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Me:ok gotta continue
Kaoru:^^ (out of character)
Me:what got into your coffe this morning
Me:are they poisinus?
Me:ummmm ok then no cookie? i dont own most things except for the plot and my computer....and this story and this account but i dont own these letters -.- stupid letters
"WHY DIDNT MY PARENT COME BACK TOGETHER" I screeched , my voice was filled with venom,and pure agony
"why did my parents do this to me" i whimpered in a hushed tone

"why why why why why why why" i found my self crying hyterically and pounding on a dirty spray-paint...
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Miyako turns into Rolling Bubbles. Sorry for the crappy quality, but this was the best one I could find on youtube.
rolling bubbles
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GreenKero/Elle:Finally the अगला chapter arrives
Me:-.- line stealer
Ella:well mmmmmmm BLEHHHHHHHH
Me:wow seriously -.-
Ella:yah seriously Meh o.o
Me:On with the story i say!!!!! XD
~Disclaimer:BouncingBunny doesn't own any of the Demashita! Power puff Girls Z characters

Miyako's Pov

"Oh Great" my subconscious echoed
-.- stupid subconscious why does it talk to me, people will think i have problems

"Hey" the mysterious voice कहा well mischievously
(A/N:story XD i had writers block so cry 4 दिन wait)

"Go die in a well" I murmured i was really feed up with this dude -.-...
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It's 6:45 in the morning and Miyako is sitting in front of her dressing table.

Miyako: Lalalala. *sigh* Having a beauty face to take care is really hard. Oh well, lalalalala. What should I wear to school today? A dress? A miniskirt? या something बिना सोचे समझे and cute? For me to be लोकप्रिय is a great image to control. Aha! I'll wear this to school.
Momoko: Gup Maw-ing Miwakow...
Miyako: Sheesh! Momoko, आप shouldn't talk with a big रोटी in your mouth. It's really impolite.
Momoko: *gulp* Miyako, आप changed your hairstyle!
Miyako: Yeah, I'm kinda bored with the same...
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