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Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks, the character from the story of The Three Bears.

Personality: Blondie is very social and a little bubbly. She tends to be indecisive and nitpick about small details due to wanting everything to be "just right". She runs a school blog called Mirror Cast with her "magic mirror", the Ever After High equivalent of a tablet.

Appearance: Blondie has blonde hair - like her name states. Her hair is curly, and she has light skin and big blue eyes. She wear a big, blue bow on her head.

Friends: Both Briar Beauty and सेब White consider her as a close friend and she mostly seen with सेब या briar.
So here, I'll just be sharing some emojis that I think would represent characters in EAH. Just for fun, and feel free to suggest any ideas of your own!!


💜 for Raven, because she loves purple and she's good in heart
🍎 for Apple, because she likes apples and it's her name (duh!?)
🫖 for Maddie, because she likes tea
🌹 for Briar, because "Briar" means "thorns on sweetbrier rose"
🧸 for Blondie, I think it's just right ^.~
👠 for Ashlynn, because of the "shoe thing"
🦢 for Duchess, because its a swan...
❤️ for Lizzie, because she is the अगला क्वीन of hearts
👑 for Daring, because...
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Parent: Sleeping Beauty
Parent's Story: The Sleeping Beauty
Powerful Qualities: Fun-Loving, Adventurous, Spontaneous
Roommate: Ashlynn Ella
Secret Heart's Desire: Live every दिन to the fullest! आप never know when you're going to prick your finger and slip into a century-long nap.
My "Magic" Touch: I can hear everything for miles and miles, but only when I'm sleeping. And why would I want to do that when there's so much to live for?
Storybook Romance Status: My Prince Charming is 100 years away, so I'm not in a rush to किस any frogs.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I sometimes fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. This gets me in trouble in class all the time.
प्रिय Subject: Royal Student Council. From thronecoming to prom, I प्यार planning spellebrations for my friends!
Least प्रिय Subject: Grimm-nastics. I mean, we all have to wear the same ugly uniform? Gross!
Best फ्रेंड्स Forever After: सेब White and Blondie Lockes
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 Our Snow क्वीन in Rebel's Got Talent
Our Snow Queen in Rebel's Got Talent
I think that there is a daughter of the Snow क्वीन is EAH! I hope they add her to the story! I प्यार how different her डिज़ाइन is from Elsa! If she is, I प्यार how she looks Indian, with the crystal on her forehead.