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posted by HoltNLucy4Ever
“The Lion King” is about a young prince named Simba who goes from a cub whose father was murdered to an adult who takes his place in The वृत्त of Life.
    Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Broderick) is the son of King Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and क्वीन Sarabi (Madge Sinclair) whose birth means his uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons) is सेकंड in line to the सिंहासन after him. Scar’s three henchmen are Shenzi (Whoopi Goldberg), Banzai (Cheech Marin), and Ed (Jim Cummings). After Mufasa saves Simba from their plot, Scar decides to murder both of them so he can become king....
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posted by bendaimmortal
Yes, I know in some cases these people aren't critisising the character so much as the people who wrote him. But I can't defend all the people who have developed Simba at The Walt डिज़्नी Company because some of them really messed up, so that शीर्षक will have to do.

Confused Matthew on YouTube and some others criticise that SImba's adult version is completely unrelated to the child version of him. Essentially that his character development was abandoned in the middle of the film. Also, when reviewing "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar", most seem to label Simba as a racist because he disapproves...
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