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 Bubbles' eyeglasses
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Source: Princess coco 154(me)
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bubbles' eyeglasses
princess coco154
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This पावर पफ गर्लस प्रशंसक कला contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

posted by Puncky_Girl
(at the RrBs house)
brick:butch i'm going to sleep and don't broke something
butch:wait now?
brick:yea so what?
butch:oh come on brick! we can have a party!
brick:party? butch i want a pease!
butch:ok आप go...
(brick goes to his room)
butch:you leave your phone here brick? (took bricks phone) now let's send SMSes
(door घंटी, बेल rings)
butch:(looks in the hole) it's open
(mitch comes)
mitch:hey butch
butch:wow mitch wats up?
mitch:i just wanted my ball back (tooks his ball)
butch:hey what is in your pocket?
butch:will आप give it to me?
mitch:what you'll give?
butch:umm brick's hat?
mitch:i don't want...
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well we all know the posion puffs, the power punks,and all the other puff versions.But nobody has ever met the Brainy Puffs!

About a साल पूर्व .....the Proffesor realized the power puffs were growing up and he was soon going to lose them.Not willing to have an empty house and be द्वारा himself all over again,he began preping his supplies of sugar,spice,and everything nice.It took fifteen trys to get it right but finally, he suceeded!

The first few days were great with his three new girls.He had not seemed to be able to name them yet,but he loved them all the same.But,around the सेकंड week,He realized...
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posted by applejackrocks1
It was a bright sunny morning in Townsville, birds were singing, and no crime in sight. Buttercup suddenly woke up.

BC: *yawns* (looks at clock) Holy crime! I'm late for school! *looks around* Great, just great.
Professor: *comes in* Buttercup? What are आप doing here?!
BC: I woke up late
Professor: Bubbles कहा आप were sick.
BC: I am not! *thinks: Ugh, I should've कहा yes. Am....*
Professor: Well, hurry up! *walks out of room*
BC: *brushes teeth, changes, brushes hair, and eats* Bye professor!
Professor: Bye Buttercup!

As BC was flying to school, she looked down and saw Butch talking to Brute.

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फैन्पॉप is a site full of spots devoted to TV shows, cartoons, characters... all kinds of things. It attracts प्रशंसकों of these things from all over the world.

The Powerpuff Girls spot has 525 प्रशंसकों in it. These people are all प्रशंसकों of the Powerpuff Girls दिखाना - The दिखाना which contains only THREE full-fledged Powerpuffs (Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup) and NONE of your original characters.

Fanart of original Powerpuffs is alright, but turning the spot into your own private Role-Playing spot is NOT okay. Please remember that this spot is for प्रशंसकों of the दिखाना and the original Powerpuffs created द्वारा Craig...
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added by purplevampire
 Berry's Special Power, Typhoon Buster!
Berry's Special Power, Typhoon Buster!
All the Powerpuff Girls was on the way to defeat Mojo jojo as same that he still destroy Townsville!

Buttercup:Stop that! Mojoke!

Mojo jojo:Nope! I am Mojo jojo and no one will stop me!!!

Berry:Oh yeah? Then eat that! And see who wins!

(Berry started to use her special power!)

Berry:Typhoon buster!

(The Typhoon strongly breaks the barrier Mojo jojo defense!)

Mojo jojo:Hey!

Berry:So who's best? (giggle)


Buttercup:I have an idea! :))

(Buttercup brings with a giant baseball bat!)

Buttercup:Let's see that I can make a Giant Bingo!!! (Laugh)

Mojo jojo:No!No! Don't do that!!!! (Horrible...
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added by beeppcream
हे guys, Im selling an extremely rare original powepuff girls poster from 1995, आप can get it here:


Very rare original Powerpuff Girls poster

Cartoon Network featured the first Powerpuff Girls pilots in its एनीमेशन showcase program World Premiere Toons in 1995 and 1996.

This poster from 1995 is a promotion of the first ever Powerpuff Girls short/episode to ever be aired "Meet Fuzzy Lumpkins".

Poster art direction & डिज़ाइन द्वारा Jesse Stagg & Kelly Wheeler
Creative Director: Bill Burnett

Its in great condition with no creases, size A1.

A great opportunity to get this rare collectible, dont miss out!

Happy Bidding!!!.
The city of townsville is in trouble.Beserk give
my bow back!!!Blossom shouted.Yeah right puffy.She
yelled back at her.Beserk crashed into buildings and to get them out of her way she used lazer eyes setting them on आग making major damage.Im gonna be late Dex is gonna kill me.Blossom कहा to herself.Blossom flew above Beserk and flew in front of her getting her bow back.Oh man.said Beserk.Blossom entered a door and knocked on it.
Blossom?said a voise.Sorry im late Dex I didn't mean to be late Beserk चुरा लिया my bow.Blossom said.Dexter smiled and kinda blushed.Blossom came into the रसोई, रसोईघर with...
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posted by BouncingBunny
me:yay chap 3 upppppp
bc:um queston why did u update so early
me:well i left at a cliff-hanger and i am bored
me:rrb disclaim
rrb:bouncingbunny dosent own any ppg characters the rrb are 16, ppg are 15 and rrb are ROCK STARZZZZZZZ
me and girls:(sweat drops) ok on with the story
Boomers P.O.V
"oh my god boomer has an idea ITS THE END OF THEY EARTH!!!!"butch teased slapping both hands on his face for a dramatic affect
"SHA-DUP" brick screatched "whats ur idea boomer?"
"ok listen to what i say"i कहा cockily
"ok then" brick said"butch do what...
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संगीत video
कार्टून नेटवर्क
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संगीत video
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posted by blossom343
Blossom’s POV
Yesterday was the dance and I am still mad at brick for not telling me that he had a girlfriend. Still buttercup and bubbles keep suggesting me to forgive him for some reason. They didn’t give me a lot of details of what happened last night. All they कहा was that he broke up with berserk. All दिन today my sisters have been trailing me and telling me to go out with brick. I’m tired of it, I just want to be alone.

Narrator: Blossom tricked her sisters to fight with each other to go away for a while. Blossom sneaks out of the house to go to the park to have some peace and quiet...
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