invention of yours."

"Give me a few और minutes" was the muffled reply.

Skipper groaned loudly and waddled toward the table. Taking a deck of cards, he sat down and looked at the other penguins. "Anybody up for a game of cards? We're playing Stomp the Wombat."

It was a few games later that Kowalski came out, his face beaming. "I've done it!" he exclaimed.

"Let's see it," कहा Skipper. "You know your invention?"

Private nervously tapped his two flippers together. "Is it going to be dangerous?"

Kowalski scoffed. "Of course not!"

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posted by Skilene17
What's up fellow Fanguins?!

I found this on गूगल and thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it with you.

The rules are simple all आप have to do is watch Penguins of Madagascar ( it doesn't have to be every episode) with the desired drink of your choice. Weather it be नारंगी, ऑरेंज juice, सेब juice, Tea, Pepsi it really doesn't matter.

Enjoy and have fun.


. whenever one of Kowalski's inventions goes horribly wrong

. every time Julien says Booty

. Whenever Skipper's Paranoia kicks in

. Every time Rico says Kaboom या references explosives

. Every time Julien messes something up

. Every...
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MLP is my little टट्टू and LOTR is lord of the rings. Everyone is Humanized for the story. Also Sylvia_puffin is making this with me.

Rico sniffed the ground, searching for the scent of the missing person. 
   "Look, there's a house." Private observed, pointing over to a पेड़ with a door and windows."Do आप think they might have seen the missing person?"
   They walked over to the house and knocked. A girl with purple hair and a horn opened the door. 
    "Hi!" she said. "Can I help you?"
    "We're looking for a missing person," कहा Private. He wasn't surprised द्वारा the horn; after all,...
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I do not know how long I will be able to keep up this fanfiction, but it's based off of a strange dream I had a couple weeks ago- so enjoy!


I yawned as I climbed under the blanket on my बिस्तर and laid down. I had just finished watching a new episode of The Penguins of Madagascar, was a exhausted. Before closing my eyes for sleep, I looked over at my clock for the time.
Although I knew I was the only one in the house awake, I wasn't surprized the hear noises in the hallway. I assumed it was our beagle, Poppy. It wasn't. I closed my eyes. When I opened them I found three little penguins...
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 he appears here!
he appears here!
prepare for the लेख I passed WEEKS writing, requirings: 1:have seen: dr blowhole´s revenge, huffin and puffin, the big squeeze. 2:have read my लेखाए the bets birthday ever, mr wonderfull, Its she या me!. 3:know about mandy, arlene, and the rats. As the शीर्षक says this has skilene content, and people that dont like this couple please dont read this aerticle, its very, very, verry large, so enjoy and RIP: read in peace!

Skipper sat as his table, seeing his coffe and how his...
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posted by Katie_Kat200
Lol, I've had this stuck in my head for sooo long! This is just a one shot so maybe this is the blockage that keeps me from लेखन और stories... anyway. Onward to the story!

Kowalski was laying on the floor of the पेंगुइन HQ, sleeping like a log. He didn't move, and he looked like he wasn't breathing. The fishbowl entrance of the HQ opens and Catherine climbs down the ladder.

"You don't really have to follow the rule ladies first, I mean, I'm younger than all of आप guys," Catherine said. Private climbed down next.

"Skipper still wants to make आप feel at home, ever since आप know... the move,"...
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The Truth, Lies, and Doris - A Dorski प्रशंसक fiction: Part 3 - Fierce Bargain

    Kowalski felt as if he were floating in space. Probably because he was tied and hanging upside down from a hook on the ceiling. The blood had all rushed to his head, making his reactions slow and dazed. Waking up from his unconscious dreams, Kowalski made out a blurry figure, in the shape of a dolphin.
    "Well peng-u-in! I see आप fell for my carefully planned trap!" Dr. Blowhole said.
    The sun from the a very small window on the roof came down and illuminated...
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posted by skipperfan5431
"Let's हटाइए out gentlemen, were burni'n day-light." Skipper orders. The penguins and Marlene then head out for the zoo gates. Just as the boys walk out of the gates, Marlene stops and starts freaking out. " Im sorry guys." cries Marlene. " I can't go outside and risk going crazy on आप again!" Lilly looks at her dear friend and smiles with relief. She didn't want to risk Marlene connecting with Skipper again, like they did in the sewer. " Oops. Im sorry Marlene. Looks like आप just have to stay here. We'll bring आप a nice, big snowcone, okay?" Skipper turns around. "Hello? Are आप ladies coming...
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posted by ggreen7295
        I'll lead

    Music blasted the air in the Central Park, और specificity, the Central Park Zoo. Julien decided to have a party for his anniversary of being king. Although no one took his शीर्षक seriously, they couldn't deny a dance party. Nearly the whole zoo joined, Like Phil and Mason the chimpanzees, Burt the elephant, who amazingly of his size, was able to dance with the others, of course the host Julien, Maurice his aye-aye, right hand man, and Mort. And of course there was Marlene an Asian otter. Truly the only sane animal...
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[Skipper and Kowalski were locked in an intense game of checkers. Both of the opponents were equally matched. Kowalski was, of course, a genius but Skipper hadn’t made it this far with cheap strategy skills either. Skipper moves his black checker piece, it seemed like a good हटाइए to him. He realized that it was the wrong हटाइए though, when he heard Kowalski’s laugh of triumph.]
Kowalski: [Smugly] And now it’s time to put my triple flip checker trick to the test
[Kowalski does a series of moves with his red checker piece that were as complex and impossible looking as would be expected...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: This is my fifth installment of POM skits. My first was regular link, सेकंड was link skits, third were link skits, and the fourth showcased link in various antics. For this installment, they will all be humanized scenarios. Any शीर्षक with a Roman Numeral अगला to it has a skit note associated with it at the end. I hope आप enjoy!

