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what would आप do if आप seen yo lil bro doing this?lol MUST SEE!!!!!!!
so haalarious
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That night, Roxanne was outside. She was still thinking about Charlie. Charlie appeared.
Charlie: Why are आप outside?
Roxanne: Was just thinking about you.
Charlie: Oh. I gotta tell आप something.
Roxanne: What?
Charlie: आप know that आप have super powers?
Roxanne: Yea.
Charlie: You're not superheroes......you're an angel.
Roxanne: An angel?
Charlie: Yes.
Roxanne: Are आप sure?
Charlie grabbed her hand.
Roxanne: What आप doing?
Charlie: Just watch.
Charlie and Roxanne disappeared. They appeared on the clouds.
Roxanne: I must be dreaming....
Charlie: You're not.
Roxanne touched her back, and felt एंजल wings....
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Source: Loose तोप Ent.
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