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 ahern34 made Sofie!... या me...
ahern34 made Sofie!... Or me...
I waved to him looking flirty then turned around. I walked satisfied to my केबिन to sleep, once more. ^^

*Duncan's POV*
Dear Lord, she kissed me! Not like, a FAKE किस द्वारा the dock, but a REAL kiss! AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE A GAGGING FACE! :D.... I have a bad past... anyway, I walked back to my केबिन to go to sleep before Chris woke us up the अगला morning, when I hear this rustling noise beside the cabin. I walk quietly around the wooden side, shaking. What? I don't like noises in the dark. Once I got to that side, the sound had shifted to the back of the cabin. "H-hello?" I asked. Nothing. I...
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हे its Brooke. I have been faced with a very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,VERY hard challenge.
I have to prove Spikes & Duncan innocent of a crime they didn't commit.
It all happened so fast. Duncan,Spikes, & me were at my house just hanging out. We were all playing Uno.(Which I was winning) Then all of a sudden, we heard Duncan & Spikes cars alarm go off. We looked out the window but saw nothing. They both just put the alarms back on & we countined playing. Then the door busted down. It was the police.
"PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!" they yelled We were so surprised that we did...
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I woke up and who did I see?
Look it's chris and he's pointing at me!

I turned my head to the right and who did I see?
Look it's Duncan and he's cursing at me!

I looked to the left and who did I see?
Look it's Courtney and she's frowning at me!

I turned around and look who's there?
Look it's Heather and she's playing with lindsey's hair!

Look it's Bridgette and Geoff!
And they're makin out!

And Chef कुल्हाड़ी is cookin trout!
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