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Characters in Twlight Town:
Hayner- 17 boxers (Roxas best friend)
Seifer- 19 briefs (Bully)
Raijin- 18 boxer-briefs (Bully)

They finally reached Twlight Town and Riku crashed the gummi ship trying to land. Everyone stared at Riku and कहा "What have आप done? Can't आप land?" Riku didn't reply back. They all started to walk out, but Roxas कहा "We are forgetting someone... aren't we?" They looked all around and Sora कहा "we forgot Cloud... Duh." When they went to see Cloud, he was struggling on trying to get the underwear off his head. Riku took him off the hook and Axel, pulled और on the...
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While Axel wedgied Roxas, they hooked his color brief. Then they went to sleep. Now it was about 8 a.m. and Riku woke up. First thing he sighted was Sora being on the floor still sleeping in the wedgie that he is in. Riku was laughing since he could see the picture of the papou फल enlarged. Then he saw Roxas on a hook. And was surprised that he wore briefs. He noticed that Roxas was still awake and talked to him.

"Hey Roxas, must of been a good wedgie आप got?" Roxas reply "It was fun while doing it to Sora, but once Axel and बादल tackled me, wedgied me and hook me on a hook. It wasn't...
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 बिना सोचे समझे Sora
Random Sora
Heartless were everywhere.
All around her. Left, right, in front of, on top, behind. Wait. Back-up. On top of her?
She swung her keyblade right above her. She fought like crazy, and then laughed. One of the heartless stared and her like she was a crazy maniac.
How come I wasn't this good a fighter when I was training? She tought as she sent a heartless flying into the दीवार behind her. She got ready for another attack, but it never came. The heartless-there were millons now, god forbid-were just standing there, stareing at her.
Well, not at her excatly. Yes, they were looking in her direction,...
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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is an upcoming game in the Kingdom Hearts series slated to be released on the recently announced निनटेंडो 3DS hand-held system. It was previously known as Kingdom Hearts 3D until the official शीर्षक was revealed.

Dream Drop Distance focuses on Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exam, foreshadowed in Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts, the secret ending for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and its ending will lead fairly directly into Kingdom Hearts III. The plot will also have connections to Kingdom Hearts Birth द्वारा Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The setting of Dream...
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