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Source: Credit goes to SEGA and Sonic Team for making the Sonic franchise.
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"Cliff!"yelled Mindy "do'nt touch that!"
"Okey....What's wrong Mindy?"
"Nothing is wrong Cliff,we just found what we where looking for!"Mindy smiled and picked up the book."The crystal key is in this place called the crystal cave."She flipped the page."Here see that red dott means it's here."Cliff understood just a little bit.
" where is this crystal cave?"
"North East from here.Cliff कहा "that means up and then right right?"
"Yeah,no....well not exactuelly.We have to buy a compass."Cliff followed Mindy and got a compass.
"That way Cliff."They walked until Mindy was panting and they...
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Cliff did'nt even know which direction the hedgehog went.He just kept on walking.It had been 2 days since when he met the hedgehog.He never ate anything since that time.He did'nt sleep that much eather.Things started to get blury and Cliff colapsed on the floor and fell asleep.
Near द्वारा in the chao garden Mindy,another hedgehog was playing with the chao."Bye bye guys!"
A yellow chao jumped up on her."Awww sorry Chaosky!It's almost lunch time.I have to go घर now."She waved to the chao and went skipping twards home.But she triped on somthing....or someone.It was Cliff."Sorry!"said Mindy then...
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Pain woke up in a बिस्तर at Haily's house द्वारा getting hit द्वारा a snow ball in the head.Cliff laughed.Pain screeched.Icey came to see what was up."Who left the window open?"Every one pointed at each other.
Pain got up and Icey gave him a scarf and a jacket.
Pain hit Mindy with a snow ball."Ahh!"
"Hey how did आप know it was her?"Asked Haily.
Pain shruged."Why are आप guys snow ball fighting?Do'nt we have a thing to do या somthing?"
"Ohhh Yeahhhh!"
"Cliff where'nt आप the one who wanted to do this in the first place?"
Suddenly there was a scream."The आग demon?"Haily asked nerviously."We...
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