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OKKK! Some mature content not too much but a little gory and S-e-x only once though so im not a dirty idiot
Okay to be honest I wish my life would get better. With the kids at school, my mom, and my boyfriend i really want to just grab a चाकू या go to the roof of the school building.
Alright ill tell आप exactly what happened. One nice Monday morning got screwed up. I woke happily and straightened my poor विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें ended hair which need highlights. I put on my Cheshire cat tank and purple स्कर्ट on along with my black dock martin boots and made my way...
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posted by OtakuLove313
Oh look who is back. The lame girl and her lame OCs. Yes
(Kendall POV)

1.) What's your name?
Kendall Fucking Brooks *smiles*

2.) Do आप know why आप were named that?
What kind of सवाल is this?

3.) Are आप single या taken?
I'm dating the most wonderful girl named Serenity <3

4.) Have any abilities या powers?

5.) Stop being a Mary-sue.
Fuck you.

6.) If आप were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do आप think you'd win?
Nah, I'm not scrawny, but I'm also not the buffest xD

7.) Have any family members?
Yeah, the usual

8.) How about pets?
I have to kitties. Well not kitties cuz they are...
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posted by noahnstar1616
 What तारा, स्टार Looks Like
What Star Looks Like
Full name:Starlet Lunis




Stereotype:The Vampire या Nerd Girl

Personality:She's like a female version of Noah. She has a Heather attitude, but thinks like Alejandro. Has a bit of DJ in her because she loves animals. Not a प्रशंसक of sports, but plays them for the sake of her team. Does awesome at strategy games, pretty good at everything else.She speaks English and Spanish. Hates being called 'The Vampire' या 'Nerd Girl'.

Bio:Raised and lives in Quebec,Canada with her two sisters Melissa and Jecica("Jessica") and her mom. Her dad left when she was 13. He gave her that heart...
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posted by GeekGirl
Name: Maggie
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 4
Hair colour: Ginger
Parents: Anna and John
Siblings: Stacey, Mark, Roes and Harry.
Style of clothes: Skinny jeans या leather skirt, tight riped tops and boots.
Special features: Frecles
Personality: Cool, Grumpy and negative
Romantic Intersts: Duncan, Trent, and James my other oc.

Bio: Maggie was born on the 7th july, in Vegas. She is the youngest of 5. Her family are quit poor and her parents both work. When she was little her siblings would have to look after her when her parents were on night sifts. She was never girl, and loved to play with all the...
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 Meet... Alejandro Jr
Meet... Alejandro Jr
Before आप read: Hopefully sometime soon Im going to post a video. Kinda like one of those getting to know the लेखक things.

Last time... On TD:HSR Bridgette and यवसुरा, एल had their baby shower, Lia and Jordan decided it be better to get eloped, and Francis finally told Noah the truth, Oh before I forget... BRIDGETTES HAVING HER BABY!!

Alejandro calls Lia and Jordan
(With Jordan and Lia)
Jordan and Lia were making out in Jordan's बिस्तर when Lia's ringer went off
Ringtone: I'm at a payphone trying to call घर all of my change I spent on you!!!!
Lia: (Whispers) Oh shit!! (Answers) Hello?
Alejandro: Lia...
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posted by bcthestrongest
Chris:hello im Chris and this is total drama oc im the host
Alejandro:and a beautiful host it is
Chris:calm down lover boy
Chris:anyway u remember all of the campers but give it up for a girl that is evil like Alejandro but is stronger and faster with her twin give it up for Alejandra and Alejandrina
*a girl with Alejandro eyes and his outfit and his hair walks out with her sister who is darker have his eyes also and Heather outfit*
Alejandrina and Alejandra:hello Chris
Chris:hello ladies this girl loves to be like Gwen and be the bad girl of the दिन give it up for Demon
Demon: *rides down there*hey...
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WARNING!! This fanfic is 18+!
This xXYCXx fanfiction contains:
~Yaoi [BoyxBoy]
~Sexual content (but no sex.. xD;)
~Slight mature language



