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posted by sparkles3
no OC's in this. Just starting it up.

Soul: *walking with Maka outside the Academy, turns to reader* So, this is the D.W.M.A., I'm Soul Evans, and this is Maka Albarn. We're actually on our-

*Soul get's Maka Chopped(Maka slams an encyclopedia on the चोटी, शीर्ष of his head)*

Maka: It's my turn! *to readers* So, we're on our way to visit Kid Death, Patty and Liz, Black*Star, and Tsubaki. We're meeting up at Gallows Manor, where Kid Death and Patty and Liz live.

Soul: T.T Why do आप always have to Maka Chop me?

Maka: Cause your a line stealing idiot...

Soul: :( I'm not an idiot. I'm cool.

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posted by tdacrazy6
Name-Honey Taylor Wilson
Nicknames-Hon, Hannah (long story -_-)
Hometown- Springfield, Virginia
प्रिय song- Face Down द्वारा Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
प्रिय color-Blue
School- Virginia Reginald High
Job-Cashier at Kholes
Personality-Happy, Funny, Bookworm, Bubbly, Talented
Hobbies-Singing and Dancing
Likes- Bunnies, music, TV, and Dancing
Dislikes- Raccoon, Make-up, Jerks
Friends- Gwen, Izzy, Noah, Heather, Katie, Max, and Goeff
Foes-Harold, Duncan
Bio- Lived in a small house with her 3 brothers and her dad. She would write songs and make-up dance moves whenever she needed to get away from her problems. She doesn't like making enemies.
Pets- Her hamster, Ham
Fears- HUGE spiders, Breaking things
posted by twitdrama
Ugh idk elk hat doesn't want to continue so ill put some little ideas inside so she can continue my continue.......

Blake's POV
Today was the best तारीख, दिनांक I ever had. Well exert for the fact they tricked us about the dance and movies. So I actually thought and accidentally कहा it in sound "Hey Nicole would आप like to go to my house tommorow." She कहा yes. But know my parents will start getting so happy about and they will be stuck looking at us. Then we both went home.

Nicole's POV
I loved this दिन but I'm so tired. I think I brused my feet with those heels. I took of my shoes and started to...
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posted by Zmidy313
 ऐनीमे form!
Anime form!
This will be taken from Joey's P.O.V.

Name: Joseph "Joey" Kuso
Meaning of name: "God will increase"
Nickname: "Joey of course!"
Meaning of nickname: "No Idea....."
Stereotype: "The Musician या The Comic Geek"
Age: "16"
Race: "Brazilian and 5% Mexican"
Hometown: "Rio, Brazil"
Birthday: "November 19th"
Species: "Human."
Gender: "Male,"
Religion: "Dont have one really, but my parents are Christian"
Allergies: "None"
Sexual preference: "Straight as a line on a piece of paper"
Occupation: "I play पियानो and guitar, I sometimes sing, but...
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“That is ridiculous.” Davie says as the gang is now in Gwen’s वैन, वान driving down the road.

“I’m serious! That’s why those deaths were happening, and its going to happen to us too if we don’t do something about it.” Sky says worriedly now as Paris leans her head on her hand looking out the window of the car seeing a few others pass by. One little girl in the car now had a little बार्बी doll as she was twisting the head of it around in circles.

Sky saw this as well now as a strange aura was felt now making her start to break out in a cold sweat.

“Ok, ok, I get that everything we...
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posted by RawrMonster123
After LaToya, my half sister, moved in with me, my father, Brooke, and her mother, things got a little crazy. How? Well she always goes on a rampage when we have सलाद nights. She always complains about where's the meat. Then she has her hip hop संगीत blasted in her room, and whenever आप walk in, you'll see her either twerking, taking selfies, या updating her Twitter.

Most of the time, to stay away from her ghettoness, I go to the park and draw under the tree. Same thing over and over again. But this time was different.

