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Gabriella’s Confessional
I failed..? I...failed?
Adriana’s Confessional
“Ugh, I HATE losing. I don't wanna vote anyone!!!” *picks randomly and picks...Amberlyn.* “Sorry! Sorry!”
Neil’s Confessional
“You failed us, toots. Now आप have to pay the price.” *votes Vlad*
Mariam’s Confessional
“Seriously. These people had redo culprits fears. Fire? Clowns? GOTH HOUSES! I mean, really? And was mine even supposed to be a fear. I mean talking with my "mom". And since I can be ruthless. Meeh*shrugs* द्वारा that way I’ll be hated. So... I don’t even know.”
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“So he died basically?” Duncan says as him, Cody, Gwen, and Lillyth sit in front of a coffee shop.

“Yes! It was like, out of nowhere.” Lillyth says holding her head as she leans against the coffee table. Cody holds his chin nervously sitting back on his chair.

“And I’ve heard everyone around school talking about some girl that died at Chris’s party too. I don’t know it may be just a coincidence.” Lillyth says as she takes a sip of coffee and sighs as the wind blows द्वारा several leaves from the ground.

Suddenly a loud whirring noise is heard making Gwen jump as she turns around...
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Name: Bebe
birthday : October 13 1995
stereo type: ईमो
names the campers call her: crazy ईमो सेकंड Noel (her brother)
personality: crazy,sweet,calm
bio: she is part of the ईमो girls who is her two cousins and the ईमो boys who is her brother and cousins
fear: without her blade she is powerless
Name: Demon Anabella george
birthday: August 2nd 1994
stereo type: gothic
names the campers call her: सेकंड gwen gangsta and chris hater
personality: caring,sweet,thoughtful
bio: she is nice to Gwen and Duncan but hates only Courtney she sings along with Trent and his band
fear: being with Courtney...
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