Logan slowly ripped open a large bag of candy, walking over to a big नारंगी, ऑरेंज bowl sitting on the counter.
"You think that'll be enough, Pooch?" Ry asked, watching the many different चॉकलेट bars and other varies types कैन्डी spill into the bowl. Logan nodded, the last mini कैन्डी bar falling ontop of the other colorfully wrapped candies, "It fills the whole bowl, so.. It should be okay. Plus, we have another bag just in case.." he smiled, crumpling the...
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posted by BridgexJordan
Name: Jordan
Nick Name: N/A
Age: 14
Personality: Nice, caring, Dumb when under pressure.
Bio: Parents were divorced when he was 8. He lives mostly with his mom and his sister.
Crush/Dating: Depends on who is in the प्रशंसक fiction. It could be Lia (Liagirl123's OC), Annie (Agtimm's OC), Bridgette, या Dawn.
Known as: The swimmer
Birthday: June 11th
Gender: Male
Allergies: None
Sexuality: Straight
Voice: A little mix of Cody and Mike
Smartness rating from 1-10: 7
Favorite sport: Swimming/Soccer
Lest प्रिय sport: Football
Likes: Girls, swimming, and cold weather
Dislikes: Rude people, Football, hot weather...
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This is a project I was working on for....2 weeks? Because I wanted to do my own version of Alice Human Sacrifice,I had to create my own lyrics या sing it in Japanese. Thus,this was born!:D

1st Alice=Vaults
2nd Alice=Saphira
3rd Alice-Vaughn
4th Alice= Aydan and Aidan

The Beginning ALICE was a gutsy man

An Amazing swordsman in WONDERLAND

He'd forbidden anything to stand in his way

Everything in his path is what he would slay

That ALICE was captured

and locked away deep in द्वारा his sins

No sign of him but his blood-splattered path

He was caught and forgotten
The ALICE after that was a very sweet girl

An astounding...
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posted by Courtneyfan785
Full Name:Birth Name-Lucy Nea Nickolus Changed-Lexi नीलकंठ, जय, जे Nickolus Age:17 Birthdate:July 4,1993 Horoscope:Cancer Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown Birthstone:Ruby प्रिय Animal:Fox प्रिय School Subject:English प्रिय Color:Red प्रिय Food:Tomato सूप 2nd Food:Apples Personality:Sweet,Kind But Sometimes Bossy Likes:Kittens,Movies,Candy,ect Dislikes,Rats,Pokemon,Carrots,ect Bio:She Lives In New York अगला To Her BFF Victoria.She Has 2 Pets.Muffin Her हम्सटर And Fufu Her Poodle.She Lives With Her Dad And Her Step-mom. Description:Pink Headbead,And A Red Tanktop,White Mini Skirt,Black Boots,And...
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 this is demon mother anbella
this is demon mother anbella
ok this is how my character got to be tdi girls sisters
All of them was arrest for robbery and they had the same cell Demon call her mom often she never met her father Lizzy call her mother her father had a another child so he had nothing to do with her Brittany call her mother her father was arrest somewhere far the phone ring a couple of times until Demon mother pick up hello? she sang in the phone hi ma कहा Demon in joy to found out her mommy was ok u in jail Demon corazon George कहा her mother using her whole name yes ma she knew better not to lie to her mother Demon George what am i going...
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posted by BridgexJordan
Name: Jordan Joseph Jones
Meaning of name: Descend या flow down
Nickname: Triple J
Meaning of nickname: The first letter of my name.
Stereotype: The geek
Age: 14
Race: White
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Birthday: June 11th
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Religion: Christian
Allergies: Bees
Sexual preference: Woman :D
Occupation: Lifegaurd.
Way of speaking: Some people say I sound like I'm still 11.
Theme Song(s): "Our Generation" द्वारा Sibel Redzep.
Personal Quote: N/A


Hair color: Brown
Hair style and length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Eyesight: Perfect.
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 90 LB
Clothing style: Black with a blue...
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posted by GingerxMandark
okay everyone this is kinda like tdi only it has और shows from cn in them with your host Eddy from Ed,Edd,and Eddy!Also plz don't mean comment. thnx :)

Eddy:Hey everyone im your host Eddy the best host ever!...oh yeah and heres lumpy the cook....

Ed:Chicken in the soup!

Eddy:okay then so apparently double d didn't wanna come out here because it was to dirty या something so thats why I Stuffed him and ten contestants into a plane.(plane lands)

Eddy:Okay let's meet contestant number 1 all the way from the kids अगला door number 1!

