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posted by gwenXtrent4eva
 Their first किस on TDI.
Their first kiss on TDI.
It's been a साल since TDWT and everyone thinks that Gwen and Trent have forgotten all about each other.

*Gwen waking up*

Gwen: *Yawn* I don't wanna get up...

*Walks out into the kitchen*

Gwen's Mom: Morning Sweety!*Cheerful*

Gwen: Good morning...what's for breakfast?

GM: Pancakes. Why are आप so...sad ever since आप got back?

Gwen: What? I'm not sad!

GM: Well आप sure seem sad. But, Happy Birthday anyways!

Gwen: Thanks, Mom. *Tries to be cheerful*

GM: You're welcome, Honey. Do आप have any special plans with you're फ्रेंड्स today?

Gwen: No, but Izzy wants to take me out for ice cream...*Sits down*

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Ok,You know the rules I'm sure so if आप know them आप skip to number 5.First rule:The couples have to be from total drama. Rule 2:I didn't say canon so it can be fanon too.Rule 3:This is my opinion don't bash me for it.So now lets start.

5.Courtney and Duncan
Do I even have to say whats wrong with this couple.First Problem they don't get along I'm mean at all and that's a big Problem wait no that's a huge problem.You can't have a relate with each other causing the सेकंड Problem.Second Problem they won't put each other first.I know Courtney did care for Duncan when he got hurt but that's one...
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posted by amore222
hi am lula so am going to a new high school i like sport ok some people call me a joke girl but am not I प्यार कुत्ता and doing klim fun am also a member of the sports club i have like 10000 फ्रेंड्स well am looking for like a joke that is bad in sports boyfriend that has a दिल of सोना so lets hop sparks fly oh and am am very sweet too lets hop its going to be great i had this great boyfriend vito but he cheatid on me and i was like आप idiot boy and he was like yeah whatever yeah and thats the end of me for now
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Reality Check! Our contestants went throw the most grossest challenge yet. They ate sheep's eyes, swam in cow's blood, and drank snake pee. Cole got black mailed द्वारा Draven, Layla got the confessional tapes... again, and Joss got the boot in a Mysterious circumstance since over half of his team didn't vote him off. hmm... should I look into it?
Chef: (shrugs)
Chris: Anyways, who will win? Who will lose? Who will cry for their mommy? Find out the answer to these सवालों and और Right here, right now, only on... Total... Drama... Reality Check!

(Theme song)

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Eva's Pov
Today was the reounion of TDI. Everyone was getting on the boat. Chris was standing their smiling. He probally have something planned for us. Maybe another season. A joke. Who know's what that Jerk planned for us. I sat on the boat. Lindsay was on my left and Trent was on the right.
"Hey Ava!" Lindsay shouted "It's Eva" I said
"Ohh yeah! Sorry Ava! So what have आप been doing?" Asked Lindsay "I been doing angerment classes" I कहा while staring at Bridgette. Bridgette slouched while looking away. We got to the island. I stepped on the broken dock then made my way to the sandy beach....
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Alex was talking his new team and wanted to switch but would not allow it. Although Chris looked nice, he won the "Best कुतिया, मतलबी Award" अगला to Heather.

Alex: Hey, guys. Why is Chris not here?

Chris: *up a tree* I'M UP HERE!

Everyone: *nod their heads*

Leeroy: Kay, I'll go up the tree, I'm good at climbing.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Liars, were trying to think of someone that...
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Rayven:*sigh* as much as i प्यार him ..... Duncan, because he made us loose....

Jax: see ya later man!

Courtney: I am not voting off Duncan! Zoey wrote the song, so Bye bye Zoey!

Zoey: Courtney. I like her but I dont wanna see Duncan leave.

Leeroy : I guess I'll vote off Duncan,because he didn't sing

Megan : I guess Duncan cause he doesnt sing...

Avan: I’ll………. I’ll say Duncan bye bye!


