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माइंडलेस बिहेवियर
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 My outfit
My outfit
अपडेट्स Jacob finna get sme play या not .there a new character in my लेख it my bms mindless swagg and there is Gna be a lil Chang up in the प्यार connection लोल . So sit bck and relax an enjoy the लेख .

So last we left of Jacob was किस on my ear and feeling my body . Lego me"stop Jacob आप Gna fine my spot and I am get weak in the knees." Jacob well I wanna see आप get weak in them knees." Lacey walk "big sissy can I sleep wth cus I am scared of the dark " me sure "pudding pop so she hop into the बिस्तर wth me and Jacob ." Lacey I feel और safety bigg sister किस my forhead ." We'll I...
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well prince cheeted on me with alli my best friend she was allready with रे ray....... but i didn't no that he cheeted on me.
prince; baby
me; yeah (yawning)
prince; lets go for a night walk
me; its 1;30
prince; come on baby
me;(sigh) OK
we went out the door and walked around
we got back घर and then sat on the couach and watched a movie
prince; im gonna go to the toilet k
me; but
prince; dont worry the story aint true
he kisses my head and goes to the toilet he creeps up on me and scared the crap out of me
prince(loud); RAAAAAA
me; u...
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