41) The King of Rock and Roll [XXI]

Julien strutted down Park Avenue with his manager, Maurice, at his side. He wore a two hundred dollar pair of jeans, a leather जैकेट over a purple slim-fit silk polo shirt, and a pair of black Maui Jim sunglasses....
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हे this is my first fanfic, so plz no hate! :)
This chapter will be Kat's POV btw
Sorry I haven't been लेखन much, I've been busy :(

Okay, I think I'm on Skipper's good side now, and that's good.
Today I tried some of his मछली coffee, and it wasn't too bad I guess

All was great that morning, except when Marlene came over, probably to pick another fight with Skipper

Marlene's POV:
I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I need to go see him NOW!
End of Marlene's POV

"Skipper this is KILLING ME! Do आप wanna hang out?" She says



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posted by Number1SkippFan
हे this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)
I'm going back to Kat's POV btw
And if anyone is getting impatient because I haven't been लेखन the अगला chapter, it's because I'm kinda stuck. :( Ending this fanfic is tough, but I'll try my best :)

I need to get Skipper to like me, but how? I don't have anyone to get सलाह from, I've never had this kind of problem. That's what I think about every time I wake up.

I rolled out of my bunk and almost fell off, it looked really amusing to the others, they started giggling and telling Skipper to go catch me in his flippers being all romantic. He just...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
हे this is my first fanfic, so plz no hate! :)
Also this might be the last chapter, but I'm not sure yet!

Just then Marlene came in and yelled "I have a crush on you, Skipper! There! I कहा it! It's TRUE!"

I couldn't control myself, and before I knew it, I started a fight with Marlene

"HE'S MINE!!!" "NOOOO!!!"

Skipper's POV:
How come none of आप told me sooner?"
End of Skipper's POV

"Because I knew आप wouldn't take it well! I know you!" Marlene कहा sadly and stopped fighting

"That's what I thought" I कहा while tears started forming

"So what do आप want me to do? pick one of you?"...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
हे this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)

So this morning I did my daily staring at Skipper while he sleeps, then watched him drink his मछली coffee, then watched him preform for the humans. Happy morning!

Kowalski's POV:
Why is Kat always अभिनय like that around Skipper? Hmm, द्वारा my calculations...that means...woah!...how is Skipper going to react to that?
End of Kowalski's POV

The lemurs came over to our habitat once the humans left.
I knew this wouldn't end well

"I caught आप girly penguin!" the tallest बंदर, लेमूर कहा to me

"Caught me doing what?" I shot back

"You like the stupidy bossy पेंगुइन for...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
हे this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)

Of course I couldn't tell Skipper why I was crying, so I ended up telling him that I slipped and fell off a bench.

"Oh, it's not a big deal, I'm sure you've faced worse" He कहा putting his flipper on my back and comforting me.

Instantly I felt better, and forgot all about the fight with Marlene.

"So, do आप want to do something fun?" I asked him hoping he'd say yes. I at least need to get to know him better, all we've done together was arguing.

Skipper thought for a moment, it was a दिन off for him and his team, and he was pretty bored, so he said...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
हे this is my first fanfic so plz no hate :)

When I woke up I saw four pairs of cute blue eyes staring at me, then I jumped in the sight of one of them, I kept forgetting his name, wow I'm an idiot. I think his name was Skippy hmm, या maybe not, well it's at the tip of my beak. I'll just have to listen for his name again.

"Are आप okay Kat?" Private कहा with concern and confusion of why I jumped.

"Yeah I'm fine just hit my head" I said

"We are going to the park for snow cones want to come?" Skipper asked, only because he didn't want her in the HQ while they were gone.

"Snow? Oh no thank आप I've...
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posted by SkippX101
So what does one do when आप can't fall asleep and ur bored? This...These are just poems that i think describe different POM प्रशंसकों (the last is the best)...X3


Stuiped people who couldn't see
How wild and free...
We say what we think
We aren't afraid of the brink (tehe Rico)
They just can't admit
Or else they would be और legit


They still hid
They don't know what they can find
They watch in secret
Never knowing if their thoughts should stay... Akepen
They rather keep quite
Trying their best to fight it


They are proud
Shouting out loud
We are united!
Fights are unacceptable!...
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When Private ran back into the HQ with Rico, Rico wasn't moving, he was breathing and his दिल was pounding, but he was stiff as a rock. His eyes were wide open, the feathers that made up his mohawk had literaly turned white with fear. "What happened to आप Rico?! Speak to me sergeant!!!" yelled Skipper. Rico remained there, like a stone wall, then he yelped. "DEADLIGHTS!!!!" yelled Rico, running around and crashing into a wall. "What does he mean Private? What Dead-lights?" asked Kowalski. "He's talking about those piercing, blinding, alluring lights that came when a giant.....thing, came...
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If आप know me well, आप will know that I am a HUGE Broadway freak. The Great White Way is MY way. So, I used this to my advantage: this story will be a direct spin-off of the गॉथिक classic "Jekyll and Hyde" (which itself was based on Robert L. Stevenson's classic novel of a similar name). Some of the dialougue will be taken directly from the script, where I will indicate with *'s around the section, and then at the end, I'll give the name of the song and a यूट्यूब link, if I can find one (I couldn't for this first song) and also, आप should know that I own a copy of the "Complete Work" which...
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