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me-*on बिस्तर cryng*
???-omg Ri!!!!!!
me-go away Rockie!!!!!
rock-im ur big sister! i cant go away! y wont u tlk 2 me?!
me-becuz he's back!!!!
rock-did tht little b*st*rd do sumin 2 u?!-he did im gnna kill him! im gnna kill him i swear it on my daddy grave!!!
me-plz dnt do anythng thts gnna make it worse!!!!
rock-okay sis but if he hit u lik tht again, im gnna kill him
me-lmao okay im gnna take a shwr
rock-okay lil sis *kisses my forehead* nite

the nxt दिन at school (lunch)
my pov
ive been avoiding randy 4 the whole दिन n i changed seats in science with mickie n i could tell randy...
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