This is what happened: I walked in the park, planted myself down under the...
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posted by cupcakegirl31
 Her everyday wear
Her everyday wear
Name: daniella cassandra amy mikayla milton
Nickname: dani(dakota), mouth(chef),cutie pie (lindsay)
Age: 14
D.O.B: december 25,1998
Family: mom(divorced),dad(divorced),dakota(sister)
Pets: a kitty called huggles,a कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला called poopykins
Personality: spoiled,bratty,mean,hopless romantic,flirty,spoiled,daddys girl,rich,sensitive around cody,sweet around cody,kind around cody
Crush: cody boyfriend
Height: 4"5
Weight: 56 pounds
Fav color: pink
Fav genre of music: pop,rap,country,r&b
Fav singer: nicki minaj,taylor swift
Fav band: linkin park,falloutboy,jack of jill
Fav actor: zac efron
Fav actress:...
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 Ondrea Linn Limite
Ondrea Linn Limite
Full Name: Ondrea Linn Limite

Nicknames: OJ, नारंगी, ऑरेंज Juice, Big O, Courtney, CC addict

Age: 14

Fear: Mice

Stereotype: The "NO!" Girl

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Antagonist?: Yes

Height: 5 feet and 11 inches

Likes: Owls, Eminem, JB, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani,
Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift,Creature Feature, Beyonce, Selena Gomez,Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson, TNMBC, Tim Burton, Corpse Bride, Amelia, P!nk, thecomputernerd01, Amy Lee/Evansence, Paramore, SMOSH, Club Penguin, Total Drama,Demi Lavato, Miley Cyrus,Plain White Ts, precious gems, pottery, Cody, Courtney, Gwody, DJ, Ducney, Geoff, Bridgette, Bruno, Izzy,...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Name: Eilli

age: 18

Oresonallity: fun nice and musical

Nicknames: Eil

Fears: hights and breaking bones

प्रिय singers and Bands: Avril Lauvign Big Time Rush Ke$ha

प्रिय food: Chicken

Bio: Eilli was bron in Husten Teaxas she moved to New York when she was 13 then she moved to Califronia when she was 15 she has light brown hair nd Green eyes. she likes to sing,dance and act. she hates fakes , phnies nd liars. she likes to listen to the radio. when she was 14-18 she was in the ग्ली Club. One time when she was 16 she got elected to go to hollywood with Selena Gomez. she has a lote of firends, Aj Aly Samamthat, Rochelle, Matt, Chey, and Trever
So before आप read lemme tell आप a thing.
Riley belongs to me
Veto & Eddie belong to Elkhat
Renee belongs to Sora (or Josh)
Edward belongs to Ares (who's deleted his account *sobs 87ever)
Kendall belongs to April
America belongs to Jadeismaname या nat
This is unfinished n idk if i'll finish it but have what i got so far.

‘So then me and serenity were fighting...y’know before I liked he-’
‘Hey dickwad can आप pass me the sugar?’ Veto asked, an unamused look on his face, interrupting Kendalls somewhat...boring story. Kendall looked at Veto ‘But आप don’t even have any fo-’
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posted by twitdrama
Name: Mariam Lynch(or Green from adopted parents)
Meaning of name: wish
Nickname: Most of them are just insults
Meaning of nickname: meh.
Stereotype: The ice queen… I guess.
Race: American-and a bit asian.
Hometown: Arizona
Birthday: 27th January
Species: "Human."
Gender: female
Religion: "Gosh. I dunno."
Sexual preference:straight.
Occupation: "I've had a lot of jobs."
Way of speaking: A bit lifeless.
Theme Song(s):
Personal Quote:"CREEP!"


Hair color: Currently light blonde
Hair style :A little curly on the ends
Eye color: light blue
Height: 7'2'
Weight: 40...
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BYR: Hello everyone I know Im late with posting this प्रशंसक fiction लेख I know, but I'm back with some news.. This episode WILL NOT be the last episode of TD:HSR HOWEVER!! Episode 5 will be a two part episode and that will come out some time अगला week and that will be the last episode of TD:HSR then I will start my new series 'Total Drama: College Romance' and just like TD:HSR this will have five seasons, and I will try and have them be the same amount of episodes in each season. I will be needing a cast call सूची so if आप want to sign up for my new series heres the link:
Enjoy reading!!!!...
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BYR: OKAYY!!!! I did some thinking and I decided that episode 5 will be a two parter and that episode will be the FINAL EPISODE of TD:HSR. After that episode I will be doing open call's for my new प्रशंसक fiction... Total Drama: College Romance. There are going to be a few characters that will stay in the series (Example: My OC Lia) but some of आप may have to go out again. So yeah... That's it. प्यार ya guys and enjoy reading
-Lia (Liagirl123)
Last time on TD:HSR

Danny: So Jordan... आप still like Lia?
Jordan: (Stays silent)
Danny: Do you?...
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BYR: Okay so as much of आप know I dont have internet at my house at the moment. But I can get to the public पुस्तकालय like every once in a while so I will try and post as much as I can. Also... IM GETTING A NEW BABY BROTHER!!! :D Enjoy TD:HSR

