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 Xion's reverse harem
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Seifer कहा "Let me rest okay?" बादल कहा "For how long?" Seifer उत्तरों "about 5 mins" Roxas and Sora were in pain and waiting for 5 mins in an atomic wedgie was increasing the pain.

5 मिनटों passed and Seifer कहा "Okay, Let's go, but remember if आप lose then one must have a permanent. बादल कहा "Lets go get this over with." While बादल was talking, Seifer ran and jump over बादल and saw 2 waistbands. One was boxers and the other one was briefs. Seifer tried to grab onto the बॉक्सर but missed. He grab onto the briefs instead. Seifer कहा "Nice undies.. Now I win!" Seifer pulled on the...
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Sora walked along the sea shore.The foaming water tickled his feet.He coulden't help but give out a giggle.He took a big sniff.he smelled French fries,burgers,the flowers,the smell of the hamburger fast खाना places.He sniffed again.He could smell the salty sea.The smell burned his lungs,but he didn't care.He walked to a sunny spot with Roxas,Namine,Kairi,Pence,Olette,Hayner,Tidus,Wakka,Selphie,and his little sister Eliss.He set the cooler,blankets,umbrellas,and everything else down,even his baby sister who was riding on his shoulders."Well,we should be ready."Sora said.He got the bottle of...
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