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 Xion's reverse harem
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Chapter 1:A New Dawn of Darkness

Disney Castle......

"Gawrsh Donald, so whaddya think the kings been do'in this whole time?" Goofy said, scratching his head as him and Donald, tredded toward the गढ़, महल library. the dark corridors made the गढ़, महल feel engulfed with a deep silence. King Mickey had been working on something in the पुस्तकालय since the end of battle between Xemnas and the Nobodies, and still had yet to have come out. Today, many years later, was one of the few times The king had called on Goofy and Donald, which seemed to only worry them more.

"Oh I'm sure this is just da king telling...
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The sun is shining brilliantly, making the sea foam sparkle as it washes across the shore. The sand is clean and warm to the touch. The wind brings the faint scent of all kinds of tropical flowers, mixed with a hint of saltiness. Children are laughing. Paopu फल are swaying in the breeze. It’s a typical summer afternoon on the islets of Destiny Islands.
On the समुद्र तट between the docks, two familiar फ्रेंड्स are playing. Sora and Kairi are running around and chasing each other, both with wooden swords in hand. It looks like they’ve been doing this for a while, since the समुद्र तट is covered with...
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