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 Xion's reverse harem
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The worlds are safe, and our heroes; Sora, Donald, and Goofy are looking for Riku and the King. A new enemy has surfaced and there may be और to these black coated fighters than आप may suspect. Please Subscribe
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kingdom hearts chain of memories
re chain of memories
गढ़, महल oblivion
the movie
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1. It's perfect for ALL ages.

2. It's cheap.

3. It has the best graphics for all the systems it has been on. (except GBA, and GBA sucks)

4. Some of the best villians ever made are in it. (Organization XIII, Malificent, Chernabog, etc.)

5. Some of the best हीरोस and heroines ever. (King Mickey, Axel, Xion, Aqua, Auron, Mulan, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, etc.)

6. Epic gameplay that is well-rounded. (meaning an experienced gamer and a beginner can both enjoy it)

7. Storyline that makes sense and hits आप at the core.

8. The music. No further explanation to that.

9. It's a crossover game NO ONE thought would...
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In a world, far, far away, a legendary craftsman created three Keyblades known as the ''Keys of Trinity''. Many कहा these Keyblades were superior, many tried to witness the awesome power of the three Keyblades, but the Keyblades were seperated, and therefore their power was limited. One day, a mysterious figure managed to wield all three of the Keyblades. The blades were meant for stopping evil. However, he grew into a terrible tiran, who created the ''Heartless''. Even Raph Shur, wielder of the powerful Keyblade ''Ultima'', wasn't able to stop him. The world continued to live in darkness....
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