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I haven't ever seen the whole मूलन Jr. but I have listened it's songs many time. First I was just bored and was going to make simple मतदान but I realised there's too many options which most of people should listen. Most of मूलन jr's songs are different versions of फिल्में songs या deleted songs. I don't know if this is review या comparison between the play and the movie या something else, I just started to write.

Written In Stone parts 1-3
 I see dead people
I see dead people
The ancestors:
Laozi represents Honor and is the leader of the group. Lin represents Loyalty and is the hardest on Mulan; Lin doesn't...
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I thought this might interest some people and I had actually quite fun. I found most my information from link (great webside द्वारा the way) and some I checked myself. I put meanings really simply here so if आप want to read और detais watch link above. Please correct me if any name is wrong या there's और meanings in it.
All pictures are made द्वारा me, partly because I felt I otherwise get away with this too easy (just copying another site) and partly because I have this strange obsession to draw.

Fa Mulan
Fa is Mulan's surname, Chinese put it before first name. मूलन is often दिया surname name,...
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So hi every one, this is my very first लेख so please forgive me if I blew something. This was actually part of my english पोर्टफोलियो which I made a few months ago. I added few mistakes और after that because it really annoyed me that I couldn't find any big लेख about Mulan's mistakes with pictures. At least I didn't find such thing in फैन्पॉप so now I made one.
I'm sorry the explanations are so short and stupid but I hope आप get all mistakes from the pictures. Please tell me if आप know some mistakes which I didn't notice. :)

Mulan's notes

Mulan wrote notes on her right arm but when she...
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डिज़्नी plus
ming-na wen
liu yifei
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