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follow me on twitter @ziya_livinmylife pleae subcribe watch like please i luv MB so much
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i'm gonna do these scenes one scene per chapter so just know that आप WILL get your scene

aj pov
these nasty azz freaks लोल
me: before yall get it in the pack and i are going into the woods and we're gonna hunt do आप want us to get yall some meat
them: *not paying attention* yea sure whatever

///lexi and prince///
prince and lexi were having a heated makeout session
"papi" lexi moaned as prince was sucking on her nipples. he went lower planting small kisses on body till he reached her clit. he slowly pulled off her panties and started eating her out. he stopped then put in two fingers and pumped...
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आप were at the Mindless Behavior संगीत कार्यक्रम and it just ended. आप and your best friend were walking out the door. All the girls are running towards the tour bus. Your फ्रेंड्स start running too.

you: Mya what are आप doing

Mya: I going to go see MB

you: omg please don't

Mya: why

you: because you're just wasting your time

Mya: uhhh excuse me I'm trying to meet MB

you: trust me it's not worth it besides don't be a groupie

Mya: I guess आप got a point

you: so what do we do now

Mya: there's a McDonald's down the street

you: Oh yes I could use some coffee cause my throat is sore from screaming

Mya: girl what...
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