Number1:I swear Eddy आप better let me outta here या else!!!

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The rules of the आइपॉड challenge are this:
1. Pick a character, pairing, या fandom आप like.
2. Turn on your संगीत player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. आप only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; आप start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!

Character: Lily (sorandom15's OC)
Song it's Based On: link
Sorry it's so short D: I only have the timeframe of the song. Hope आप like it regardless.
The past few years have been absolutely nuts, within them I've been separated from my...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
Sorry that it's short, I wasn't sure exactly what to do with their meeting... but I'm working on it.

Kaleb's POV
It was the first दिन of school, senior year. I had a nice summer of playing समुद्र तट volleyball, listening to संगीत and all around just chilling out. I needed to relax to keep myself from obsessing; all this bullshit with my ex-girlfriend was starting to drive me a little mad. She was perfect in my eyes. She still is… but she doesn’t प्यार me… she loves another guy, and that’s when I started getting crazy.
No matter, I managed to survive the summer without going completely...
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posted by brittnw15
Name: Travis Hunter Carter

Nickname: Travis, Trav, Hunter, He'll answer to pretty much anything.

Age: 17

Height: 5ft 9in

Stereotype: The goofball

Personality: Travis is a very outgoing person. He will talk to ANYONE. It doesn't matter who they are. He is loud and can be very obnoxious. He lacks all common sense. He jokes around a lot and is hardly ever serious, even in tough situations he still has something funny to say. He isn't the smartest person in the world but दिया enough time he can figure out just about anything. He doesn't like conflict या violence and tries to avoid it. But he is very...
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posted by RawrMonster123
Penbrook "Brooke" Abel: December 10th (Sagittarius)

Nylee Anderson: August 31st (Virgo)

Crindoela "Crinpy" Wood: August 11th (Leo)

Pandora "Pastel" Wood: June 1st (Gemini)

Reagen Smith: July 20th (Cancer)

Peace Garrett: February 2nd (Aquarius)

LaToya Smith: April 18th (Aries)

Dakota "Dak" Anderson: August 31st (Virgo)

Hydra "Gummi" Bare: February 27th (Pisces)

Estelle "Eskimo" Collins: November 30th (Sagittarius)

Benyetta "Benny" Knight: June 21st (Cancer)

Taytum Scott: February 13th (Aquarius)
*Hey guys liagirl123 here, I know this is early but I thought that I get some of this done with the people that wanted to शामिल होइए and for those that want to शामिल होइए then I can add आप guys और and और into the story*

Lia's P.O.V
Man I can't believe I'm already a 9th grader. Seriously a NINTH GRADER!!! "You ready for your first दिन honey" Oh my mother... She can be so over protective "Yes mom I'm fine stop being so protective" "I'm sorry your just growing up so fast" My mother कहा sobbing "Mother please I got to go" I open the car door and headed into Total Drama High "Man this place is big" I muttered...
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posted by Diblover111
Author's note: I took this format from link, though I did erase some सवालों that I felt were unnecessary Yes, this is done in a sort of "interview" form. Whenever I feel there is something आप need to know that Branson didn't say herself, I add it in an author's note. That being said, let's get some things out of the way first:
Whenever she refers to "Uncle Mudz", that's a reference to Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz. That, of course, is
not canon and will have no real effect on any fanfiction she is in.
Whenever she refers to "uppers" and "downers", that's a reference to the type of pill she's...
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posted by iloveduncan6
Full Name: Rosilita Rosy Flynn

Nicknames: Rosy, Rose, and Honey

Crush: half of the guys from Tekken

Age: 16

Personiltay: Kind, Friendly, Cute, And Funny

Sterotype: The Good Girl

Fave Color: Purple

Fave Book: Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code

Fave Food: Hamburgers

Fav Snack: Ice Cream

Fave Animal: Lions

Animals She Has: A Lion, Tiger, and A Wolf

Fave Game: All Tekkens

Bio: Rosy is a Japaneese Goddes! She is half Japaneese half American. When she was young, she learned her family came from different kinds of Goddes'. She learned that her hidden power is Fire. She loves to mess around with her power. But then...
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