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asiah:o-m-g i प्यार you
me:roc invited me because he likes me is all
asiah:so the hell what, me and रे are gonna be perfect
me:*raises eyebrow* does he even know आप like him
asiah:of course
me:can ya'll please act like normal people and not
try to catch attention
asiah:i don't even know why i'm getting my hopes up boys don't like girls lie me
me:what are आप talking about
asiah:i'm not stupid i know those boys don't mess with me cause they like me.....that was in like 6th grade
me:i know.........but those boys are jerks. I've been knowing mb a महीना and i can tell that...
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posted by tyethugginhard
IN PART 9: .....taja nd tamara left the tour bus....for a few days....tajas mamma went on a business trip....taja nd tamara went to tha tour bus nd found out that tess had gave रे tha business.....taja pulled tess to tha side nd assed how that happend when tess said....
Tess: me nd रे was घर alone for a little मिनट nd we started talking nd then i looked into his perfect eyes nd then..... well i touched his soft face .....then i moved my hand to my mouth nd smiled.....ray took his hand then put it on my chin nd lifted my face then we made eye contact again.....then i leaned in for a kiss......we...
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Girls:*huddle up* should we get freaky with them since they did sumtin nice 4 us....yea
Tassy:c'mon boys *they follow the girls up stairs*
Nae:we are gonna twerk for yall*music link
after tht
Prince:whoa i cnt breathe *starts breathin hard*
Ray: *gets a boner*
Roc: i gotta go chilll out real quick
Geek:i think tht was a good gift
Nadi:yea i think they like it
Boyz:LIKEE we fell in प्यार wit it!!!

the nxt day
Nadi:guys u kno there a carnival in town today
Ray:oh really wanna go yall
Nae: link
Geek: link
Tassy: link
Nadi: link
Boyz: yall look good
Girlz: thank yu
they drove 2 the carnival
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Narroter:first Tassy's date=)
Waiter:hello-wait ur roc royal i love- i mean my daughter loves आप
Tassy:umm...hi तालिका, टेबल 4 2
waiter:wat oh yeah right over here
Waiter:im be over in a bit
Narroter:in a bit after the waiter seats everyone then she comes baq to their table
Roc: waiter waiter
Waiter: yeah im here oh and yes
Roc:Tassy yu cn order 1st
Tassy:kk ill take the chicken सलाद with cesar ranch!
Roc:ill have tht 2 but ranch dressin not cesar though!
Narroter: then she comes out with they fodd and sumtin on her mind
Waiter: here is your खाना *kisses roc*
Tassy:uh uh oh no try again boo boo *steps out of her सीट and beats her butt lol*
WAiter:me casa sue casa *fake smiles*
Tassy:yeah it better be tht me cacsa sheit
Narroter:they eat leaves and doesnt give the waiter a tip duh*\

part 8 comin soon nxt is Nae's तारीख, दिनांक srr its so short im sick but i still gave yall a story! its kinda boring though!
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what would आप do if आप seen yo lil bro doing this?lol MUST SEE!!!!!!!
so haalarious
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yeah I was just bored so i wrote an imagine its my first one so don't judge

you are walking when आप see your bestfriend Princeton walking ahead of you.

you:Yo Prince wait up

prince: हे boo what's up

you secretly blush because आप know deep down inside आप have feelings for Prince but don't want to admit it

you: umm what are आप doing later on today

prince: nothing

you: perfect why don't आप come help me pick out a dress for a party I'm going to

prince: alright

1 घंटा Later

you: alright what आप think about this

prince: umm it's alright

you: what आप mean alright do I look ugly

prince: no no it's not that...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
आप may here of stories of प्यार with a boy and a girl who knew each other since forever, and some with a father who doesn't want his daughter to be with the guy she loves. Well let me tell आप about this story of an angel, an DARK angel, who finds प्यार with a boy who is famous, that everybody knows, Roc! The angel's name is Breanna Spencer, and she died when she was 14 years old in a fire. When she went to heaven, she wasn't accepted there, so she became a DARK एंजल (although she only wear white clothes). Her mom and sister died and became DARK एंन्जल्स too. One day, a guardian from heaven came...
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 Doman's Outift
Doman's Outift
Recap-Domo just called Roc and dipshit(Iamooo प्यार taht word)and they went 2 the car

In the Car....
Roc:I ain't no dipshit
Domo:i Know
Domo:are आप okaiii
Roc:you called me a dipshit
Domo:Roc lemme ask आप something
Roc:huh what*pouty face&crosses arms*
Domo:why do आप take things so seriously
Roc:i dnt know thats how i am
Domo:what a shame
Roc:*smirks*i know*gets in drivers सीट and starts drive*I'm bored
Domo:okaii आप juss started to drive&your bored already
Roc:i'm always bored आप know

Roc:but it's true
Domo:what do आप wanna do?
Roc:*thinks&bites his lips*
Domo:*you look at...
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 Dominiques nighty night outfit
Dominiques nighty night outfit
Recap-u and Roc got in a fight over little things he picked u up&carried u to y'all house and slammed the door shut
he tryna apoligize to u

