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Ok I'm going to try to make it longer so yeah . Niyah pov next.

Niyah pov:

~After school~

School was over and I ask Roc सवाल he got mad tho but calm down and कहा "could I tell leah and Kyle" I ask . Got off my बिस्तर and कहा “ARE आप NUT!!! Wanna get me killed" he कहा . I was so piss that I yelled back“ Well Their My फ्रेंड्स I Tell Them Every thing" he hates to be yelled I do to but he's pretty angry so I backed up I was pretty scared. “Chris calm down" अगला thing I know it went BLACK

Roc pov: OMG noo she will kill me and I would die .......again ill just wait to she wakes up.

Leah pov:...
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okay so रे went on tour n victoria was at घर one day. lets a=say...a week b4 he came back
*knock on door*
me-*gets up 2 get it n opens it* wat r u doing here mickie?! *annoyed*
mickie-ur bf was a fake
me-*fake laugh* लोल okay!
mickie-no look really! *hands me fone in a rush looking back ovr he shoulder tapping her foot gttng impasionte द्वारा the half a second*
me-*reads txt tht says,(frm ray) हे mickie. im so freakn bored wudda bout u? n wat about victoria? लोल she really thght i likd her! she's stupid. im surprised she's evn an honer roll student. crazy rite. anyway i got 2 go work on #1 girl....
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आप were walking घर on your way to school happy because your best friend just told आप that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on चोटी, शीर्ष of that आप got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your रिपोर्ट card. आप were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you.

guy: yo my bad shawty

you: I an't yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what आप did. I just got this phone.

you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. आप also picked up your पर्स but a piece of paper fell but आप didn't bother...
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we wlk dwn a pathway of गुलाब n end up coming 2 a lake tht was crystal clear n blue with honeysuckle all around it
me-OMG RAY-DAMMIT! *starts moving back slowly. cuz wen tht boy make a promise, he gon keep it!*
ray-i wont count tht one against u
me-whew ty soooooooooo much!!!!
ray-*takes off his shirt*
me-*omg tht boy has a body of a model!!! i swear on my livng soul!!!!!!!! i nvr really knw i was looking at him n i nvr really knw he was tlkng 2 me n i nvr really knw i was touchng him!!!! its lik i freakn blanked out या somethn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
ray-*shakes me*
me-*snaps out of watevr i was...
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