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WARNING: This story contains प्यार SCENES between two GUYS. If आप don't like boyxboy, leave now या be attacked द्वारा याओइ fangirls.

“Danny? Wake up…” I poked his arm. I’d guess it was about 5 am. We both had fell asleep after my…stupid fucking resistance. I should have just let him do what he wanted.
Danny stirred a little. “What is it, babe?”
I cuddled up to him even more. “I-I think I heard someone downstairs…”
He replied half asleep. “It’s just my grandpa. He gets घर really late.”
“Oh…” I कहा and poked him again. “Danny?”
He wrapped his arms around me. “Yes,...
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katy is courtney and chloe's sister. hair:blode eyes:blue age:19 birthday:25 dec likes:paramore,her laptop,glee,green day,courtney,kahla,casy dialikes:chloe,jake,josh,jb,brittney,pink,david. favourite: colour: yellow. katy is kinda smart and kinda tick,she has one child sahra she is 1 years old and courtney has to help katy to take care of her,she gets along with courtney and dosent with chloe,jake,josh,david and jb.she got out of a bad brake-up with sahra's dad ronie and she ate icecream for a the time tdwt was over little sahra was born.she is still फ्रेंड्स with ronie but they do fight when he comes to take sahra for the weekend.
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