Roc:*throws u on couch&sits ontop of you*
Domo:ow not like dat
Domo:it ain't dat funny big meany
Roc:u still mad at me
Domo:*pout face&crosses arms*yes i am
Roc:Domo baby
Roc:u know i प्यार u rite
Domo:yes i do
Roc:and u know i wouldn't do anything to hurt u but i did and i'm sorry*head down*will u forgive me
Domo:*thinks*lifts head up&kisses forehead and lips*
Roc:i take dat as a yes huh
Domo:*nods head yes*but get off me
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posted by lilmsroyal
[we came घर and bree went in the bathroom and did the test and came out]
roc:u did it
bree:yes im tired
roc:me 2
bree:we can take a nap before my sis and prince come ova
roc:u go take a nap and ill शावर, शॉवर ok
bree:kk [hopps in his arms ]
roc:[carries her up stairs]
bree goes to sleep and roc takes a shower
[roc wakes bree up and gets in the shower]
bree:roc come here
bree:hugs roc] u a dady now
roc:4 real omg [picks bree up and spins her around]
bree:im so happy
roc:me 2 baby
bree:we gonna have 2 go shopping
roc:yep sholl is
Diana's out of the stories....so I'm making new characters
Original Characters: Jazmine, Roxanne, Alley, Diana (used 2), Kenzie, Roc, Princeton, Prodigy, रे Ray.
New Characters: Charlie: Roxanne's best friend. Shes also a tomboy.
Nicole: One of the new neighbors. She's a rich kid, but is caring. She becomes Jazmine's friend.
Jeniel: One of the new neighborz. She nice and a dancer.
Fiona: She's a juvenile delinquent. Roxanne's new friend. She's always in trouble, almost like Roxanne, and sometimes have a soft side.
On a friday evening.....
Roxanne: Josephine!
Josephine: What आप want, Rox?
Roxanne: Me and the girls are going 2 a फ्रेंड्स house
Josephine: Be back before 11:30 p.m.
Diana: Yes, ma'am!
They walked out the door.
Jazmine: Cant believe we doing this!
Roxanne: *gluing the door shut* We have 2!
Diana: *locking the windows*
Jazmine: *setting sprinklers*
Jazmine: Kenzie कहा she's at the concert.
Diana: Come on! *running*
At the concert....
Alley: Front row seats!!!!
Kenzie: Awesome!
Rosie: Eww! Y'all here!
Jazmine: Rosie....
Rosie: At least I have a backstage pass.
Diana: We do 2!
Rosie: Damn!
During the concert........
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first off srry i havent been लेखन i have been try 2 get over my broken leg 4 a few days! leggo
RECAP: they gonna play spin the bottle
Roc:cn i go firstt???
Roc spins lands on.......geek
Geek:ah LAWWD
Roc:i aint doin nadda'
they juss sit in there....minutes later they cmeout
Geek:ill spin *she spins and lands on......prince
Geek:oh yea!!
who knows wat they did in there ;)
prince:mii turn *he spins lands on.......Ray
tASSY:NIGGAS juss spin again prince dang
Prince:*spins again lands on.....Geek*
Geek:leggo again
them freak-o-leaks
Tassy:mii turn *spins lands on prod*
Roc:*gives prod the death stare*
Prod: damn niqqa i aint gona do nadda
Nadi:u betta NOT!!!!!!
they juss sit there then come out
Prod:*spins lands on Nadi*
Nadi:oh yea leggo
who knows wat the did;)
Prod:*comes out licking his lips*
coming soon again 2 u!=)
reginae:lemme दिखाना yall around (ima call lilwayne lw because its 2 long 2 type)
she shows them the dance floor the drink station and her room the bathroom and the guest rooms because they are gonna spend a night after the party
Roc:Tassy tassy come here
Tassy:wat roc
Roc:do u प्यार me
Tassy:YESS why did आप ask me tht
Roc:who yu yellin at u really wanna yell something
tassy:and wat will tht be?
Roc:my name
Tassy:welll i dnt thi...leggo
yea they get freaky deaky in they guest bedroom
tassy&roc:*come down stairs akwardly*
the party is over and then they all go in the livin room and the girls change into theyre pajamas
posted by desi-baby_13
i like roc 4 his personality and he is humerous.
many of y'all like him 4 his money and looks. y'all think y'all know him but i can admit that i do not know him like that but y'all need to stop this.i watch वीडियो of him on यूट्यूब and he is funny. so y'all think yall प्यार him it is just a phase that all teenage girls goes through. so y'all need to stop all of this crap and अभिनय like u प्यार him. i no he is famous but wat bout if he is not famous anymore? y'all r goin 2 4get all bout him and his name. y'all need 2 open up our eyes. i mean i would like 2 meet them but i like them but i wouldn't say i'm in प्यार them; what i meant was that i प्यार them but not like that. they probably will like one दिन but don't push it. y'all need 2 stop sayin that u think ur in प्यार with them cuz it is just a phase.