Last time on TDHSR:
Carlos: द्वारा fundraising... That right class of 2016 due to budget us seniors have to have a fundraiser
Lia: Seniors can शामिल होइए up in teams of six, three girls and three guys and team up to raise enough money for the group to fly out to Hawaii and stay in the fabulous Mauna Kea समुद्र तट Hotel, and शामिल होइए us in prom
Carlos: Each team has to raise...
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*Sigh* I'm starting to run out of things... well, this is part 6! *WARNING* This is NOT for the weak!
Part 1: link
Part 2: link
Part 3: link
Part 4: link
Part 5: link
I feel... liberated. As if something inside of me that was waiting to come out, DID come out. It all started about two weeks ago, when Xaviar (yes, that's him) started taking me under his wing.
"All आप have to do, is take. Somebody's. Life." he said, with a smirk on his face.
"WHAT!?" I said, "But that's not right! Someone could get terribly upset!"
He slapped me.
"You WILL do it, NO TALKBACKS!!"
I was scared out of my...
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I'M BACK! And so is THIS! WARNING.This part will have sadness, gun use, cursing, and breakdowns.
Here is Entry 1: link
Entry 2: link
Entry 3: link
Entry 4: link
"But I don't CARE about LEGAL issues! I want to stay with YOU!"
I could feel tears rushing down my cheeks. This is NOT good.
"I'm so sorry, EC..." She put her hand on my shoulder.
I slapped it away.
"Get AWAY from me! Don't touch me! Just leave me ALONE!" I had no idea what came over me.
Then, the unthinkable happened.
A gunshot happened. I screamed, Reyna pushed me out of the way, I didn't get hit. But she did.
"R-Reyna?" I asked...
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posted by princess2109
My OC"s are lonely as hellllll
so take your pick
except for the 12 that are in a relationship..don't touch 'um

Tobi-F-Taken द्वारा Vanessa ^.^
Quinn-F-Single and ready to Flamingle
Allie-F-Single as hell
Callie-F-Taken द्वारा Joshua >3<
Penelope-F- Taken द्वारा Clinton eue
Layla-F- Taken द्वारा Harley
Crystal-F-Taken द्वारा Kean
Corrina-F- In a प्यार Triangle
Tiffany-F- Taken द्वारा James <3
Ebony De Luca-F-All da Single ladies
Deiliah-F- Hella single
Chibi-F-Too young/single
Isabella-F- With Zack ^-^
Parker-F- Not looking
Robin-F-Taken द्वारा Oliver
Elle Maria-F-...
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Enjoy! :)
DJ said, "Let's go to the train set."

Bridgette said, "Sure DJ. Let's go."

They arrived at the train set from "Get A Clue". They boarded the train.

Bridgette sat down in a booth. "So, why do आप think तारा, स्टार put everyone on a team and told us to go to different locations on the island?"

DJ sat on the opposite side of Bridgette. "I don't know. Hey, what happened to Chris again?"

Bridgette said, "Who cares."

DJ said, "That's not very nice. He's not that bad."

"You know that's not true, DJ. He...
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posted by bcthestrongest
Demon:im sexy im cute im लोकप्रिय to boot
Corabella:im bitching great hair all the boys like to stare
Korea:im wanted im hot im everything your not
Style:im pretty im cool im dominate in this school
Lizzy:who am i just guess guys wanna touch my chest
Destructive:im rocking i smile and many think im vile
Destructible:im flying i jump u can look but dont u hump woo
DD:im major i roar i swear im not a whore
Babe:we cheer and we lead and we act like full speed
Me:dont hate on me because im beautiful but i dont like u either were cheerleaders cheerleaders roll call
Yaya:call me big red
Demon:im w w whitney
Corabella: C C Courtney roar
posted by cupcakegirl31
Name: Sherane Reed
Meaning of name: It means numbers..i think .-.
Nickname: Sher,Ra-Ra
Meaning of nickname: stuff n' thangs :p
Stereotype: "The Social Media Girl"
Age: 16
Race: African-American
Hometown: Houston,Texas
Birthday: March 29th
Species: "Human."
Gender: female
Religion: Christian
Allergies:Wasp's im deadly allergic to them ;c
Sexual preference:straight.
Occupation: "High-school Student"
Way of speaking:
Theme Song(s): link
Personal Quote: "You dont say?"


Hair color: Dark brown
Hair style: long and a put in bun या wearing down.
Eye color: Dark Brown.
Eyesight: 19/20
Height: 5'4
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