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Okay so ima tell u now before u read this.......This imagine is rated R so if आप ain't about that life don't read this then talking bout some I'm nasty.....because आप can't say I didn't warn आप if u want an rated R imagine about u and your प्रिय MB boy leave me yo name and the boy आप want! ENJOY! :)

Prince:*throws Lana on the bed*

Lana:*giggling* Ooh आप A Supa Freak

Prince:Ya Damn Right *starts चुंबन her neck*

Lana: *moaning* Princee ...

Prince:*takes off all her cloths still चुंबन her neck*

Lana:Oh Yeshh *giggles*

Prince: *spreads her legs wide open and licks his lips* This finna taste...
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I hope आप प्यार this video & please put टिप्पणियाँ & please no bad टिप्पणियाँ & thank आप & have a nice day!!!!!!
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harlem shake
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Jade Chynoweth is the one on the right that was in the Mindless Behavior Video " Girlz Talkin Bout" :)
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 My outfit
My outfit
अपडेट्स Jacob finna get sme play या not .there a new character in my लेख it my bms mindless swagg and there is Gna be a lil Chang up in the प्यार connection लोल . So sit bck and relax an enjoy the लेख .

So last we left of Jacob was किस on my ear and feeling my body . Lego me"stop Jacob आप Gna fine my spot and I am get weak in the knees." Jacob well I wanna see आप get weak in them knees." Lacey walk "big sissy can I sleep wth cus I am scared of the dark " me sure "pudding pop so she hop into the बिस्तर wth me and Jacob ." Lacey I feel और safety bigg sister किस my forhead ." We'll I...
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Ok so remeber how i कहा the अगला one was comin soon
hope this is soon enough

So Princeton returned and Jessie Was to scared to go back

So The अगला Morning....


Mom:JESS *knocks on the door*
Me:*still half asleep*uhhh
Mom:ur phone rang and a boy told me to tell आप called
Me:*fully awake*whats his name
Mom:i think it was Jacob
Me:*thinks* Jacob??? oh him
Mom:would आप like to explain
Me:mom im 16 cant i have friends
Mom:is he और than a friend
Dad:*opens the door* who is he
Me:uhh hes a boy and a friend aand if u put that together आप get
Dad:look i forbid आप from this guy friend
Me: dad u dont even...
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