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Hello everyone! So, what is this? This is basically just me filling out some information about OCs that I don't use that often, या aren't really known compared to some of my other OCs like Dan, Phil, Francis, Yasmin, Dayton, etc.
If आप think there's anyone else I should fill this out for, feel free to comment. This is just basic info.


Full Name: Sylvia "Silvy" Jeanine Beaufort
Age: 14
Birthday: August 8th
Stereotype: The pranker
Sexuality: Bicurious
Hair Color: Purple. originally brown.
Eye Color: Blue
Profession: Unemployed
Relationship Status: Single.
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OKKK! Some mature content not too much but a little gory and S-e-x only once though so im not a dirty idiot
Okay to be honest I wish my life would get better. With the kids at school, my mom, and my boyfriend i really want to just grab a चाकू या go to the roof of the school building.
Alright ill tell आप exactly what happened. One nice Monday morning got screwed up. I woke happily and straightened my poor विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें ended hair which need highlights. I put on my Cheshire cat tank and purple स्कर्ट on along with my black dock martin boots and made my way...
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Since I think this is और of an opinion article, that's what it will be. I don't even know why I picked प्रशंसक fiction in the first place.

Anyways, I know my first part was kinda suckish, so hopefully this one is better. Plus, I'll write this in past tense since present tense is too hard. Infact, however many parts there will be will be in past tense. I probably worded that incorrectly. Well, आप know what I mean..right? Enjoy! :)
Courtney said, "Where should we go?" m

Duncan said, "I'm suprised...
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