Chris: Ok आप all voted! thease people had no votes......... Jax
Jax,Gwen,Owen,Leeroy,Izzy,Megan: Boo ya!
Chris: down to the finale 6! Thease people had 1 vote Zoey,...
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"Good morning,"
"Morning, Sofie!"
"Good morning." Sofie कहा in return to her friends, and gave them a warm smile. She walked briskly down the sidewalk with Ranma at her side, early the अगला morning.
"I hear your going to represent us in Rythmic Gymnastics!" The girls grinned. "Don't let us down!" Sofie nodded. "Leave it to me."
Oh, right, like you've mastered anything! Ranma shook his head in silence as he walked ahead of her.
Sofie flinched, and her दिल pounded. WHAT?! DANGER!?
"SOFIA TENDO, PREPARE YOURSELF!!" Courtney flew from above, clamping down her sword at Sofie. Sofie grabbed...
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posted by rockzsanders
*Author's Note: As most of आप know, this super-amazingfully awesome chick is my fanfic character. I've updated some information about her, and some info. is the same. Note I do NOT want a bunch of fangirls coming on here bitching at me about what she likes/dislikes. SO! Enjoy xD



Name: Hayley Elizabeth Cameron

Age: 17

Birthday: March 11th, 1993

Country: Canada

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Religion: Not sure

Orientation: Bisexual (Go figure xD)

Lacey Adreian Cameron(older)
Madison "Maddie" Lyyn Cameron (younger)

Fear/s: Balloons popping (conquered, but not cured. Globophobia...
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Total Drama Action
Chris: How is Duncan cheating? Does he have X-Ray vision?
Don: Duncan, I did some investigation. आप actually cheated. So, आप are penalized.

Total Drama World Tour
Chris: (allows Sierra to make the final four, despite her stalker status.)
Don: (gets annoyed with Sierra and sends her to jail.)

Chris: (Lets his interns get eaten द्वारा scarabs.)
Don: (never uses his interns as objects या footstools.)

Chris: (lets everyone freeze their butts off.)
Don: (pack your snowgear for cold adventures.)

Chris: (drinks the water, leaving little to none for Bridgette.)
Don: (offers Bridgette some of...
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 ^ Emma
^ Emma
" I can't believe I'm going to be on total drama!" Emma screamed.
Emma had auditioned for total drama island 2 months ago, but would have never though that she was going to be picked.
- - - - - - - -
She hopped on the नाव with al the other contestants.
" hi, I'm Zoey" one of the contestants कहा sitting beside Emma. " Emma" she कहा smiling.
" I can't believe I'm going to be on total drama!" Zoey said.
" same here, when I auditioned I never would of thought of getting picked" Emma कहा smiling.
Zoey nods " ya same here"
- - - - - - - -
They finally arrived at the Island. They all got off...
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Okay, so Duncan and Gwen Kissed, it is a fact. Duncan and Courtney were once a couple, thats a fact as well. Why can't both sides just get over it and leave eachother alone? There will always be Duncan and Courtney fans, becasue they were once a couple. There will now always be Duncan and Gwen प्रशंसकों becasue they ARE a couple now, या for now.And becasue of this the "war" is stupid. In fact war is stupid to begin with.

Has anyone ever tried to talk to someone from the other side of the war without them knowing your a fan? My plan didn't work well, because the प्रशंसक I picked in the फैन्पॉप chat was...
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(Note: Here are the remaining campers:


Eliminated campers:


Let's continue on.)

(After the elimination of Leshawna, the Famous Penguins are discussing about the merge.)

Harold: I can't wait to have a merge.

Beth: How come?

Harold: So i can stay away from your new boyfriend, Duncan.

Duncan: (Grabs Harold) What did आप say?

Courtney: (Slaps Duncan's hand)

Duncan: Ow!

Courtney: Don't grab my boyfriend.

Duncan: Whatever.

Heather: Look, even though we are having a merge, we need to know on who to align with.

Beth: I'm...
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This Season We Are Taken Steps Backwards! Were Goinq Bak To Beinq a Movie तारा, स्टार And Stuff..xD We Will Have Eliminations At NEW YORKS BUS STOP.. The One Who Gets Eliminated Gets To Take A Ride घर In a DIRTY STUPID Bus..We DEFINETLY Have Drama With Your Character And Some Characters From The Oriqinal Series Of Total Drama ! I'm Afraid i Will Only Need 7 Girls And 7 Boys..i WOnt Have Enouqh अंतरिक्ष To Fit Alot Includinq The Characters From The Oriqinal Series Of Total Drama... But First i Will Need To Know Some Personal Stuff Bout Your Character Like...



