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Today I'll be reviewing a few of the many गुड़िया I have.
I will review on:
Faults and
So let's begin shall we?
Lagoona Blue.
She looks smashingly good! Her hoodie and everything fits! But her fins can be लॉस्ट quite easily...
Durability: 7/10 Prettiness: 9.5/10 Faults:6/10 Parts: 10/10
RESULT: 7/10
Ghoulia Yelps.
Ghoulia isn't the most pretty, but she makes up with everything else!
Durability: 9/10 Prettiness: 6/10 Faults: 10/10
Parts: 7/10
RESULT: 7.5/10
Spectra Vondergeist.
My all time fave doll, spectra is rocking it on so many levels!
Durability: 7/10 Prettiness: 9.5/10 Faults:6/10 Parts: 10/10
RESULT: 9/10
--- I'm sorry I had to, but I couldn't do part 5. SORRY!---

...In Cleo's hand, was a huge clump of Clawdeen's hair. Spectra pulled over on the side of the road, un-buckled and stomped to the back of the van. "Cleo!" Spectra कहा angrily. "What?! She was annoying me!" Cleo started."Besides, she needed a hair-cut anyways! I mean-" Clawdeen interupted. "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE अगला FULL MOON WHICH IS A महीना FROM NOW TO GET THIS BALD SPOT," Clawdeen pointed at a spot in her hair. "BACK WITH HAIIIIRRRRRR!" Clawdeen cried. "Don't worry," Billy reassured Clawdeen. Well, at least...
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Age: 1799

Parents: The vampires

Killer style: wait.. wait... my what?

Freaky flaw: Apparently my so called 'flirting' is annoying. As if.

प्रिय color: a nice dark blue

प्रिय food: I haven't दिया this any thought, but I guess meat.

Pet peeve: Childen. Especially little normie childen, its just not a good combination between me and them.

प्रिय activity: Romancing the pretty ones.

Pet: My बिच्छू Spike, silent but deadly much like love.

BFFs: Heath Burns,Deuce Gorgon, Baxter Haunts, and Spectra Vondergeist.

Rivals: None...... yet

Romance: Being tied down? Like that's gonna happen.
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