LIKES(iNcLuDeS WHO they like)-





posted by TDIlover4ever
Name: Izzy

Likes: Burning things

Dislikes: Being rejected द्वारा boys that she's stalking

Known For: Howling at the full moon

Why TDI?: Willing to do whatever it takes to win, even camp out on the producers doorstep

Izzy has been described द्वारा those who know her a a "wingnut", a "phsycho hosebeast", and "some kind of crazy". For as long as she can remember, she's been a big प्रशंसक of "the witching hour". Her parents once awoke at midnight to find 1 साल old Izzy shaking the bars of her crib, and howling at the full moon. They soothed her back to sleep with her प्रिय lullabies - horror movie soundtracks;...
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posted by LeshawnaGirl
Justin is on the phone with his girlfriend shes upset going off about something that he said
She will never get his humor like Beth does

Im in my room its a typical Tuesday night गाना to the संगीत that she dosent like
And she will never no your story like Beth does

Cuz she wheres short skirts and Beth wheres t-shirts

Shes cheer captain and Beth is a batton twirlier
Dream of the दिन that आप will wake up cuz ive been on the दिखाना with आप the whole time

If आप could see that Beth is the one who understands आप

Been here all along so why cant आप see BEth belongs with Justin

Walkin in the streets...
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 The awesome host of the show: ME! Chealsea Wood!
The awesome host of the show: ME! Chealsea Wood!
Announcer: Now, live from her beautiful बकाइन garden in Steinbach, heeeeeeeeerrre's Chealsea Wood!
(audience claps, cameras zoom in on Chealsea)

Me: Hello, I'm Chealsea Wood and I'm getting an interview with a few of the campers! Yay! (fangirl shriek) One of those campers is my प्रिय female camper, Izzy! Here she is now!
(crowd goes wild, Izzy comes out)
Izzy: Hi! Hi Chealsea! Hi audience! Hi camera! (sits down)
Me: हे Izzy! How are आप doing today?
Izzy: Hi! I'm doing well! I was talking to Sasquachanakwa today and I beat his high score on Halo 3! And I was hanging around on a vine and I smashed...
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posted by sexybaby9087
Name:Duncan Jr
Parents:the wonderful Gwcan
hobbies:like 2 get in troble,like to have party just like his dad,swimming,loves to shave there pets
Duncan Jr was boin on April 11,2009.His parents are the wonderful Gwcan and his hobbies are to get in troble,likes to have partys,swimming,and प्यार to shave the pets.His प्रिय खाना is seafood and lives in Hollywood,California.bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I've been meaning to make this सूची for a while now. My opinion has changed quite a bit, PLEASE don't bash my opinion, but don't just make टिप्पणियाँ like, "good job", and stuff like that. Also, I just wanna say that I don't think ANY of the girls are ugly, they are passable at worst. And I think ALL of the girls on this सूची are BEAUTIFUL. Okay! Here we go!
10. Izzy This girl is an underrated beauty. First of all I प्यार her long curly red hair, she has the best hair out of ANY of the TD girls! I also प्यार her green eyes, if I didn't have blue eyes, I would want green eyes. Her smile is pretty...
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posted by swiddlewiddle
"I, too, प्यार a good cat fight, but one with real बिल्ली who wear tiny boxing gloves." - Harold (2008: A अंतरिक्ष Owen)
"Oooh, your face, in my glands. Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, it's आप and meeeee! And आप and me makes weeeee! You. And me-e-e-e-e-e-eee, like butterknives we're free! We're freeeee!" - Lindsay (Rock n' Rule)
"Everybody knows that और wars have been won with a shovel than a sword. Give a man a hole and what does he have? Nothing, but give a man a shovel and he can dig a hole to contain the nothing." - Harold (The Chefshank Redemption)
(in confessional) "I got some! Courtney's...
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